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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 113

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
Trend Gain Oscillator - is the manual system for defining trend phase(bullish/bearish). When histogramm is pink - market is up/bullish and when histogramm is blue - market is down/bearish. Arrows is plotted on zero cross, in case if additionally market has power for future movement. Main inputs are : trendPeriod- main indicator's period for trend calculation; trendPowerPeriod - period for market's power(volatility+volume) calculation ; trendPowerTrigger - arrows is not plotted if market's power
199 USD
Chao Chen Li
Note: MT4 cannot   backtest   EAs that trade multiple varieties at the same time. Please click the link at the end of this article to download the MT5 version test. Introduction This product is   an arbitrage EA designed based on the price delay   difference   of EURUSD, GBPUSD, and EURGBP   . This product is suitable for low-spread and low-latency trading platforms. The lower the spread, the lower the delay and the better the profitability   . Take 10,000 US dollars as an example, the recommen
198 USD
A professional tool for trading - the divergence indicator between the RSI and the price, which allows you to receive a signal about a trend reversal in a timely manner or catch price pullback movements (depending on the settings). The indicator settings allow you to adjust the strength of the divergence due to the angle of the RSI peaks and the percentage change in price, which makes it possible to fine-tune the signal strength. The indicator code is optimized and is tested very quickly as par
37 USD
Early WPR divergence - is the manual system to define trend reverse. Green histogram shows main trend, Orange one - shows "short"/local trend. System is looking for clear divergence between both trends and pick up position(plot buy/sell arrows). When main trend is up, but local trend reverses to bearish trend and get's big power - sell arrow is plotted;    When main trend is down, but local trend reverses to bullish trend and get's big power - buy arrow is plotted;  Main inputs are : mediumTrend
199 USD
Smart Breakout EA
Arvin Arce Gatus -
Type:  Expert Advisor (EA) - Unlimited for MetaTrader 4 Account Strategy:  The system does Not use Grid, does Not use Martingale and other risky strategies. FAA ABC Breakout EA is a fully automated based on latest support and resistance levels breakouts.  Timeframe:  From M1 to H1. M5 is a healthy choice  Symbols To Trade:  Any Forex pair, BEST in EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, and XAUUSD...  Features:  Automatically calculates and draws zigzag line for latest support and resistance on your ch
499 USD
IMPORTANT!!! Immediately after purchase, please contact me to get the instructions and manual guide to set up the EA. Some features No martingale Parameter settings are simple and easy to understand Avoid unexpected losses/with loss prevention Recommended for Those who are profit oriented Those who want to start with a small amount of money Logic Overview and Back Test Results Currency Pair: USDJPY only Time frame used: 5 minutes Trading Style:Scalping, day tra
70 USD
ImbaTrend Runner - is the trend following manual system for forex/crypto market. It defines medium-term trends and works with it in intraday mode. System shows enter points, profit and loss targets. As a rule profit targets are 2-3 X bigger than loss targets. Indicator is AutoAdaptive and it automatically updates it's settings during trading. Indicator is sensitive to market changes, regular updates helps to stay in relevant trend. Main Indicator's Features Signals are not repaint, late or disap
199 USD
Market Chopper Indicator - is the manual system for market scalping. Indicator uses most accurate points to enter, when current trend has lost it's power and new one starts. Indicator shows : Enter points(buy/sell arrows), Exit points(Stoploss/Takeprofit arrows). Indicator makes market analysis and adapts to any market, any timeframe showing most relevant strategy for exact conditions. Main Indicator's Features Signals are NOT repaint, late or disappear; Every signal comes at the open of new bar
199 USD
Acceleration Force Meter Indicator - is a trend system that join market in trend phase and after trend pull-back. AFM indicator - is the system that watchs market phases from flat to extreme volatility and prefers to enter in market when it's active, more volatility, ignoring most flat places. This is 100% complete trading system including enter and exit points. It works well with profitable trades - maximizing take profit targets(analysis of recent market volatility, its pips range to adapt cur
199 USD
TIO Swing
Ihar Tsitou
