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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 109

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
Atr Suplied and Demand Mr Beast
Luis Mariano Vazquez Marcos
MR BEAST INDICATOR ATR SUPLIED AND DEMAND ¡Descubre la herramienta definitiva para la toma de decisiones financieras con nuestro asesor experto! Diseñado para operar en la vanguardia de los mercados globales, este asesor se destaca por su capacidad única para analizar tendencias en tiempo real utilizando el indicador Average True Range (ATR) y el equilibrio de oferta y demanda. Al aprovechar el ATR, nuestro asesor experto evalúa la volatilidad actual del mercado, proporcionándote una visión clar
News Defender MT4
Alejandro De Los Rios Sanchez
---NEWS DEFENDER--- Maximize your Forex performance with our script designed to prevent losses during news events! Our solution simplifies the process: Smart Management: Detects news X minutes before and allows you to manage your existing trades. Instant Limitation: Prevents new trades during news events, giving you full control. Perfect for those looking to close all trades and wait until the news passes. Moreover, our Pro version provides protection against unwanted trades by other EAs, includ
Forex Indicator "Scalping Histogram" for MT4 Scalping Histogram indicator can be used for search of   entry signals into the main  direction   price momentum after minor price correction Scalping Histogram   can be in 2 colors:   orange for bearish   momentum   and green for bullish one . Once you see at least   10 consecutive histogram bars   of the same color it means strong momentum takes place Entry  signal is   1 column with opposite color   in histogram and next column with initial momentu
The Dot on Histogram Trend indicator is a straightforward tool in forex trading. When used in conjunction with other indicators, it can be highly rewarding. The indicator consists of a blue and red histogram, representing positive and negative territories, respectively. Buy opportunities arise when the histogram is positive, while sell opportunities emerge when it's negative. Signal Steps: 1. Dot at Zero Level:    - Green Dot: Indicates a clear uptrend; take action.    - Red Dot: Do nothi
Supercharge Your Trading with   HF TradeCopier !   Are you tired of manual trade execution and missed opportunities? Take your trading efficiency to new heights with the   HF TradeCopier !  This   cutting-edge solution   empowers traders like you to   effortlessly copy transactions   between different   MetaTrader 4   and   MetaTrader 5   accounts,   saving you time   and   maximizing your profit potential . With   lightning-fast copying speeds of under 0.5 seconds , you can seize market oppo
ATR Uturn
Konstantin Diukov
Разворотный индикатор высчитывает все диапазоны цен за определенный период на основе исторических данных и выводит информацию ввиде уровней с цифрами,которые показывают вероятность разворота цены в процентах. Очень хорошая отработка на дневных и недельных графиках. Может применяться как отдельно для торговли,так и в связке с индикаторами уровней,разворотных паттернов,осцилляторов и скользящих средних.Работает абсолютно на всех инструментах Форекс,индексах,сырьевых товаров и акциях.
Overview Automated market structure identification following SMC and ICT concept, it gives an unprecedented edge on your market structure analysis by automatically identifies valid market structure using smart and powerful structure mapping mechanism: Identify impulsive and corrective moves Identify valid pullbacks built by impulsive and corrective market moves Idenitfy bearish or bullish leg and their inducements Identify valid market structure based on inducement sweep  Identify swing and int
TREND HARMONY MT4 –  Multi Timeframe Trend and Phase and Pullback Level Visualizer indicator for Metatrader4 The TREND HARMONY indicator automates deep trend analysis and generates visualizations for you. Take control of your trades by eliminating uncertainty! Revolutionize your trading experience with precision and insight through the TREND HARMONY Multi Timeframe Trend Indicator – your ultimate MT4 trend visualization indicator. Are you tired of missing trading opportunities or consistently e
FFB Isis Scalper
Andre Camara De Mattos -
Introducing ISIS SCALPER for MetaTrader 4: Innovation Beyond the Traditional! Discover the future of trading strategies with our innovative indicator, carefully designed to transcend the limitations of conventional products. This is not just another indicator, but a flexible and powerful tool that empowers traders to explore the full potential of the market. Exceptional Features: Unlimited Versatility: Designed to adapt to any asset and time frame, our indicator allows you to create custom strat
加载黄金M1图表.资金不低于10000,建议使用美分账户。 黄金网格,使用马丁,套期保值,不错过每一笔行情。 免责声明:EA不能保证客户盈利,市场有风险,计算机及网络也存在间接风险,任何因素导致的一切可能的风险及损失均由客户自己承担。 EA不使用任何指标。智能交易系统根据行情打开交易,然后可以建立订单网络或使用止损。 是一款智能交易顾问,能够以微薄的利润部分平仓大量市场头寸。小部分平仓可让您快速及有效地减少亏损的部位。主要的交易策略是建立一个部位网络,并在给定利润的框架内以小部分平仓。顾问分析市场部位并将其手分成几部分。因这种方法,价格的小幅波动会导致部分部位的计算平仓。 可以在此处找到对实际工作以及我的其他发展的监控: https://www.mql5.com/zh/signals/2147803?source=Site +Profile+Seller 您可以在这里找到所有设置!
