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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 112

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
EA SmartTrade Mini
Mr Kraisit Chompungam
EA SmartTrade is an ideal swing strategy for the market, suitable for time frames 5M or more. The default setting is effective on the EURUSD or other major currency pairs. Download: Presets   https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1BRMm4Iv1apGLB3tLwp_GwPFM8wOEkoyO?usp=sharing Please check the lot size as the default value is 0.2. Recommended starting at 0.01 Or you can use our presets. **If possible, it is advisable to open a buy or sell only. Signals: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1716885
30 USD
M1 Arrow Scalping - shows signals on the M1 period, does not redraw entry points and can work on all major currency pairs + metals (gold/silver). The indicator analyzes the market using algorithms for determining price patterns and shows the trader the price reversal points on the chart. The red dot shows that the price will turn down and the blue dot shows that the price will turn up. The indicator also sends signals to the phone in the form of PUSH notifications. Therefore, you do not need to
147 USD
Octopus MT4
Vladimir Gribachev
Multicurrency trading robot for comfortable work on Forex. It has a minimum of customizable parameters and is therefore suitable for both beginners and experienced traders. Simply install the trading robot on one currency pair, for example EURUSD, and watch the results, you do not need to do any more manipulations. It does not require a VPS server or a broker. Reliable bot which does not require continuous optimization - install once, configure and forget about it. *write me after purchase to g
75 USD
Levels indicator. It works on a neural network and is formalized according to professional rules for building horizontal levels. The indicator redraws the levels every day and notifies you when the price approaches or cross the levels. The indicator is suitable for both professionals and beginners who have only recently begun to learn how to trade in the market. PrimeTools is a series of products designed for correct and professional trading. [PrimeTools Levels | PrimeTools Range ] Panel Show
30 USD
Zona X
Evgenii Filippov
MULTI-CURRENCY Expert Advisor, the main condition for work, a broker with a minimum spread and a fast VPS server.It shows itself well on GBPUSD,XAUUSD and many other pairs. The requirement for the correct correct operation of the adviser: VPN with minimal delay to the broker. Recommended deposit from $ 50 (per symbol) Recommended broker with an ECN account. The Expert Advisor should be installed and tested only on the H1 timeframe. Before using the Expert Advisor, be sure to test it in the str
100 USD
KT Forex Blau Balance MT4
KT Forex Blau Balance combines elements of momentum and volatility. It helps you identify entry and exit points. Blau Balance consists of two moving averages (a slow-moving average and a fast-moving average) intersecting key transition points in market price. The indicator turns green or red when one is above or below the other, signaling to buy or sell trade signals. It can be used in currency pairs and other markets that your MT4 or MT5 platform supports. Both short-term and long-term tra
30 USD
Welcome to the Pension Trader EA =============================================================================================== This Robot is based on 5 Indicators and will generate long term profit. Perfect for your Pension. =============================================================================================== This Robot is fully automated and has been created for everyone. The Robot works also on cent accounts. =====================================================================
40 USD
Iketut Sudiasa
This EA is designed to calculate and draw Pivot Point, Support and Resistance for your selected time frame on the chart. Works on all currency pair and on any time frames available on MT4. To make sure the EA works, you need to select the pivot time frame as well as the candle shift that you want to calculate the pivot. 0 = Current candle on chart 1 = Previous 1 candle on the chart
30 USD
Ahmet Metin Yilmaz