TIO Swing Swing Trading   – это стратегия   торговли, которая подразумевает разбиение графика на среднесрочные тенденции, поиск важных уровней и потенциально разворотных зон для   торговли   в этих участках. То есть по сути мы получаем некоторую комбинацию из скальпинга и среднесрочной   торговли, что является очень эффективным. В основе работы советника применение свинговой торговли. Используя больший период ищутся повторяющиеся паттерны. Используя меньший период проводится аппроксимация и инт
100 USD
Shun Qing Qian
运行品种为GBPAUD,M30;GBPNZD,H1;XAUUSD,H1 品种:GBPAUD,GBPNZD,XAUUSD 时间框架:M30,H1 信号地址: https://www.mql5.com/zh/signals/1726154 不是短单,平台点差不敏感; 建议低点差平台; 风险可选择 软件自动计算品种支撑点处 无需关心新闻事件 必须用vps运行 每个品种运行的设置不同,购买者联系我获得最佳设置文件 可选择固定手,也可选择自动手(软件自动计算手数) 可选择加单数量,设置不可超过48 可选择加单间距,建议范围100-400 软件默认设置为测试,GBPNZDH1, XAUUSD及GBPAUD设置需要重新设置 设置文件见下评论区附件中设置文件 请在模拟盘测试后上实盘,参数影响结果很大 本次为初次销售,一月后调价为1200美元每个 最终价调至10000美元
600 USD
Enhance / Add-on for  Metatrader's  Fibonacci tool to show risk and reward levels by lines and blocks on the chart.   Select Fib display mode by buttons on the screen Buttons select Normal Fibo RR with lines only   ( RR1 ) RR with line and Blocks ( RR 2 ) Show  Stop , Entry and RR lines RR Levels changeable (  default = 3 ) Different color levels for long or short trade   ( user changeable ) Other Indicators : https://www.mql5.com/en/users/fx_1/seller
35 USD
OT3 pattern Finder
Roy Mutethia Murianki
This Advisor fully automates the trading system based on   the “Pattern-123” indicator .After you make purchase consider asking the seller for source code The EA has a built-in indicator already and does not need its presence  which is able to detect 123 pattern and engulfing pattern to make its trade,meanwhile you can use the strategy to advance your own way after you receive the source code It works on any financial instruments (Forex, Metals, Indices, Commodities, Crypto). The main conditio
50 USD
Easy to use and supervise Trade easily using chart buttons Fully customizable position management Controlled and pre-calculated risk exposure Implements many automated entry strategies Trades micro accounts from $200 Filter trading by day of week The initial trade it is managed independently to avoid performing a recovery at all. First, the EA tries to perform break-even to assure capital preservation. Secondly, the EA applies a configurable trailing stop and take profit. If the trade goes st
30 USD
Tsap MT4
Anton Zverev
===   Next price is 299$   === Real account signal       -   https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1702558 MT5 Expert Version       -   https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/86329 Timeframe:       M1 Recommended currency pairs:       EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, EURGBP, USDCAD, AUDCAD, CHFJPY, EURCHF, USDJPY. Tsap   is the latest development from the Varko Group Inc team. A multi-currency trading Expert Advisor whose strategy is based on low volatility at night. The EA does not use high risk grid, mart
199 USD
The Pennant by Fractal indicator is a universal tool for finding optimal market entry points. Any symbols, timeframes are available. Equipped with alert and PUSH notifications. The pennant is a symmetrical figure of technical analysis, indicating the continuation of the trend, which appears after the update of the local price high or low. As in the case of the flag, a trend move is a flagpole, and a pennant is a narrowing price channel in which the price fluctuation gradually fades. And then th
30 USD
The Immortal Tree system EA is a  Fully automated Smart grid strategy , advanced money management Designed for trading NZDCAD,AUDNZD,AUDCAD as protection against failures – when the connection is restored, the advisor will continue to work with its orders. Advanced setting trading time intervals. The purchase price rises to USD 399 when the signal account profit rises over 115%. ** 1/10 ** for $159 next 359  Live Signals : *** Live Signal ** >>>   Live 1   <<< ** ***     Designed for t
159 USD
Trend Live
Nadiya Mirosh
The Trend Live indicator is a development for trend trading. Trend indicators make it possible to classify the direction of price movement by determining its strength. Solving this problem helps investors enter the market on time and get a good return. The Trend Live indicator helps to analyze the market on the selected time interval. They define the mainstream. Easy to set up and works on all pairs and all time frames. Trend Live is a trend trading and filtering solution with all the important
89 USD
Legion Arisen
Toni Krasteva Krasteva
Welcome to the legion. We are happy to welcome you to become part of our legion. We developed our own scalping AI based on inner dependencies for each pair, trained it and added a little bit of price action. The result was a trading algorithm we called "Legion". It is adapted to work on any time frames, no grid, no martingale. Special optimization for EUR/USD and for... you can write us for more info. Last but not least, low drawdown, configurable stop loss and a custom trailing stop mechanism.
