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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 112

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
BollSto EA MT4
Miss Supatcha Pigulkaw
EA Grid- BollSto  is a hybrid strategy that has been tested and optimized using 99.9% tick data from 2008 to 2023. Its main signal is based on Bollinger Bands, with Stochastic as a confirming signal to identify trends. It can be used on various timeframes such as M15, M30, H1, H4, and D1, with customizable settings. * Recommended to use 1 timeframe per 1 account to limit risk. The risk management system allows you to choose your preferred risk level. The user-friendly interface, coupled with hig
David Joseph Sidney Jonasson
MaSurfing uses a fast moving average and two slow moving averages one based on price high and the other based on price low. when the fast moving average crosses below the slow price low average it will place a buy trade with take profit based at the slow moving average price high. optional martingale strategy included.  please use backtest to find optimal settings.
David Joseph Sidney Jonasson
SupremeGrid Takes Buy trades when price goes lower and Sell Trades when Price goes higher then uses trailing stop to Complete orders. it has a martingale feature if you wish to use. This Expert advisor is designed to run for anywhere from a day to a week and has to be reset every once in a while.  its a super simple concept but it works.  Try on indices for best results.
David Joseph Sidney Jonasson
Uber is designed to trade indices, it uses moving averages to generate a signal and then opens trades in a grid fashion once per bar. Martingale can be turned on or off with the LotMultiply input. it will take profit when account equity reaches account balance multiplied by the TakeEQ value.   Recommended TakeEQ value is 1.01 for smaller accounts and 1.005 for larger accounts. Please backtest to find the appropriate lot sizing settings.
Ultra Scalp FX
Juan Perez Pereira
4 (2)
The Future of Scalping: Ultra Scalp FX - Our Expert Advisor now for MT4 Welcome to the trading revolution with Ultra Scalp FX, the incredible scalping Expert Advisor now available for MetaTrader 4.  Key Features: Safe and High-Performance Strategy: Ultra Scalp FX is based on high-probability support and resistance breakout patterns. Say goodbye to dangerous strategies like martingales, grids, or hedging; capital safety is the number one priority here. Customized Capital Management: Every inves
Montoya Fernandes Martins Bani Antonio Fernando
Introducing StdDevBot: Your Intelligent Trading Companion for MetaTrader 4 StdDevBot is a sophisticated Expert Advisor that harnesses the power of machine learning, neural networks, and a strategy grounded in Standard Deviation analysis to enhance your trading experience. Evaluating this strategy is essential, both in the strategy tester and on a demo account, to assess its performance and fine-tune settings to match your trading objectives. Key Attributes: Strategy rooted in machine learning, n
Impact Hyper Scalper
Johannes Jurie Smit
A unique low risk scalper for the US30 index with a high success rate and low drawdown, utilising trailing stops to protect your gains. Works best on the  US30 index on the 15min. time frame with the standard settings, ideally you want a spread of 200points or less. The standard settings are for a broker with 2 decimals on the value,(eg. Eightcap) if your broker works with no decimals,(eg. FXTM) change the stop and step to 35 and 7 respectively. The time settings are for GMT+1, please adjust acc
Andriy Sydoruk
This is a scalper system. It is enough to optimize   BioBot  once, for example, a month. After that, he shows excellent results in the forward period (several times longer), which can be seen in the screenshots. Be attentive to your broker's spread figures! The higher the spread, the less often you enter the market. If the spread is above 20 pips, then the number of entries drops by two orders of magnitude. It is ideal to use a broker with a floating spread of 6 pips. There are such brokers o
WPR Full View can show the all 29 major and minor pairs WPR indicator live value,traders can view all 29 pairs WPR indicator live value with all 9 timeframes just attached it on ONE Chart, traders can see all the timeframes overbought signal and oversell signal on ONE Chart      WPR Full View show the overbought signal and oversell value with highlight background color and font color, you can attach this utility on any pair chart and any timeframe, traders can see the overbought and oversel
