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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 113

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
CityScape summarizes prices into an easy to read pattern that oscillates between 0 and 1. Repetition of CityScape pattern may indicate that the price pattern will also be repeated. CityScape pattern can be used as a quick reference to predict what the price may do by looking for a similar CityScape Pattern in the recent past. Cross currency pairs and cross timescale pattern comparisons may also provide insight into what the price will do. Inputs Local Max period: Controls the width of the City
60 USD
Spike Defense Lime
Tyrae Trae Bailey
Ouch! Watch out for the spikes! They're very sharp. Funny huh? I thought I should show a little humor. All right back to the revised product. Allow me to introduce you my updated EA product: Spike Defense Lime 2. Previously, it only made buy orders. I just upgraded  it and it finally has the power to make both automatic buys and sells with a pretty fair lot size. This bot has an alligator indicator equipped with it with 3 colored lines. It is now available for MT4. An important piece of advice :
500 USD
Gold Hunter FX
Mohammadhossein Yoosefiizad
️️️️️   Mr Fibonacci Robot Mix Ichimoku And ADX   ️️️️️  Best time frame M5 .  Change Lot Size to 0.01 for Martingale Mode.  Manual PDF of Robot GOLD SET FILE HERE Account Balance :   recommended  1000$  and higher Best time frame M5 .  Change Lot Size to 0.01 for Martingale Mode.  Optimize on GOLD(XAUUSD).  If you need   help   : My WhatsUp Number: +989020473963 : if you want to contact to me in  WhatsApp  click  HERE  . My Email : Money.transporter@gmail.co
199 USD
Majestic FX MT4 Fiber
Christian Schuerger
I am a 51 year old, young at heart trader who has been involved in active trading since 2009. In the beginning I had a lot of different strategies. Sometimes more, sometimes less successful. I honestly admit that I hit a few accounts against the wall too. I had to learn a lot before I could successfully establish myself in trading. From all these experiences (good as well as bad) the idea of ​​a trading robot arose. And exactly this - Majestic-FX - MT 4 Fiber - is now available to you! I ha
299 USD
Japanese candlesticks can be used for any time frame, whether it be one day, one hour, 30-minutes ….whatever you want! They are used to describe the price action during the given time frame. Japanese candlesticks are formed using the open, high, low, and close of the chosen time period. CandleStick Scanner X provides market analysis through the detection and analysis of Japanese candlestick patterns. Candlestick based market analysis is one of the most popular technical analysis methods. Combina
44 USD
AGS Scalping 2
Filip Valkovic
AGS Scalper 2  is a powerful and versatile trading robot with very customizable risk/profit Trading strategy : identification of overbought and oversold conditions of the market, and checking for trend reverse Just look at the first screenshot .  I’ve made 264% profit per month!  First month u sing this EA, I achieved  win   ratio 100% with maximal DD 18%.  It was just from one pair, this EA can run on more pairs, maximizing profit and minimalizing risk .   It was just the first version of AGS
149 USD
Trend Reversal 2 Professional
Dominic Gabriel Isele
2 (1)
This indicator is for MT4 and provides a signal when a trend is reversing. Applicable to all Forex currencies, indices, metals and cryptocurrencies. This indicator specializes in a trend reversal, it recognizes that a trend is coming to an end and that the market is changing direction. It works best on the 1 h, 4 h and 1 D chart.   Advantages Easy to install, Easy to use. Two Modes Open trades early when the trend revers Trade big moves with the "Strong" alert. The indicator will not give conf
30 USD
The EA is based on a scalping strategy in a calm market time. In quiet times, the price on the chart is almost always in the Flat, and the EA trades in the flat. The EA provide a variety of filters to filter out trend situations and trade only during flat price periods. Each trade uses a stop loss and take profit. Also, smart filters for fixing the transfer of stops to profit. To create a strategy, we used historical data with a history quality of 99.9%. The EA has the following features: Uses a
30 USD
Jean Francois Le Bas
This indicator is profitable on 28/28 forex pairs on H1 timeframe WITHOUT SPREAD. You need to substract the spread to the profit amounts shown The code is robust with a high chance to continue being profitable no matter how the price action evolves.  But profitable on 28 pairs doesn't mean you should trade all the pairs all the time:  On less popular ones, liquidity is low, so spread will usually be high and will eat all the profits. You have to be careful and trade only when the spread is low
