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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 144

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
White Gorillla
Daffa Ramadhani Sukma
White Gorilla Gorilla runs on STDEV, RSI, Envelope, Pbsar, Ichimoku and Moving Average. The EA will do the   MARTINGALE strategy.    Also this EA can be use to manual trade by clicking the open buy or open sell button and adjust the lot size by your own. Introduction : Checkout my robot performance  https://www.mql5.com/en/users/daffasukma22/seller and read my guide   here Recommendation : Recommend timeframe M15 and Higher timeframe Minimum Balance for EURUSD/GBPUSD/AUDUSD/NZDUSD = $1000 (Sta
Panda Hedging MT4
Jiang Ming Wang
3.57 (7)
important hint:MT4 version Can't  backtest Can't backtest Can't backtest If want backtesting, please download the MT5 version: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/80557 =================================================================================================== Panda Hedging strategy: Due to the high volatility of the forex market, traders have often been forced to develop new methods and techniques in order to limit losses and maximize profits. Hedging has emerged as one of the mos
Price reversal Pro - points where the price will reverse with a 95% probability. This information will help every trader to effectively open trades. The indicator on the chart draws arrows in which place and in which direction the price will reverse. You need to wait for the indicator to draw an arrow and open an order in the indicated direction. This is the simplest trading strategy. The indicator does not redraw its arrows and shows price reversals for medium and long distances. This means th
Introduction to Chart Pattern MT Chart Pattern MT is a chart pattern scanner to detect the triangle pattern, falling wedge pattern, rising wedge pattern, channel pattern and so on. Chart Pattern MT uses highly sophisticated chart pattern detection algorithm. However, we have designed it in the easy to use with intuitive user interface. Chart Pattern MT will show all the patterns in your chart in the most efficient format for your trading. You do not have to do tedious manual pattern detection an
This EA trails your stops based on percentage of current TP, for both manually and auto-opened trades.   You can edit the percentage value in the inputs. Trailing stop   is a more flexible variation of a normal exit order. T railing stop  is the practice of moving the stop-loss level closer to the current price when the price moves in your favor. Trailing the stop-loss allows traders to limit their losses and safeguard their positive trades. It is a very popular practice. This EA will manage you
Forexfactory scalping robot - professional forex robot for scalping. This bot is not a scam or a scam. The robot works on real accounts for more than 50 traders around the world. Including China and the USA. Forexfactory scalping robot has a complex analytical algorithm for analyzing the market and managing the investor's financial resources. The robot protects the deposit and does not allow sharp price fluctuations to lead to its loss. Forexfactory scalping robot works on all timeframes. The t
Virtual Gold
Huynh Van Cong Luan
3 (2)
It's an automated Forex strategy and programmed analytical system that allows you to sit back, relax and simply watch the Robot do its trick. After the parameters, scales and limits of your transactions have been provided by you, the Robot takes over and handles all the trades for you. This permits you to take control while focusing your energies on other important matters as well. This EA is especially designed for trading the XAUUSD (Gold pairs). It works best with M5 timeframe. The trading so
Divergence is one best ways to trade the financial market as it is a leading indicator of price action that detect high probability reversal and continuation setups.   The AlgoKing Divergence Detector is an RSI and Stochastics Indicator with Divergence Detection. Features Hidden Divergence for trend continuation. Standard or Normal Divergence for trend reversal. Screen Alerts. MetaQuotes Notifications. Email Notifications. RSI Indicator built in. Stochastics Indicator built in. Types of Divergen
Mechanism Trend
Vitalii Zakharuk
The Mechanism Trend indicator is a hybrid indicator that shows the moments for entering the market with arrows. This indicator was created on the basis of the original indicators for searching for extreme points, the indicator is well suited for determining a reversal or a large sharp jerk to one side. When the trend changes, the Mechanism Trend indicator uses color signaling: green - when changing from a downtrend to an uptrend, and red - vice versa, to a downtrend. You can use the indicator
What are "pivot points"? Pivot point analysis is often used in conjunction with the calculation of support and resistance levels, as is the case with trend line analysis. Pivot point analysis calculates the first support and resistance levels using the trading range width between the pivot point and the previous day's high or low price. The second support and resistance levels are calculated using the entire width between the previous day's high and low prices. Looking for a quality pivot poi