ADX MA: The Ultimate Trend Strength Guide In forex trading, the Average Directional Index (ADX) is a vital indicator for gauging trend strength. Here's a streamlined approach to using ADX for effective trading: 1. Add ADX to your forex chart. 2. Interpret ADX values: <20 is weak, >40 is strong. 3. Identify trend direction: +DI above -DI indicates an upward trend, and vice versa. 4. Execute trades based on ADX and trend: Strong up trend, consider buying; strong down trend, consider selling;
Indicator Statistics MultiPairs for MT4 1. Current Openning Ords - Symbols Openning + Buy Orders + Buy Volume + Sell Orders +Sell Volume - DrawDown by Symbols - Floating by Symbols 2. Closed Orders - Statistics by Today, Week, Month, YTD and Volume - Sum of Closed Orders by Symbol 3. Statistics by Day - Statistics by Say and Volume 4. DrawDown by Day - Each day DrawDown in Week - Percent of DrawDown Contact me at Telegram   @MaiMew68
Mattia Bonetti
CycleView is an indicator that highlights possible phases of expansion and contraction in the different time frames, it helps to highlight the correct timing to make the entry. The cycle can be changed via external settings. After installing the indicator, you can contact me by message for the best settings and time frames to use.  The indicator works by analyzing the price action. When the indicator is downloaded, you need to move the EX4 file from "Market-Expert" to "Market-indicator".
Prop Account Risk Manager
Perpetual Chinemerem Vincent
Introducing "Prop Risk Manager": Your Trading Discipline Partner Are you a trader looking to adhere to prop firm rules with unwavering discipline? Look no further. "Prop Risk Manager" is your comprehensive solution for navigating prop firm guidelines and optimizing your trading success. Key Features: - Precision Risk Management : "Prop Risk Manager" aligns with prop firm principles to ensure you never trade during news events, hold trades overnight, or risk weekends. - Tailored Tradin
Trendline Breakouts MT4
Abdeljalil El Kedmiri
Trendline Breakouts   is a semi-automatic expert advisor, which means you only need to draw the support and resistance lines, and then let the expert advisor handle the trading for you. You can use this expert for every market and time frame. Backtesting is not available because this is a semi-automatic EA. You draw the trendlines and let the expert trade for you. This expert enables you to automatically trade breakouts of both horizontal support and resistance and trendlines, unlike the traditi
THE CONCEPT - INTRODUCTORY PRICE @ $499.99 ONLY!!! There are 3 terms that you'll normally come across in trading: Support and Resistance / Supply and Demand Trend Crossovers Many traders use a combination of one or two of the above mentioned to form their unique trading strategies because with them included, traders are able to make sound analysis and therefore predictions. RangeMAX trades based on a strategy that uses   ALL THREE   elements mentioned above! SETFILE:   https://www.mql5.com/en
Kings of the hill
Dimitri Nepomniachtchi
With Kings of the hill EA, you can set up the grid yourself based on indicators from the market.  In order to test grid trading from any indicator, it is not necessary to buy it immediately and Kings of the hill itself can also be bought or rented only after you have set up the grid and tested it on history.  In the new version, the opening of new grid orders (already available) added, only after passing the next distance and the appearance of a new indicator signal. Look at indicators in the m
If you prefer manual trading and open multiple trades then this utility is just made for you. This is a simple utility which will close all your open trades at TP1, TP2 and TP3 by the given input percentage. NOTE: - This utility is helpful for multiple trades only (not for a single trade). You can set three Take Profit levels/targets at three Percentages to close trades partially. Inputs Explained: 1. TP 1 Pips - here you can set the first Take Profit Target in Pips for all trades combined. 2. 
