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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 112

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
Gabriele Tedeschi
COLLAPSE STAR MORE THAN 16 MONTHS OF LIVE AND REAL RESULTS ALREADY 125% GROWTH VERIFICATED BY MYFXBOOK Your capital will work every day for you! In low risk mode, we accumulated average profit 0,20% daily (6.25% monthly) verified by myfxbook More details and statistics on Collapse Star (followthegainstar.com) COLLAPSE STAR is always on market, it collects gain every day. Compound interest at a constant interest rate provides exponential growth of your capital. We started with 8000€ and we
1 250 USD
Stanislav Balaziuk
Stelc13  — это результат изучения валютного рынка и программирование торговых советников. Эксперт использует продвинутый алгоритм входа и имеет встроенный фильтр спреда а так-же алгоритм контроля проскальзывания. Гибкие настройки эксперта. Базовая логика советника продумана для торговли на валютной паре EURUSD. Теоретически советник можно использовать на любом рынке с низким спредом и хорошей ликвидностью. Тем не менее я рекомендую валютную пару: EURUSD. Есть два способа использовать данный сове
610 USD
Hello all,  works in the manner of pending deals BUYSTOP and SELLSTOP With the movement of the pending trades, when activating a pending deal with the action of the trolling stop, Profit pursuit Closes winning trades with a losing trade and closes all together at a programmatically defined profit It also closes all together when half of the capital is reached The expert prefers to work with it on fast-moving and trendy pairs like bitcoin gold This expert works very well with the trend and the f
500 USD
Wombat EA
Christian Schuerger
The Wombat-EA  based on the Bollinger Bands & Envelopes Indicators. It is a pure Trend Follow Robot    NO use of: ️   Grid ️   Doubling ️   Martingale ️   Averaging   Recommended pairs are: AUD/USD, AUD/CAD, AUD/CHF, AUD/JPY, AUD/NZD      Timeframe H1 Hi there, I am a 51 year old, young at heart trader who has been involved in active trading since 2009. In the beginning I had a lot of different strategies. Sometimes more, sometimes less successful. I honestly admit th
199 USD
Mahmoud Karkeh Abadi
Are you tired of seeing the experts who have been produced with programming methods (sometimes even deceptive) and have very excellent and beautiful graphs, but you do not see the result in the live account? MT5 version is sold for a limited time with a 50% discount Mt5 is available here for just 111$ We are all familiar with these types of experts who have excellent results in back tests but in practice after a while have nothing but losses. If you have even a little bit of experience
222 USD
CCi MA Trend
The indicator consists of a base of the standard CCI and levels calculated on the basis of MAs, which move following the price. To strengthen the trend movement, the deviation coefficient is used. To exclude triggering in a flat, the minimum trend limiter is used. Signal arrows are displayed on the indicator chart and the price chart - everything is turned off. There is an arrow trigger function - the arrows alternate when it is turned on. You can display signals on a chart, on e-mail and on a m
30 USD
The regression channel is one of the most popular technical analysis tools among traders. First, the indicator draws a trend line between two points, then on its basis it builds a channel of two parallel lines, which will be at the same distance from the regression line. The term linear regression belongs to the field of statistics. The center line of the channel is the trend line. To calculate it, the least squares method is used. The line above the center line acts as resistance for the pri
77 USD
Francisco De A Vilar Enriquez
Muestra niveles de rebote, superior e inferior, formando una horquilla que envuelve al precio. Características: Al romperse un nivel muestra el siguiente en la misma dirección. La horquilla minima  se actualiza al aparecer un nivel mas cercano al precio. Con los controles azules podemos variar los niveles de la horquilla  independientemente. Tiene la opción de activar una alerta  que avisa de las roturas  de niveles. Aplicable a cualquier marco temporal. Facilita la colocación/actualización del
30 USD
Grid MT4 Recovery
Vladimir Gribachev
A grid advisor with an adaptive system for "Resolving" a basket of orders   can also be used   to restore unprofitable positions on the account. Works inside a linear regression channel, input on several conditions. The signal uses the direction of the   linear regression   channel, exponential moving averages, average daily volatility, then   builds an order grid if the price deviates. The grid step is configurable, and if the price goes against us, then after a certain number of orders, the ac
777 USD
Igor Pereira Calil
Lizzy Broken is a financial market indicator for META TRADER 4. LizzyBroken's function is to show the daily channels on the graph of the inserted pair. Through the channels, Lizzy does a brief breakout analysis and provides you with a BUY and SELL area followed by TAKE PROFITs (TP) and also StopLoss (SL). Lizzy Broken also provides a stat on the upper left side showing the previous day's high/low and also as text showing the BUY/SELL areas with TP/SL. LizzyBroken indicator is perfect to b
