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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 111

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
Khayelihle Tosh
AutoTraderEA Description As the name says, this is an autotrading robot.   It trades on H1 timeframe.  It looks for clear trades, and is very accurate, yet still will take a couple of trades per week. Otherwise losses are minimised through a 130 pip StopLoss which can be modified. AutoTrader gives the user the ability to choose whether to keep trading volumes the same or change in direct proportion to the change in the account equity.   The EA has been backtested only on the EURUSD pair over a
450 USD
Deal Trading Trend
Sukunthakan Ngernbamrung
Deal trading trend is a useful indicator tool, easy-to-use to show market trend. You can consider the direction of the market for up or down by using this indicator. To entry the buy or sell position with take profit and stop loss display on a chart. Parameters Period bar - the number of bars used to calculate the trend. Profit factor - the factor used to calculate take profit levels.                      Decreasing the profit factor will give more take profit                      Increa
69 USD
East Markets Scalper  for MT4 is a fully automated currency trading robot, with which you can trade more than one pair at a time - MULTI-TRADING MODE - up to 15 currency pairs. EA works on limit orders at the opening of the Asian markets – after start Sydney and Tokyo. Each order is protected with Stop Loss and Take Profit! By default, EA works in GMT time format and places limit orders after a certain time after opening Sydney - if your broker is displaced - you need to adjust !. You can use Ti
399 USD
Stepladder Pro Stepladder Pro is an excellent support and resistance indicator that is both precise and reliable. A Price level's role and color are shown when it is clearly broken the level.  That means Support can turn into Resistance, and Resistance might turn into Support. Features - Only momentum candle's stepladder line are displayed. - A graphical response is generated if a level is clearly out of the average calculation for a certain period. ( There hasn't been much change. ) Graphi
30 USD
Prisma EA
David Jukl
The Prisma Expert Advisor is a set of rules that allows you to achieve consistent results on the FOREX currency market thanks to sophisticated open position management, quality money management and opening and closing of positions, where mathematics together with probability play the main role. Prisma is able to work with stability on all major currency pairs and their combinations provided the system is run with a suitable broker that offers favorable conditions for such trading. However, it is
1 300 USD
This is a fully automatic intelligent robot, do not need you to have any trading experience, as long as the correct installation of robots can be! Loading EA ON EURUSD FOR 1H. The robot will work automatically. You don't have to do anything! Monitoring signal: https://www.mql5.com/zh/signals/1244488?source=Site +Signals+My   Not Sensitive to point difference, but we still recommend using ECN ACCOUNT! It simply loads ea on USDNOK H1 and automatically trades EURUSD and GBPUSD. You don't need t
99 USD
Trend VS
Andriy Sydoruk
Trend VS is a simple indicator with simple and reliable signals. The high speed of reading signals from the chart is an advantage for a trader using this type of analysis. What could be faster than a visual signal from a chart? Only software reception of such signals. But we trade manually and receive signals visually. Everything happens quickly - they saw a signal, opened a deal, placed stop orders. Also an important advantage of using the Trend VS indicator is the fact that it does not redr
33 USD
Chanel Support:   https://t.me/speaforex Live signal:   https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1248505 Recommend: Timeframe: M5 Pair: EURUSD, GBPUSD  Balance: 20.000 cent (or 20.000usd) with 0.01 for 2 pair  - Recommend broker Cent Exness  have VPS free :  www.exness.com Download set file ( NOT USE DEFAULT ):     https://c.mql5.com/31/707/EU_SET.set https://c.mql5.com/31/707/GU_SET.set ******* - Add url in option MT4: Tool > Option >  Expert Advisors > Check Allow WebRequest for listed URL: https://
35 USD
Color RSI With Alert
Andrei Valentin Stefan