Vadzim Lepekha
Всем добрый день, Это Вадим Сергеевич Лепехо. Выложил на общее обозрение очередной свой продукт(индикатор). Индикатор прост. В этом индикаторе я добавил формулу расчета точек входа. Сам индикатор я скачал в бесплатных индикаторах в mql mt4: arrows_template(шаблон стрелок). В свойствах, описании индикатора я указал имя автора. Суть индикатора рисует стрелки, знаки куда ходить, что делать и т.д...... Стратегия входа построена на пересечении двух 'машек' (MA) с разными периодами, объем, parabolic s
Vadzim Lepekha
Всем добрый день, Это Вадим Сергеевич Лепехо. Выложил на общее обозрение очередной свой продукт(индикатор). Индикатор прост. В этом индикаторе я добавил формулу расчета точек входа. Сам индикатор я скачал в бесплатных индикаторах в mql mt4: arrows_template(шаблон стрелок). В свойствах, описании индикатора я указал имя автора. Суть индикатора рисует стрелки, знаки куда ходить, что делать и т.д...... Стратегия входа построена на пересечении двух 'машек' (MA) с разными периодами? объемы, parabolic
Всем добрый день, Это Вадим Сергеевич Лепехо. Выложил на общее обозрение очередной свой продукт(индикатор). Индикатор прост. В этом индикаторе я добавил формулу расчета точек входа. Сам индикатор я скачал в бесплатных индикаторах в mql mt4: arrows_template(шаблон стрелок). В свойствах, описании индикатора я указал имя автора. Суть индикатора рисует стрелки, знаки куда ходить, что делать и т.д...... Стратегия входа построена на пересечении двух 'машек' (MA) с разными периодами, объемы, parabolic
Всем добрый день, Это Вадим Сергеевич Лепехо. Выложил на общее обозрение очередной свой продукт(индикатор). Индикатор прост. В этом индикаторе я добавил формулу расчета точек входа. Сам индикатор я скачал в бесплатных индикаторах в mql mt4: arrows_template(шаблон стрелок). В свойствах, описании индикатора я указал имя автора. Суть индикатора рисует стрелки, знаки куда ходить, что делать и т.д...... Стратегия входа построена на пересечении двух 'машек' (MA) с разными периодами + обьемы. Данный ин
Mohammed Shadman Abdul Khadir
GoldieFX EA is a MT4 EA with a live track record, many years of stable trading, and a low drawdown. GoldieFX is the advanced grid system which already worked on real accounts for years. Instead of fitting the system to reflect historical data (like most people do), it was designed to exploit existing market inefficiencies. Therefore it is not a simple “hit and miss” system that only survives by using a grid. Instead, it uses actual market mechanics to its advantage to make a profit. Because of
Quantum Pro Deluxe
Luis Mariano Vazquez Marcos
Experimente el poder del Asesor Experto "QUANTUM", un algoritmo meticulosamente diseñado para operar en el mercado del oro. Este asesor experto ha demostrado consistentemente excelentes resultados en rigurosas pruebas retrospectivas (backtesting), destacándose por su capacidad para capitalizar las tendencias del oro con precisión y eficacia. Parámetros Recomendados: TODAS LAS DIVISAS Periodo M5, M15 , M30 Y H1 AUTOAJUSTABLE EL LOTAJE POR FACTOR DE RIESGO Disclaimer de Riesgo:   El uso de este As
Venus pro
Luis Mariano Vazquez Marcos
Experimente el poder del Asesor Experto "VENUS PRO", un algoritmo meticulosamente diseñado para operar en el mercado del oro. Este asesor experto ha demostrado consistentemente excelentes resultados en rigurosas pruebas retrospectivas (backtesting), destacándose por su capacidad para capitalizar las tendencias del oro con precisión y eficacia. Parámetros Recomendados: Lote Fijo:   0.01 Periodo M5 XAUUSD Disclaimer de Riesgo:   El uso de este Asesor Experto implica riesgos significativos. Los res
Abdulkarim Karazon
FireArrow is an arrow signal based indicator that give buy and sell signals with tp and sl levels , the indicator gives buy/sell signals with alert on candle close along side tp and sl levels on chart for each signal this indicator does not repaint/back-paint and signal is not delayed. Strategy : Open buy same moment buy arrow appear and open sell same moment a sell arrow appear , set tp as drawn on chart along side sl. Recommended Time frame : 15 and above this arrow is good as ? : add
The Finding Average Volume indicator for MetaTrader 4 is a technical analysis tool that calculates the average volume of swing bars. Swing bars are a type of price chart pattern that identifies potential turning points in the market. The indicator is displayed as a zigzag trend line that is bounded by two vertical lines. The average volume is calculated for the entire swing bar pattern. Benefits of Using the Finding Average Volume Indicator Identify potential trend changes:   The Finding Average