199 USD
Apollo Striker
Oleg Rodin
5 (1)
Apollo Striker  - this is a powerful arrow indicator which predicts the direction of price. The indicator is designed to use two time frames for analysis at the same time. Probably you know when trading it is best to use higher time frame as confirmation for your entries. The combination of two time frames gives you the best accuracy. This tool allows you work with any of higher time frames and provide you with signals on your current time frame. I recommend using the next higher time frame. For
50 USD
Alexander Lasygin
Индикатор предназначен для работы с паттернами, основанными на тиковых объемах. Он взят, несколько в упрощённом виде, из арсенала VSAsClusterZME _ Pro . Позволяет оперативно определить суммарный или средний объем на нескольких участках рынка. Это делает его незаменимым при анализе различных фигур, например таких как паттерны Тима Орда. Так же с помощью него можно легко выявить различные закономерности, это позволит создать свои правила торгов. Для инициализации индикатора надо нажать CTRL + лева
35 USD
NEWS Telegram
NEWS Telegram  is an U tility can get NEWS from Website " http://calendar.fxstreet.com " and send to yours Telegram Chanel Only attach to Chart then do this step as bellow: In the terminal, open Tools ---> Options ---> Expert Advisors ---> add " http://calendar.fxstreet.com " to the "Allow WebRequest for listed URL list" field. SETTING UP THE UTILITY: Tools -> Settings -> Advisers -> Allow WebRequest for the following URLs (Add URL: https://api.telegram.org ); Create your own bot in Teleg
30 USD
Three lines
Evgeny Vlasov
Порядок работы Советник работает на любом таймфрейме на любых валютных парах. При работе советника анализируется несколько трендовых индикаторов и показатели объема торгов, при возникновении необходимых условий происходит открытие рыночного ордера. Советник не открывает следующий ордер, пока не закроется предыдущий. Советник имеет блок TrailingStop , позволяющий перемещать StopLoss за движением цены. Основным отличием этого блока от стандартного является его не линейность. То есть чем ближе
30 USD
Indicator Help to Show About CCI Multi Timeframe. ( 1M , 5M , 15M , 30M , 1Hr, 4Hr, 1D) You can change period as you want.  CCI indicator The commodity channel index (CCI) is an oscillator indicator that helps show when an asset has been overbought or oversold.It helps you identify peaks or troughs in an asset's price and can indicate the weakening or end of a trend and a change in direction.This means a you can, in theory, enter a trade right as a trend is beginning, or exit an existing tr
30 USD
Trading Control Pad
Sukunthakan Ngernbamrung
Trading Control Pad is a useful tool for all traders. To send BUY/SELL quickly, pending order, modify and automatic setting SL and TP in one click by the current symbol. The Trading Control Pad can help you being comfortable and quickly trading.  Pad can help you automatic and manual partially close some lot at the target to get profits, breakeven to lock profits and trailing stop to make more profits. The Trading Control Pad features / Functionality: Showing the currency pair, the total positio
59 USD
Открытие продаж если цена находится выше 1 , закроется покупка. Открытие покупок если цена находится ниже 1, закроется продаж а. Рекомендации Стандартный торговый счет, надежный компьютер, бесперебойный интернет или VPS. Настройки MinLot  - фиксированный стартовый объем сделки. MaxLot  - максимальный объем сделки. LotMultiplier  - множитель лота после убыточной сделки (Мартингейл), 0 - отключен. StopLoss  - убыток в пунктах, 0 - отключен . TakeProfit - прибыль в пунктах. Step  - расстояние межд
10 000 USD
Simple Stats is utility for history management. Allowing you to clearly see trading performance for each symbol separately , and so it helps you to find the most and the worst profitable type of trades based on past results. History period depends on settings of your terminal, so if you want to get report for each month, you have to use custom period and run SIMPLE STATS for each. SS will  distinguish reports with filename - each history report is named with account number and date of the oldest
30 USD
Igor Pereira Calil
LordChannel is an indicator for META TRADER 4 for all forex pairs and financial market metals. The indicator is used to make detections of high/low channels, implementing a technical analysis on possible breakouts and making correct order entries. LordChannel sends signals such as buy and sell in the graphical analysis, it is important to emphasize that the importance of these signals are safe in TIME FRAMES M30, H1, H4. The indicator was created for using bullish/downtrend channels to co
125 USD
Averaging Scalper
Darijo Milicevic
5 (1)
Averaging Scalper is a fast and efficient EA with customizable entry points that uses the averaging strategy based on the distance of the Average True Range volatility indicator. The initial order entry point is based on the three moving averages. If the price moves against the order, new order will be opened once the distance of Average True Range value multiplied by the distance multiplier setting is reached. Every 10th, 15th, 20th and 25th order is multiplied by the entry multiplier setting.
