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The DoubleEverest Expert Advisor is a pure, distilled idea. This automated EA follows its own unique mathematical algorithm.


  • no indicators
  • no martingale, locking, averaging, other risky money management techniques
  • trades every day

DoubleEverest catches the price in the European and American sessions. Considers the volatility and dynamics of the market.

DoubleEverest places pending orders on the price extremes: of the past and current day, fractals, significant resistance and support levels. It relies on volatility, therefore, the EA considers it at the beginning of each day.

The default settings are for UsdJpy, H1. Easily optimized for GbpUsd, EurJpy, AudJpy, GbpJpy.

You can start trading with $100. Recommended deposit is $300 and higher. Make sure you test the EA on a demo account before using it on a live account.


  • FixLot - fixed trade lot
  • Perc - dynamic trade lot (if FixLot = 0)
  • tpCoef - take profit to stop loss ratio (stop loss is located at the nearest extreme)
  • OpenHour - hour to start trading
  • CloseHour - hour to delete untriggered pending orders
  • Magic - identification number of trades
  • Tf ‒ timeframe. If set to current, the EA works on the timeframe it is attached to.
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