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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 107

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
Hello all This expert is a type of oscillator It works on a set of indicators with the profit tracking method With the work of cooling deals with the closure of all together It is preferred to work on the M5 timing Max Spread = 0.3 Broker link from here https://tinyurl.com/y7xkqz89 arameters: Lot1: Manual Lot Size Auto_Lot: Set true to automatically calculate optimal Lot Size based on risk preferences, Set False if you want to use manual lot size. Max_Risk: Max Risk as percentage of Equity
500 USD
Buy Sell pair
Armen Mkrtchyan
Opens 2 orders - Buy and Sell with stop and profit, in case of failure, increases the lot. All ingenious is simple! You no longer need to follow the chart, the news, just launch the advisor and go about your business. The most important thing is to set the correct Stop Loss and Take Profit values, so that orders are not quickly closed by Stop Loss, as well as competent adherence to the money management rules. Sooner or later, the advisor will always close with profit.
30 USD
Agus Wahyu Pratomo
SALE THIS MONTH PRICE DROP TO $59 ...!!! REAL PRICE IS $150 WILL BACK AT THE END OF MARCH SuperMac EA is a trading robot  for the trading on forex and trades  Scalping  Strategy and Tren Follower. This is a Trend Following system that trades in all session.   It use Multi Complex Algorithm to determine tren behaviour.  EA optimized on EURUSD, GBPUSD and NZDUSD (Use together) but can be use on other pair  Use PAIR can use 3 pairs (recommended to maximize profit) at the same time (Magic
59 USD
Alpha Factor
Viktor Barilko
Alpha Factor is an automated Forex Expert Advisor, ideal for GBPUSD. The robot analyzes the market and automatically determines entry points based on the identified price fluctuations. The robot uses a dynamic system of profit fixing and risk control. To make an entry decision, the robot monitors the formation of divergence and filters signals taking into account patterns by volume. The robot uses virtual floating Take Profit, Stop Loss. Decisions are made at the opening of the bar. The robot
150 USD
Arawako MT4
Anthony Cruz Ruiz Hernandez
This is the Total & Real version of   Arawako MT4 EA   , based on the Bollinger Bands indicator. I have created an open strategy you can modify at your will, as it has been specially designed for trading GOLD at 0.01 but it can work in all pairs and any other lot start option.  >> Demo version can be found at the following link << It provides the option to take advantage of its 2 signals:   Crossing with MAs   or   Top and Bottom retracements of the BBands indicator .  Minimum recommended b
250 USD
US30 Chainsaw EA
Mazen Ismail Darwish Aladgham
~Designed to survive any market crashes including the  COVID-19 pandemic 36% crash that happened  in March 2020~   Important fact about indices and stocks market These markets are born to be bullish in nature. Hence, what you will see in the next section is a BUY ONLY EA. All what you need to know about this powerful EA Needs a minimum of $50,000 as an initial balance. Works ONLY for US30. A BUY ONLY EA that is designed to survive ANY crash ( i.e.  COVID-19 pandemic  36% crash in March 2020 w
899 USD
Bravo Trader
Matas Milevicius
Hello all traders,this is my new creation named Bravo Trader EA. :) All traders are constantly looking for something new, and promising in their trades. My new creation should meet the expectations of every trader. ;) At first i would like to warn who should use my robot,this is very important rules! Rule 1 : Your broker must have RAW spreads,or spreads not higher like 0.6 points.If your broker does not meet the specified criteria please do not buy my robot! Rule 2 : You must use good and stab
89 USD
Description of the Expert Advisor: You can trade with any strategies and any Expert Advisors, but there comes a time when trading comes to a standstill. All dogmas and rules are violated and you do not know what to do next. My hands drop and I want to take a break, but there are several thousand dollars at stake, which is so insulting to leave to the mercy of fate. You can of course just put a lock, go on vacation and then calmly sort everything out, and you can entrust all this to the advise
