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HPC Smart Traders Panel

  • This panel is a one stop solution to all your trading problems
  • Trading made easy. This panel allows trader to place orders (instant or pending) and close the respective orders (ALL, PROFIT, LOSS) just from one panel
  • Traders can use it to make any type of trade on the chart itself


  1. Close Order
    • All - close all open orders.
    • Profit - close profitable ones.
    • Loss - close loss-making ones.
  2. Select Order Amount type (Lots, Money, Risk%)
  3. Select Stop Loss Price
    • SL Pips - distance in pips to set SL from an open price.
    • SL HiLo - technique to set SL from the analysis of the previous candles.
  4. Select Take Profit Price
    • TP Pips - distance in pips to set TP from an open price. TP/SL Ratio - profit/loss ratio. TP Second - if we select "TP Second", then the price of take profit will be set to zero.
  5. Select Pending Order Type (Buy Stop, Sell Stop, Sell Limit, Buy Limit)
  6. Select Price For Pending Order Type:
    • Exact Price - current price of the chart.
    • Pips Distance - distance in pips to set open price for a pending order.
  7. Allow hedges - set the hedges to:
    • Yes - both buy and sell type orders can co-exist.
    • No - if you want only one type of orders to exist.
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