Polynomial Trend - A tool that allows you to determine the direction and strength of a trend. Unlike most indicators, Polynomial Trend finds longer-term trends and gives fewer false signals. This indicator allows you to find the most likely trend reversal points b allows you to identify the current market phase (uptrend, downtrend). This indicator displays arrows of different colors depending on the current state of the market and thus signals the user about a change in trend. It is easy to u
Introduction and Description Based on the Arabic word "Miqas", translating to "Scissors", this EA represents a scalping robot trader. Indeed, it focuses mainly on the use of mathematical principles of high frequency trading (HFT) . This means sending a large number of orders to meet profit targets. Of course, traditional rules of risk management are applied in a very strict manner. Below is a list of the different characteristics of the expert advisor: No Martingale, grid or hedging. Trend Trad
Average directional index - improved indicator formula. This version of ADX much more accurately determines the price reversal points and the direction of the current trend. In addition, using this indicator, you can determine the strength of the trend. When the green line crosses the red line from the bottom up, this means that the trend is turning up or a temporary pullback is forming. When the red line crosses the green line from top to bottom, it means that the trend is turning down or a te
Zielspierre EA
Mohd Hakim Johari
"Transform your investment strategy with the Zielspierre EA, an expert advisor designed to help you achieve consistent profits through its unique combination of advanced trading strategies. With support for all currency pairs and cryptocurrencies, and the ability to adjust settings to suit your risk tolerance, the Zielspierre EA is the ultimate solution for your daily trading needs." The Zielspierre EA is a upgraded version of Vondereich EA is a cutting-edge expert advisor that provides daily
Stefano Frisetti
5 (1)
This indicator is very usefull to TRADE Trading Ranges and helps identify the following TREND. Every Trader knows that any market stay 80% of the time in trading ranges and only 20% of the time in TREND; this indicator has been built to help traders trade trading ranges. Now instead of waiting for the next TREND, You can SWING TRADE on trading ranges with this simple yet very effective indicator. TRADING with CONGESTIONI INDICATOR: The CONGESTIONI Indicator identify a new trading range and a
A useful dashboard that shows the CCI values for multiple symbols and Time-frames. It can be easily hidden/displayed with a simple click on the X top left of the dashboard. You can input upper and lower CCI values and the colours can be set to show when above/below these values. The default values are 100 and 30-100 There are also input colours for when the CCI is positive or negative (but not exceeding the upper/lower levels Symbols and time-frames are input separated by commas.  Sym
Blood Dragon EA
Evgenii Filippov
The EA tries to find a successful entry point, if it fails, it looks for the next entry point with the lot multiplied by Martin. TakeprofitSELL - closing of all open sell orders by takeprofit. TakeprofitBUY - closing of all open buy orders by takeprofit. iDistance - the minimum distance between open orders. iSlippge - slippage. iMagic is the magic number of the adviser. Recommended pair of AUDCAD. Any broker with an ECN account. The recommended deposit is from $ 300 on a
Are you tired of the constant ups and downs? Do not become a victim of unstable market movements, it's time to get rid of it somehow! Already now you can use The Trend Setter solutions to balance the price movement analysis and get a clearer picture of the price action. The Trend Setter is a trend indicator for the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. If you don't have your own trading strategy yet, you can use our ready-made trading strategy. The indicator will help in finding entry points when an
Fixation Trend
Maryna Shulzhenko
Fixation Trend indicator showing buy and sell areas. The indicator follows the price movement, works at the opening price. It also displays information about the trend following the breakout of the minimum and maximum. The indicator has very simple but effective graphics: above the opening price, an orange dot is displayed - a sell signal, below the opening price - blue, a buy signal. The indicator also accompanies the signals with a sound alert and a pop-up window notifying the signal on the op
Meta Dragon
Samir Tabarcia
Requirements Optimized to work with EURUSD. For timeframe 15. Minimum recommended deposit is $1000  for initial lot set to 0.01 Warning it will be SALE only 5 Copys at 60$ Then it will be update up to 200$ You can use it the way it is, For new Set Files will be add on (Comments) The EA will work on any frame time OR any pair chart ECN broker with low spread is recommended to get better results. Setup is very easy.  Simply run the EA on the  EURUSD  pair 15m chart  and just press ok (Money Ma
AutoBBbot v1
Ulugbek Sadullaev