ConquerorProEA is an algorithm that I developed according to the basic functions of my simple but reliable strategy based on my experience. Here, I have optimized default version entries that I have made available to you for the M15 Timeframe of EURUSD parity. You can test your own optimization using the Free Demo option with your own data that you believe to be more reliable. This price is for only limited time and will increase over time. more suitable results will be found for other curren
90 USD
KT Trend Angle MT4
The KT Trend Angle helps to identify ranging and trending markets. The idea is to only enter a trade following the market trend if the slope is steep enough. An angle is the ratio of the number of bars to the number of points: The bars mean the time offered by standard (M1, M5, etc.) and non-standard time frames. Points represent the unit of price measurement with an accuracy of 4 or 5 decimal places. Input Parameters Period: An integer value to define the intensity of angled trendlines. A
30 USD
TIO Trading VSA   - Советник торгует методом VSA. VSA (расшифровывается как Volume   Spread   Analysis – анализ  объема  и  спреда ) – метод торговли, при работе с которым используются объемы, проторгованные на определенном временнóм промежутке, а также   спред   свечи (разница между хай/лоу бара). Метод VSA подразумевает чтение графика с целью выявления крупных, информированных участников рынка. VSA относится к дискреционному анализу (способ анализа движений цены с помощью логики, без использо
100 USD
Smooth Lift MT4
Aleksandr Khmelevskii
Seven copies left at $99 USD. Next price is 149 USD Smooth Lift is an indicator-based trading system that includes 7 indicators, including trend indicators, volume indicators and indicators of possible price movement strength. They are used to confirm the analysis of the main Smooth Lift trading system. The trading is performed on 24/5. The strategy was developed taking into account the movement of the currency pair USDCHF and the best trading performance is on it. Recommendations: - H1 U
99 USD
Four S
Steve Zoeger
Welcome to the Four S EA =============================================================================================== This Robot is based on 5 Indicators and will generate long term profit. =============================================================================================== This Robot is fully automated and has been created for everyone. The Robot works also on cent accounts. =============================================================================================== =>  wor
40 USD
TIO Copy Bank - Торгуем вместе с крупными банками. Советник копирует сделки крупных Банков: Mor;Dan;JP ;Com;Bar;Soc;BNP;Gol;UBS;Ban;Cit;ING;Rab;ABN;ANZ;BMO;BNZ;BTM;CIB;Cre;CrE;Deu;NAB;SEB;Sco;Uni;Wes;Nom;UOB;TD ;Reu  Понимание рынка у многих трейдеров происходит по-разному. Кто-то делает основной упор на индикаторный анализ, создавая сложные системы и алгоритмы действий. Кто-то верит только в экономику, тщательно перелопачивая новости и отчетность, которая бы могла повлиять на мнение крупных инс
100 USD
The Magic MA Moving Average Indicator is a market analysis tool that has more than 30 types of moving averages that the trader can use to gauge the market trend. Among the types of moving averages that the trader can visualize are the most common MAs (SMA, EMA and SMMA), adaptive moving averages such as FRAMA and KAMA and other MAs based on innovative calculation and analysis methods such as LSMA, ZLEMA and others. The indicator is designed to display all these moving averages on a single c
60 USD
Price Trender mt4
Natasha Diedericks
This indicator uses a special algorithm to plot the 4 lines for trading. Great for scalping. Features alerts. Settings for trend filters. How to use: Simply attach to any chart with default settings. Buy when the three pink lines converge below the green line. Sell when the three pink lines converge above the green line. Best results when looking at three or more time frames, and the three blue lines have just converged below or above the green line. Use as you see fit for your strategy. Best r
39 USD
Speed GBPUSD required set file Live siqnal Only 3 copies left at 49USD.Next price is 99 USD - This is an aggressive trading system, designed to maximize your deposit! Just a few simple parameters will make your work with the Speed GBPUSD much easier. The strategy is based on the best of many scalping strategies with the addition of the author's methodology! Recommendations for trading: - GBPUSD H1 currency pair - Leverage 1:500 or higher - Minimum deposit 100 units of the currency Atten
49 USD