300 USD
The Recommendation Trend indicator reflects price fluctuations, which already contain all the information about the market. For many traders, this postulate is a reasonable justification not to use fundamental analysis when working in the stock market, focusing only on what is happening on the chart, but using this indicator you will not regret the tips. The indicator shows favorable moments for entering the market. The intelligent algorithm of the indicator determines the trend, filters out mar
119 USD
Smart indicator Smart trend allows you to find the most likely trend reversal points. You will not find this indicator anywhere else. A simple but effective system for determining the forex trend. From the screenshots you can see for yourself the accuracy of this tool. Works on all currency pairs, stocks, raw materials, cryptocurrencies. This is a trend indicator for the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. The alert system (alert, email notifications) will help you monitor several trading instrume
140 USD
Orion AI MT4
Prince Okoya Obi
2.33 (6)
Orion has just been updated with a whole new algorithm. I can proudly say that Orion is a beast right now! Orion is a multi-currency Expert Advisor that operates an optimal automated system which uses a time-tested strategy, including a risk-reward ratio that is unrivalled. It is one AI that will revolutionize Algo-trading due to the amount of time and detail, and the number of professionals it took to create it. We made it to trade and concentrate mainly on four pairs for maximum output. We ca
159 USD
Adapter Trend
Vitalii Zakharuk
Indicator of peaks and direction of the trend Adapter Trend. Uses all one parameter for settings. When choosing a parameter, it is necessary to visually similarize so that there is a slight projection of the peaks on the corresponding graph. The indicator displays both entry points and the trend itself. Then confirm the signal with some oscillator, for example RSI. It also does not hurt to correct your actions, taking into account some kind of flat indicator. Options: Length - the number of
119 USD
News Trading Panel
Zufri Al Pianur S E
News Trading Panel is a tool to help you to open pending order (5 buy stop/5 sell stop). This panel very useful when trading in Big News while pair in high volatile. The distances,TP, and SL of pending order counted based on current price. You can change value in Panel with just one click. In panel, you can delete all pending order/Close open order with one click. NOTE: pm me if you wanna try it for 3 days.