110 USD
Morten Kruse
Jaws is a fully automated Expert Advisor with trades the pullbacks. It includes a very complicated  recovery system. General Recommendations The minimum deposit is 500 USD. Use a broker with good execution and with a spread of 2-5 points. A very fast VPS is required, preferably with a latency of no more than 3. This EA works best at an 1:500 leverage account with small spread and microlots 0.01. I recomend this broker http://www.icmarkets.com/?camp=28024 for best performance. LIVE PERFORMANCE
399 USD
Snake Dragon Doubler
Wajeeh Ul Hassan -
!! SPECIAL SALE !! ONLY A FEW COPIES LEFT AT 249$ FINAL PRICE WILL BE 4300$ Be sure to rate it after using it XDoubler EA (Back testing is not correct on Strategy tester this EA Strategy is a very Unique after the Purchase I give you all set file) Forex trading is not easy and you can’t sit 24/7 to trade. If you do, you won’t know when you grow old and regret you didn’t enjoy your money and your freedom. So, I developed Snake Dragon Doubler EA to suit the 2 types of Forex traders. Whic
249 USD
Ahmet Metin Yilmaz
Indicator values are in the range 0-100. The greater is the indicator value, the greater is the market stability, so the more likely we have trend. The smaller is the indicator value - the less probable the trend is. Tips: Trading on unstable market:     Buy, when moving average (blue line) of the CMI indicator is below 40 and the histogram is red.     Sell when moving average (blue line) of the CMI indicator is below 40 and the histogram is green.     Close positions when CMI his
40 USD
This is a simple mt4 advisor that monitors the drawdown levels Features: Easy to use Useful for money managers How to Use  Load the EA once a single chart Type the maximum drawdown desired in inputs Leave the EA alone and never close that chart The EA monitors all trades and magic numbers in your account. Input Parameter Drawdown Percent:   Maximum drawdown in percentage terms allowable in the account. When the drawdown level is surpassed, the EA will close all trades and delete all pendin
50 USD
Utibe Udoh
MartinPro   (or Martingale Pro) is a martingale-based  scalper EA. It is recommended to be traded on only one pair at a time -- preferably Gold or GBPUSD . You can follow or copy the free live signal for Gold (XAUUSD) Recommended minimum equity: GBPUSD (Currency) is 2,000 USD (Or 2,000 USC in cent/micro account) for 0.01 initial lot size ; Gold (Metal) is 10,000 USD ( Or 10,000 USC in cent/micro account) at 0.01 initial lot size . You can increment your initial FixLots based on increased e
30 USD
Boom Expert
Morten Kruse
Boom Expert is a fully automated Expert Advisor with trades the pullbacks. It includes a very complicated  recovery system. General Recommendations The minimum deposit is 500 USD. Use a broker with good execution and with a spread of 2-5 points. A very fast VPS is required, preferably with a latency of no more than 3. This EA works best at an 1:500 leverage account with small spread and microlots 0.01. I recomend this broker http://www.icmarkets.com/?camp=28024 for best performance. Default p
49 USD
The EA TradeXStation serves as an interface between the Excel-based TradeXStation (TXS) and the Metatrader. The trading signals from the TXS can, depending on your configuration, already be interpreted as a ready-made signal by the Metatrader or you can treat the signal as a stimulus without execution. In addition to the trading signals, it is possible to examine the EA in backtest mode with pure signals from the TXS. This primarily includes pure Point & Figure raw data, or pre-filtered data tha
30 USD
Mechanism : The EA opening trade base on the standard " Japanese CandleSticks Technical Analysis " and confirming the signal by various reversal zone define by "Divergence, Support and Resistance, and some common Indicators like Sto, Bollinger Band, MACD etc" under the CONFIRMATION INPUTS SETTINGS (True/false option). Lot Method: The EA is Implemented with fixed lot size and Auto lot base on specified Risk Management System base on the available account balance by some percent risk of that's. Tr
149 USD
Ahmet Metin Yilmaz
Switch & Refresh Charts This Script shows all the charts open on your MT4 platform in sequence with a delay of the second you specify, and refreshes the displayed charts if desired. When it comes to the first chart you started, it waits for the minute you specify and starts the same cycle again. The file you downloaded is located in the 'Scripts' section and when you come to the graphic you started to finalize, it should be removed from the chart as seen in the screenshot.