Andromeda Nebula
Natalyia Nikitina
Limited Time Offer!   Only   $ 150 USD ! The price will increase by   $100 USD   after every   10th purchase ! Final price:   $15 000 USD   DESCRIPTION : Attention!   Contact me immediately after purchase   to receive setup instructions! Andromeda Nebula EA   - The system uses fundamental market patterns in Forex trading, specifically the price return after a sharp movement in any direction. It is a fully automated trading system that does not require any special skills from you. Just
Программа передвигает уровень стоп-лосс вслед за ценой на расстоянии в пунктах, которое будет указано в настройках, то есть является самостоятельным плавающим стоп-лоссом. При необходимости, программу можно настроить таким образом, чтобы она передвинула стоп-лосс при достижении какого-либо уровня прибыли в пунктах. Также можно установить шаг трейлинга, чтобы программа передвигала стоп-лосс только через определенное количество пунктов. Несколько причин отдать предпочтение "Mobile trailing stop":
Limited offer: 3 copies left for $239, next price is $479, final price is $1190. 1.)Trading signals Virgo EA low risk: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/2209017 My all signal list: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/sqrc/seller 2.) Product features According to the backtest results, the long-term winning rate is ± 80%, and the Maximum compound annual growth rate is ± 130%. The minimum starting capital required to trade is just $100. There are no cumbersome parameter settings, you only need to set
BB Martingale EA MT4
Prafull Manohar Nikam
Warning! This is a Martingale Trading System. This EA uses the Bollinger Bands indicator to open automatic trades on your account. If price crosses the upper/lower Bollinger band with certain distance (in pips), it opens an initial trade. After that initial trade, if price moves certain distance (in pips) from the initial trade, EA will open next trade with Martingale Lot and so on. Not recommended to use it on trading accounts smaller than 10K. Even on 10K+ account you have to use it with caut
Title: EA Automater 5 Indicators for Averaging - A Diversified Approach to Algorithmic Trading Description: The EA Automater 5 Indicators for Averaging is a revolutionary Expert Advisor for MetaTrader 4, meticulously designed to provide traders with a diversified and balanced approach to automated trading. With its distinct ability to integrate and average signals from up to five different indicators, this EA stands as an unrivaled force in the realm of algorithmic trading. Main Features: Multi-
Scalping and Binary Signal Detector - Scalping indicator that gives directional signals for opening positions along the trend. The indicator is a complete trading system that can be used for Forex and binary options. The system of algorithms allows you to recognize intense price movements in several consecutive bars. The indicator provides several types of alerts for arrows. Works on any trading instruments and time frames (M5 or Higher recommended). How to use for trading The appearanc
Simple Martingale MT4 is a semi-automated trading strategy based on the Martingale strategy (which involves doubling the size of your position after each loss). This strategy can be used on any currency pair. Input Parameters: mn: Unique magic number for orders. MaxSpread: Maximum allowable spread for entering a trade. riskInPoint : Take-profit and  Stop-loss levels in points. StartInvestment: Initial investment. LostMultiplier: Multiplier for increasing the investment after a losing trade. MaxI
Introducing our innovative trading tool that leverages advanced Kepler triangle calculations to draw numerical levels, providing invaluable support and resistance insights for your trading strategy. This product goes beyond traditional methods, employing sophisticated algorithms to identify key price levels dynamically. Key Features: Kepler Triangle Calculations: Utilizes cutting-edge Kepler triangle calculations for precise determination of significant price levels. Employs mathematical precisi