Здравствуйте уважаемые автотрейдеры. Представляю Вам полностью автоматизированного торгового советника    AutoBBbot v1. Данный торговый советник открывает ордер по сигналу Bolinger Bands. Рекомендую торговать советником на индексах # NASDAQ_m , # DJI 30_m  и  # SP 500_m у брокера Freshforex на счетах Market Pro . Если Вы купите прямо сейчас этот советник за эту сумму, то я Вам абсолютно бесплатно отдам нового советника " AutoBBbot v0.4". После покупки свяжитесь со мной через электронную почту: s
Sofiia Butenko
If you need a clicker on the signals of any arrow indicator - this utility will definitely help you. And the clicks themselves are no different from clicks made manually. There is even a random delay between clicks to make it even more realistic!  This free product has the same principle of creating an Expert Advisor based on an arrow indicator What does the utility do?  It creates a clicker file with your indicator signals in a few easy steps: install the indicator with the needed settings o
Mr Banker
Sindhu Bairavim
4.39 (18)
Live Signal - Gopher I Strategy Mr Banker Expert Advisor has live track records / history with low drawdown. EA uses Gopher I  strategy and will open pending orders every day around New York session.  EA works based on advanced price movement and support resistance strategies.  Only 4 Copies Left At $180 Price will keep increasing for this strategy. Description Mr Banker EA is a p ure strategy based  automatic trading robot specially designed and developed to trade USDJPY pair using MT4 Techn
VPS-Monitor MT4 is a utility that keeps a trader abreast of situation or condition of the Trading Platform while the Trader is away. It lets you know that your Trading Platform is up and running by sending notifications at desired interval of time. Strictly, it can do three things about your Trading Terminal on the VPS, namely; it sends information about the - State of Activeness, - Trade Transaction and - Connection Status of the Trading Terminal. VPS-Monitor's Features - Send Alert & Push N
Meta Sniper
Samir Tabarcia
Requirements Optimized to work with   EURUSD-EURCHF-USDJPY, AUDUSD-CADJPY-AUDNZD, CHFJPY-NZDJPY-NZDUSD For timeframe 4H. *(Minimum recommended deposit is $300 for each Pair) for initial lot set to 0.10, My favorite Pair are (CHFJPY-NZDJPY-EURUSD-AUDNZD-USDJPY) Warning it will be SALE only 5 Copys at 60$ Then it will be update up to 200$  You can use it the way it is, For new Set Files will be add on (Comments) ECN broker with low spread is recommended to get better results. Setup is
LIVE SIGNAL MAGIC NUMBER https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1653932 44444 Hello Traders, I hope you all Perfect. This is my new Expert Advisor -    ALGOBOX SPIKE'S TRADING H1 . This EA works only on instrument   EURO USD (EURUSD) . It shows stable trading during the last 15  years. EA doesn't use's the dangerous Strategy  like martingale, grid or any other account busting strategies. Each entry is perfect takeprofit and stoploss. The Expert Advisor is very simple to use. You don't need optimizat
NOTE: NEXT PRICE WILL BE 550$ Dear Trader I hope you have been eagerly waiting and looking for a tool to improve your trading. I am so glad to introduce my other product to you called Trend Shooter Index. The main goal of this tool is to help traders shoot the trend (target the trend) from the bottom or from the top of the trend for maximum profitability. How is the Indicator designed This tool is designed to show the following Red arrows pointing down for sell signals. Blue arrows pointing up
Reminder: After purchasing the unlimited version of this indicator send me the proof and I will add you to my private group so that you join the community and continue to learn more about this tool and grow together with other traders. You will also learn the strategy that will change your trading story! Dear Traders I am so glad to introduce my forex trading product called "Day Traders Master Board". This tool is designed for serious traders of any trading strategy.  My goal is to help trader b
Golden section price action indicator - is a trend-scalping complete system with enter and exit points. Indicator is based on most powerfull price action japan patterns that are filtered by volume, volatility, market phase. Pattern is not a simple combinations of candles. Patterns must have "weight" to move market in right direction. "Weight" - is the summary of pattern's volume, the size of pattern candles according to last average volatility and ofcourse pattern must appear in correct market p
EZ Buy And Sell Signals MT4
Christopher Graham Parish
!! FLASH SALE !!   Over 80% off !!     For ONE week only. Now only $47 - normally $297! >>>      Ends on 30 June 2023 - Don't miss it! Buy and Sell Signals Directly Onto Your Charts.  It couldn't be EZ-er! Aslo Gives Alerts – On Your MT4 To Your Phone To Your Email. Does not repaint! This couldn't be EZ-er to use - just drag it onto your chart (any timeframe, any pair) set the time of day you want signals and where you want alerts, and wait for the signals. Spreads from 0.1pip RAW/ECN Acc
Andrey Kozak
Binaripex is an indicator for binary options. The indicator shows with an arrow on the chart in which direction the price will go in the near future. According to our statistics, in 95% of cases, the price in the near future (from 1 to 5 minutes on small timeframes) will go above or below the arrow indication. This allows you to use this indicator with high efficiency for trading on binary options. Also, the indicator on the chart indicates near each transaction at what distance the price went