30 USD
MACD ColorHist
Andrei Valentin Stefan
MACD ColorBars paints bar frames according to a trend, as well as changes the histogram color when MACD bars are rising or falling (if   Color Bars   is enabled in the inputs window). The growth of bars indicates a divergence between the fast and slow moving averages, while the decrease indicates their convergence. Parameters Fast Moving Average   - period of the fast moving average; Slow Moving Average   - period of the slow moving average; MA method   - moving average smoothing method (sim
30 USD
Gold breakthrough EA  Key Advantages: EA is the trend to break through the trend of entering the market. Designed for trading XAUUSD,It implements a simple and homeopathic trading strategy, mainly applied to XAUUSD H1. 1.Fully automated trading 24/5. 2.Can handle deposits larger than $100 3.Always use stop loss to control risk. 4.Homeopathic trading, one order at a time, no Martin, no grid. 5.Ability to set the time of the transaction. 6.Can choose fixed batch mode or compound interest mode. 7.
499 USD
Ahmet Metin Yilmaz
Double Smoothed Price Momentum Oscillator The Momentum Oscillator measures the amount that a security’s price has changed over a given period of time. The Momentum Oscillator is the current price divided by the price of a previous period, and the quotient is multiplied by 100. The result is an indicator that oscillates around 100. Values less than 100 indicate negative momentum, or decreasing price, and vice versa. Double Smoothed Price Momentum Oscillator examines the price changes in the dete
50 USD
Elite Ranger
Amirhossein Heydarijokani
Monitoring Signal : https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1053154 Time Limited Promotion ----> Just 360$ for Unlimited Use Next price would be 460$ No Martingale No Anti-Martingale No Grid No HFT No Doubling Every Position Has its Stoploss  Recommendations for this EA I highly recommend  EURCHF , but  also EURJPY and EURCAD currency pairs would be have good results. For EURCHF  its recommended to use M30, but M5, M15, H1 are also good timeframes. EA should run on a good  ECN account. Av
360 USD
This is an EA that automatically sets the Stoploss of the order to the entry price. This EA works for most currency pairs and Gold. For simplicity, I set the input: - Auto Entry: Yes || No: You type Yes or No for the EA to work or not. - tral_stop: The distance between the current price and the entry price. If enough and greater than the required distance of the Server, Stoploss will move to entry. - Entry + Fix Point: For example, if you type 10 Points, the Stoploss will be translated by 10 Poi
70 USD
Please try Backtest with the lowest spread : ( from 5 to maximum 20 for GOLD(XAUUSD) Because the ECN accounts Types have very low The indicators used in this expert have nothing to do with the standard indicators in the market and are completely derived from strategy Timeframe М1, currency pairs   XAUUSD Minimum deposit 200 usd. My contact:  https://t.me/ENZODOLLAR My contact:  https://t.me/Arminhsh Important note : Please download setfiles before doing a Backtest , Default setting
30 000 USD
Pacific Shark
Mohammed Mahajna
4 (1)
PACIFIC SHARK Robot is automated trading system based on Efficiency Ratio calculation  --No Martingale or Grid or other dangerous methods are used-- Live signal :  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1090996 in order to test and live trade 1 : test only on GBP/USD 2 : use only a daily time frame  (D1) 3: GMT Data Time = adjust shift hour EA input   ||| in (BACKTEST) based on your Historical data GMT time  ||| on (LIVE) based on your broker GMT ||| 4 DST : None we advice to test with Tick Data S
249 USD
The trend allows you to predict the price movement and determine the main directions of the conclusion of transactions. The construction of trend lines is possible using various methods suitable for the trader's trading style. This indicator calculates the parameters of the trend movement based on the von Mises distribution. Using this distribution makes it possible to obtain stable values ​​of the trend equation. In addition to calculating the trend, the levels of possible deviations up and do