The   Relative Strength Index   technical indicator (RSI) is a price-following oscillator that ranges between 0 and 100. When Wilder introduced the Relative Strength Index, he recommended using a 14-day RSI.. Since then, the 9-day and 25-day Relative Strength Index indicators have also gained popularity. A popular method of analyzing the RSI is to look for a divergence in which the security is making a new high, but the RSI is failing to surpass its previous high. This divergence is an indicati
30 USD
MT4 Auto Trade Management Pro is an EA help you manage all open orders in MT4 platform. This tool help you get more advantages when you trade by manually or by other EA. FEATURES:   A lot of functions Auto Close all Opposite Orders Auto Close all Orders: By total win/loss. By time Auto Close all Buy/Sell Orders of all Symbols: By total win/loss Auto Close an Order: By win/loss Auto Close Partially an Order: After reaching pip value or reward/risk ratio Auto Break-Even: After reaching pips o
99 USD
Who Strong Who Weak
Nantakan Leungonnam
Who Strong Who Weak ? Hola Traders. Who Strong Who Weak ? This is my new a indicator.  It will help to show the flow of money. by using the currency pairs BASE ON USD. Makes you know  currency   how much change by BASE ON USD. You will see THE MONEY FLOW and SUPPORT ZONE and RESISTANCE ZONE of all currency. I will always help you if you have any questions. Best regards, Nantakan. ENJOY.
30 USD
Trend Simon - allows you to determine the current trend. Using the algorithm implemented in this indicator, you can quickly understand which trend is currently developing in the market. The indicator ignores sharp fluctuations and market noise and monitors market trends. Trend Simon indicators can be used along with oscillators as a filter. Flexible settings of Trend Simon indicators allow you to receive more accurate signals for opening positions on different instruments. For calculations, t
133 USD
Gruber Plus
Pavels Voitesonoks
The Gruber Plus Expert Advisor is based on the impulse movement of the forex market . Channel link to Telegram : https://t.me/GruberPlusEA This Expert Advisor was created for the GBP USD pair, but it works perfectly on other pairs as well.By default, the advisor is configured with a pair GBPUSD The Gruber Plus Expert Advisor works with a network of orders. The principle of the strategy of the Gruber Plus Expert Advisor : The first order is opened according to the trend, it is closed when the pr
499 USD
Gladius EA
Mohd Ikhwan Bin Agusalim
Gladius EA is fully automatic trading using Price Action Analysis with the help of custom built-in indicators to identify patterns and determine probabilities of future movements in the market. Forget about a good backtest result. These Experts designed and optimized to trade Silver (XAGUSD) only. There are no same strategies as other Gladius products. Real signal for [Gladius EA + Gladius EA Pro] publish at MQL5 platform only Buy Gladius EA Pro:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/69791
85.50 USD
Victor Golovkov
Сигнальный индикатор "SDATA" рассчитывается на основе стандартного отклонения от простой средней скользящей пропорционально среднеквадратичному отклонению. Настройки индикатора: Data bars - количество баров для рассчета Deviation Data - среднеквадратичное отклонение Smooth Data - сглаживание данных Code Arrow Buy - код значка на покупку Color Arrow Buy - цвет значка на покупку Code Arrow Sell - код значка на продажу Color Arrow Sell - цвет значка на продажу В момент инициализации индикатора (при
30 USD
Trend movement
Vitalii Zakharuk
The Trend movement indicator calculates the saturation levels of the price chart. A signal to exit the oversold area is a buy signal. A signal to exit the overbought area is a sell signal. Usually, you need to set the relative values ​​for the overbought and oversold levels Bottom and Top - for this indicator. Most often, a good trend is visible on a price chart visually. But an experienced trader should clearly understand the current balance of power in the market before entering. And the in
119 USD
Maryna Shulzhenko
The bot uses 4 MACD indicators and two MAs in its work, thus a zone is formed for trading on the breakdown of the Bands channel and, accordingly, with a minimum stop level and only one deal. The bot also takes into account parameters such as slippage, spread and volatility. Entry is made only when there is sufficient volatility. Thus, the bot works using sharp tick movements. It is recommended to work on liquid Forex pairs with a low spread. The lower the commission and the spread, the greater