This program serves as an effective tool for sending messages through a Telegram bot using the MetaTrader platform. It enables you to send your trading recommendations related to the orders you open on the trading platform directly to your Telegram channel or group. These messages may include details about open trades and can be accompanied by illustrative images of the orders. Alternatively, they can be configured to be without images based on your preferences. This means that if you are the ow
The arrow indicator "Create a cool signal" for the Binary options and Forex market is a kind of constructor of its signals! In which you can choose your own signal conditions based on 10 standard MT4 indicators prescribed in it, plus another third-party buffer indicator that you can add to the "buffer indicators" variable. This is done simply! Prescribe the name of your indicator and prescribe its numbers (you will find them in the colors section where the numbers up to the buffer color are i
Popular Indy EA
Sirinya Pakkaman
Popular indicators that are commonly used for trading made for testing to see what the results will be You can set it as below. The pairing is up to you. You need to test it before you go live to see if it's what you want. Setting_MA_BB_MACD =true; Setting_MA_MACD =true; Setting_STO_MA =true; Setting_BB_MA =true; If you do not want to use any conditions Must be set to false. To prevent confusion that may occur
ʿBdalftah Yhyy ʿBdalftah Mhmwd Mrsy
An integrated analysis system that moves the trader from the random trading stage to professional trading And seeing and understanding the market with one glance instead of moving between different charts and currencies, even in times of high liquidity It will be easy for you to read the market with our excellent Price Action Expert signals and confirm entry opportunities With accurate analysis tools integrated into our analysis system, which we can work with on a daily basis One of the most
How to trade with a scalping indicator: blue arrow - buy, red arrow - sell. Everything is very simple. The strategy works on all currency pairs. Recommended timeframes: M5, M15, H1, H4. No other indicators are needed for trading. The entire trading strategy is built exclusively on one trading indicator "Click Scalper". This is the latest development of scalping indicators for Metatrader4. Simply place the indicator on the chart of the currency pair and then follow the arrow directions. If a red
Yerzhan Satov
The arrow indicator for Binary Options and Forex is a reversal indicator. Created and written on the basis of reversal patterns. It is recommended for Binary Options to put it on the M5 chart. Enter into transactions for 1-3 bars. Depending on the trading sessions, you need to select your expiration time for a different asset.  You can change settings in external variables. Thus, you can both increase and decrease the frequency of signals. The arrows of the indicator do not draw at all. So yo
Aristocrat EA
Gabriel Siljevinac
Aristocrat EA is a sophisticated grid bot designed to navigate the the harsh and unforgiving market with precision and agility. This AI-driven software embodies the essence of efficiency, reliability, and adaptability, making it stand out as one of the best grid bots in the trading scene. This EA stands out from other grid systems by its risk management system and multi-currency trading on one chart. Advantages of Aristocrat EA : Advanced grid trading system with AI optimizing the strategy
Exclusive Arrival: Presenting for the First Time . This is your secret weapon for predicting which way the wind will blow with the next market shift. It assists you in developing your trading strategy by predicting the direction of the next candle. Compatible with forex, stocks, and cryptocurrencies on all timeframes, but higher timeframes are recommended. MT5 Version -  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/108937/ How does it work ? It's pretty neat. The algorithm separates green and red can
Hell Bulls
Hossein Davarynejad
////  Hell Bulls  /// This Expert automated scalping robot that uses a Fast Scalper   EURUSD     This is Scalping Strategy  Working on   EUR USD ,    M5 Also Trading At News  Time  When  Trading News Analysis is Active  Working Hours   24 Hour  One Shoot Trade  and Recovery Order Have Stop Loss 70 pips Version MT5 is Free After Purchase MT4 Please Send me Text to Received MT5 Version  Free  License  Sentiment Analysis: With advanced techniques in sentiment analysis,   News Lin
Green Hawk MT4
Rashed Samir
5 (2)