CCI  Full View  can show the all 29 major and minor pairs CCI indicator live value,traders can view all 29  pairs CCI indicator live value with all 9 timeframes just attached it on ONE Chart, traders can see all the timeframes overbought signal and oversell signal on ONE Chart      CCI Full View show the overbought signal and oversell value with highlight background color and font color, you can attach this utility on any pair chart and any timeframe, traders can see the overbought and ov
RSI  Full View  can show all the 29 major and minor pairs RSI indicator live value,traders can view all 29  pairs RSI indicator live value with all 9 timeframes on ONE Chart, traders can see all the 9 timeframes overbought signal and oversell signal      RSI Full View show the overbought signal and oversell value with highlight background color and font color      How to start:     Open any chart, attach this    utility to it, keep this chart opened ,watch signals shows and take trades
The indicator is the advanced form of the MetaTrader 4 standard Fibonacci tool. It is unique and very reasonable for serious Fibonacci traders. Key Features Drawing of Fibonacci retracement and expansion levels in a few seconds by using hotkeys. Auto adjusting of retracement levels once the market makes new highs/lows. Ability to edit/remove any retracement & expansion levels on chart. Auto snap to exact high and low of bars while plotting on chart. Getting very clear charts even though man
Candles Master
Montoya Fernandes Martins Bani Antonio Fernando
Discover our innovative Expert Advisor, Candles Master, for MetaTrader 4 This powerful robot uses advanced machine learning algorithms, neural networks, and Japanese candlestick patterns to provide you with accurate predictions of market movements in your preferred time frame. It is crucial to test this strategy both in the strategy tester and on a demo account to analyze its performance and adjust settings to your needs. Highlighted Features: Strategy based on machine learning, neural networks,
Nestor Alejandro Chiariello
5 (1)
Hello traders,   I have designed this tool with   real results rigorously   , RA AI   intended and specially designed to scalp with a Trend algorithm structured in   AI   in the EURO DOLLAR currency, here we can see the result in its 1-year backtest from 1k to 12k, we can also see the real account signal with real money winning with similar results, RA AI is incredible! I will tell you a bit about the design, based on ranges of nodes to scalp in a trend in a stable currency such as   EURUSD , in
Ari Drive
Ivan Simonika
The   Ari Drive   expert system works with ticks on any type of account. For the internal algorithm, the elementary unit of analysis is the tick. The expert system does not use the history stored in the database to operate. For his own needs, he uploads historical data online, creating his own database. To achieve good results in real tick mode on the tester, it is necessary to carry out optimization. The internal optimizer, having carried out optimization according to the specified princip
Introduction Virtual TPSL Close M4 order management utility tool (expert adviser) manage your existing open positions made by another expert adviser you use or your manual opened orders and closes them with virtual take profit and stop loss levels. Adviser operates in complete virtual mode, no visual levels present more than a colored arrow object drawn when the monitored position been closed whether it's in profit or loss to mark it's closing position on chart if one open and present with the u
Introduction Forex Martingale Multi M4 expert for Meta trader 4 is a martingale based algorithm equipped with trading signals based on the Relative Strenght Index overbought/oversold price model. Security is a must for a martingale algorithm in order to counter a completely wipeout in the best possile way, and of course this is included. It is important to point out and that the user understands that the use of martingale is not completely risk-free and should be taken very seriously as MetaTech
Daily Reverse - Day Number-Based Reversal Predictor Description: Experience a revolutionary approach to price reversal prediction with our "Daily Reverse" indicator. This innovative tool leverages day numbers to forecast potential market reversals by drawing vertical lines on the hourly timeframe, giving you valuable insights into intraday trading opportunities. How It Works: "Daily Reverse" harnesses the power of day numbers to predict price reversals. By calculating day-specific patterns, this
Ultimate Hero MT4
Smart Forex Lab.
