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BreakOut BO55QU

BREAKOUT BO55QU uses break out strategy  based on set time frame. It places penting order at high and low of the break out box. It is designed for easy to use with target profit and capital protection. 


  • Magic Number-trade unique number
  • Trade Comment-custom trade comment
  • Deposit($)- amount of money deposited for calculation.
  • Take Profit(Pips)- value in pips
  • Stop Loss(Pips)-value in pips
  • Lot Size-default is 0.1
  • Lot Multiplier-default is 1.3
  • Max Lot Size- default is 100
  • Max Order- maximum number of positions per side.
  • Slippage- maximum price slippage allowed.
  • ~~~~BREAKOUT BOX~~~~
  • Box Time Frame- user preferable time frame.
  • Min Box Size- minimum size of high minus low of the breakout box.
  • Max Box Size- maximum size of high minus low of the breakout box.
  • ~~~~SET PO HOURS~~~~
  • Start Trading Hours- start hours (0-23).
  • Stop Trading Hours- stop hours (0-23).
  • Trailing Stop- trailing value in pips
  • ~~~~PROFIT/LOSS~~~~
  • (targeted floating /equity profit or loss features)
  • ~~~~GAINED~~~~
  • (target profit or loss gained features, Gained=(Balance-Deposit)/deposit x100)
  • ~~~~INFO PANEL~~~~
  • color- info panel color.

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Version 1.10 2019.04.09
add auto lot feature