30 USD
Emotional Advantage EA
Joonas Olavi Vyhtinen
Emotional Advantage EA trades GOLD M5, M15, M30 using custom RSI & MA levels. Take advantage of trading with low emotion.  This EA is not meant to give you ”to the moon returns” or a lamborghini lifestyle.    This EA is built to flatten your harmful emotions so that you can trade your own risk tolerance with almost no fear.   This EA has a minimum time period that the order needs to be open before closed by a signal. Please set it 5.5 as standard if using M15. Increase it if timeframe gets large
60 USD
Track Trend Triumph is a moving average indicator that allows you see candlesticks in multiple colors. It lets you see a trend in both short term and long term trading. Focus is the input of the indicator with the value of 5 and Focus 2 is the other input with 40 as it's value. This indicator is for anyone who enjoys moving average movement. It is set for current but can be use for all timeframes. When I backtested the product with currency pairs USDCAD, AUDUSD, GBPUSD,and EURUSD, it shows a div
75 USD
limited time offer few copies only left  next price 650$ FINAL PRICE : 3499$ the Robot has passed all stress-testes in tough conditions . its in   a real account for 2 years and the  performance are the same  as the 17 years back-test  --No Martingale or Grid or other dangerous methods are used-- in order to test and live trade 1 : test only on EUR/USD 2 : use only a 15 minutes time frame  (M15) 3: GMT Data Time = 0 4 DST : None i advice to test with Tick Data Suite the Robot opens only o
99 USD
Tyrae Trae Bailey
Hypershot is a channel indicator that has the ability to do a commodity channel index. It is designed for short-term trading. This indicator can activate with the range of -150 and 150 in terms of value. The solid width for the histogram is 2. After backtesting it with currency pairs EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, and USDJPY, the histogram shows blue when the candlesticks go up and purple when they go down. Please invest at your own risk as this indicator does not promise any satisfactory results. With
100 USD
Keep It Short Simple
Abdallah Moustafa Hamdy Ahm Abdelrazek
Only 10 copies for: $99 !!! Next price will be: $199 DOWNLOAD the set file for H1 or D1 time frame. Get the Set files other customers you can find in the file bank folder in the Private Customers Chat This expert advisor is designed specifically for trading on EUR/USD and grid strategy. The mathematical grid strategy allows you to optimize trading by opening a new orders to average profits so that a series of orders is closed consistently with a profit. The EA has a mobile trading panel fo
99 USD
The Prism
Yaroslav Tarasov
4.57 (21)
The Prism is a multicurency EA that trading on 7 EUR pairs (EURCAD, EURJPY, EURCHF. EURGBP EURAUD, EURNZD, EURUSD)  The EA working with Crosspairs trend filter which provides stable and safe entries in market. The Prism have Unique multithreaded system which provides quality auto lot size adjust  Deposit size can be any, Only one limit is using ea from 100 USD. More deposit making more entries and lot size To setup EA you need only drag it to any graph, all other pairs it adding automa
150 USD
Funding devil
Muhammad Farhan Rafique
1 (1)
FUNDING DEVIL INDICATOR has been developed by traders for traders and is not another combination out of existing indicators or a "magic, solve all situations" tool. PASS THE FUNDED ACCOUNTS WITH IT. It is the answer for beginners and experienced traders about the misleading concepts of the mainstream, causing 90% of retail traders, never making a living out of trading. Successful traders are "following the smart money" and do NOT try to catch every move from start to end. Consistent trade
64.99 USD