5 (1)
Built for maximum performance. Optimized for profit withdrawals. Introducing a new option - testing with emulation of profit withdrawals. Ultimate Hero is an advanced trading tool designed to maximize your forex profits. This advanced trading software is created using the latest GPT-4 technology and has a wide range of advanced features. Ultimate Hero is a trading bot that uses a grid trading strategy based on the Martingale system. It is designed to provide stable returns by placing multiple t
This PORTFOLIO of 5 strategies has been developed, tested and traded live on DAX H1 timeframe. Multiple EAs traded together will lead to a BIGGER PROFITS and SMOOTHER EQUITY CURVE. 5 not correlated EAs logics for DAX H1 timeframe merged to a single strategy. Very SIMPLE STRATEGIES with only FEW PARAMETERS.  Every trade has his own logic for STOP LOSS. To catch the profits every strategy uses different approach - some has TAKE PROFIT, some uses TIME BASED EXITS or PROFIT TRAILING. EA has been
Agus Santoso
MT4 Version : https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/79803 MT5 Version : https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/107840 The "Grandmaster" Expert Advisor (EA) is a sophisticated automated trading system designed specifically for index trading. This EA employs a strategic approach to open and manage trading positions based on a combination of advanced signal analysis and robust risk management techniques. Here's a detailed description: "Grandmaster" Expert Advisor for Index Trading Signal-Based
Mathematician EA MQLSquare is not just another trading tool; it's a high-end solution designed to empower traders with exceptional precision and unwavering confidence in the dynamic world of financial markets. Armed with advanced algorithms and mathematical models, this cutting-edge software provides traders, both seasoned professionals and newcomers, with a formidable edge to make informed decisions and optimize their trading strategies. Key Features: Tested and Proven:   Mathematician EA has
The EA trades on BB Upper and Lower line distance reaches over pips . Any pair, time frame any broker no limited, recommend minimum deposit 500$ SETTING BB_period - Set BB period. Deviations - Set deviation. Upper_Lower_distance - Maximum pips reaches between upper and lower line. Lots - start lot. Multiple_lots - Multiply lot for next order. Max_lots -    maximum lot. Grid_boost -  Frequency of opening position (Less more order). Grid_minimum_pips - Check distance grid from last order. TP_pip
这是 一款可以直观识别波段趋势的分析指标,手工交易最佳选择,不重绘不漂移。 适应任何新手和量化交易的朋友。 参数设置(您购买指标后若不知道如何使用,请私信我): 快线: g_period_88 20 慢线: g_period_88 40 ===========交易信号 =========== 快线:黄/蓝线;慢线:红/绿线 多头方向:快线上穿慢线,快线在慢线上方 空头方向:快线下穿慢线,快线在慢线下方 做多信号: 当快线上穿慢线形成一轮多头方向时,首轮多单进场条件为出现两根以上连续阴线,第3根以上K线出现一根阳线,且收盘价格在慢线上方,慢线为红线,即可成交第一单多单,同时如果满足价格回踩触碰到快线,出现一条阳线,且收盘价格在慢线上方,慢线为红线时,也可成交第一单多单;当第一轮多单结束后,此轮多头方向的多单只能满足价格回踩触碰到快线后,出现一条阳线收盘价格在慢线上方,慢线为红线时,才可继续做多进场,即不管快线是黄线或蓝线,只要阳线收盘价格在慢线上方,慢线为红线时就可以做多进场;当快线在慢线上方,阳线收盘价格在慢线上方,但慢线为绿线时,则不进场 做空信号: 当快线下穿
ICT Fair value gapes / Balanced price ranges   it marks the fvgs i.e., bisi and sibi both filled and unfilled based on your requirements. it can work on mtf while your on any other time frame i.e., seeing on 5 min. you can watch from filled (BPRs) to unfilled (imbalances) of monthly/weekly/daily/H4/H1 to your likings It can be using multiple times using unique ID with buttons option to on and off the required TF or keeping them all.