TopSecret Five
Boris Sklyaruk
Fully automatic professional MT4 trading system The strategy is based on four author's indicators that are embedded in the adviser's code, trading takes place at night Each trade has a Take Profit and Stop Loss. Testing on real ticks since 2010 with 99.9% probability The EA has two trading modes: fixed lot or dynamic lot, which is calculated based on the deposit. For every 100$ - 0.01 lots. The adviser does not open many trades, about ten per month for each currency pair, since there
NEW FEATURE ! Now you can select the option of two MA to see the amazing MA cross of Two UFMA. With the fast reaction of this MA you can avoid most of the false signals of a normal MA Cross. New formula to calculate moving average, it quickly adapts to the price but maintains the analysis to determine if a change in trend is necessary. Input Parameters: Period: used to select the number of bars to use for calculations. Mode: Mode to use for the calculation of the moving average > SMA, EM
Samir Tabarcia
Requirements Optimized to work with EURUSD. For timeframe 4H. Minimum recommended deposit is $300  for initial lot set to 0.10, Warning it will be SALE only 5 Copys at 60$ Then it will be update up to 200$  You can use it the way it is, For new Set Files will be add on (Comments) ECN broker with low spread is recommended to get better results. Setup is very easy.  Simply run the EA on the  EURUSD  pair 4H chart  and just press ok (Money Management) Lot                              0.10
Zone F MT4
Claudia Ramona Angerer
Forecasting the future by combining trend and average price with many signals Can be used in all symbols Can be used in all time frames Settings: BackShow: The number of candles displayed Osi: Main setting, the larger the number, the longer the trend If you need more settings, or have any questions or suggestions, message me How to trade: Blue: sell signal Red: buy signal Blue and red at the same time: no signal
My Point MT4
Claudia Ramona Angerer
4 (1)
Diagnosis of major and minor pivot Trend detection with many signals Can be used in all symbols Can be used in all time frames Settings: Back Show: The number of candles it displays If you need any adjustments, or have any questions or suggestions, message me How to trade: Blue: sell signal Red: buy signal Blue and red at the same time: no signal Exit signal: Opposite signal
XAU Robbie Trend EA
Mr Siripat Chathaisong
5 (1)
This EA is designed for timeframe and  4 hours. It can be very profitable. It will open an order from an rsi that has entered an oversold or overbought period. and confirm the signal with stochastic, entering oversold or overbought. Suitable for investment portfolios greater than $1000.  Open order lot 0.1  and close take profit at 1000 pips Stop loss at 1000 pips, but with trailing stops 1000 pips, trailing    steps 300 pips. You can adjust the values accordingly. But do back test before putt
Samir Tabarcia
5 (1)
Requirements Optimized to work with EURUSD. For timeframe 1H. Minimum recommended deposit is $500  for initial lot set to 0.10, Warning it will be SALE only 5 Copys at 60$ Then it will be update up to 200$  You can use it the way it is, For new Set Files for it on (Comments) 3 New set Files add to Comments. ECN broker with low spread is recommended to get better results. Setup is very easy.  Simply run the EA on the  EURUSD  pair 1H chart  and just press ok (Money Management) Lot     
MT4 Telegram Management (from now simply “EA”) will be attached on specific MT4 chart user want to manage from remote. Note to developer: if possible, EA will be able to read info from command from user to select automatically the correct pair to work on, even if EA is attached only on one pair. EA should open/close position or manage opened or pending position. The MT4 Telegram Management l (form now simply “panel”) will be a simple Telegram group setted from user. By panel, user should be able
The Goldenvale Expert Advisor was developed using machine learning algorithms to generate a system that is extremely robust. Before we launch an EA, a variety of different robustness tests are performed. These tests include: multi-year out-of-sample tests, various broker data feeds, and Monte Carlo tests that show the effects of system parameter variations. Robust systems typically have a simple trading logic. The Goldenvale EA utilizes the Average Directional Movement Index (ADX) to determin
Black friday Ea6eurusd30   is a dedicated Expert exclusively to work on   EURUSD and Time Frame M30 only . Do not use it on any other currency pair and on any other Time Frame. It works with various indicators to give the entry point and with other indicators to give the exit point, as well as still having Take Profit and Stop Loss. By taking advantage of its money management you can improve its performance. Use this Money Management setting if you have little capital test it in backtes
ALL in ONE Indicator Display Indicator values in all Timeframes Display Multiple Symbols/Pairs Fully customizable Click any value/box to open the chart of the corresponding symbol and timeframe Attach multiple instance of the program to display other indicator values Flexible Dashboard Positioning in chart You may request more indicators or additional feature for future updates!