149 USD
Sergey Vedmanov
Привет!  Предлагаю тебе индикатор который не требует больших знаний и умений. Нужно просто им пользоваться как удобным инструментом. Индикатор создавался как механизм позволяющий взять максимум от тренда и с этой задачей он прекрасно справляется. Для работы с индикатором подойдут все подвижные инструменты EUR/JPY золото фунты. Таймфрейм можно выбрать любой, но лучший результат индикатор показывает на маленьких, от 5 минут до часового. 
150 USD
Virtual Assistant MINI   VIRTUALL ASSISTANT = MAKE YOUR TP AND SL VIRTUAL!   Tool meant to control your stop loss and take profit by converting them to virtual SL/TP (with support for TRAILING) Convert all SL and TP to virtual so your exits on trades are hidden from your broker! Run this EA on any graph, choose 1MIN timeframe (VA is autosaving data only on new bar detected, so graph TF equals to VA autosave period) !!! When using virtual trade exits, stable connection is needed for order execut
30 USD
VIRTUALL ASSISTANT = MAKE YOUR TP AND SL VIRTUAL!   Tool meant to control your stop loss and take profit. Main idea of this program is to convert all SL and TP to virtual so your exits on trades are hidden from your broker. Run this EA on any graph, choose 1MIN timeframe (VA is autosaving data only on new bar detected, so graph TF equals to VA autosave period) !!! When using virtual trade exits, stable connection is needed for order execution! Best works with VPS! Developed with ECN accounts. 
30 USD
MA Cross indicator by 4Umbella Create for traders both experienced and inexperienced to use it because it is a basic indicator How to use : 1. MA Fast  : Moving Average fast (Period 4 upto 50) 2. MA Middle :  Moving Average Middle (Period 10 upto 100) 3. MA Slow :  Moving Average Slow (Period 50 upto 200) to control trend markets. and trader can be set for Apply to price (Close, Open,Low,High,Median,Typical,weightd) For alert you can set to alert Next bar or instant bars.  The work is
50 USD
i just finished a robot that allows me to quickly monitor the entire market through my phone. In the past , I often clicked on currency pais, so it took a lot of time . watch my video and you will see how simple it í to monitor the whole market now. I believe it wil help you .The robot is only responsible for sending images from the chart you have set up to telegram for quick tracking instead of having to click each currency pair. i would like to add that each mt4 can only send 11 images at th
50 USD
Description Trend Influencer is an indicator that determines the potential dynamics of the influence of trend wave movements on the market. The indicator is based on the value of moving averages corrected by the standard deviation. The indicator is displayed as a main dash-dotted moving average and a signal solid moving average. The signal moving average is colored blue or red depending on what type of trend is currently observed in the market. The indicator also draws inhibition levels - blue
50 USD
Easy Gold EA
Zufri Al Pianur S E
Easy Gold EA has 7 Strategies  to Open Order, just choose one of them. You can change setting for each strategy except Predefined 1 and 2. You can use Martingale ON or OFF , but when Martingale ON, I suggest you to set Stop Loss=0.  EA can working on any pair and any timeframe. Just adjust the Strategy. For Predefined 1 and 2, it's better on Lower Timeframe (1 mins - 5 mins). Here list of strategy in this EA: 1. ADX and MA 2. Single Moving Average 3. Crossing 2 Moving Average 4. Crossing 3 Movin
30 USD
Pip Festival
Taofeek Bello
