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This system uses tops and bottoms to place Buystop/Sellstop orders witha a small Stoploss and if the order isn't closed by the Stop, it continues to ride the Trend until it's closed  by an implemented indicator . It also has a Lot management system included which is correctly calculated for accounts in USD . 

It is recomended that you trade with a low-spread broker because the system uses small stops and of course , if the spread is larger, you must also increase the StopLoss , which leads to a higher drawdown .

  Please pay attention to market-open on Sunday night , because there are brokers which will open a pending order at the next higher or lower price if there are gaps in the price , they will not skip the order if the pending order is set inside the gap and the Stop remains where it was set (before the gap). If that happens, I recommand t hat you modify your StopLoss setting to your desired value .


Timeframe : H1 .

Parameters :

Lots - if you want to use fixed lots , set to 0.1 by default ;

ManageLot - if you want the EA to manage Lot size ;

RiskInPercent - how much you want to risk , set to 0.5 by default ;

StopLoss - set in Points , 50 by default ;

Level - set to 48 - upper and lower levels from the last 48 candles in the chart ;

Magic - Magic Number .

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