499 USD
[MTF_IHBGod.ex4] Version3.01 【feature】 Aggregate the price movements of 28 currency pairs and visualize the power relationship of the FX market. The target is 8 major currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, AUD, CAD, CHF, NZD). -The divergence rate of the two EMAs is aggregated for each currency pair to visualize the power balance of the FX market. -It reduces the labor of monitoring multiple charts and enables you to recognize the market environment at a glance. -There are 14 types of display modes,
150 USD
The Golders 4
Lee Teik Hong
The Golders 4 The Golders 4 is a MetaTrader 4 Expert Advisor that uses a proprietary algorithm based on Price Overbought & Oversold Method to fully automate your trading. "Price Overbought & Oversold Method" is the Auto Entry strategy. It is also a trading tool that be used to practise and enhance your manual trading skills.  This is a GOLD trader's expert.    Strategy The strategy of The Golders 4 was coded using the Price Overbought & Oversold Method which is based on Overbought   / Oversold
888 USD
Black Shark
Tran Quang Trung
Ea uses a price action trading system. Ea will check the important keylevel and wait for the price to break through the keylevel and come back to test again to make sure the price will follow the trend. This is a price action trading robot, the EA will stick to the medium term trend and price to deliver trades. Orders are always protected by the user set stop loss points. With the capital management system, it will help that EA operates in accordance with its purpose. Telegram :   https://t.me/t
50 USD
CODE Alpha MT4
Michael A Kurnanto
CODE Alpha MT4 #1 EA for GOLD from MDK This EA is a   FULLY AUTOMATED TRADING ADVISOR  specially optimized for   scalping on XAU/USD or GOLD pair 30M or higher time frame . Proven intelligent algorithm used to maximize profit in all market conditions. NO MARTINGALE and NO GRID  !! Features EA trades 1 open position at a time (FIFO), protected with   STOPLOSS   and   TAKEPROFIT   on every trade. Using an optimized algorithim to secure profit,   MINIMIZING LOSS   trade and   OPTIMIZING RESU
199 USD
Control Shot - Unique indicator for identifying trends. The new system adapts to the market, eliminates additional conditions and copes with its task. A revolutionary new way to identify the start of a trend early. The trend indicator, shows signals, can be used with an optimal risk ratio. It uses reliable algorithms in its calculations. Shows favorable moments for entering the market with arrows, that is, using the indicator is quite simple. Tired of adjusting the indicator settings, wasting
139 USD
A Renko chart is a type of chart, developed by the Japanese, that is built using price movement rather than both price   and   standardized time intervals like most charts are. It is thought to be named after the Japanese word for bricks, "renga," since the chart looks like a series of bricks. A new brick is created when the price moves a specified price amount, and each block is positioned at a 45-degree angle (up or down) to the prior brick. ADXRenko EA Work with Renko chart and a VPS -------
390 USD
Its best to have Money and Risk management strategy than not to have any. Those strategy helps to risk low amount in any trade and helps to manage money so that few loosing trade wont have significant impact in your trading balance. The best part is it does all the calculations and places order accordingly. Other things that it does are: Makes sure that only 2% of total balance is risked per trade. Manges money by investing high in low volatile pairs and invest less in high volatile pairs Places
30 USD
Channel Smooth
Tatiana Savkevych
Channel Smooth - Forex channel indicator is a very useful and relevant tool for any trader, thanks to which you can efficiently and competently perform plotting on the chart, including automatically, without wasting time on independent calculations and eliminating the risk of incorrect point selection. Channels are needed to trade channel strategies that involve working within a certain price range. The key difference between the Channel Smooth indicator and other channel indicators (for exam
109 USD
Tran Thanh Khoi
There aren't any History Check results there ! All of it will be done by you and experience the results when you download the trial It very simple to setup and running on Live Trading and Backtest safety  Some Description Of Expert : 1. Trade multiple currency pairs at the same time. Each currency is represented by a random MagicNumber code 2. Minimum account balance should be 1000 USD. You can split them with multiple Micro accounts 100 USD to take advantage of compound interest. Starting with