A trading algorithm which is based on trend strategy. Opening and closing rules used in this trading system are handle by trend and oscillator indicators. Its input parameters are customizable. Therefore, it can be optimized on any instruments using any time interval.  Default set is for EURUSD on 1 hour timeframe. To download set files for different pairs , click here . Requirements Minimum deposit of $100 per 0.01 lot per pair Low spread brokers. Uninterruptible internet connection or VPS; In
30 USD
Globex 360 Scalping is a unique scalping indicator that shows price reversal points. With the help of this indicator, you will see on the chart when the price is reversing, and at this moment you can open deals in the direction of the signal. This is an indispensable assistant for both novice traders and professionals. This indicator shows the trader important and valuable information for effective trading. Globex 360 Scalping - Applies smooth scanning technology for market analysis. The indica
47 USD
Dynamic Express
Dmitriy Zaripov
Одно из лучших решений для работы на  валютном рынке   с использованием Мартингейла . Сетка приказов выставляется динамически , в зависимости от ситуации на рынке, что позволяет легко и безболезненно пережить просадки вплоть до 5000 pips и более. А усредненный TakeProfit выставляется вблизи уровней поддержки/сопротивления , что повышает вероятность его срабатывания  (так как по правилу РЕПО цена всегда возвращается к уровню поддержки/сопротивления для его теста либо пробоя). Для максимальной пр
56 USD
Australian Hunter
Jose Daniel Stromberg Martinez
This EA is an EA that let you decide the risk.  Currency pairs and timeframe Recommended pair:   AUDUSD Recommended timeframe:  M30 EA is working with trend that is build with a complec system of different indicators and priceaction. It protects your account with a safe stoploss, and ofcourse take profit level.  There is also an Autolot function that lets the EA adapt to your account size when it grows. We developed this EA for 10 month ago, and nothing is changed since. In other words, th
30 USD
Then the script will take the necessary action: 1.     Finds out how volatile is the pair and saves value for future calculation. 2.     By implementing risk management strategy, it calculates how much money to risk on one trade. 3.     Then it calculates lot size to trade after getting volatility value and risk amount. 4.     Furthermore, it calculates take profit and stop loss level. 5.     Finally, it sends order to take trade with optimum lot size risking given risk percentage and putting st
30 USD
Sniper Mania Pro
Tyrae Trae Bailey
Sniper Mania Pro is an automated expert advisor that specializes in the basics of relative strength index in the market. It can be used in the MT4 platform. If you enjoy trading with an EA that is equipped with a relative strength index indicator, this robot may be useful to you. With proper sniping, you get to trade with a relative strength index in the market. It can be used for major currency pairs such as EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD, NZDUSD, AUDUSD, etc. It can also be used for minor currency pai
100 USD
Viking Profit Calculator
Oskar Charles Exius Genco
A simple Utilitie/Indicator that will show Profit in percentacge and actual for the following; Today Total profit for the day. The past 4 days. The current Week and For the current Month. Total Live Current Profit/Loss is also displayed. Please refer to the images that have been attached. If any further help is requred regarding setting the Indicator up or sugestions for further updates please send an email over to oskarqscac@gmail.com and I'll be happy to help.