This indicator is not an ordinary moving avarage, even if it behaves similarly. I really like to use this to identify pullbacks. I only use this strategy once a day for one instrument, not more often. It is best if the price is further away from the line in the morning and when the pullback occurs, then you can create an entry setup using this indicator. Use additional indicators or use this as a supplement to your existing strategy. This is not a holy grail. A pullback can quickly become a t
This is a multi-timeframe indicator that collects data from multiple time frames. It tries to identify the trend and predict a pullback. You have to understand that trends emerge suddenly and with that the pullback turns into a new trend. This is not a holy grail, always remember your stoploss. Use this indicator as a complement to your existing strategy. The lines that are displayed on the chart can be changed so that they are only displayed in the indicator window and are therefore not dist
This indicator changes the color of the chart when prices are more bullish or bearish. It is recommended to use this indicator on small timeframes and only during peak trading hours. And don't forget your stop limit. This is not an oracle and not a holy grail. In the settings, you can change the color of the candles and also their sentiment. To do this, use the Set 1 and Set 2 settings and test.
With this tool you can create some useful data in a CSV file. You can: - Determine time frame - the number of candles to be loaded - Name the file whatever you want - Select additional data sets to be loaded The following data is written to a CSV file. - Time when the candle was created. - Open price - Close price - High price - Low price The following selection is also available to you: - Volume - RSI (you can also select the period) - Moving Avarage (you determine the period and m
Prosperity MT4
Mr James Daniel Coe
High growth, low draw-down bot. Great for beginners AND pros. 5 COPIES LEFT - NEXT PRICE $999 Contact me after purchase for group info, manual and a personal bonus! Prosperity live fund, real money (>$2,000) signal:  CLICK HERE ABOUT A rare diamond in a sea of EAs - 4x improvements in most backtest stats. We read descriptions saying 'no martingale, grid, or 'AI'' - I offer alternate parameters... Original EA No history reading No .set files changing constantly, all built-in as default Not an 'e
Click here to see my best trading robot: Prosperity MT5 !  Prosperity MT4 version Some EAs we use are great, but sometimes they don't have built-in drawdown limiters internally that just affect the EA. Other DD limiters operate on the whole account, this one is designed specifically so one EA (designated by the magic numbers it uses) can be monitored and closed off if it reaches a certain DD limit. 1. Find the magic numbers the EA uses. Normally (including for martingale / grid EAs) they
Supreme Arrow
Abdulkarim Karazon
Supreme Arrow is an arrow indicator for mt4 that is based on rsi and demarker indicators strategy. the strategy is suitable for trending markets , but also works in ranging markets especially if it is used for scalping Recommended time-frame : any Recommended add-ons : 200 SMA The Supreme Arrow indicator doesn't repaint or back-paint and the signal is no delayed
Monica EA
Evgenii Efimov
4 (1)
There are only a limited number of copies left, priced at 390   USD .  After that, the price will be raised to 550 USD. All backtests were done with a modelling quality of 99.90%. For comfortable trading, you need to reduce the Stop Loss (SL) in the settings. The "Monika EA" advisor processes a large amount of data and uses it efficiently to make the right decision. The algorithm does not depend on market weather. The EA must be installed on all supported currency pairs on the M15 timeframe
Rosy Trade Assistant MT4
Theresia Yovitha Herwanda
Rosy Trade Assistant A very easy to use EA, simple and friendly. Many features available to manage your trade. Compact panel with 4 sizes that can be selected according to your convenience. And trading in your local time has never been easier, using local timescale and clock. User Guide and Demo version Pages Trading Panel - Page to place an order and manage it's SL/TP Tools - Page to manage order: trailing, close on target, close all by categories Settings - Page to use custom time scale with s
Trend analysis is perhaps the most important area of technical analysis and is the key to determining the overall direction of an instrument's movement. The Quest Trend indicator determines the prevailing trend. They help analyze the market on a selected time interval. Trends are based on the principle of higher highs, higher lows (for an uptrend) and lower highs, lower lows (for a downtrend). They can have different time periods and they can be related to each other like fractals. For example,