200 USD
Scaper pro
Leonid Arkhipov
5 (3)
Scalper pro grid  is a trading robot that uses its own scalping trading system using position averaging. Trades are opened and closed using several filters and indicators with pinpoint accuracy. And if the price does not go in our direction, then the grid of orders is activated, which will bring a negative order to a plus. Note: The robot stretches the mesh not just like that through the distance every 20 or 30 points, like ordinary mesh workers, but individually. For each currency pair, the av
300 USD
The Expert Advisor cannot be tested in the MT4 Strategy Tester! Only on MT5, so put it on a demo account and test it in real time or download the same version for MT5. The Expert Advisor trades on instruments with a high correlation. At the same time, it insures (hedges) each transaction is made at the expense of another instrument. The principle of insurance is that we buy one instrument, and sell the opposite one. Since pairs with a positive correlation always follow in the same direction, t
750 USD
EA Machine
Yury Zaikouski
4.3 (10)
My name is Yuri - I'm a trader! I have bought many Expert Advisors over the years. But none of them suited my trading style. For over a year I have been developing my own trading system My robot with all my skills and many years of trading in the market is ready! The truth is this. The biggest problem with most automated trading systems is that they all perform great backtests, but few of them actually work on real accounts. My Expert Advisor shows real trading in real time !!! The real si
49 USD
For This Indicator 'WL Percent R' This indicator is an upgrade of traditional Williams %R on MT4. 1. Up trend : indicator is above -50 and strong trend is above -20. 2. Down trend : indicator is below -50 and strong trend is below -80. How to use... 1. You can be customize color and level of indicator. 2. You can be customize alert and define alert on next bar or instant bar. Williams Percent R (Williams %R)  credit : https://www.investopedia.com/terms/w/williamsr.asp Williams %R, also
50 USD
Candles trend
It is the indicator do calculations of patern candles  . In the main window indicators   for make technical analysis of the market, currencies, currency pairs, precious metals and oil, and you can also analyze various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. The indicator analyzes quotes and, based on their data, displays its icons on the chart for trading analysis. The indicator works very well, its do not needed much power, does not freeze and does not slow down even a weak processor in
30 USD
NO Panic EA
Aydin Poladli
NO Panic EA   is the advanced trending system, which utilizes smart entry/exit algorithms with sophisticated filtering methods to identify only the safest entry points during calm periods of the market. This system is focused on a  long-term stable growth . It is a professional tool developed by me years ago that is constantly updated, incorporating all the latest innovations in the trading area. Nothing fancy here, no testing Holy Grails, no "risk-free martingale", only strict rule-based appro
200 USD
Christoph Karl Peter Engelhardt
This is a gamble Expert Advisor!! It will open randomly trades on markets which are in your watchlist (left). You select how much you will risk. It uses the  compound interest effect. Example: Starting with $10 1. Trade + $10 -> $20 2. Trade + $20 -> $40 3. Trade + $40 -> $80 4. Trade + $80 -> $160 5. Trade + $160 -> $320 6. Trade + $320 -> $640 .. and so on! If you reach the 17th trade sucessfully, you have over 1 Million Dollar!! (Starting with $10) It risks max. 90% of your money stake,
30 USD
Hello all The expert advisor works only for cent It is preferable to work from this company in the same way as the cent account in the video https://one.exness.link/a/lmeqq9b7  A hedging expert works on gold From the expert settings, zero is added to the Take Profit If the gold chart is, there are two or three numbers after the decimal point It is best to watch the video explaining how it works on gold : Otherwise, it will work as it is in the settings without a zero increase An idea of ​​tes
500 USD