Fully automated EA based on machine learning technology. When trading, the adviser takes into account the signal from the neural network, as well as the readings of two oscillators - MACD and RVI. When the signals from the indicators coincide with the signal of the neural network, the signal strength of the neural network increases. The EA is trained to trade on four currency pairs - EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, AUDUSD. The EA works on the H1 timeframe. Description of parameters Graphical interf
Black friday LoveQueen is a dedicated Expert exclusively to work on GBPUSD and Time Frame H1 only . Do not use it on any other currency pair and on any other Time Frame. It works with various indicators to give the entry point and with other indicators to give the exit point, as well as still having Take Profit and Stop Loss. By taking advantage of its money management you can improve its performance. Use this Money Management setting if you have little capital test it in backtest. Monei
UR HighsAndLows
Krzysztof Jan Debski
UR Highs&Lows   UR   Highs&Lows does an in-depth analysis of price movement and its volatility, and creates a channel within which the price is moving. That channel moves now as an oscillator and is overlayed with price's deviation to signal potential exhaustions and possible reversals. Advantages of using UR Highs&Lows : No parameters You have 3 lines that describe the price movement - White Line which is an average of the price, and Blue Lines which are its extremes The histogram is a visualiz
Indicator help you recognize trend quickly ( recommended to use TF M30-Daily ) Parameters: Alert when have signal Push Notification to MT4 mobil2 Benefits  Easy to use. input parameters is simple The ability to use as filter for any strategy. It work on stock, index, oil,  gold, and on all time frames. It has the function of push-notifications, and sound alerts. Importance : Non Repainting Indicator 
CFF Day Trader Machine
Abdalla Mohamed Kandil
CFF Day Trader Machine  CFF Day Trader Machine is the best trading system you will ever find when you want to go right every time with the market so that you will never have to trade against the market again, It’s providing marvelous trading signals based on such and amazing algorithm.   *** 5 Copies left for next price $613 ***                                                                      
AI Signal
Thomas Bradley Butler
AI Signal is an indicator that is a ready to made scalping system that doesn't repaint Instructions: Load indicator.  Use arrows as entries in trends and stay out of sideways markets.  Trade with the larger trend and trade only active volatile hours Buy blue arrow above yellow and exit at red arrow or at discretion.  Sell red arrow below yellow and exit at blue arrow  or at discretion.  Easy to follow and is based on trends.  The indicator works on all time frames and assets. Use at your own
Tujjor Pro
Bekhzod Rasulov
Brief information about our robot: this robot can trade 29 pairs at the same time Our ROBOT earns from 20% to 45% profit per month. Minimum deposit 5.000-10.000 For complete information about the robot, contact the administrator https://t.me/behzodrasulov https://t.me/tujjor_robot_N1 The robot has been working in the market for a long time, you can get more information about it from the admin
Close All and Change Take Profit and Stop Loss All Orders. Main Features     Ability to Close All Orders the Symbol you put this EA.     Ability to Close All Orders in your account.     2 Mode for Close all (1-Close one by one, 2-Hedge then Close with Close by)     Ability to Change Take Profit to All Order.     Ability to Change Stop Loss to All Order.     Show Order count.     Show Average price with info and Horizontal Line.     Show lot open and maximum lots to open.     Show Price diff f
CFF Follow Me
Abdalla Mohamed Kandil
CFF Follow Me     *** 10 Copies left for next price $613***     * Entry signals without repainting or delays     * Error-free opening of trades     * Provides signals for any direction sell & Buy     * Provides multiple timeframes on a single chart     * Colored Histogram based on the market direction     * Arrows entry signals  How does the CFF Follow Me Works? Our CFF Follow Me trading system based on a very accurate "Trend-Following" Trading Strategy. Here's how to Start using ou
Nasdaq 5 Gage MT4
Kambiz Shahriarynasab
For Nasdaq trading, the most important principle is to know the trend of the fund. This indicator with 6 green and red lights provides you with the daily path of this important indicator. This indicator has been tested for 6 months and has a win rate of over 85%. Be sure to contact me before purchasing to get the necessary instructions on how to use and set up this indicator. You should use a broker that has dollar index, vix, and commodities. MT5 Version You can contact us via Instagram,