500 USD
EA Mata Elang Pro
Agus Wahyu Pratomo
SALE THIS MONTH PRICE DROP TO $133 ...!!! REAL PRICE IS $250 WILL BACK AT THE END OF November See EA Performance on Backtesting with low balance   =  https://youtu.be/8Wok_CTzcsQ Contact me at telegram https://t.me/tomosie See Live performance 1:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1272314 See Live performance 2: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1015029 See Live performance 3: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1040522 Mata Elang EA is a trading robot  for the trading on forex and trades  Scalping 
133 USD
Indicator for Binary options  Binary Dream Trader Expiration time and 1 candle Timeframes from m1 to m15 No redrawing High quality of correct signals 70% or more Any money management can be used If it is a martingale, the profitability will increase It is not recommended to use Martingale on a small account Signals Blue up arrow buy signal Red down arrow sell signal
100 USD
Pavel Krysanov
Данный индикатор рисует на графике стрелки, которые являются сигнала на вход и выход из сделки, а также в качестве фильтра индикатор окрашивает каждую свечу в синий и красный цвет. Дополнительно ко всему в левом верхнем окне показывается сила тренда и его направление по основным парам. У индикатора новая логика, которая существенно отличает его от множества аналогов. Он дает ранние сигналы на вход и на выход, свои значения не перерисовывает — то есть, если индикатор дал сигнал на вход в сделку,
49 USD
Hot Level Lines
Mahmood Chazavizadeh
About this indicator This indicator displays the OHLC values ​​of all selected timeframes for the specified candles number in the form of lines. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What is the idea behind this indicator? As you know, support/resistance areas provide good trading opportunities for traders. One of the best ways to detect these areas is to use the High, Low, Close (or even Open) values ​​of the previous ca
30 USD
Max Loss In Currency
Joseph Arthur Sykes
Protect your balance and set your max drawdown levels before closing all trades. Enable the EA on one chart and set your Max Loss (in currency). The EA will monitor your open trades and if the level goes beyond your max loss then the EA will close all open trades. Note - The EA only monitors open positions and does not take into account positions that have already been closed. Usage Scenarios: When running EA's. Without monitoring EA's can cause large levels of drawdown. With our product you can
30 USD
[50% OFF for a limited time of one month! !! Only now on sale] Once set, sleep! After setting "eAXiS", you are free. This EA Make a better deal than any other trader and your money It will increase the production. All you have to do is "eAXiS" Just set and start automatic trading. "EAXiS" frees you from time, work and money Will give you. Buying this EA is a cheap investment for that. "EAXiS Ultimate GBPUSD" details exchange data for the past 20 years It has been analyzed in detail
200 USD
Stanislav Chertopyatov
4.2 (5)
Remaining 2 copies priced at $ 119, next price $ 199. MegaTrend is a trading system based on medium-term impulse price fluctuations. Each trade is opened when there is a corresponding trend. MegaTrend conducts in-depth technical analysis of your chosen currency pair and takes into account fundamental factors when using the news filter. The Expert Advisor does not use aggressive and dangerous trading methods and therefore is as stable as possible when using certain settings. For safe and the mos
119 USD
FDP Strong Point
Yauheni Dashevich
This indicator shows a candlestick combination based on dodge, dodge and pin-bar. This combination is similar to fakes, but has a different logic. The logic is to be on the side of the force after the uncertainty. It has proven to be effective. You also get a quick guide to using the indicator and my almost 24/7 support. The indicator is universal and useful for trading binary options (you will receive additional rules on this issue), forex, ETF, cryptocurrencies and much more. Supports timefram
150 USD