The trade strategy is based on smart scalping algorithms which trades in certain periods of the market. The system does not use risky strategies such as grid or martingale. Trading is done based on the return of the price in short periods. All trades are closed within hours. Take advantage of the current launch promo price. I will increase the price In the near future. The final price will be $2000. FEATURES Multi Symbols   in one chart option is supported. No Martingale, No Grid, No Double Lo
The expert works to open global markets From this option, the beginning of the work of the London market is controlled BarHour1 When working on EXNESS platform The start of the London market is at 07:00 And control the operation of the second time from BarHour2 New York market at 13:30 When the market works digitally, the expert works to determine the trend With a trade opened and an opposite pending trade pending The expert is placed on more than one currency pair and also placed on gold With
The arrow indicator "Anaconda LD" is a reversal indicator for the Forex market and mainly for Binary options. The algorithm is written on the basis of reversal patterns. It is better to use it together with other indicators to filter signals. Even with the standard ones in MT4, even with other custom ones. Any channel indicators or level indicators are especially suitable... You need to select your expiration time for different assets. Which are 1-5 bars on different pairs.
An Implied Fair Value Gap (IFVG) is a three candles imbalance formation conceptualized by ICT that is based on detecting a larger candle body & then measuring the average between the two adjacent candle shadows. This indicator automatically detects this imbalance formation on your charts and can be extended by a user set number of bars. The IFVG average can also be extended until a new respective IFVG is detected, serving as a support/resistance line. Alerts for the detection of bull
Hugo Torrecilla Antolin
3 (1)
Limited time offer for $ 69 . Launch promotion. Price will go up soon. Description: Sofia AI is a trading system is specially designed for GOLD (XAUUSD) This robot uses an innovative system to analyze structure in real time. With two different engines, each working independently, it finds the market entry moments. Take Profit values can be variable, depending on the volatility of the market and being able to analyze the possible movements that will occur.  It does not use any dangerou
Chart Notes = MULTI LINE TEXT INPUT ON CHART FOR MT4   is finally here! # sticky notes This indicator is a powerful text editor for placing notes on chart, similarly like the feature on Tradingview.  There are 2 types of messages: anchored (on screen ) and free (on chart).  1. Anchored = stays on the same place on screen (x point, y point) -this text can be   EDITED on click   (first line is for dragging the message around- this line is edited via right clicking- >properties) -move the mess
About testing Mode: 1.To get the best usage experience please use the tick data to test and adjust the test speed to proper speed (tick price jump quickly but K bars scroll slowly)!!! 2.Click "Indicator Properties"-> Click "Reset" before testing the indicator to restore the default parameters of the indicator. 1. Compound Drawings (1) Line segment with arrow (2) Continuous line segment (broken line) (3) Parallelogram (4) Polygon (5) Profit and loss ratio measurement tools 2.     Backtracking
Super volumes
Yerzhan Satov
4 (1)
The arrow indicator for Forex and Binary options is based on tick volumes. Unlike many volume indicators, the "Super volumes" indicator calculates bullish and bearish volumes and gives signals based on the predominance of any of them. If, say, there was an advantage of bullish volumes in this range at the moment, then the signal will be on Buy. Or if the predominance was bearish volumes, then, accordingly, the signal will be on Sell. In the indicator settings in the "volumes" variable, you ca
The indicator for Forex and Binary options is based on 2 standard indicators in MT4: ADX and RVI. The signals are received when the lines of both indicators intersect simultaneously. But the reverse of the signals is also written into the codes. This is when the signals are converted in the opposite direction. You can also enable and disable each of the indicators. And also 2 types of signals can be used in RVI: 1) Just when one line is above/below the other (this is good to use as a recoille
H1 Hedge EA 4
Prafull Manohar Nikam