The full purchase discount is currently in progress!         The best partner for any trader!   This indicator is a classic butterfly indicator (harmonic trading). By default, it can identify 20 patterns and give prompts. You can also add custom shape parameters for custom prompts   , prompting appropriate stop loss and profit levels. The built-in algorithm of this indicator is unique and is a unique band algorithm. Index characteristics Gartley pattern, also known as Gartley "222", was
156 USD
Asian Box Breakout
Pradana Novan Rianto
Breakout Experts Advisor This Experts Advisor based on Asian Session Range breakout strategy. Instead of Classical London breakout, this Experts Advisor has unique strategy to capture the profit from straightaway breakout or fake breakout (also known as Stop Hunt Move ) with cut switch trade. This Experts Advisor works well in trending market. To avoid ranging market, this Experts Advisor uses Average Daily Range filter to calculate and make decision to enter the market or not. Expert Advisor
200 USD
Gold Ratio
Tran Thanh Tuyen
Gold Ratio EA   is a fully automated trading system that trades on the pairs  XAUUSD   on M5  Time Frame. It’s pure Price Action trading, mean reversal system that utilizes peakedness of market distribution to identify trend reversals safely. This Scalping EA uses a unique trading system that combines sophisticated automated trading with user discretion.   Gold Ratio   is one most advanced scalping systems.  Recommend broker Tickmill, Exness. Benefits Automatic market analysis by author's ind
55 USD
Global Market Sessions MT4    Session Tracker allows the user to quickly identify session times by highlighting chart bars generated at certain hours of the day. Ideal for traders who engage in day trading as well as those who trade on faster timeframes. It provides markers for the following sessions: Asian Session (open and close time) North American Session (open and close time) European Session(open and close time) Custom (user-defined) Works for H4 charts and below.
39 USD
Herman Ghost
Herman Mambwe Mujinga
" A successful trading means being able to master the art of timing, the art of execution and the art of protecting your capital in a very simple and faster way ". HermanGhost Manager  is the most powerful tool that's actually designed to help you win in terms of executing different operations BUY,BUY STOP, BUY LIMIT, SELL,SELL STOP, SELL LIMIT, STOP LOSS, TAKE PROFIT, BREAKEVEN, TRAILING STOPS, all can be executed in seconds. features : The intuitive interface One time configuration One click b
65 USD
Instructions: 1. Pivot has an attractive effect. In the absence of large longs or shorts entering the market, the price moves around the axis between r1 and s1, but the movement may be irregular. Someone specializes in trading in this range, called floor trader. 2. Under the strong push of longs or shorts, the price will break through the s1-r1 area, and there will be a trend at this time, but it is still within the normal price movement range. Within this range, there will be a strong sens
99 USD
MOK Trader MT4
Ahmed M S Abusafia
This EA is designed strictly for EURUSD on M5 timeframe. Back-tested since 2010, %DD = 20.19% It can be applied to other currency charts.   In addition, the EA uses standard deviation(SD), momentum and other indicators to help analyze the market on M5 timeframe. It is highly recommended to operate the MOK on low-spread forex brokers with  $2000   initial   deposit . Next Price $799 Recommended EURUSD Settings: Check comments section
299 USD
MT4 trend indicator works without redrawing. Provides signals for entering trades, works on charts of any instrument. Трендовый индикатор МТ4, работает без перерисовки.  Выдает сигналы для входа в сделки, работает на графиках любого инструмента. Input parameters are for styling and messages only. / Входные параметры только для оформления и сообщений. All original signal calculations do not need additional parameters. / Все оригинальные расчеты сигнала, не нуждаются в дополнительных параметрах.