Best _Wilder’s Trend Reaction Strateg y is a Metatrader indicator that is based on the J.W.Wilder’s corresponding work as we can find it at his own legendary book: “ NEW CONCEPTS IN TECHNICAL TRADING SYSTEMS ”(1978) and on pages 71-86/SECTION VII. This strategy is both an anti-trend system (named as REACTION_MODE ) and a trend system (named as TREND_MODE ). The REACTION_MODE reverses at each Buy point and most Sell points while the TREND_MODE usually exits the market at a Trailing Stop. T
40 USD
Soma MT4
Taras Romanyshyn
Using a moving average but not sure which period to choose? Frustrated that different parameters work well in different parts of the market? Want to find some universal indicator, but the market is always too volatile? SOMA (Self-Optimizing Moving Average) is an indicator created on the basis of the Simple Moving Average function with a distinctive ability to automatically self-optimize its parameters on historical data in real time! Description Visually, the indicator is a solid color line
30 USD
Super Signal Buy And Sell Indicator Pairs - XAUUSD - XAGUSD - Oil - BTCUSD - EURUSD - GBPUSD - USDJPY - AUDUSD - GBPJPY .... etc TimeFrame - 15Mins - 30Mins - 1Hour - 4Hour - 1Day - 1Week - 1Month   Setting : -  Once Show On Green Arrow And Next Engulfing For Candle You Can Place The Buy Order Once Show For Red Arrow And Next Engulfing For Candle You Can Place The Sell Order Otherwise Please Wait For Conformation Push Notification Alert
600 USD
This trading system requires the user to manually add Fibonacci, trend lines, horizontal lines, channel to perform semi-automatic or manual trading. The trading system can also be used in the tester. Trading panel provides: spread information margin information free marging Information The swap information to order for lots (requires your dealer support)
30 USD
Gabriele Tedeschi
StarBounce è un indicatore NO REPAINT che sfrutta i livelli importanti dei timeframe superiori.  StarBounce disegna i livelli di Apertura, Chiusura, Massimo e Minimo delle candele di uno specifico timeframe e su questi livelli cerca dei re-test. Si cercano candele con corpo sopra/sotto un livello e minimo/massimo oltre il medesimo livello. Si possono filtrare le candele segnale con diversi filtri selezionabili, attivabili, disattivabili con variabili esterne. Number of trending candles: permette
99 USD
"Follow Trend Oscillator" - is advanced custom indicator, efficient trading tool! User friendly indicator provides opportunities for scalping into the direction of major trend Smooth and adjustable oscillator with signal histo part Green color  of oscillator for upward trends,    Brown color - for downward trends Oversold values: below -30 ; O verbought values: over 30 There are plenty of opportunities to upgrade even standard strategies with this indicator   // More great Expert Advisors and I
39 USD
MoonWalkerEA is an intelligent forex trading advisor that employs a nighttime scalping strategy.  Live Signal:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1784385 MT5 version User Manual Supported currency pairs: AUDCAD,EURAUD,EURCAD,EURCHF,EURGBP,EURUSD,GBPAUD,GBPCAD,GBPCHF,GBPUSD,USDCHF Features: - Full automatic mode, automatically switch pairs every month - Automatically detects the time zone and daylight saving time - One order at a time, no martingale and grid - Avoid slippage to the gre
599 USD
Master Gold Pro
Gennady Kuznetsov
Master Gold Pro An extended version of the Master Gold Expert Advisor. EA Master Gold Pro works with any brokers. EA Master Gold Pro is designed and optimized for trading on the XAUUSD (GOLD) currency pair. EA Master Gold Pro trades using a strategy to break through important support and resistance levels. EA Master Gold Pro places pending SELL STOP and BUY STOP orders at certain levels. No Martingale No Grid  EA Master Gold Pro requires: ECN account with low spread (5 - 20). Minimum deposit $10
290 USD
Demarker pullback system - is the manual trading system for choppy markets. It show 2 colored histogram.  When histogram is blue - market is quite bullish, when histogram ir orange - market is more bearish. Up arrow is plotted when histogram is in oversold zone but blue color. Down arrow is plotted when histogram is in overbought zone but orange color. These patterns shows false breakout and possible soon reverse(price is overbought but shows bearish signs and price is oversold but shows bullis
199 USD