RADAR DASHBOARD The Radar Dashboard shows the current "Trend Feeling" of each symbol based on the key indicators from the Classic Technical Analysis. As more indicators shift from Sell to Buy, it is suggested that the Trend is now Up (buy). As more indicators change from Buy to Sell, it is suggested that the Trend is now Bearish (sell). The interpretation by the columns of "CANDLES" can also show us possible reversals or pullbacks. For example: A large amount of red squares in H4 (bear candle
49 USD
This indicator is designed to identify trend reversal points. Its main difference from others is that it does not use moving indicators such as MA and built on its basis, namely, it does not show a trend reversal after the fact of a reversal, but tries to predict a trend reversal even BEFORE the reversal begins. The indicator is based on many different author's developments that allow you to minimize the number of false signals. The Trend Predictor indicator will be a very good helper in your
59 USD
Buy The Dip Util
Heiko Kendziorra
Buy The Dip Util is an  halfautomatic  expert advisor (EA), to   buy on dips (days lows) and sell on spikes (days highs). A profit can exceed a loss trade up to 10 times , so the user can have several loss trades and still make profit. Orders are opened at the change of the hour , if a button in the chart is pressed. The  Buy The Dip as EA  does this automaticly. The order stoploss is automaticly set right below the low of the former hour (buy) or right over the high (sell). The position s
69 USD
This trade copy utility allows you to instantly copy and sync unlimited orders from multiple masters to multiple slaves on your local machine. You can create custom channels (or portfolios) with advanced filtering to copy from multiple masters (on one or several accounts) over to multiple slaves (on one or several accounts). Moreover, you can tailor these channels with an array of lot sizing and trade condition elements to ensure copied trades outperform the original source. Copy from MT4 to MT4
100 USD
EA 225 pips
Oleg Besedin
It is a trading "engine" and an open platform   with free settings and a scalable trading system, which is a template and basis for creating and adding new trading algorithms. The EA's base already includes several variants of trading robots, and there will be more of them in the future. The openness of the project and the trading system   will unite users into a community to develop the base of algorithms and find the best options for the expert advisor. (The trading system is new and work
30 USD
Trading on the breakout of daily volatility, taking into account the specifics of real accounts. No risky strategies. All trades are protected by a stop loss. You can work with a minimum initial deposit of $10.  There is a version of this robot for the MT5 platform Day Breakout MT5 Strategy. The robot monitors the market situation when, after the onset of a new day, the level of the high or low of the previous day is broken. Experience shows that in this case, as a rule, there is a signifi
200 USD
Sto Extreme
Santi Dankamjad
Concept : Sto Extreme  Entry order point  is a set of Stochastic oscillator (5,3,3) (customizable). There are 4 types of entry points: 1. Main line  cross above/below Signal line : Main line Intersect Signal Line (2 lines intersect) 2. Main line line or Signal line cross out OVB/OVS : Main line /Signal Line (Optional) cross above OVB and cross below OVS 3. Main line line or Signal line cross in OVB/OVS : Main line /Signal Line (Optional) cross below OVB and cross above OVS 4. Main line line or S
99 USD
Safe Trend mt4
Olalekan Gisanrin
Safe Trend   Indicator works on M1, M5, M15, M30, H1 and H4 timeframes. It confirms trade directions. Scalpers,   Intraday, especially swing, intermediate and  long term traders will especially find this indicator useful. On chart edits and other show/hide buttons make possible clarity of chart while Sate Trend Indicator remains active even when hidden. Send an order  not far from any of the most current circular colored spot  that you see on the chart. Also if any additional same order in the c
40 USD
Market conditions
Aleksey Kadachigov
I am glad to welcome you. Here is a current real-time broker trading conditions informer. All parameters are shown on the image. They are swap, price, lot margin, lot point value, spread, stop level, freeze level, leverage, margin stop out level. Informer may be useful for everyone. Especially during strong market movements when broker can change trading conditions in a second.