30 USD
Daily Forex Signals
If you are looking for a EA can Auto Trading and send Signals to yours Telegram Chanel . DON'T MISS IT! The Expert Advisor works on a linear regression channel. The Expert Advisor trades from the channel borders, stop-loss and 2 take-profit levels with partial closing of orders are used for closing. The chart displays information about profit and draws the regression channel itself. The channel values are recalculated only when a new bar is formed. Min deposit: 200$ Recommen
30 USD
EA AutoGreen
Agus Wahyu Pratomo
AUTOGREEN EA The AUTOGREEN EA is designed specifically for trading on forex used. This EA use Price action to determine best open position.  My main goal when developing a strategy is long-term growth. See youtube video full:  https://youtu.be/ld_fSZMqZbE See Youtube Video default single entry setup backtesting:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ld_fSZMqZbE&t=1s See Youtube video with Recovery Setup backtesting:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ld_fSZMqZbE&t=518s It: Trades the ALL MAJOR
50 USD
Fan Tie Ceng
Harvester 88 The main advantages of Harvester88 EA EA is a symbiosis of trading algorithms. Designed specifically for trading major currency pairs, it implements a simple and versatile trading strategy that can be applied to any tool. 1. Fully automatic trading 24/5. 2. It can handle deposits not less than US$50. 3. Always use stop loss to control risk. 4. Use trailing stop protection to chase profits. 5. Ability to set transaction time. 6. Choose fixed-lot mode or compound interest mode
4 999 USD
T oggle button to hide and show In Price action Trading Support and resistance takes a important Part. But it is always a difficult job for traders to draw the supply and demand zones on their chart.  Even if it is drawn the chart looks annoying if other indicator is used in congestion. So This indicator is made to draw support and resistance lines automatically and more importantly have the toggle button to hide and show those lines.  Moreover it can show week zones strong zone and turncoat
99 USD
Breakout Strategy Pro
Javier Morales Fernandez
Breakout Strategy Pro is an EA that trades the breakout of London, NYC sessions having money management as a critical factor in controlling risk and increasing profit.  How does it work? The EA looks to set support and resistance during the pre-session (timing defined by the user).  When either support or resistance are crossed after the time preset by the trader, the EA will execute a trade based on the stop loss and take profit desirable. In addition, you can give a second chance to avoid fak
150 USD
Noel Martial Nguemechieu
This trading signal work with all market types , from stocks, forex and crypto market; Anytime a best entry points is found it will display it on the chart. The indicator uses various types of indicators and smart strategy to locate exits and entry points. 1-Once install , place it on the chart; 2- Wait for signal to draw arrow on located target ; 3- Do your own market analysis before placing an order; 4- Place your order; 5- If price move up and profit is made watch it closely for exit points. 
2 000 USD
Chiedozie Titus Ugwu
RippleBullRunwizard  is a professional automatic trading system designed and optimized for the MT4 platform and the  XRP/USD   pair. This system works independently on your terminal, you can run it on your computer or on a VPS because the computer must be turned on while the robot is running. The robot analyzes the market 24 hours a day, thanks to which it is more effective than a human. Updates and optimizations are made on an ongoing basis and will be available to the buyer. The robot will be
30 000 USD
Noel Martial Nguemechieu
Adjustable multicurrency's trading bot.  This Bot is trend base trading bot .  For better experience: 1- Make your first market analysis, 2- Draw a trend line on your selected timeframe, 3- Execute the program. The minimum stop loss for each trade is set to 100 pips by default. Maximum take profit is set to 200 pips. Bot uses various types of indicators , to search the best entry point base on timeframe and current market motions. If entry point is found and condition is meet a limit order will
1 000 USD
RFX Candlestick Patterns indicator enables traders with using one of the most popular price action methods in their trading strategies. This indicator automatically recognizes a set of popular bullish and bearish patterns to trade. The indicator implements a filter to eliminate a set of non-promising patterns. You can select which patterns to be recognized by the indicator. Here is the list of the patterns: Bullish / Bearish   3-Candle Reversal Bullish / Bearish   3-Inside Candles Bullish / Bear
33 USD
Dead Pool
Andrei Zubalevich
Dead Pool robot. Preamble Remember, past results do not guarantee future results. In short, this is the counter-trend MARTINGAIL. For those who do not know what martingale is, read the articles about this strategy. The result of any system depends on how you set it up, and what you prioritize, quick and large profits or long-term but stable profits. When the robot was created, of course, the goal was to create a super profitable system for all time, but in practice this is difficult to achieve.