This is a very simple EA which uses distance from EMA Crossover strategy to open automatic trades. It has NO stop loss but has the take profit in money feature. This is an optional martingale system, it has a lot multiplier option if you want to use it to increase the successive trade volume. Don't trust the description, just download the demo today and test it yourself to know more about this trading robot.  (Backtest on longer periods like 5-10-20 years with 99-100% tick quality). Recommended:
Equity Safe V1
Luis Carlos Lucero Hernandez
EquitySafe V1.0   is a   powerful risk management tool   designed for   MetaTrader 4 . It enables traders to effectively manage their risk by setting   maximum loss limits   based on custom time frames. With this tool, you have the flexibility to   define your own time   intervals and   allocate specific risk   thresholds accordingly. This helps you   maintain control   over your trading account and   minimize potential losses.   By utilizing EquitySafe, you can ensure that your trading strategy
Seasonly MT4
Sergei Kiriakov
The tool for exploring seasonal patterns. It compares the chart with charts of other years and compares with the average for other years. Allows you to shift charts if necessary.  Explore any year by specifying the zero point. Up to 10 charts in one tool. Works only on the daily chart ! The best for you! Enjoy your work! (It's not indicator - do not download demo it not work) for mt5 Seasonly
Pass HFT Prop Challenge
Amirhossein Heydarijokani
Recommendations for this EA Use instruments that have Zero-Commission ,  Zero Stop-Level and Fixed-Spread . In Eightcap broker  (that many PropFirms use it as their trading platform) US30.i may be the best. Any TF from M1 to H1 could be  used since EA is not sensitive to Timeframe.  Run every EA on a low latency VPS is recommended, but if you have  stable internet connection,  it's not mandatory for this EA. Run  EA in  Newyork session  if you chose US30.i , b ecause US- indices have most volat
Equilibrium MA
Jean Francois Le Bas
This indicator cuts right through the price, in a straight line 100% non repaint, you get a new value at the opening of each new bar It is perfect for mean reversal strategies : open far from the line and close when the price touches the line It works really well for mean reverting pairs specially (CHF, NZD). It has absolutely no lag when there is a sudden move up or down and follows trend exactly ! This indicator should be a must have tool in the toolbox of every trader
Best Day Trade
Luis Mariano Vazquez Marcos
El Asesor Experto "Precision Day Trader" es una herramienta avanzada diseñada para analizar meticulosamente las condiciones del mercado y ejecutar operaciones con precisión durante el día. Utiliza algoritmos inteligentes y estrategias cuidadosamente diseñadas para identificar oportunidades de trading óptimas, centrándose en la precisión y el rendimiento consistente. Características Principales: Análisis Preciso del Mercado: El EA realiza un análisis detallado de las condiciones del mercado, util
Rainbow Dream Mr Beast
Luis Mariano Vazquez Marcos
El Robot Experto "Rainbow" es una herramienta automatizada de trading diseñada para operar en el emocionante mundo de divisas en el mercado financiero. Desarrollado con algoritmos avanzados, el Rainbow busca identificar oportunidades de trading en el marco de tiempo H1, aprovechando las tendencias del mercado para ejecutar operaciones eficientes. Características Principales: Especialización en Forex: Rainbow se especializa en el mercado de divisas, permitiendo a los operadores beneficiarse de la
FCK Support Resistance BreakOut
Patel Hitendrakumar Mahendrabhai
Hi All, " FCK Support Resistance BreakOut " indicator is very simple indicator for new users. You can choose which indicators and timeframes you want to calculate.  " FCK Support Resistance BreakOut" that gives NON-REPAINT Buy/Sell signals  "FCK Support Resistance BreakOut"   provides the trend for buy/sell trades. Opposite side you the stop loss or hedging trade. * - Draws Dynamic S/R Boxes based on consolidation areas;  * - consolidation areas are defined by a minimum period of time during whi
Nadiya Mirosh
Forex trading advisor     Arog     is an automatic scalping system that opens and closes transactions using a special tick analysis algorithm programmed in code without human intervention. The main task is to instantly make a deal where a person wastes time on analysis and decision-making. Scalp trading or scalping is a short-term trading strategy that a trader uses to frequently make small profits from small price changes that add up to a large amount over time. This strategy is very popular i