30 USD
The automatic size calculator (MK01) is a tool that the trader adds on the MT4 chart of each chart and calculates the right lot to enter for each trade while maintaining a certain capital risk for example of 2% (percentage that can be modified from the settings), therefore allows you to manage the capital for each trade executed on the market and allows you to keep the total of possible losses / gains under control, as it updates in real time the total risk that would be lost if all operations g
125 USD
Equity C4
Siboniso Maxwell Mvelase
Equity C4 expert advisor analizes the price movement continuously and if specific movement is detected it places pending orders very close (using the default settings) to the price , using small stops and trailstop for taking profit . No martingale or lot size increase is used . Equity C4   is mainly based on the possible  mean return of the price when fast price movements occure. BuyStop or SellStop orders are placed shortly behind the price , taking into account that usualy fast price movemen
95 USD
Chief Governor MT4
Busingye Tusasirwe
ChiefGovernor is a new Expert Advisor that trades the EURUSD on the 15Min chart/timeframe. The EA is very patient and selects very good entries which result in good performance.  If you are backtesting, use BasicBalance=80 or above for "TradingMode=Recovery"; and BasicBalance=50 or above for "TradingMode=Original". MT4 version:   https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/69514 >> Trades   EURUSD 15Min timeframe >> Tested May 2003 to April 2021 using   "Every tick based on real ticks" . Used high q
199 USD
The Monvic Hunter EA uses an Advanced AI Martingale Strategy, by Means of a Simple strategy to Trade on Market. It is designed with Full functionality to Trading on Extremely volatile Market, it trades with on fundamentals.  EA Features : A High-Frequency Trading EA : EA will open more trades. If you want a lower number of trades, use Higher timeframes or limit the number of trades on EA inputs. All orders will be placed by Stop Loss. EA Based on Smart Entry Point finding It come with pre-bu
99 USD
Araz ETrend
Mahmoud Karkeh Abadi
Finding the right trend is always one of the most important points of trading If you agree with me then let's move on How do we recognize the trend? As you well know, one of the best and most widely used standard indicators is the ATR. There is no special magic We try to identify the trend by calculating the amount of ATR and the amount of Multiplier. You can use this indicator in all currencies and all time frames. Of course, note that the purpose of this indicator is to show the t
39 USD
Nesbhv1 lot mng
Thamer Sitr Allah A Althobaiti
Pending deals are opened, and if it continues in a certain direction, the expert advisor opens other deals in the same direction and reserves its profit first, and in the event that the trend reverses, opposite deals are opened and closed the old deals on the stop loss and goes to open other deals And when news is reported, it is preferable to activate the expert advisor on gold and currencies against the dollar and against the yen Stay away from other currencies.
100 USD
Stenvall MK III
Gennady Sergienko
2.23 (13)
This is the 3rd generation of the EA Stenvall. The EA Stenvall MK III trading method is a hybrid of a trend strategy with a countertrend strategy.  Stenvall is well suited for long-term use in private investments or for creating a trust management account; Facts about Stenvall: The first version of Stenvall was created in 2016. The first public version is available on MQL5 in 2019; From the moment of EA public offering until today, performance monitoring is open and available for viewin
980 USD
Only 2 copies left at 30$ Dont forget more points. With this indicator you can control all fibo levels in all pairs and all timeframes in the same control panel Main features Multi-pair: Select the pairs to watch or see automatically all pairs Multi timeframe: You can control the levels to shown in the panel Sensibility level: Select the distance in points to show or see the alert in the panel Get alerts by email, push or in the screen
30 USD
Trend Bilio - an arrow indicator without redrawing shows potential market entry points in the form of arrows of the corresponding color: upward red arrows suggest opening a buy, green down arrows - selling. The entrance is supposed to be at the next bar after the pointer. The arrow indicator Trend Bilio visually "unloads" the price chart and saves time for analysis: no signal - no deal, if an opposite signal appears, then the current deal should be closed. It is Trend Bilio that is considered
140 USD
Ramon Sobrevals Arce
Immediately plots renko bars in an external/indicator window.  One of the distinctive advantages Renko charts offer is the fact that they are not time dependent. Therefore, the new Renko blocks are only traced when the price moves higher or lower by the specified number of points.  For example, a 10 pip (100 points) Renko chart would plot the blocks when price moves 10 pips higher in an uptrend or 10 pips lower in a downtrend. Renko charts removes "noises" from the Market and i t helps to ident
49 USD
Tick Chart Window
Ramon Sobrevals Arce
Do you need precision? Tick charts show each change in the ask or bid; The chart updates whenever either price changes. Study the markets more deeply, with surgical precision. Tick Chart Window saves all the received ticks and shows them into a seperate window. Get the best entry price in the Market.               trade with precision trade good  Spread Register In the comment section you will see the highest spread, the lowest spread and the average spread since the indicator was loaded.