CFF New Plan
Abdalla Mohamed Kandil
CFF New Plan  CFF New Plan  is the best trading indicator especially for scalping traders , It’s providing marvelous trading signals based on such and amazing algorithm.   --6 copies has been sold with price $60-- *** 6 Copies left for next price $613***                                                                                                                             
A lot of traders who start trading on the stock exchange or Forex are looking for THE martingale in trading. That is to say the mostly automated trading strategy using an expert advisor or a trading robot which will let them grow their capital in complete safety. Here is PX Trend Martingale Reverse EA. The PX Martingale Reverse Expert Advisor has a rather straightforward logic. It's a Martingale EA, which means it ONLY PLACES ONE ORDER AT A TIME. It will put an order at any market price and wait
This EA will help you to know immediately which order is buy or sell order. The Buy Order will have line Green ( or whatever color you want ) The Sell Order will have line Red ( or whatever color you want ) In the Chart have EA insert, you can close the order buy click on the Line, The other Chart can't ( close by right click & choose close order) Also EA has function auto set SL-TP and Close all Order  Parameters: - The color of Buy Orders : Choose the Color for Buy Orders - The color of Sell
Never Give Up
Hoi Chi Tsang
Main features l    A martingale strategy based on 3 low volatilily currencies (AUDNZD, EURGBP and USACAD) with different take profit settings. l    Use Stochastic and Moving Average as an entry. l    Use ATR to determine the pips steps of each order added. l    Include Breakeven setting to lower the maximum drawdown l    Risk Management: account stop loss in $2000 l    Solid live signal to monitor the real-time result Requirement l    Hedging account is needed. l    A low spread, slippage and co
The Solomon
Kingfisher FX
You don't need thousands of dollars for safe trading. As The_Solomon EA   don't martingale or grid or averaging, you don't need a big account. You need just a $50 or $100 account to use this Expert. Each trade has proper TP and SL defined and we trade only one trade in each pair at a time. Benefits of this EA: Consistency trades proven track record No Martingale No Grid No dangerous strategy Each Trade with proper stoploss One running trade per pair at a time $100 acc balance is perfectly
LIVE SIGNAL MAGIC NUMBER https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1653932 33333 Hello Traders, I hope you all Perfect. This is my new Expert Advisor -  ALGOBOX TRAND TRADING M5 . This EA works only on instrument EURO USD (EURUSD) . It shows stable trading during the last 15  years. EA doesn't use's the dangerous Strategy  like martingale, grid or any other account busting strategies. each entry is perfect takeprofit and stoploss. The Expert Advisor is very simple to use. You don't need optimization fo
It could help to calculate Risk-Reward easily before placing a BUY-SELL position. TradeSizeCalculator is a Multi-Tasking Calculator. It will calculate the others when we define the value in one of the columns. Stoploss, risk percentage, risk-money, lot size, take-profit , reward-money, and reward-ratio. Depending on which value is changed. All values in the columns are editable. Also, we can get those calculation results by drag-drop the stop-loss/take-profit line. Parameter: The inputs below ar
Trend Oscillator - is advanced custom indicator, efficient trading tool! Advanced new calculation method is used - 20 options for parameter "Price for calculation" Smoothest oscillator ever developed Green color for upward trends,  Red color for downward trends Oversold values: below 5 ; O verbought values: over 95 There are plenty of opportunities to upgrade even standard strategies with this indicator   // More great Expert Advisors and Indicators are available here:  https://www.mql5.com/en/
Magic Lines MT4
Nikolay Georgiev
Magic Lines MT4 is an indicator which can be categorized as trend, levels and channels type. It draws a colored line which is colored in green and red depending where last close is. The value at the current open bar should not be taken into account. This part of the indicator can give us a sense whether it is trending up or down or its going sideways. Magic Lines indicator also draws blue top and bottom levels which can be taken into account for breakouts and false breakouts. A sideway zone shou