Dema divergence points - is the manual trading system based on double exponental moving divergence. Histogram represents 4 colors : yellow - strong up trend, orange - up movement, blue - down movement and aqua - strong down trend.  Up arrow is poltted when dema crosses current price up - but phase is still strong down (aqua color), down arrow is poltted when dema crosses current price down - but phase is still strong up (yellow color). Main inputs :  mainPeriod - main dema calculation period; f
199 USD
Manuel Rodriguez Fernandez
EA based on SlingShots, composed of an exclusive configuration of indicators that trigger accurate operations. Various configuration options: to use individually, or opt for a conservative configuration to be able to combine the EA with others in a portfolio. Sagitta MT5 Stochastics Setup High level stochastic -> high level Low level stochastic -> low level Order Settings Distance between orders (in candlesticks) Autobatch -> true/false batch size -> start batch (fixed batch, if autobatch -> fa
267 USD
MultiTrendLines - мультивалютный индикатор для автоматизации графического анализа трендовых линий. Позволяет быстро выполнять трудоемкий анализ трендовой ситуации на рынке. Использует точные математические алгоритмы выделения ключевых точек рынка для извлечения трендовой струкртуры инструмента. За счет применения корреляционных сигналов можно улучшить симметричную оценку поведения инструмента. Включает в себя возможность точно задавать необходимый уровень глубины и угла трендовой линии. Основной
400 USD
The effectiveness of the adviser is confirmed by trading on real accounts. Signal 1  https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/1714293 Signal 2  https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/1804731 Signal 3  https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/1876599 The Invest Time Classic Expert Advisor uses many different strategies, including mean reversion, trend following, and a smart grid system with variable take profit levels that adapt to market conditions. Unlike conventional grid systems, where the risk is very high compared
299 USD
Master signals pro
Tshivhidzo Moss Mbedzi
So, for best result with only use EUR/USD and GBP/USD, NaS100, GER30. pairs that give you short term profit in scalping trad low time frame. If You want long term trade, then only use long term trad day like H4 Hour or day one time with pip target 100 or 200 in any currency pairs. 1st you need to set own trad lot size for small account you set low trade lot size like if you have 100$ in account balance then always use 0.05 trading volume with complete take profit and stop loss for safety account
40 USD
RebelFox Pro
Raphael Schwietering
RebelFox Pro is a fully automated EA designed to trade XAUUSD in H1 only. It is based on machine learning cluster analysis and genetic algorithms. EA contains self-adaptive market algorithm, which uses price action patterns and standard trading indicators.  Entry and exit logic operates on Bar Close only. This filters market noise, dramatically speeds up optimizations, avoids stop loss hunting, and ensures proper operation at any broker with a reasonable spread. The EA uses an advanced algorithm
199 USD
Viktor Shpakovskiy
The EA for manual trading to manage open positions.The built-in trailing stop has five modes and seven instruments. There is a virtual stop loss and a virtual take profit, which can be freely moved around the chart. With the help of the built-in trading simulator, you can check how the EA works in the strategy tester. Guide to UTrailingMin can be found in the "Comments" section. Benefits 5 trailing stop modes: virtual, normal, total, percentage and mobile stop loss; 7 options: by points, by bar
49 USD
MT Currency Symbol
Issara Seeboonrueang
MT Currency Symbol: is an indicator created to find a zone of taking advantaged orders Used to compare 28 symbols for forex trading (no other currency) Show results in lines showing past and present trends. There is a button to help you quickly click to the selected symbol. It gives you an overview of the entire market. Helping you to choose the most advantageous symbol It makes it easier for you to manage your trades. To backtest MT4 you need to download history data 28 symbols pair as wel
30 USD
Asterysc SL & TP Values Info, is an indicator which will allow you to see on the chart in a visual way the potential profit/loss you could have if your trade touches TP or SL. It will also allow you to see the total accumulated TP/SL of all open trades in a very simple way on each chart. You will also be able to quickly visualize the current Drawdown of your account. *The indicator is customizable, so you can change the colors, size and fonts of each section.