The Samurai EA is a specialized trading algorithm designed to excel in trading scenarios characterized by price ranges. This expert advisor (EA) is built to operate within a defined price range, which makes it ideal for traders who want to capitalize on market consolidations and avoid trading in volatile or trending conditions. Key features of the Samurai EA include: Range-Based Strategy: The EA identifies market conditions where price movements are contained within a specific range. It takes ad
Kaloyan Ivanov
EmaBB MT4: Expert Advisor for MT4 Overview:  EmaBB stands out as a state-of-the-art Expert Advisor for MT4, blending advanced and customizable features to optimize your trading strategy. It's meticulously designed to open both LONG/BUY and SHORT/SELL positions, providing flexibility and control over your trading endeavors. It harmoniously integrates the power of Exponential Moving Averages (EMA), Bollinger Bands, and advanced trailing stop strategies to optimize trade entries and exits. Key Feat
Wave Wolf MT4
Andrei Salanevich
The Wave Wold MT4 Forex indicator is designed to search for Wolf waves and display them in the current window of the trading terminal. An excellent indicator for traders who use Wolf waves in trading. Its application in trading strategies will significantly increase their efficiency and profitability. INFORMATION ABOUT THE INDICATOR Unlike other Wolf wave indicators, the Wave Wold MT4 forex indicator has a number of features that significantly increase its effectiveness: The first is the
Flip Flops
Tatiana Savkevych
The Flip Flop indicator tracks market trends, ignoring sharp fluctuations and market noise. The indicator can work both for entry points and as a filter. The Flip Flop indicator displays information in a visual way. Helps in finding entry points during analysis. Suitable for trading on small time frames because it ignores sudden price spikes or corrections in price movements by reducing market noise around the average price.
Trend Channel is a Forex trend arrow indicator for identifying potential entry points. I like it, first of all, because it has a simple operating mechanism, adaptation to all time periods and trading tactics. Created based on a regression channel with filters. We display the signals of the Trend Channel indicator on the price function chart using a mathematical approach. How it works: when the price breaks through the overbought/oversold zone (channel levels), a buy or sell signal is generate
All the buttons you need as a trader in just one interface No need to navigate between multiple interfaces and waste time and money Are you a forex or stock trader looking for a comprehensive tool to streamline your trading experience? Look no further! We're proud to present our latest product, an advanced trading expert advisor available on the MQL4 platform. This cutting-edge trading tool is designed to meet all your trading needs and more, offering an array of features and functionalities to
Ambitious Donchian
Abdulkarim Karazon
Ambitious Donchian EA can be downloaded from comment section but it need the ambitious donchian indicator to work. Ambitious Donchian is a Donchian Channel and XO histogram based indicator that gives buy and sell signals in form of up and down arrows with tp and sl as objects on chart. features : 1. Tp and Sl for each signal , the tp and sl can be selected as based on points or ATR value from indicator settings. 2.backtesting dashboard : the dashboard shows the following according to your i
This EA is to implement advanced Martingale strategies while managing risk meticulously. Start with Micro/Cent Account (Swap free account preferable) . Starting with 0.1 lot size, EA will have multiplier of 1.15 with every Martingale strategy level. Capital stop loss is optional. Check out my signal before purchasing the signal. Disclaimer : While I aim to provide consistent and profitable trading opportunities, please remember that trading Forex involves risk, and past performance is not indica
Heaven Assistant: Simplify Your MT4 Management Simplify the management of the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform with the Heaven Assistant . This Expert Advisor (EA) is a robust tool that allows you to control and customize your trading environment in an efficient and user-friendly manner. Key Features: Multiple Pairs Opening: Quick access to most currency pairs, both major and minor, plus exotic pairs. The ability to open indices, metals, and cryptocurrencies with a single click. Template Change: Easi