30 USD
Depending on the previous setting, the Expert Advisor adds up the global total profit across several currency pairs, metals, Krytos, etc. If the required value is reached, all trades are automatically closed. The idea behind Basket EA ΜΤ4 is to be able to control the profit of your trading account at basket level for all your open positions together. For example, if you want to reach 50 euros a day without having to worry about individual profits, this program adds everything up and closes
30 USD
This is a Price Action based EA. No martingale or hedging strategy is used here. The EA is for EURUSD Only. Entry Logic: Support resistance to determine the area of buying and selling. We don't enter market if its a ranging market.we filter ranging market with Bollinger band and ADX. Also we check the market trend.only enter for buy if its an uptrend and sell if its a sell market. Exit Logic: Usually, we have a fixed stop loss which is very low according to the Take profit. Also we have trailin
150 USD
Sorapol Thanavikasit
MAshortCrossMAlong Leverage 1:200 , $500 , lot 0.01 EURUSD , USDCHF , Time H1 MA 5-10 , 10-20 , 20-50 , 50-100 , 50-200 Open Exness Standard , Pro  https://one.exness.link/a/73208 "MT4 Exness Standard or Pro" "EURUSD USDCHF Period H1" "MA=Moving Average" "Short Cross > Long = Buy" "Short Cross < Long = Sell" "Start 24 June 2021" "web site www.junjao.com/board "
300 USD
This is MetaTrader 4 Professional Auto Pivot Indicator that you can use for any currency pairs. It's very professional strategy and it has higher accuracy if you know how to use it. It is built with mql4 language. It has Daily Pivot with 3 Daily Support Resistance Level. It has Weekly Pivot with 3 Weekly Support Resistance Level. It has Monthly Pivot with 3 Monthly Support Resistance Level. Features: It will change Pivot types according to your Timeframe. It has good accuracy to find out sig
99 USD
Aydin Poladli
SALE !!!  only 30 days, POLADLİ robot costs not $ 2000, but $ 222 is valid until (27.06.2021 - 27.07.2021) every day the price of the robot will increase by + $ 20. POLADLİ -  it is a robot for the Forex market.   The robot has a lot of algorithm for all situations in the Forex market. You don't need to change anything in the robot's settings, choose the risk of 1-2% of the deposit and you don't need to configure anything else. The robot is suitable for real investors who know that in the F
242 USD
Michael Goh Joon Seng
Anchor Line is a fast acting trendline indicator using proprietary algorithm to identify possible reversals. Tunable sensitivity and smoothing period helps to filter out small fluctuations Buffers Buffer0: Moving Average Buffer (not displayed) Buffer1:Anchor Line Uptrend Buffer (Blue) Buffer2:  Anchor Line Downtrend Buffer (Red) Buffer3:Reversal Buffer 1=Uptrend, -1=Downtrend (not displayed) Buffer4: Anchor Line Up and Down trends combined (Gray)  *NEW* Inputs Smooth Period: Period for Movin
70 USD
Setka po Ma
Aleksandr Solovev
Советник сеточник. Работает от 2х скользящих средних. Все настройки по Moving Average есть. Настройки по отложенным ордерам тоже имеются. Такие как: шаг, колличество ордеров, лот, стоп, Профит. Есть встроенный трейлинг стоп, по нему настройки тоже имеются. Срабатывает при пересечении мувингов. Открывает 2 ордера по рынку и любое колличество отложенных ордеров. Рыночные ордера можно настраивать по собственному усмотрению.
250 USD
Aleksandr Shlamov
The EA algorithm consists of a proprietary indicator that determines the volatility and strength of a trend in combination with candlestick patterns. This development is based on many years of studying the foreign exchange market, collecting information and analyzing the history of quotes. The identified patterns work well on almost all currency pairs and on any part of historical data without optimization. There are 8 copies of the advisor left at the price of $ 149, the next price is $ 199.