30 USD
Little Trade Helper is a fine tool for manual traders. It can quickly draw trendlines and support/resistance lines that will help to identify good price levels for placing entries, or set SL/TP levels. This indicator will not provide any direct buy/sell signals or notification, but is purely meant for those traders that want to get a quick graphical help in finding important levels on the chart. When switching to another timeframe, the indicator will immediately adjust and re-calculate all
35 USD
EA enters trades based on CALCULATED PRICE ACTION.  If INSIDE BARS or ENGULFING CANDLES are formed then it will calculate if RISK to REWARD is great enough to enter trade. Once trades are placed then one trade will target 1:1 and another will target 2:1. Once first trades take profit is hit then it will move second trade to breakeven.   EA works on any currency pair on 1 HR, 4 HR, and DAILY time frames.   For maximum profitability its best to know how EA works.  Some losses ONLY OCCUR beca
999.99 USD
Spiderling EA
Sigit Hariyono
Spiderling EA is a smart moving averages robot that uses moving averages as main trigger with several other indicators as confirmation. This is an averaging and martingale type trading advisor. It can be used on every trading pair, but it fully tested on EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, and USDCAD. Monitoring Signal     Setting Parameters: Expert Name - EA name and trades comment. Magic Number - EA identification number to identify trades.  Lots size - Fixed lot size. Auto Lots - True if you want to act
30 USD
Trend reversal index - is the manual trading system that works with overbought , oversold levels and reversal patterns. Sell arrow is plotted when indicator is higher than overbought level and here forms reversal pattern, all pattern points  located higher than overbought level. Opposite with buy arrow : ndicator is lower than oversold level and here forms reversal pattern, all pattern points located lower than overbought level.  Main Indicator's Features Signals are not repaint, late or disapp
199 USD
Советник работает по тренду из выхода проторговки,главным сигналом тренда  является аллигатор и зональный прописанный в коде индикатор FLET_ZZ(разработан мною).Его можно использовать ,как и полный автомат для торговли,так и вспомогательный инструмент,который будет давать сигналы  указывая стрелочками(не перерисовываются), стрелка-сигнал появляется в том случае,если выполнены действия 1- Аллигатор раскрыт по тренду. 2-был выход с зоны проторговки на указанное расстояние(указываем в параметрах сов
620 USD
ArchIntel Dashboard
Raphael Adetunji Olaiyapo
ArchIntel Strength meter is different from the conventional strength meter. It displays correlation index for currency pair and individual currencies, see image 4 and image 6 for the currency pair correlation index and currency strength index. This strength meter displays correlated pair. EURJPY is used to explain the formula, EURUSD and USDJPY must be going up before I can buy (Long ) EURJPY , vice-versa is for sell. When any of the currency pair is correlated using this formular the the rectan
38 USD
ASI fractals with DPO filter - is the manual trend-following system. ASI fractals are the base of every trend. System plots an arrow when fractal pattern appears on ASI indcator and DPO direction is same as incomming signal. System has several ways of usage : simply indicator, indicator with suggested arrows, arrows with single targets and arrows with common profit targets. User can simply switch indicator's modes directly from chart. Main Indicator's Features Signals are not repaint,non-late or
199 USD
A Fully Automated strategy with daily trading on high performance Forget losing your deposit: EA MasterLevels Gold Scalper is already ahead of its time! join My Telegram  https://t.me/forexmastelevels The EA uses a Trend  trading order management system for XAUUSD (Gold), CONTACT ME FOR SET FILES AFTER DOWNLOAD CONTACT NOW DOWNLOAD SETFILES   DOWNLOAD The Expert Advisor was developed on the basis of mathematical analysis of the price moving average High-frequency trading, or high-fr
Gabriele Tedeschi
StarSwing è un indicatore NO REPAINT che unisce in un unico strumento oscillatori e indicatori di forza.  I parametri esterni permettono di bilanciare il peso delle componenti e di regolare a proprio piacimento l'indicatore stesso. StarSwing, graficamente, è composto da segmenti di 2 colori: uno rappresentante il rialzo e uno il ribasso. Il colore non dipende dalla pura direzione del segmento ma dal trend di fondo calcolato dall'indicatore stesso. Sul grafico, si può far disegnare una media mobi