Trade Assistant B90 MT4
Mohammadbagher Ramezan Akbari
Trade Assistant B90 is designed for manual trading so that it helps us to manage capital and position well. This expert has the ability to change the default inputs of the expert as desired before use. You can see the expert entries in the photo below, each of which we explain below. 1.    Background Color : With this entry, you can change the assistant's background Color 2.    Font size: You can change the size of the fonts used in the assistant. 3.    Button‌ color: Change the color o
AI Meta EA MT4
Denis Kurnev
4.33 (6)
Introducing the AI Meta EA advisor - a remarkable leap in the world of trading! If you've always aspired to something greater and uncharted, then AI Meta EA is what you need. It harnesses cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies, developed using neural networks and hidden algorithms in the deepest corners of the internet. What makes AI Meta EA so uniquely exceptional? Forget about old strategies and mundane indicators! My advisor possesses an intuition that even the most experienced tra
The indicator shows the deviation of the moving average relative to the volatility leading half of its period. The red histogram shows the moving average relative to the anchor point. The blue histogram shows volatility relative to the leading half of the moving average. The blue line simulates the price relative to the moving average. The indicator is perfect for both grid trading and trend trading. The signal does not change when the timeframe changes
Welcome to the world of advanced trading with the Bollinger Bands Scanner! Maximize your trading potential with our powerful MT4 indicator designed for seamless analysis and real-time insights. Key Features: Effortless Bollinger Bands Scanning: Unlock the full potential of the Bollinger Bands Scanner by effortlessly scanning multiple assets. Receive instant alerts when specific Bollinger Bands conditions are met, ensuring you stay ahead of market movements. Comprehensive Dashboard Insights: Gai
The valley and peak indicator strategy used in forex is a technical analysis approach that aims to identify potential trend reversals in the market. The strategy is based on identifying peaks and valleys in the price chart, which are points where the price reaches a high or low and then reverses direction. The valley and peak indicator is a tool that helps traders identify these patterns and generate buy and sell signals based on them. Here are the key steps involved in using the valley and pea
Sebastien Georgtes Caudron
Homemade Indicator using specific price action system to find suitables buys and sell ideas. *It is very easy to use *Ideal on 5mn timeframe (where i personnally use it) *It does NOT repaint *It works on every timeframes *There are a lot of setups of buys and sell everyday *The loss are VERY smalls compared to profits *It works very well on volatile markets More ideas to come soon : -Possibilities of changing setups -Take profits spot -Alerts -etc...
Introduction Forex Martingale M4 expert is exactly what the name says, a martingale system that you can use on any Forex major/minor symbol. What differs from many other products is that you yourself determine its settings and the risks you are willing to take, in other words you get to set/optimize the desired settings to your own advantage. However, the expert presets that it comes with are no guarantee that these will work on all intended Forex major/minor symbols. The expert is equipped wit
Gold Glider
Biswarup Banerjee
Product Name: Gold Glider Overview: Gold Glider is a sophisticated Expert Advisor designed for trading gold. It utilizes a specific combination of 5 different moving averages to determine the long-term, mid-term, and short-term trends, allowing it to place buy and sell trades with precision. Unlike traditional stop loss methods, Gold Glider employs a unique grid pattern strategy to exit losing positions. The EA's grid trading strategy is designed to enhance profitability while minimizing the nee
The Advanced Scalper MT4  forex indicator is a formula based on scalping trading, as well as on oversold and overbought levels. The indicator works on all currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices. A universal indicator that can be customized to your needs and it will never be superfluous in any trading strategy. INFORMATION ABOUT THE INDICATOR The Advanced Scalper MT4 Forex indicator is presented in the form of a color histogram that does not hurt the eye and is pleasant to perceive.