149 USD
BuySell Predictor  is a smart and easy to use arrow indicator designed to provide BUY and SELL signals. The indicator automatically adapts to everchanging market conditions. You do not need to adjust any settings. It does all these things for you automatically which makes the trading as easy as possible. All you need is to attach the indicator to your chart and you're ready to trade. The indicator can be used with any trading pair. It can be used with currencies, indices, stocks, cryptos, etc. T
50 USD
CityScape summarizes prices into an easy to read pattern that oscillates between 0 and 1. Repetition of CityScape pattern may indicate that the price pattern will also be repeated. CityScape pattern can be used as a quick reference to predict what the price may do by looking for a similar CityScape Pattern in the recent past. Cross currency pairs and cross timescale pattern comparisons may also provide insight into what the price will do. Inputs Local Max period: Controls the width of the City
60 USD
Spike Defense Lime
Tyrae Trae Bailey
Ouch! Watch out for the spikes! They're very sharp. Funny huh? I thought I should show a little humor. All right back to the revised product. Allow me to introduce you my updated EA product: Spike Defense Lime 2. Previously, it only made buy orders. I just upgraded  it and it finally has the power to make both automatic buys and sells with a pretty fair lot size. This bot has an alligator indicator equipped with it with 3 colored lines. It is now available for MT4. An important piece of advice :
500 USD
Gold Hunter FX
Mohammadhossein Yoosefiizad
️️️️️   Mr Fibonacci Robot Mix Ichimoku And ADX   ️️️️️  Best time frame M5 .  Change Lot Size to 0.01 for Martingale Mode.  Manual PDF of Robot GOLD SET FILE HERE Account Balance :   recommended  1000$  and higher Best time frame M5 .  Change Lot Size to 0.01 for Martingale Mode.  Optimize on GOLD(XAUUSD).  If you need   help   : My WhatsUp Number: +989020473963 : if you want to contact to me in  WhatsApp  click  HERE  . My Email : Money.transporter@gmail.co
199 USD
Majestic FX MT4 Fiber
Christian Schuerger
I am a 51 year old, young at heart trader who has been involved in active trading since 2009. In the beginning I had a lot of different strategies. Sometimes more, sometimes less successful. I honestly admit that I hit a few accounts against the wall too. I had to learn a lot before I could successfully establish myself in trading. From all these experiences (good as well as bad) the idea of ​​a trading robot arose. And exactly this - Majestic-FX - MT 4 Fiber - is now available to you! I ha
299 USD
Japanese candlesticks can be used for any time frame, whether it be one day, one hour, 30-minutes ….whatever you want! They are used to describe the price action during the given time frame. Japanese candlesticks are formed using the open, high, low, and close of the chosen time period. CandleStick Scanner X provides market analysis through the detection and analysis of Japanese candlestick patterns. Candlestick based market analysis is one of the most popular technical analysis methods. Combina
44 USD
AGS Scalping 2
Filip Valkovic
AGS Scalper 2  is a powerful and versatile trading robot with very customizable risk/profit Trading strategy : identification of overbought and oversold conditions of the market, and checking for trend reverse Just look at the first screenshot .  I’ve made 264% profit per month!  First month u sing this EA, I achieved  win   ratio 100% with maximal DD 18%.  It was just from one pair, this EA can run on more pairs, maximizing profit and minimalizing risk .   It was just the first version of AGS
149 USD
Trend Reversal 2 Professional
Dominic Gabriel Isele
2 (1)
This indicator is for MT4 and provides a signal when a trend is reversing. Applicable to all Forex currencies, indices, metals and cryptocurrencies. This indicator specializes in a trend reversal, it recognizes that a trend is coming to an end and that the market is changing direction. It works best on the 1 h, 4 h and 1 D chart.   Advantages Easy to install, Easy to use. Two Modes Open trades early when the trend revers Trade big moves with the "Strong" alert. The indicator will not give conf
30 USD
The EA is based on a scalping strategy in a calm market time. In quiet times, the price on the chart is almost always in the Flat, and the EA trades in the flat. The EA provide a variety of filters to filter out trend situations and trade only during flat price periods. Each trade uses a stop loss and take profit. Also, smart filters for fixing the transfer of stops to profit. To create a strategy, we used historical data with a history quality of 99.9%. The EA has the following features: Uses a
30 USD
Jean Francois Le Bas