30 USD
ROC acceleration-deceleration is the manual system for medium-term scalping. Indicator based on custom ROC system which defines bullish/bearish market and especially  acceleration-deceleration of tendention in the market's main direction. Buy arrow is plotted during bearish market when current trend decelerates and sell  arrow is plotted during bullish market when current trend decelerates. Main Indicator's Features Signals are not repaint,non-late or disappear(exept cases when system recalculat
199 USD
TrendEx Pro
Md Abdur Rahim
This price will be available for next 10 copies only! After that price will be $299 We do not want to make you confused with an imaginary high profit screenshot from Strategy Tester which has no relation/guarantee of future profit! We just want to tell you the real thing about our EA. TrendEx Pro has been developed to trade on Gold specially, combining multiple strategies algorithm to ensure Trend catching and trading on. It can identify both short and long trends and opens positions accordingly
199 USD
MT Sea Sky EA
Issara Seeboonrueang
MT Sea Sky EA is an Expert Advisor (EA) created specifically for trading AUDNZD , NZDCAD , AUDCAD Algorithm formula or technic for opening orders or managing orders is different with MT Zone Trade EA  The grid system will try to find as many chances to clear the pending orders as possible to prevent clearing the port. The EA has a trading panel that allows the trader to open trades manually. All trades, opened through the trading panel, are managed by the EA and are closed with profit automatic
35.10 USD
Murodil Eminjonov
Advisor TULPOR EA it allows you to turn unprofitable transactions into profitable ones through the use of an intelligent hedging mechanism "back and forth". I call this strategy "No more losses". Let the price go where it wants - the TULPOR EA ADVISOR earns in any situation. Guaranteed! The secret of this amazing Expert Advisor is the well-known trading algorithm "Recovery Zone Algorithm" (TULPOR EA). By default, the Expert Advisor is optemized for trading EUR/USD on the H1 timeframe
50 USD
MT4 iBotTrader
Mihai Onofrei
3 (1)
Update: New version added. V 1.12: Minor bug fixed and fixed the problem that prevents trades   from opening. V1.18:  Minor bug fixed V 1.24: Closing on Friday hour wouldn't work in some brokers now its stable and fixing calculation of lot size of XAUJPY. V 1.95: Minor update V 2.82 : Update: Added trailing stop; Added spread filter; Minor bug fix V 2.93: current update include a fixed spread filter, a manual take-profit and stop-loss option,  the ability to allow opening opposite orders, and t
39 USD
Paschal Uchenna Ugwu
The issued expert advisor(GBB) is a result of several years of forex trading research  practice on thousands of strategies, multiple indicators of forecasting, aimed at creating the beauty of online trading perfection, By combining several strategies and algorithms in our expert advisors at changing each tick price, with the utmost precision and lightening speed. what ever you need as a trader the robot gives it in a fraction of seconds. we employ the best technical analysis to produce the best
30 000 USD
Hallo traders! Just finished a telegram utility which can be of interest for smartphone live traders. What is offered inside? Main settings of EA is simple and standard you can use any pair available in MetaTrader. Mainly it was created this for BTCUSD but will work with any pair. What is the main I wanna show: we have always fresh info from market inside buttons refreshing: After start it has 0.00 lots and it will not allow trade by accidental touch. You need to add a Risk + and get 0.01 :) I
50 USD
Tobias Brauer
Placing trades was never easier. Visually plan an order by dragging your predetermined entry, stoploss and takeprofit across the chart. Position size gets calculated automatically. All variables are either fixed, percentages or manually adjustable. Additional features are risk-reward-ratios and fast-order-selection which allows you to set an order within a second. Built on a clean and professional user interface. Demo version:      https://bit.ly/OrderProDemo
50 USD
Pairs EA
Mykhailo Dzyuban
Hi all. This Expert Advisor is for 3 pairs.  The algorithm for this advisor was written a long time ago, but somehow there was no time for an advisor.  This algorithm is more than half a year old.  Yes, I understand that I will continue to refine it. The entire EA is based on its own indicators. It's simple, with a simple set of features. Yes, the EA may not trade every day or bring in large profits. Pairs ∆ EURUSD/GBPUSD/EURJPY ∆ TIMEFRAME M15 The ∆work function is designed to launch