Owl Eye 01 MT4
Angel Perez Sanchez
Our Owl Eye 01 Trading Robot is characterized by its cautious approach and risk management capabilities. This robot operates prudently, allowing for the opening of only one trade at a time. Its strategy is based on the analysis of price action patterns and the WPR indicator, with certain parts of its algorithm kept confidential. Designed to operate in a realistic context and specifically tailored to currency pairs, this robot is ideal for traders with optimization knowledge. Pre-optimization wor
Vladimir Pokora
This tool monitors Parabolic SAR indicators on all time frames in the selected markets. Displays a table with signals to open a BUY trade (green) or SELL trade (red). You can easily add or delete market names / symbols. If the conditions for opening a trade on multiple time frames are met, you can be notified by e-mail or phone message (according to the settings in MT4 menu Tools - Options…) You can also set the conditions for sending notifications. The list of symbols/ markets you have entered
Cycle Engineering Indicator - Automatic Level Drawing Description: Step into the realm of advanced technical analysis with our "Cycle Engineering Indicator." This cutting-edge tool seamlessly combines the power of cycle engineering theory and numerical principles to automatically generate key trading levels, offering a deeper understanding of market cycles and dynamics. How It Works: The "Cycle Engineering Indicator" is based on a sophisticated theory of market cycles, which takes into account n
EURUSD order King 是一款以货币对为主的下单神器,通过大量交易充实你的钱包 参数 extern bool Buy = true  ;  //Buy允许多单 extern bool Sell = true  ; //Sell允许空单 extern bool CloseBuySell = true  ;//CloseBuySell是否考虑多空互平仓 extern int   FirstStep = 10  ;   //FirstStep首单挂单间距 extern int   MinDistance = 20  ;//MinDistance间隔点数 extern int   StepTrallOrders = 5  ; //StepTrallOrders挂单追踪的步长 extern int   Step = 10  ;//Step挂Count追踪到价格的距离 extern double MaxLoss = 100000  ;//MaxLoss止损金额 extern double MaxLossCloseAll = 45  ;//MaxLossCloseAll多空浮
Gold Genius
Forex Retails Ltd
Introducing This expert advisor is designed to work on any trading accounts and performs best on "cent" type accounts. The algorithm analyzes the trend at high timeframes and makes market entries based on specific patterns. Live Signal: Go Pairs XAUUSD Timeframe H1 Features the best performance is obtained on "cent" type accounts; for capital less than 1000 USD the use of a "cent" account is mandatory it use Stop Loss and Take Profit not compatible with prop firm accounts Settings Gener
Introducing a sophisticated   BreakOut   and   RecoveryZone   tool designed to empower traders in any market scenario, facilitating the optimization of trade opportunities. The core strategy revolves around executing price breakouts using BuyStop and SellStop orders to achieve specific profit targets in dollars. Notably, traders can manually set the BuyStop and SellStop levels by simply clicking and dragging lines on the chart (FixedZone=true is required). For swift market entry, you can dr
Auto Channel Trend
Muhammed Emin Ugur
Auto Channel Trend The Auto Channel Trend Indicator is a technical analysis tool that automatically draws trend channels on any chart. It uses a simple algorithm to identify the trend direction and then draws two parallel lines that represent the support and resistance levels of the channel. Features: Automatic trend channel drawing Support and resistance levels Trend direction identification Customizable parameters How to use: Add the indicator to your chart. Adjust the parameters to your likin
Bull EA EurUsd MT4
Mubashir Mohamed Quraish Albarakat
An expert based on price action With modern strategy Can be used in the most popular symbol of the market Can be used in the above timeframes Low risk, good backtest Attributes: Can be used in the EURUSD currency pair Can be used in H1 , H4 , D1 time frames Has TP and SL With sufficient and simple settings With author lifetime support Very low price Good backtest Beautiful panel Expandable and updatable All updates are free Can be tested for one month at a minimum price Both Meta 4 and 5
Murodillo Eshkuvvatov
ATTENTION: only for PROP pass and  Demo marketing , Real Brooker gives huge slippage and not works AbuHFT is a EA designed to pass evaluation of proprietary trading firm challenges that allow use of High Frequency trading technique. HFT Prop Firm EA is able to hit profit target within a short period of days with very low drawdown. In some cases, profit target of 1 phase can be achieved within 1 trading day. We use special HFT strategy that detect large movements and employ stop loss to prot