40 USD
EA Magnet
Roman Lipatov
5 (1)
The result is visible in the first hours of operation! The bot opens a grid of orders with a minimum lot. And it fixes a small profit, but it does it very often. Thus, the profitable zones are always close to the current price.The Expert Advisor has a trading panel. With it, you can open positions that will be picked up by the Expert Advisor and taken into account in trading. The built-in switchable filter ensures trading in the direction of the trend. Use a $ 1,000 depo
50 USD
By using of this indicator, you can easily set two alerts for each timeframe of each instrument. This is how it works: 1. Add the indicator to the chart. 2. Click on "New Alert" button.  3. Drag the drawn rectangle to your desired price. 4. Then click on "Add" button to active the alert. You can do the same for the second alert. Please: Keep in mind that for each rectangle only the side of the rectangle that is close to the price is important. For a different instrument, drag it from the market
149 USD
Accelerator Pro
B Ravi Shankar
This is a unique expert advisor which Uses multi time frame analysis for trading and most importantly this EA Uses Bill Williams Accelerator oscillator indicator which is unique by itself a it is a leading indicator which helps us to enter into a trade much earlier than others. The concept behind this strategy is explained clearly in the video link in you tube. Don't forget to watch this video(not the attachment in this page)                                     https://youtu.be/cEw4W5Ml-YY  
199 USD
FXS Trade Manager
Seyedmohammad Gallafan
Trade Manager is a powerful tool for M anaging Your Trades and provides a unique M oney Management system. What trade manager do for you: In Panel: - Current Time-Frame Title - Remaining time to close candle - Current Spread - Maximum Allowed Order Volume in Lot - Daily Profit Report - Weekly Profit   Report - Monthly Profit   Report - Total Profit   Report - Show Profits in percentage /Dollar/Pips - in-panel input for set in profit Stop-Loss When Risk-Free Your Order - in-panel input for order
50 USD
Trailing Stop toolbox, better and friendly. Trailing Stop tool box using Moving Average, Parabolic SAR, Ichimoku Kijun-sen, trailing stop normal, trailing stop by candle, trailing stop by targets and trailing stop by lowest, highest candle numbers.  Manage orders by currency pairs and comments, trailing one or many orders at same time. Workflow: Set your comment, profit, stoploss, lotsize, t imeframes and chose indicator for begin. Click running button. Setting : Trailing only same comment : I
50 USD
Lemurian Trader is a multi symbols  EA/robot. User can input symbols in the external parameter separated by comma. Only need to place on the single chart, no need to open multiple chart,no limited symbols as long the symbol is available on the market watch. Sweeping signals from timeframe M15 to H4 on each symbol to find the best high/low price while it also keeps to follow the trend. Lower TF M15 as a signal and higher(M30,H1,H4) to indentify trend and high low. It means whatever timeframe we p
150 USD
The bear
Limited time offer few copies only left for $299!!!     next price $350 The bear uses an algorithm based on the RSI Alligator strategy It is developed specifically for GBPUSD and designed to give you an optimal result adapted to the post-covid market . WHY CHOOSE THIS EXPERT ADVISOR ?   No Grid, No Martingale, No Averaging, No dangerous strategy Always use Stoploss and Takeprofit   Best profitability with more than 1:1 risk reward per order Lotsize calculated from the Risk and Stoploss dist
299 USD
This indicator: 1. Does not provide any signal for trading. 2. Shows chart symbol and timeframe more visible. 3. Shows spread in digit format. 4. Shows the value of each point of current symbol per one lot. 5. Changes the symbol of current chart by one click. 6. It is useful for someone who wants to analyze different symbols on one chart. by clicking on the desired symbol name at left side, indicator draws it fast.