30 USD
A2SR Dashboard
Smarter Objects, LLC
5 (1)
IMPORTANT:  Set Work = false in settings. A. What is A2SR-DASH? It is a dashboard indicator for the A2SR indicator (needed on same chart) here - https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/5225 It solves the problem of having many charts open with A2SR loaded on each having to switch back and forth. + Visually shows movement of price flowing between Open price to ADJ or ADF. + Acutual SR levels displayed as golden dots across all pairs!  + Quickly find "first test" SR levels. + Gives timely alerts
460 USD
DYJ ScalpingBurg EA is a fully automated Expert Advisor. The Burg algorithm filter are used for entries. The advisor needs a hedging and ECN account type. The order loss is bailed out by the game and becomes a profit. If the order direction is wrong. You can disable the   game   strategy at any time. General Recommendations Recommend ECN accounts, xauusd spreads between 8 and 11 or lower, EURUSD spreads 1 The minimum deposit is $200.  Please download the xauusd and EURUSD settings file in the p
150 USD
Bull bear pressure indicator - is the manual system which defines bull/bear market. When lines is above zero level - market is strong bullish, and when lines below zero level - market is bearish. First line represents global trend and second one are smoothed and shows local market's mood. Main inputs are : MainPeriod- main indicator's period for global trend calculation; SignalPeriod - period for   smoothed and shows local market's trend; Main Indicator's Features Signals are not repaint,non-la
199 USD
EA SmartTrade
Mr Kraisit Chompungam
EA SmartTrade is an ideal swing strategy for the market, suitable for time frames 5M or more. The default setting is effective on the EURUSD or other major currency pairs. Download: Presets   https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1BRMm4Iv1apGLB3tLwp_GwPFM8wOEkoyO?usp=sharing Please check the lot size as the default value is 0.2. Recommended starting at 0.01 Or you can use our presets. **If possible, it is advisable to open a buy or sell only. Signals: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1716885
69 USD
This EA is configured to trade after London market open and all defined time ranges. This is one of the most popular strategies that every serious trader should know well. The "London Breakout Trader" EA is a trully flexible system that will allow you nearly everything to get configured from hard SL TP Trailing SL with Trailing Step, Range size fileter, Auto Parameters based on range size and all you need to set it to work for you. This EA is even more you can configure trading days hours and ra
30 USD
The expert works on the Fibonacci levels on the previous candle With some digital way to enter the deal On the five minute frame Work on currency pairs only Do not use TakeProfit or Stop Loss How the expert works It is placed on the three currency pairs GBPUSD GBPJPY GBP AUD Same settings without changing anything When he works, he will work on only one currency of them until it closes on a profit Pursuing the profit from the trailing stop within the expert programming Explains how the expert w
300 USD
Faa Trend EA
Arvin Arce Gatus -
Type:  Expert Advisor (EA) - Unlimited for MetaTrader 4 Account Strategy:  The system does Not use Grid, does Not use Martingale and other risky strategies. FAA TREND EA is a fully automated based on Trend Line breakouts.  Timeframe:  From M1 to H1. M5 is a healthy choice  Symbols To Trade:  Any Forex pair, BEST in EURUSD...  Features:  Automatically calculates and draws trend line on your chart.  Full safety options. All trades are protected by Stop Loss with Trailing Stop. Each trad
599 USD
Trend Gain Oscillator - is the manual system for defining trend phase(bullish/bearish). When histogramm is pink - market is up/bullish and when histogramm is blue - market is down/bearish. Arrows is plotted on zero cross, in case if additionally market has power for future movement. Main inputs are : trendPeriod- main indicator's period for trend calculation; trendPowerPeriod - period for market's power(volatility+volume) calculation ; trendPowerTrigger - arrows is not plotted if market's power
199 USD
Chao Chen Li