All Candlesticks Library is an indicator that provides an intelligent Pattern Recognition system with a REALLY WIDE RANGE of candlestick variations! There are over      100      candlesticks patterns, from common doji and consolidation variations and series of well-known momentum and breakout candles to rare patterns we don't see everyday. PLUS, it comes with(NOT 100% ACCURATED, yet fair enough) Statistics ! You can choose either you see it, the candlesticks ,both or none of them, change the
149 USD
The Consistent Trader is very useful if you want to improve your performance in the long term and avoid common mistakes . This EA adds a panel where you can put SIZE and stop loss PIPS of positions. You can open a sell or buy (one at time), and you can close it with a close button. It also shows actual pips spread. This works only alone without others EA (one instance), and only opening positions with its dedicated panel. This Utility helps and does these things : You cannot watch and open timef
50 USD
My personal profitable forex expert advisor is a robot that uses different trading strategies to execute a BUY or a SELL trade. This expert advisor, with the right settings is able to give you the best profitable results. The biggest lead of my profitable Forex Robot is that it can trade the 6 major pairs in a nutshell, it is multicurrency. It can trade EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, NZDUSD, USDJPY and USDCHF. It runs on 1 hour Time Frame. My expert advisor is 100% automatic and it runs 24 hours a
240 USD
Greedy Bear
Dmitriy Prigodich
"Greedy Bear" is an expert advisor for traders who trade consciously. It is based on the strategy of returning prices to the average values during the European trading session. Accordingly, the expert Advisor trades the following instruments: EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURGBP, EURAUD, EURCHF, EURCAD, USDCAD, GBPCHF. The Expert Advisor allows you to disperse small deposits, because of this strong feature, and got its name. It is also an excellent tool for everyday trading. Parameters: "_Slippage" - Sli
100 USD
Sam level trading assistant is an expert advisor that mainly helps a trader to automatically place and manage trades basing on key levels of support and resistance that are MANUALLY drawn on the chart by the trader. These key levels include trend lines and rectangles. The expert advisor can either automatically open SINGLE trades by opening buy or sell orders, HEDGE by opening both a buy stop and a sell stop order or send ALERTS when a given criteria such as a candlestick/ bar either TOUCHING or
80 USD
Fox Wise
Cutting Edge Forex LLC
Built to handle trending, volatile,quiet, and range bound markets. Fox Wise can handle it all in stride. With a fleet of strategies  using standard indicators with repeating price patterns unique to USDJPY. No longer are you tied to 1 strategy prone to long periods of drawdown and stagnation!  Fox Wise operates on the USDJPY1 hour chart.   Backt-test from 2003-Today to see the amazing results! Plenty of activations (15). Good News USA Traders! We have FIFO settings! No grid, no martingale,
19 999 USD
Cutting Edge Forex LLC
Why limit yourself to 1 single strategy that is at the whim of the market, prone to long periods of drawdown and loss? Now you can release an army of strategies that can handle any market situation. Trending, volatile, range bound, it doesn't matter. Using standard indicators with price patterns Unique to EURUSD Luminary dominates in all conditions.  Luminary operates on the EURUSD 1 hour chart.   Backt-test from 2003-Today to see the amazing results! Plenty of activations (15). Good News USA
19 999 USD
Ahmet Metin Yilmaz
This indicator examines the relative strengths of the currencies of 8 different countries and displays the one that has the potential to gain profit in the short term as a suggestion. The relative strength of each country's currency over the selected time period is shown on the graph as a percentage. The recommended currency according to BuyLevel and SellLevel determined by the user is shown in the bottom right section. The indicator also automatically brings up the 30-minute graph of the sugge
50 USD
Welcome to the Candle Calculator Robot This Robot functions fully automated. Can trades All Pairs Can trade All Time Frames The Robot is very simple and has the following trading options +Lot Sizes +TP +SL +Trailing +Trading Hours You can use the robot straight away. But you need to test which Pair, time frame and settings do you prefer. (If you decrease the Candle Size settings then you will get more trades) Please be careful by using the robot and set the lot size sensible. I wish everyone the