30 USD
API - Account Push Info is a Tool for "EVERYONE", who want to get the Live Statistics of an MT4 Trading Account, independent if you trade live or demo or automaticly or manual. It send the Report periodly to the Mobile Device with Push Message or to your Mail Account. The Report includes many important kind of Data, like: - a Specified Name for the Account / System - its a Live or Demo Account - Balance, Equity, - Drawdown in Currency and Percent, - Sum of Deposits, - Active Positions - Ac
30 USD
Araz Pressure
Mahmoud Karkeh Abadi
There is a very simple rule It is  Always difficult to cross high pressure areas and easy to cross low pressure areas MT5 version is available here This is definitely true for price It was so simple, it was not! So let's get started This indicator shows you the amount of pressure in that area according to the bars that it shows. The longer the bar, the higher the pressure in that area It also marks the most pressed area with a rectangle From now on you can simply decide on the
39 USD
FBO Trend Momentum   FBO Trend Momentum  is a simple to use trend following system. It detects the prevailing trend and gives entry points when there is momentum in the direction of the trend. Suitable for defining entry points for scalping as well as for intra-day trading. Features Works with the prevailing market trend. Suitable for all markets (currency pairs, metals and indices). Ideal for trading on the H1, H4 and D1 time frames. Does not redraw/repaint the arrows. Arrows are confirmed at t
30 USD
This Expert Advisor finds volume accumulation levels in the trading history and also identifies Doji and Engulfing candles, which often foreshadow a market reversal. If such a candlestick appears at the volume level and the price seems to be repelled from the level, the EA opens a trade. In addition to trading, it can display volume levels and signal candles to make its strategy clearer for users (and can also be used as an indicator). The Expert Advisor has many settings for optimization, so th
45 USD
Olga Zhdanova
A great addition to your lucrative portfolio of expert advisors. The strategy is based on an algorithm for breaking through the built levels for a certain period of time. The EA has a fixed StopLoss, which allows you to keep the minimum drawdown. Tested on all ticks using the Tick Data Suite , with the closest possible real trading conditions, watch the video. Price for the first 10 buyers $ 75 (I beg you to post your reports in the comments) Recommendations: Good ECN broker with low spread
75 USD
Forex shocker
Viktor Barilko
Forex shocker is an automatic Forex trading advisor, ideal for EURUSD. The robot analyzes the market and automatically determines entry points based on the identified price fluctuations. The robot uses a dynamic system of profit taking and risk control. To make an entry decision, the robot monitors the formation of divergence and filters the signals taking into account price levels. The robot uses virtual floating Take Profit, Stop Loss. Decisions are made at the opening of the bar. The robot wo
90 USD
Kelve Flany Espirito Santo Guadalupe
Joe   Expert   Advisor   is   a   scalper’s   delight   and   level   tranding   strategy   based   on     ZigZag ,  Stochastic   and   RSI   indicator . This   EA   is   designed   to   track   and   link extreme   points   on   the   activity   chart ,   offering   one   of   the   easiest   ways   to   plot   trend   lines and   places   market   orders   based   on   the   combination   of  3  indicator ,  buying   low   and   selling   high   with   Recovery   Settings.  Profit   Money: 5
30 USD
The indicator takes very large price movements,you can trade on any instruments and on any timeframe,you can enter immediately when a signal appears or wait for a consolidation and enter on the next candle,the line can flash on the first candle this is done so that you can make a decision earlier.I am not ashamed of this indicator,run it in the tester and see what movements it takes.Have a good trade.After the purchase, I will give detailed instructions.