Time Attendance MT4
Mr Wittawat Rakkhantho
Setting Fixed Lot - fixed frist trading lot Day - Days of position order. Hour trade - Time Hour Open position. Supported currency pairs:  EURUSD,USDCAD, GBPUSD, EURGBP Some important points: Use this expert only on the gold symbol Recommended timeframe:   H1 You can use a variety of brokers, but try to use large and famous brokers Default settings are great, so you do not need a separate settings file If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to let me know If you need any settings,
Sofia Mohammad Rashed
This is another Arrow Indicator to show the instant direction of the Market. it's no repainting and no lagging. you can easily trade by it's direction or use it on your own System. the later is recommended! you can use it on Automatic Experts too. it's input parameters are consists of: nBars: Number of Bars to be checked EnableAlerts: to send Alert messages when get new Signal. EmailAlerts: to send you Email for new Signals you can simply use it on any Symbol or Time Frame after checking for it'
Bekhzod Rasulov
Hello everyone, I present to you my new robot "Tujjor". This robot has been tested for 2 years. The last 4 months have been a reliable and profitable trading in the forex market and this shows that it is even more excellent! Brief information about our robot: Our robot makes a profit of 15% to 45% per month. Minimum deposit $1,000 There is no maximum deposit limit. For full information about the robot, contact the admin https://t.me/tujjor_robot_N1
Indicator Support and Resistence plain in your chart seven lines; Red line=Resistence 3. Red line=Resistence 2. Red line=Resistence 1. Yellow line= Pivot. Green line= Support 1. Green line= Support 2. Green line= Support 3. adattable in all timeframe (minute 1, minute   5, minute   15, minute   30, Hour 1, Hour 4,Day 1,Week 1,Mounth 1); Buy under support and sell over the resistence;
Sofia Mohammad Rashed
This Indicator is a very Simple Method to make profit from the market! it has two arrow directions up and down. you can easily buy when you see up arrow and close it when you see down arrow. you can use it for Binary Options too! you also can use it with other indicators like Heiken Ashi and Ichimoku to make a complete System of Trading. it has just two Input Options: nBars: The Number of Candles you want to see the Signals for. ShowPanel: to display or not to display the Panel  DoAlert: to Send
Price pivot points H1 - an indicator that shows price pivot points on the H1 timeframe with an accuracy of up to 95%. 95 signals from 100 will accurately indicate the place of the price reversal in the opposite direction. The indicator does not redraw its values. Suitable for trading on any currency pair. It can be used for both intraday scalping and long-term trading. Price pivot points H1 shows signals as arrows. When the price reverses, the indicator will draw an arrow on the chart. If the p
Garuda Fire MT4
Maldini Yoga Pratama
EA Garuda Fire MT4 .This is the logical development of EA Dragon Fire ultimate, with the addition of better logic and confirmation than before.   EA Garuda Fire MT4   is a trend following system for swing trading based on PLT indicator filtered by I-gentor LSMA. no need to add any indicators because everything is included in this EA code, so the trading decisions are simple and immediate without confusion that can result from the use of many indicators Only   10 download  of the EA left  at $6
EurUsd H1 EA2
Robin Obrusnik
The EA was developed for the currency pair EURUSD time frame H1 . The strategy is built for intraday/swing trading - no scalping, martingale, grid, etc. The EA pass through rigorous testing of robustness and is tested on over 18 years of data with 99% modeling quality! Is intend for EURUSD H1. EA is designed for UTC+2 timezone with New York DST (EST+7). This is a long-term strategy that makes 2-5 trades per month on average - if you want more trades, more profits, risk diversification and a smo
Wonder 5
Mario Baldantoni
The expert is #5 out of 7 specially selected strategies from one of my oldest portfolios. With this collection of 7 strategies I want to share with you some of the strategies that have been most successful for me and that have been more robust both in the past and now Each wonder works well on its own but works even better in combination with the others, each strategy of the collection is uncorrelated with the other. I choose to dedicate each strategy to a wonder as a wish of success and to

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