31.30 USD
Andrey Kolmogorov
5 (2)
Promotional price: only for the first 4  buyers - $149 . next price $399 . There is always movement and price return in the market. Usually, the price return occurs after an abnormally large candlestick size. The main goal of the Berserker is to make money on this. In his work, Berserker uses 3 modes of opening orders: 1.   Multi - a mode in which 2 opposite orders are opened simultaneously; 2. Reverse   - a mode in which, immediately after closing an order by Stop Loss, a new order is op
149 USD
SL Currency Heatmap
Chalin Saranga Jayathilake
5 (5)
LAUNCH PROMO OFFER : $63(FOR LIMITED COPIES ONLY)  ONLY 4 COPIES AVAILABLE AT $99 NEXT PRICE $199  my group link   https://t.me/SLStrength28pair  / back testing can't; get indicator full performance  Trading the currency markets is a complex business. With so many pairs and multiple timeframes it is almost impossible to monitor them all – but with with the Currency Heatmap you can. The Currency Heatmap indicator delivers the information you need to base your trading decisions on the entire sp
98 USD
红黄绿简明指示趋势与震荡指标升级版。 使用红黄绿三色来标示上升趋势 、震荡、下跌趋势。 红色表示空头趋势(下跌)。 绿色表示多头趋势(上涨)。 黄色表示震荡区域。 从黄色转变为红色时,行情可能从震荡转变为下跌趋势。一段连续的红色,说明下跌趋势很强。 从黄色转变为绿色时,行情可能从震荡转变为上升趋势。一段连续的绿色,说明上升趋势很强。 指标的上半部分区域和下半部分区域若同步为红色,表明下跌趋势已经形成共振,接下来大概率走出一段空头趋势。 同时,红绿黄分为上下两部分: 若上下部分同时为绿色,表明上涨趋势已经形成共振,接下来大概率走出一段多头趋势。 若上下部分同时为红色,表明下跌趋势已经形成共振,接下来大概率走出一段空头趋势。 若上下同时为黄色,表明当前行情为震荡。 升级版2.0: 新增两条快慢线。 当慢线(Blue/Red线)为蓝色时,视为多头行情。当慢线为红色时,视为空头行情。 当快线(DarkGray线)从下方向上穿过慢线时,作为参考做多信号,激进交易者可进场做多。反之亦然。 参数可调。 //+------------------------------------------
30 USD
Break Out Magic
Mohammadal Alizadehmadani
<< See how it works on YouTube >> You can also download the script of this indicator for free here: BreakOutMagic_EA.ex4 Then copy it to the following address: ...\MetaTrader 4\MQL4\Experts Note that in order for the script to work, it must have already downloaded and activated the Break Out Magic indicator from the market. Possibilities: Arrow signal to buy, sell and hit the targets Alert signal send mail Execute custom audio file The Break Out Magic indicator monitors price fluctuations over
30 USD
Aleksandr Chernov
A trading robot based on the TMA indicator. The recommended timeframe is 1 hour. The robot is equipped with a unique system for getting out of drawdowns, which is activated when the "Down" level of loss in the deposit currency set in the robot settings is reached. During the activity of this system, the "Profit" value is not taken into account in the settings. It can be used as a drawdown withdrawal tool! Just set the robot on the chart, it will pick up your unprofitable orders and begin to w
40 USD
Smart GOLD
INNO Smart Solutions
MT4   EA -   Smart   GOLD It is a fully automated   MT4 EA specially designed for XAUUSD (SPOT GOLD). The   EA applied   2   Layer Trading System ( MLT2) and the   TP/SL for every position is in equity amount   instead of   in   pips. General Strategy Definition Currency   pair:   XAUUSD   only Chart setting: The robot works   well on   the   M30   timeframe   ONLY User friendly:     Basic input parameters required, then set and forget Usage of this EA: Good for generating Passive Income Low M
2 000 USD
This PRICE ACTION  trading EA is best for low risk steady growth. The EA has ability to smartly increase and decrease risk percent per trade  to maximize the gain. No INDICATORS are used of any kind. There is NO HEDGING or MARTINGALE. This Ea is fully set and forget based, but if you want you can also manually move your stop and profit target and can also close the trades whenever you want, it will not affect the EA algorithm. If You are new to robot trading, run with default settings. NOT
210 USD
XAUUSD . Timeframe H1. Minimum  initial deposit = $ 1000 with lot = 0.01 It is safer to trade with a $  2,000  deposit with an initial lot = 0.01 Average number of transactions per month = 6.5 EA Perfect Balance XAUUSD Live results:    https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals Attention:  the EA is configured for trading with 0.01 lot. If the Trader wants to work with a lot different from 0.01 then: • If you use a starting lot = 0.02 - Maximum lot size when using Balance = 2.0 (min deposit = $ 20