Support Resistance Tracking Indicator The Support Resistance Tracking Indicator is a technical analysis tool that helps traders identify and track support and resistance levels. It is a valuable tool for traders of all levels, from beginners to experienced professionals. How it works The Support Resistance Tracking Indicator uses a variety of methods to identify support and resistance levels. These methods include: Historical price action:   The indicator looks for price levels where the market
Vortex Sytem by KK
Ratchanon Khongmueang
Important information! For the first 2 weeks, trade on a demo account or a cent account (to choose the best trading conditions for yourself) Install a trading advisor on a VPS Forex/CFD trading carries a high level of risk and is not suitable for everyone. You may lose some or all of your principal if market conditions change unfavorably. you should only invest money that you can afford to lose, meaning that losing it will not affect your basic needs or obligations Setting file in  Comments
Nova Sytem by KK
Ratchanon Khongmueang
Important information! For the first 2 weeks, trade on a demo account or a cent account (to choose the best trading conditions for yourself) Install a trading advisor on a VPS Forex/CFD trading carries a high level of risk and is not suitable for everyone. You may lose some or all of your principal if market conditions change unfavorably. you should only invest money that you can afford to lose, meaning that losing it will not affect your basic needs or obligations Setting file in  Comments
ICT Judas MT4
Mithlesh Kumar Mandal
ICT Judas stands as a revolutionary trading strategy, a beacon guiding traders through the intricate dance of the financial markets. Rooted in advanced AI technology and sophisticated calculations, this strategy has an uncanny ability to decipher the enigmatic moves of the Asian trading session and unlock the treasure chest of opportunities that awaits in the London session. While its default setting shines brightest on the US30, it's ready to unveil its potential on other pairs if you dare to i
This tool can help you close all open orders with one click, just click "Close all". If you only want to close the profitable orders, click the "Close profitable" button. After clicking, all the floating orders will be closed. All orders will be liquidated; if you only want to close the orders with floating losses, click the "Close losable" button. After clicking, all orders with floating losses will be liquidated.
Forex Smart System
Thomas Bradley Butler
The Forex Smart System is a user-friendly and intuitive trading solution designed to empower traders in the complex world of forex trading. With a focus on simplicity and practicality, this system offers a streamlined approach that makes it accessible to traders of all experience levels. User-Friendly Interface: The Forex Smart system is designed with simplicity in mind, making it accessible to traders of all experience levels. Its intuitive interface ensures that users can focus on trading rath
Std Channels
Muhammed Emin Ugur
Std Channels The Std Channels Indicator is a technical indicator that uses standard deviation to create five channels around a price chart. The channels are used to identify support and resistance levels, as well as trends and reversals. The indicator is calculated by first calculating the standard deviation of the price data over a specified period of time. The channels are then created by adding and subtracting the standard deviation from the price data. The five channels are as follows: Upper
DYJ Follow Me is an EA that follows the virtual transaction record of any dyj indicator to actually open and close positions. It can display the name and status of the indicator of the single signal source; At present, it is only the DYJ T3ModeMa indicator, and more indicators will be expanded in the future. It can receive real-time trend direction of indicator. It can receive the latest admission time of the indicator. It can receive the latest admission price of the indicator. I

The MetaTrader Market is a unique store of trading robots and technical indicators.

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