129 USD
Calculates the profit / loss   of all open trades, grouping them into 2 categories: Buys and Sells. The trading symbol and the floating result are displayed. My   #1 Assistant : includes 36+ functions  |   Contact me  if you have any questions Due to the different monitor resolutions, some users may encounter the fact that the labels will be displayed with an overlay or be too small. If you encounter such a problem, you can  adjust the font size:  the 1st parameter in the input variables. The
30 USD
This reliable, professional trade copier system is without a doubt one of the best on the market, it is able to copy trades at very fast speeds from one master account (sender) to one or multiple slave accounts (receivers). The system works very fast and mimics the master account a full 100%. So changing stop losses, take profits, pending orders on the master account is executed on the slave accounts too, like each other action. It is a 100% full copy (unlike many other copiers who only copy ma
39 USD
Smart Multi Systems 21 STRATEGIES  IN 1 INPUT  FileComment = "";- trade log file  EntryOnly = false;-  "TRUE"- SIGNAL TO SIGNAL MODE Can Exit by Opposite Signal = false;  IndicatorAlerts = false;-  EntryAlerts = true; ExitAlerts = true; Reentry=false( ENABLE reentries) ENTRY SETTING PARAMETERS EntryStyle = EP-SIG+Rev Alert ( 21strategies ) ExitStyle = Rev Alert  ( 8  EXITS strategies )  ENTRY and EXIT SETTINGS =====  KPeriod = 100;   DPeriod = 12;  Slowing = 3;  method = 0;  price = 0;
80 USD
Scalper Signals Trader Best and simple Indicator for clear and safe entry and exits. Predefines- multiple targets and stop loss, as per risk reward ratios Signals can be set – based on aggressive or safe algorithm Aggressive entries are also profitable but are raw signals without checking the higher time frame trends Safe entry meanwhile will check if the lower and the higher time frame are both in same direction, thereby having lesser trade entries and more quality. The very robust macd le
80 USD
Zet Pro
Heni Muthia
ABOUT THE EA and its FUNCTIONS: ZET PRO is a automated forex trading robot designed to work on the most traded currency any pair. The strategy is based on using several MT4 indicators, each entry point is calculated using an advanced input filter based on the analysis of the movement of the price chart. Each order is secured by a fixed stop-loss while, no martingale, no grid, scalp or hedge.   INPUTS:   ·       CustomOrderComment   - Adds your own comment to the comment field of each trade. •  
150 USD
Ahmet Metin Yilmaz
Woodies CCI is a momentum indicator that was developed by Ken Woods. It's based on a 14 period Commodity Channel Index (CCI) . It's a fully unbounded oscillator with a base value of 0 and has no lower or upper limit. Some traders use the indicator to spot a number of tradable CCI patterns both with and against the trend, such as the zero line reject, the reverse divergence and the trendline break. The 200 level signals an extreme reading. The indicator is often used in combination with other sig
30 USD
This incredible indicator allows you to overlay many moving averages to create a ribbon-like pattern. You can now easily visualize trend strength and determine pivot points by simply looking at the ribbon. Fully customizable Supports Simple , Exponential , Smoothed , and Linear Weighted moving average types Ability to use typical and median and weighted prices as input. Draw up to 32 (user-settable) moving average plots, with customizable period spacing (use length  and start settings) Enable or
30 USD
Oleksandr Nozemtsev
Graphing calculator for quick calculation of order grids or averaging strategies. This is an improved English version of the "Grid calculator" program, which shows order volumes by level (lot), martingale ratio (MG), grid step (step), drawdown of each order and the entire grid,  breakeven level (Line Breakeven). For the program to perform calculations, it is enough to pull the grid onto the chart by dragging the initial (Level 1) or control (Control line) levels with the mouse. The default param
40 USD
Golden Grow
Angelo Infussi
The Expert Advisor was developed for XAUUSD H1 based on combinations of different classic indicators (MACD, Bollinger Bands, HeikenAshi, SMMA) and pending orders. It is for the professional investor who demands long-term growth and stability with an investment horizon of at least 1 year. It has been backtested on over 16 years tick data with 99% quality of modelling. The attached screenshots present the results of the Monte Carlo analysis robustness test with 200 simulations of different da
249 USD
Leaf MT4
Zada Janitra Kamilah Rahmadi
To celebrate my first lauching product in market, i give 60% discount just for 5 first buyers and 100 USD for 1 month rent and 200 USD for 3 months rent just for 5 first renters. For MT5 Version : https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/68050 Leaf EA is Expert Advisor base on Support and Resistence Zone, Price Action, and Some default metatrader indicator. Leaf EA is not Tickers EA, Leaf EA using strategy group by group trades as Signal at Support and Resistence Zone. Although this EA
500 USD
$199 . Christmas promo, now ONLY $159 Semi Martingale EA EA features: - EA helps to open recovery trades after the first trade placed by the trader. - This EA works well with other EA. - Trader is allow to open first trade based on his analysis, which increase the chances of closing the trades with Take Profit. - EA has fake take profit setting to confuse broker. - EA has trailing stoploss function, allow trader to maximize profit. - EA open recovery trade only at the opening of new candle if
159 USD

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