250 USD
EASTER SALE OFF!!! PAY ATTENTION FOR SETS TO EACH ASSET (YOU WILL FIND IT ON TELEGRAM CHANEL) The Expert Advisor has the ability to trade simultaneously in Buy and Sell, regardless of where the price goes, fully automatically. When calculating simple indicators, depending on the ATR, you can adjust to any instrument. Instruments: VIX, Nasdaq, XAGUSD (Silver),   FX and  others (the settings for each instrument are different and are located in the Telegram channel   https://t.me/oxbearpro )
350 USD
Ninja Wolf Robot GMT
Mohammed Mahajna
4.18 (22)
------------------------------so important : please adjust the (shift hour inputs ) based on you broker gmt time ---------------- https://t.me/NinjaWolfRobot  Telegram channel  4 copies left for 449$  next price 549$ FINAL PRICE : 3499$  checkout the new two robots from IROBOT TEAM here :  SHARK and INFERNO Robots  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/68110 https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/68914 the Robot has passed all stress-testes in tough conditions. it's in   a real
449 USD
Rambo Breakout
Mahammadjamil Kazi
Follow a step-by-step system that detects the most powerful breakouts! Discover market patterns that generate massive rewards based on a proven and tested strategy. Benefits You Get On Indicator: Unique price action based algorithm. Powerful combination to any trading strategy. Auto-detects entry, exit, stop loss & take profit levels. Auto-calculates statistics of signals. Never repaints, never backpaints, never recalculates. Signals strictly on the "Close of the bar". Works in all symbol
99 USD
Sunset EA
Trevor Schuil
The Sunset EA is a fully automatic strategy for scalping near the end of each trading day. The strategy is based on the standard envelopes indicator. The strategy is able to maintain a high win rate while keeping a low draw down. T here are no complications to the strategy. One trade at a time. It simply opens and closes the trade, no pending order, no trailing stop and the profit and stop levels are dynamically mapped based on the current market conditions. The expert advisor will place the st
200 USD
Aleksander Gladkov
Composition of ATR and RSI indicators. The ATR RSI indicator compares two calculations of the ATR indicator with the Fast and Slow periods on one chart, plus the line of the average and the overbought and oversold zones of the RSI indicator. ATR shows the values of the volatility change in the currency pair in points, taking into account the period specified as a parameter. The entry points provided by the RSI indicator show a very good risk-reward ratio in volatile and trending markets. ATR
30 USD
Mikhail Voropaev
1 (1)
- Super promotion: 10 copies for $ 100 !!! (6 copies left) - Next price: $ 150 The Expert Advisor works optimally exclusively on the USDJPY currency pair! Monitoring the account of the advisor with the SET1 parameters, risk 5% Monitoring the account of the Expert Advisor with SET2 parameters, risk 10% Files with parameters for USDJPY: SET1 SET2 You can select parameters for EURUSD and GBPUSD. The Expert Advisor does not use additional indicators to enter a trade. Trading is based on the brea
100 USD
This indicator is a must have tool that scans the active chart for candlestick patterns. It labels each bar according the candlestick pattern(s) that it finds enabling you to more easily analyze price action and be more informed about your trading decision. There are 103 common and uncommon possible patterns plus 6 new patterns based on research that the indicator can identify. If a candlestick(s) meets the requirements for multiple patterns, the bar will be labeled with up to 4 patterns names f
79.99 USD
Paul Reymkhe
3.31 (13)
                           B ULL   B EAR   I NNOVATION                  ️ Technology To Success ️                                     LAUNCH PROMO - 35% SALE !  -  on request we have decided to offer 5 LAST COPIES - 2 LEFT!                          After all the years of hard research, development and testing, we present to you o
479 USD