Note: MT4 cannot   backtest   EAs that trade multiple varieties at the same time. Please click the link at the end of this article to download the MT5 version test. Introduction This product is   an arbitrage EA designed based on the price delay   difference   of EURUSD, GBPUSD, and EURGBP   . This product is suitable for low-spread and low-latency trading platforms. The lower the spread, the lower the delay and the better the profitability   . Take 10,000 US dollars as an example, the recommen
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A professional tool for trading - the divergence indicator between the RSI and the price, which allows you to receive a signal about a trend reversal in a timely manner or catch price pullback movements (depending on the settings). The indicator settings allow you to adjust the strength of the divergence due to the angle of the RSI peaks and the percentage change in price, which makes it possible to fine-tune the signal strength. The indicator code is optimized and is tested very quickly as par
37 USD
Early WPR divergence - is the manual system to define trend reverse. Green histogram shows main trend, Orange one - shows "short"/local trend. System is looking for clear divergence between both trends and pick up position(plot buy/sell arrows). When main trend is up, but local trend reverses to bearish trend and get's big power - sell arrow is plotted;    When main trend is down, but local trend reverses to bullish trend and get's big power - buy arrow is plotted;  Main inputs are : mediumTrend
199 USD
Smart Breakout EA
Arvin Arce Gatus -
Type:  Expert Advisor (EA) - Unlimited for MetaTrader 4 Account Strategy:  The system does Not use Grid, does Not use Martingale and other risky strategies. FAA ABC Breakout EA is a fully automated based on latest support and resistance levels breakouts.  Timeframe:  From M1 to H1. M5 is a healthy choice  Symbols To Trade:  Any Forex pair, BEST in EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, and XAUUSD...  Features:  Automatically calculates and draws zigzag line for latest support and resistance on your ch
499 USD
IMPORTANT!!! Immediately after purchase, please contact me to get the instructions and manual guide to set up the EA. Some features No martingale Parameter settings are simple and easy to understand Avoid unexpected losses/with loss prevention Recommended for Those who are profit oriented Those who want to start with a small amount of money Logic Overview and Back Test Results Currency Pair: USDJPY only Time frame used: 5 minutes Trading Style:Scalping, day tra
70 USD
ImbaTrend Runner - is the trend following manual system for forex/crypto market. It defines medium-term trends and works with it in intraday mode. System shows enter points, profit and loss targets. As a rule profit targets are 2-3 X bigger than loss targets. Indicator is AutoAdaptive and it automatically updates it's settings during trading. Indicator is sensitive to market changes, regular updates helps to stay in relevant trend. Main Indicator's Features Signals are not repaint, late or disap
199 USD
Market Chopper Indicator - is the manual system for market scalping. Indicator uses most accurate points to enter, when current trend has lost it's power and new one starts. Indicator shows : Enter points(buy/sell arrows), Exit points(Stoploss/Takeprofit arrows). Indicator makes market analysis and adapts to any market, any timeframe showing most relevant strategy for exact conditions. Main Indicator's Features Signals are NOT repaint, late or disappear; Every signal comes at the open of new bar
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Acceleration Force Meter Indicator - is a trend system that join market in trend phase and after trend pull-back. AFM indicator - is the system that watchs market phases from flat to extreme volatility and prefers to enter in market when it's active, more volatility, ignoring most flat places. This is 100% complete trading system including enter and exit points. It works well with profitable trades - maximizing take profit targets(analysis of recent market volatility, its pips range to adapt cur
199 USD
TIO Swing
Ihar Tsitou
TIO Swing Swing Trading   – это стратегия   торговли, которая подразумевает разбиение графика на среднесрочные тенденции, поиск важных уровней и потенциально разворотных зон для   торговли   в этих участках. То есть по сути мы получаем некоторую комбинацию из скальпинга и среднесрочной   торговли, что является очень эффективным. В основе работы советника применение свинговой торговли. Используя больший период ищутся повторяющиеся паттерны. Используя меньший период проводится аппроксимация и инт
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