1 250 USD
Bonosu Pro
Anthonius Soruh
Bonosu Pro is Binary Option Indicator Generates a signal only 0 - 2 signals / pair daily. works on all pairs. Time Frame only M1 recommended expaired is 5 Minutes. Default setting GMT Offset = GMT +3 can be adjusted manually. Can be used for automated trading using platforms such as MT2 trading. Backtest menu Highly Winrate history tester No Delay No Repaint Similiar product Bintang Binary R2 Indicator https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/57755
50 USD
Thanks for visiting our page. About The Robot. We are gonna make it short and sweet. we have live results to prove our robots performance. you can check the screenshots or the video to see the live results to get more live results or to ask any questions regarding our product contact us via telegram https:/ /t.me/rlc_fx We recommend that you contact us before setting up your account so we can guide you to have the best result possible but the recommendations are.. A broker with Reasonable Spread
30 USD
Are you looking for the holy grail ? This trading system is not for you . Tired of looking for unreliable bots on the market? your research has finally come to an end . Just look at the pictures below, download your free demo and since you will be satisfied, you will buy the trading system and you will run it on your real account . This EA is optimized to trade on H1 timeframe on GBPNZD,EURNZD,AUDCHF,USDCHF,AUDJPY,NZDUSD .   good luck!! Parameters : magic number- bot identification number;
399 USD
This Expert Advisor based on Great Idea has  been developed for a long time, its algorithm has been corrected, and now I am putting it on the market at an affordable price that will be valid for a limited time! The essence of the strategy lies in the technical analysis of each individual day, which is based on the levels from which the price is likely to push off. The strategy does not use averaging and dangerous money management methods! The EA opens one order and then accompanies it! T
75 USD
This Expert Advisor based on Great Idea has   been developed for a long time, its algorithm has been corrected, and now I am putting it on the market at an affordable price that will be valid for a limited time! The essence of the strategy lies in the technical analysis of each individual day, which is based on the levels from which the price is likely to push off. The strategy does not use averaging and dangerous money management methods! The EA opens one order and then accompanies it!
75 USD
This Expert Advisor based on Great Idea has   been developed for a long time, its algorithm has been corrected, and now I am putting it on the market at an affordable price that will be valid for a limited time! The essence of the strategy lies in the technical analysis of each individual day, which is based on the levels from which the price is likely to push off. The strategy does not use averaging and dangerous money management methods! The EA opens one order and then accompanies it!
75 USD
This Expert Advisor based on Great Idea has   been developed for a long time, its algorithm has been corrected, and now I am putting it on the market at an affordable price that will be valid for a limited time! The essence of the strategy lies in the technical analysis of each individual day, which is based on the levels from which the price is likely to push off. The strategy does not use averaging and dangerous money management methods! The EA opens one order and then accompanies it!
75 USD
This Expert Advisor based on Great Idea has   been developed for a long time, its algorithm has been corrected, and now I am putting it on the market at an affordable price that will be valid for a limited time! The essence of the strategy lies in the technical analysis of each individual day, which is based on the levels from which the price is likely to push off. The strategy does not use averaging and dangerous money management methods! The EA opens one order and then accompanies it!
75 USD

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