EA trades trend based on multi-timeframe LWMA crossover. Recommended markets are GOLD, DE30 and US indices (strong moves, low costs) !!! PARAMETERS StartHour         - EA trades from specified hour (default from London open session - UTC2 brokers time) EndHour           - EA trade till  specified hour  (default till NewYork close session - UTC brokers time) CloseTime        - closes trade at specified time in seconds (only if UseTimeExit = True) Lots                 - number of Lots per trade Lo
249 USD
Elf Stability
Alexey Kapkov
Elf Stability It can work on 4 currency pairs at the same time. The automatic multi-currency trading adviser is able to adjust to any currency pair and time interval. It can be used both for quick balance raising and for safe and quiet trading. The Expert Advisor is based on a universal indicator that filters out market noises, works both in trending and non-trending market conditions. This indicator is perfect for scalp trades with a fixed or a percentage of profit. The Expert Advisor does n
30 USD
What is this EA about? This EA is right for you if you use martingale or grid systems without own recovery. Why? Using Martingale or grid systems are pretty good on one hand because the give steady little return. But if the trend goes against the system, more and more trades are opened. It can lead to destroy your whole account. During a trend there are some pullbacks. This EA is taking advantage of these pullbacks. It takes the oldest and youngest ticket to calculate the average price between t
30 USD
EA follows trend using Bollinger Bands with specified period and deviation. Recommended markets are GOLD, DE30 and US indices (strong moves, low costs) !!! PARAMETERS EA_timeframe  - download M1 data history and select desired timeframe (higher TF more stable results) StartHour         - EA trades from specified hour (default from London open session - UTC2 brokers time) EndHour           - EA trade till  specified hour  (default till NewYork close session - UTC brokers time) CloseTime        -
249 USD
实盘交易盈利,回测年化125%,回撤25%,交易量少,不是经常下单,挂起后要有耐心。没有多牛的技术,只是一套简单的交易策略,贵在长期坚持,长期执行。我们有时候就是把自己高复杂,想想我们交易的历程,你就会发现,小白好赚钱,当你懂得越多的时候也是亏损的开始,总是今天用这个技术,明天用那个指标,到头来发现,没有一个指标适合你。其实每个技术指标都是概率性的,没有100%的胜率。很多技术指标你要融合一套交易策略,资金仓位控制,止损止盈比例,一套策略下来下一步你做的就是执行力了,必须要坚决执行你的交易策略,如果不能坚持的话最终还是在亏损。说实话不是每个人都有好的心态和执行力,所以我们做出来这款ea自己来用,发现时间久了扭亏为盈了,那现在就拿出来给大家分享,让更多的人来达到自己的盈利目标。购买后留下邮箱或添加软件里的qq,我们会根据你的资金来调整软件参数。 经测试过的柱数 14794 用于复盘的即时价数量 51321985 复盘模型的质量 n/a 输入图表错误 213935 起始资金 10000.00 点差 当前 (54) 总净盈利 12583.42 总获利 37630.02 总亏损 -25046.
1 999 USD
VPO Profile MT4
Kyra Nickaline Watson-gordon
Definition : VPO is a Volume Price Opportunity. Instead of using bars or candles with an Open, High, Low, and Close price, each "bar" in a Market Profile is represented by horizontal bars against the price It is called Market Profile terminology. In other words volume-price-opportunity (VPO) profiles are histograms of how many volumes were traded at each price within the span of the profile. By using a VPO chart, you are able to analyze the amount of trading activity, based on volume, for eac
60 USD
InpRSIshort =13; // RSI short  InpRSIPeriod =34; // RSI long  PeriodRs =0; //Price 0C 4HL/2 5HLC/3   mafast =13;//mafast  maslow =65;//MAslow Double line RSI sub graph index. The parameters are adjustable. The RSI lines with two different cycles can be used to observe the trend strength effectively. Meanwhile, a short period cross long period color column image is displayed below. When the cycle (Jin Cha) is on the short cycle, the color of the column map changes from the light green to th
30 USD
Smart Stop FX
Mayuran Sokkan
Smart Stop FX - Never let a winning trade become a losing trade, ever again. Smart Stop FX is an intelligent trade management robot that gives you the flexibility to manage your trades even when you can't be on the charts. Either sleeping, a long flight, or the myriad of other commitments that life throws our way, Smart Stop FX can give you the security that your positions won't go into unnecessary losses.  There are three ways to use Smart Stop FX.  Breakeven Mode - In this mode, Smart Stop
199 USD
Hong Chang Ban Ru