This indicator is profitable on 28/28 forex pairs on H1 timeframe WITHOUT SPREAD. You need to substract the spread to the profit amounts shown The code is robust with a high chance to continue being profitable no matter how the price action evolves.  But profitable on 28 pairs doesn't mean you should trade all the pairs all the time:  On less popular ones, liquidity is low, so spread will usually be high and will eat all the profits. You have to be careful and trade only when the spread is low
110 USD
Morten Kruse
Jaws is a fully automated Expert Advisor with trades the pullbacks. It includes a very complicated  recovery system. General Recommendations The minimum deposit is 500 USD. Use a broker with good execution and with a spread of 2-5 points. A very fast VPS is required, preferably with a latency of no more than 3. This EA works best at an 1:500 leverage account with small spread and microlots 0.01. I recomend this broker http://www.icmarkets.com/?camp=28024 for best performance. LIVE PERFORMANCE
399 USD
Snake Dragon Doubler
Wajeeh Ul Hassan -
!! SPECIAL SALE !! ONLY A FEW COPIES LEFT AT 249$ FINAL PRICE WILL BE 4300$ Be sure to rate it after using it XDoubler EA (Back testing is not correct on Strategy tester this EA Strategy is a very Unique after the Purchase I give you all set file) Forex trading is not easy and you can’t sit 24/7 to trade. If you do, you won’t know when you grow old and regret you didn’t enjoy your money and your freedom. So, I developed Snake Dragon Doubler EA to suit the 2 types of Forex traders. Whic
249 USD
Ahmet Metin Yilmaz
Indicator values are in the range 0-100. The greater is the indicator value, the greater is the market stability, so the more likely we have trend. The smaller is the indicator value - the less probable the trend is. Tips: Trading on unstable market:     Buy, when moving average (blue line) of the CMI indicator is below 40 and the histogram is red.     Sell when moving average (blue line) of the CMI indicator is below 40 and the histogram is green.     Close positions when CMI his
40 USD
This is a simple mt4 advisor that monitors the drawdown levels Features: Easy to use Useful for money managers How to Use  Load the EA once a single chart Type the maximum drawdown desired in inputs Leave the EA alone and never close that chart The EA monitors all trades and magic numbers in your account. Input Parameter Drawdown Percent:   Maximum drawdown in percentage terms allowable in the account. When the drawdown level is surpassed, the EA will close all trades and delete all pendin
50 USD
Utibe Udoh
MartinPro   (or Martingale Pro) is a martingale-based  scalper EA. It is recommended to be traded on only one pair at a time -- preferably Gold or GBPUSD . You can follow or copy the free live signal for Gold (XAUUSD) Recommended minimum equity: GBPUSD (Currency) is 2,000 USD (Or 2,000 USC in cent/micro account) for 0.01 initial lot size ; Gold (Metal) is 10,000 USD ( Or 10,000 USC in cent/micro account) at 0.01 initial lot size . You can increment your initial FixLots based on increased e
30 USD
Boom Expert
Morten Kruse
Boom Expert is a fully automated Expert Advisor with trades the pullbacks. It includes a very complicated  recovery system. General Recommendations The minimum deposit is 500 USD. Use a broker with good execution and with a spread of 2-5 points. A very fast VPS is required, preferably with a latency of no more than 3. This EA works best at an 1:500 leverage account with small spread and microlots 0.01. I recomend this broker http://www.icmarkets.com/?camp=28024 for best performance. Default p
49 USD
The EA TradeXStation serves as an interface between the Excel-based TradeXStation (TXS) and the Metatrader. The trading signals from the TXS can, depending on your configuration, already be interpreted as a ready-made signal by the Metatrader or you can treat the signal as a stimulus without execution. In addition to the trading signals, it is possible to examine the EA in backtest mode with pure signals from the TXS. This primarily includes pure Point & Figure raw data, or pre-filtered data tha
30 USD
Mechanism : The EA opening trade base on the standard " Japanese CandleSticks Technical Analysis " and confirming the signal by various reversal zone define by "Divergence, Support and Resistance, and some common Indicators like Sto, Bollinger Band, MACD etc" under the CONFIRMATION INPUTS SETTINGS (True/false option). Lot Method: The EA is Implemented with fixed lot size and Auto lot base on specified Risk Management System base on the available account balance by some percent risk of that's. Tr
149 USD
Ahmet Metin Yilmaz
Switch & Refresh Charts This Script shows all the charts open on your MT4 platform in sequence with a delay of the second you specify, and refreshes the displayed charts if desired. When it comes to the first chart you started, it waits for the minute you specify and starts the same cycle again. The file you downloaded is located in the 'Scripts' section and when you come to the graphic you started to finalize, it should be removed from the chart as seen in the screenshot.