Skyrocket MT4
Vitalii Kosov
Skyrocket   is a unique trading expert that combines the Price Action strategy with neural network technologies to optimize trading decisions. The expert provides accurate analytical capabilities by employing a structured analysis of price movements in conjunction with innovative machine learning methods.    Skyrocket actively analyzes candlestick patterns, trend lines, and support and resistance levels using the Price Action strategy. This approach allows it to identify potential entry and exit
Smart Golden
Yi Hsiu Tsai
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“ Smart Golden” is a product designed specifically for the gold market, using a scalping strategy. And it doesn't use management methods like Martingale, grid, and hedging.  We use AI tools(machine learning) to extract robust features from historical gold data, which are then encoded directly into “Smart Golden”. As we do not continuously train on specific historical data (fitting) or ChatGPT forecast, we can minimize the possibility of overfitting to the greatest extent Latest Announcement: - F
SDL Trend Signals is a custom MQL4 indicator named "Slope Direction Line" for MetaTrader 4. It employs weighted and simple moving averages to create customizable trend lines on charts. Using two trend line buffers (Uptrend and Downtrend) and one for indicator values (ExtMapBuffer), the indicator calculates trend lines. Bullish slopes appear in BLUE, signaling an upward trend, while Bearish slopes are in RED, indicating a downward trend. In a Bullish trend, traders can enter a BUY position w
The MT4 Channel Standard Deviation Indicator automatically plots support and resistance channels on the price chart using price standard deviation. It indicates BULLISH and BEARISH market conditions and is suitable for both new and advanced forex traders. This indicator offers support, resistance, entry, and exit levels, along with stop-loss and take-profit points. It accurately identifies BULLISH and BEARISH market trends, making it effective for both intraday and long-term trading across va
What are Heiken Ashi Candles? Heiken Ashi, derived from the Japanese term 'Heikin Ashi,' translates to average price bars. It's an indicator depicting price bars on a chart. Formula for Heiken Ashi candles: - Heiken Ashi opening price: (previous candle's opening + closing price) / 2 - Closing price Heiken Ashi: (opening + high + low + closing) / 4 - Heiken Ashi peak: Max of high, opening, or closing price - Heiken Ashi bottom price: Min of low, opening, or closing price How to Read Heik
Thor MT4
Dragan Drenjanin
Is it possible for a robot to be both compact and exceptionally powerful?   Meet Thor. Thor live on Tokyo Express : SIGNAL While Thor boasts only a handful of adjustable settings, users wield comprehensive control over its entire system. The system's resilience is underscored by a selection of five strategies accessible from a user-friendly menu. Originally designed to trade XAUUSD on the H1 time frame, Thor exhibits adaptability to other currency pairs, as well proving the robustness of the ent
League X7
Sahil Shokeen
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League X7  is an advanced Expert Advisor for trading the EURUSD pair on H1 timeframe with an accuracy and performances never seen before. Other forex pairs can also be traded using the League X7 EA on multiple pairs and different timeframes using customized settings. Contact me in personal after purchasing the EA for these settings. The League X7 is fully active and can trade multiple times per day. You can now finally grow your account 5X using the   League X7   EA All trades are protected
Yury Emeliyanov
"Temeria" - Forex Expert Advisor for dispersal of small deposits Statistics after testing in MT4 (EURGBP M30, 2018 - 2023) Initial balance: $10,000 Net profit: $240,900 Maximum drawdown: 2.11% Profitability: 3.74 Description: The Temeria Expert Advisor is designed specifically for the rapid acceleration of small deposits, providing a high level of profit. It is based on several indicators that ensure effective trading. The results of testing over the past five years indicate its stable perfor

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