[50% OFF for a limited time of one month! !! Only now on sale] Win rate 85% -95%! I have overcome the Lehman shock and his COVID-19 shock. A high-end version of the super expert advisor "eAXiS", which once boasted an annual sales record of over 3,000 on Japanese sales sites Introducing "eAXiS Pro". Even if you are a complete beginner of EA, it is easy to install and realizes the strongest trade. EA optimally controls up to 100 positions After the engineering engineer analyzed the price
90 USD
The Velocity of price change   ( VP ) indicator shows the average rate of price change at those characteristic time intervals where this rate was approximately constant. The robust algorithm used in VP   to smooth out the price from its random jumps, ensures the reliability of the indicator reading, which does not react to simple price volatility and its insignificant movements.             The indicator allows you to track trends and the moments of their reversals , during which t
30 USD
Adeleke Awojobi
This is an EA based on price action and Volatility using a tested algorithm. This EA ONLY works best with gold-dollar  XAU-USD on 1 min TF The EA will open trades only when a signal is found. Please do note that this EA does not necessarily open Trades on a daily basis. Also note that this EA has not been optimised either. Advise - 1 min TimeFrame - to run EA with a broker that has very tight spreads with a maximum spread of 20 points(2 pips) - only on XAU/USD - VPS strongly advised for uninterr
1 500 USD
Description : RSI crossover MT4 Expert Advisor is based on Relative Strength Index Technical Indicator and works as follows : Buy order is placed when the Indicator crosses bellow Level 30 and the exit Buy when the Indicator crosses above Level 70 Sell order is placed when the Indicator crosses bellow Level 70 and the exit Sell when the Indicator crosses above Level 30 The Expert Advisor settings are as follows  : The parameters below can be set according to your trading rules. Magic Number : (
49 USD
FX Pip Catcher
Viktor Barilko
FX Pip Catcher is an automated Forex Expert Advisor, perfect for GBPAUD. The robot analyzes the market and automatically determines entry points based on the identified price fluctuations. The robot uses a dynamic system of profit fixing and risk control. To make an entry decision, the robot tracks patterns by volume and filters signals taking into account the Pivot Points levels. The robot uses virtual floating Take Profit, Stop Loss. Decisions are made at the opening of the bar. The robot wo
69 USD
Mohammed Ziyadh Abdool Karim
BeanStoch is an advanced, fully automated Expert developed to trade with EURUSD. Experts uses the Stochastic indicator as well as two Exponential Moving AVerages only for EURUSD on the 15M timeframe Experts showed stable results on EURUSD in the 2018-2021period. No dangerous methods of money management used, no martingale, no grid or hedge. Suitable for any broker conditions. Working symbol EURUSD Working Timeframe: M15 Min deposit:  $ 100  Features: No martingale, grid, hedge or other dangerou
69.99 USD
This robot enters the market follow the main trend during the pullback. Monitoring:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/901442 The Trading system is Multi-currency and is able to trade:  GBPUSD,GBPNZD,GBPJPY,GBPCHF TimeFrame: M15 You can also try it with other currency pair.    It is simple to use. EA use the open price of the bar, so you can backtest with the data Model: "Open prices only". Every trade is protected by Stop-Loss.  Features: No dangerous money management are used Easy t
45 USD
Star Signal
Yaroslav Varankin
Start Signal is one of the most reliable tools for trading in the financial markets  With the help of Start Signal, you can trade both Bnary Options and other markets Such as Forex  Initially, Start Signal was developed for Binary Options But during the trading, it was decided that it is also well suited for scalping  Moreover, it provides good accuracy Perfect for both beginners and experienced traders The signals are extremely simple and straightforward You don't need to analyze a lot of infor
600 USD
Strike Forex
Yaroslav Varankin
5 (1)
the indicator is designed for trading in financial markets for scalping, pipsing the tool uses support and maintenance levels in its algorithm own strategy and unique development signals up arrow buy down arrow sale recommended for use on timeframes up to 15 m you can trade from signal to signal pay attention to the transaction no more than 2% of the deposit.