30 USD
MACD ColorHist
Andrei Valentin Stefan
MACD ColorBars paints bar frames according to a trend, as well as changes the histogram color when MACD bars are rising or falling (if   Color Bars   is enabled in the inputs window). The growth of bars indicates a divergence between the fast and slow moving averages, while the decrease indicates their convergence. Parameters Fast Moving Average   - period of the fast moving average; Slow Moving Average   - period of the slow moving average; MA method   - moving average smoothing method (sim
30 USD
Gold breakthrough EA  Key Advantages: EA is the trend to break through the trend of entering the market. Designed for trading XAUUSD,It implements a simple and homeopathic trading strategy, mainly applied to XAUUSD H1. 1.Fully automated trading 24/5. 2.Can handle deposits larger than $100 3.Always use stop loss to control risk. 4.Homeopathic trading, one order at a time, no Martin, no grid. 5.Ability to set the time of the transaction. 6.Can choose fixed batch mode or compound interest mode. 7.
499 USD
Ahmet Metin Yilmaz
Double Smoothed Price Momentum Oscillator The Momentum Oscillator measures the amount that a security’s price has changed over a given period of time. The Momentum Oscillator is the current price divided by the price of a previous period, and the quotient is multiplied by 100. The result is an indicator that oscillates around 100. Values less than 100 indicate negative momentum, or decreasing price, and vice versa. Double Smoothed Price Momentum Oscillator examines the price changes in the dete
50 USD
Elite Ranger
Amirhossein Heydarijokani
Monitoring Signal : https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1053154 Time Limited Promotion ----> Just 360$ for Unlimited Use Next price would be 460$ No Martingale No Anti-Martingale No Grid No HFT No Doubling Every Position Has its Stoploss  Recommendations for this EA I highly recommend  EURCHF , but  also EURJPY and EURCAD currency pairs would be have good results. For EURCHF  its recommended to use M30, but M5, M15, H1 are also good timeframes. EA should run on a good  ECN account. Av
360 USD
This is an EA that automatically sets the Stoploss of the order to the entry price. This EA works for most currency pairs and Gold. For simplicity, I set the input: - Auto Entry: Yes || No: You type Yes or No for the EA to work or not. - tral_stop: The distance between the current price and the entry price. If enough and greater than the required distance of the Server, Stoploss will move to entry. - Entry + Fix Point: For example, if you type 10 Points, the Stoploss will be translated by 10 Poi
70 USD
Please try Backtest with the lowest spread : ( from 5 to maximum 20 for GOLD(XAUUSD) Because the ECN accounts Types have very low The indicators used in this expert have nothing to do with the standard indicators in the market and are completely derived from strategy Timeframe М1, currency pairs   XAUUSD Minimum deposit 200 usd. My contact:  https://t.me/ENZODOLLAR My contact:  https://t.me/Arminhsh Important note : Please download setfiles before doing a Backtest , Default setting
30 000 USD
Pacific Shark
Mohammed Mahajna
4 (1)
PACIFIC SHARK Robot is automated trading system based on Efficiency Ratio calculation  --No Martingale or Grid or other dangerous methods are used-- Live signal :  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1090996 in order to test and live trade 1 : test only on GBP/USD 2 : use only a daily time frame  (D1) 3: GMT Data Time = adjust shift hour EA input   ||| in (BACKTEST) based on your Historical data GMT time  ||| on (LIVE) based on your broker GMT ||| 4 DST : None we advice to test with Tick Data S
249 USD
The trend allows you to predict the price movement and determine the main directions of the conclusion of transactions. The construction of trend lines is possible using various methods suitable for the trader's trading style. This indicator calculates the parameters of the trend movement based on the von Mises distribution. Using this distribution makes it possible to obtain stable values ​​of the trend equation. In addition to calculating the trend, the levels of possible deviations up and do
30 USD
Emotional Advantage EA
Joonas Olavi Vyhtinen
Emotional Advantage EA trades GOLD M5, M15, M30 using custom RSI & MA levels. Take advantage of trading with low emotion.  This EA is not meant to give you ”to the moon returns” or a lamborghini lifestyle.    This EA is built to flatten your harmful emotions so that you can trade your own risk tolerance with almost no fear.   This EA has a minimum time period that the order needs to be open before closed by a signal. Please set it 5.5 as standard if using M15. Increase it if timeframe gets large
60 USD

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