300 USD
Binary Luck
Yaroslav Varankin
A good and reliable tool if you follow the rules of money management Developed according to its own strategy on a unique algorithm The indicator is completely sharpened for binary options Binary Luck is very easy to use, nothing needs to be configured Just add to the chart and you can start trading Perfect for both beginners and experienced traders Signals are simple and straightforward Up arrow buy Down arrow sale Recommended time of expiration and 1 candle For one deal no more than 3% of the d
600 USD
Adeleke Awojobi
This is an EA based on price action and Volatility using a tested algorithm. This EA ONLY works best with GBP-USD on 1 min TF The EA will open trades only when a signal is found. Please do note that this EA does not necessarily open Trades on a daily basis. Also note that this EA has not been optimised either. Advise - 1 min TimeFrame - to run EA with a broker that has very tight spreads with a maximum spread of 10 points(1 pip) - only on GBP/USD - VPS strongly advised for uninterrupted signals 
1 500 USD
SUIT FOREX EA ROBOT PREMIUM  Suit Forex EA Robot   is the breakthrough Forex Robot that can help you achieve your realistic profit goal faster than you could ever imagine. It's for the sophisticated and conservative busy investors and traders like you. It will enable you to start right away. You can trade as you learn and master more complex trading techniques. With this EA, your friends will be amazed of the quick 180-degree turn of your trading venture.  Be the one that you tr
400 USD
This EA has been developed, tested and traded live on DOW JONES (US30) M15 TF. Everything is ready for immediate use on real account. Very SIMPLE STRATEGY with only FEW PARAMETERS.  Strategy is based on FIBO BREAKOUT .   It enters if volatility raise after some time of consolidation .  It uses  STOP   pending orders with FIXED STOP LOSS and TAKE PROFIT.   To catch more profits there is a  TRAILING PROFIT  function in the strategy.  EA has been backtested on more than 10-year long tick data with
30 USD
Mykhailo Hrynkiv
Fxinvest EA- is an automatic advisor for major currency pairs, using a price action system and a combination of indicators to calculate the entry. The Expert Advisor is recommended to be used on the 15M timeframe, with the following currency pairs: EURUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY, AUDUSD, GBPUSD with the default setting. Each trade has a set take profit and stop loss. The EA uses martingale. Minimum balance $ 300 - lot 0.01. One currency pair. Recommended -1000 $ for 4 currency pairs Input pa
122 USD
This indicator XX Power indicator.Indicator displays trend movement. Indicator helps to buy and sell.In dicator displays arrow and line. Features FiltPer - displays indicator period. How to understand the status:   If the Trend color is green, trend is up. I f the Trend color is red, trend is down.    //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////
50 USD
The forbidden fruit
Evgeniy Ilin
5 (1)
В режиме "по умолчанию" советник реализует стратегию "усреднение" и способен работать годами. В советнике так же есть второй более сложный но интересный режим который способен дать каждому уникальную возможность :   гарантированное создание своей торговой системы в считанные часы или дни .    Важная информация:   Для тех кто хочет просто попытать удачу предусмотрено решение по умолчанию которое позволит вам окунуться в мир торговли не думая о каких то сложностях, вам нужно лишь скачать и з
125 USD
!!!!UPDATED VERSION!!!! Multi Currency Strength Indicator is the ultimate simple multi-currency strength dash meter that consists of Signal provider and automated labelled levels,  that is effective for beginners and seasoned traders to enhance their strategies. The Author coded the program for the aim of bringing simplicity yet effective indicator that is user-friendly for all who use it. Try it out , its worth a try. INDICATOR INCLUDES:   1.Push Notification to get notifications on MT4 App o
119 USD
The Cauchy distribution is a classic example of a fat-tailed distribution. Thick tails indicate that the probability of a random variable deviating from the central trend is very high. So, for a normal distribution, the deviation of a random variable from its mathematical expectation by 3 or more standard deviations is extremely rare (the 3 sigma rule), and for the Cauchy distribution, deviations from the center can be arbitrarily large. This property can be used to simulate price changes in th
30 USD
This indicator gives you PSar crossings in the form of blue and yellow dots on the chart, as well as a Moving Average. Parameters: MAPeriod (Change to your preference) Alerts PSarStep PSarMaximum How to use: Simply attach to any chart with default settings. Sell on yellow dots, with white MA line above price.  Buy on blue dots, with white MA line below price. Best results when checking the higher time frames before entering trades. Best results on Major Pairs, but can also be used on other pairs
39 USD
This intelligent system is unique in the world. It can adapt to the environment it has never seen before, and analyze the best direction and the best bit by itself, which is the most important core of the system! The EA has been subjected to stress tests for a period of  10 years  and passes every year with a very advantageous profit/drawdown ratio. All Trades are covered by StopLoss and TakeProfit. EA will deal with the change of the market by itself. When the non-agricultural prices fluctuate
299 USD
Adr alert multi pair
Vladimiro Lazzaretti
Indicator is able to alert by pop and acoustic alarm the achievement of the average price range of the last periods so as to be able to set our operation. It allows different percentage variables reached and periods of variation according to the parameters entered. Apply your reverse strategies to achieving that threshold so you get higher success rates. Indispensabile per le strategie reverse intraday.
69 USD

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