50 USD
Happy Summer mt4
Rudy Oloan Hasibuan
Happy Summer EA   is Powefull Expert Advisor base on trend following strategy. This expert using dynamical algorithm to cathching the market trend. With this EA orders that are made seem to be happy in the market in tune with the trend signal. This EA have a good performance that has been tested more than 1 years with real ticks history data. Although this EA can be use on any pairs, but please Use this EA on EURUSD Pair at M15 timeframe. Account type : HEDGE. Happy Summer EA   design for EU
800 USD
This is a simple and very effective utility for closing in profir or in loss. Constant overview of daily Draw Down, Current profit and Daily profit This utility will save your deposit in case of a sharp market change. Just add it to any free chart and use it for your daily trading. Thanks to the minimal set of parameters, you can easily set up the utility for any symbol in MT4
100 USD
EA " Swing trade by porl " can use  for EURUSD XAUUSD GBPUSD time frame H1 for good. The default settings can be used for saving ports EURUSD. but the minimum profit If you want high profit You can set the inputs you want. only that the value that is put into the supplied, if managing money in the port To fit, there will be a relatively stable profit. If adjusting the higher lot, the risk will be higher as well, but the profit will come according to the risk we invest.  We recommend that every
30 USD
TIO Impulse Trading   -Автоматический торговый советник, в котором реализована среднесрочная торговая стратегия на основе    Импульсный трейдинг   — это   стиль торговли на основе резких колебаний цены с большим объёмом . Подобные сделки могут удерживаться десятки минут, часов или в течение всей сессии. Причиной импульса может быть технический, фундаментальный или психологический фактор. Чтобы заработать на импульсных движениях, важно правильно ставить цели. Ключевым ориентиром для трейдера, ис
100 USD
MetaTrader indicator that detects WRBs (Wide Range Bodies/Bars) and Hidden Gaps. WRB Hidden Gap MetaTrader indicator  detects WRB and marks it.   WRB can be either a Wide Range Bar (a very large bar) or a Wide Range Body (a candlestick that has a very long body).   WRB alone do not provide much information so the indicator uses WRB to detect Hidden Gaps.   The indicator also displays filled and unfilled Hidden Gaps in a different way, making it easier to view the market situation at a glance
60 USD
Waterstrider Band Waterstrider Band Indicator is a custom Indicator based on my experience in fx trade. This indicator also gives buy or sell signal when the condition are meet the open position rules. For Stop Loss you can put in the highest 3 previous candle + some pips (if SELL position) or put the lowest 3 previous candles + some pips (if BUY position).Trailing stop loss is good when the profit reach 20 pips. Do with your own risk, as we not guaranteed if any loss happen. Thanks H
45 USD
TIO Game of Coins - Советник использует старую закономерность рынка возврата к средней цене после выхода за канал волатильности.  Следовательно, это не простая система «попал или промахнулся», которая выживает только благодаря использованию сетки. Вместо этого он использует реальную рыночную механику в своих интересах для получения прибыли.  Поэтому проходит тесты на всей имеющейся истории с 2003 года. Советник создан для очень малых депозитов. И так же имеет малую цену. Установка: EURGBP  Таймф
100 USD
Close IfEquity
Lungile Mpofu
1 (1)
CloseTrades on X% EA   is and MT4 Order Management trading system which closes each trade if certain  Trade Percentage is reached. This EA can work on any MT4 broker of any choice and with any balance. It will not open any trades, instead it will only close trades if the percentage return (P/L) is greater or less than  SL and TP Percentage  selected are reached.  EA INPUTS Close Trades with TP:   The EA will close each trade if certain percentage of Profit reached. Example, if your trade is ab
50 USD
Moving Avej intersection
Disouky Hassan Mohamed Eid
إشارة إلى إشارات الشراء / بيع أسهم لأعلى ولعلى من السابق إلى الأعلى إشارة إشارة مؤشر إشارات وتنبيهات شراء / بيع الأسهم لأعلى ولأسفل للإشارة إلى الانعكاسات إشارة الإشارة إلى استمرار العلامات التجارية. كما يوحي الاسم ، يولد هذا الإشارات على يجعل السائد وهو أكثر فاعلية في يجعل ، مع مبدأ الركوب على التداول ضده. يمكن يجعل تحديد الأساسي يدويًا وتعديله حسب رغبتك. إن استخدام علامات جيدة يظهر عبر علامات تنبيه ، مما يجعل الإشارة عند ظهور علامة جيدة. يستخدم هذا المؤشر على المؤشر التجاري M5 و M15 للمضاربين
500 USD
Yoga Premium
Lungile Mpofu
YOGA BOT  is fully automated Expert Advisor which trade on Metatrader 4 on any broker. The EA will spot entries when the conditions based on Overbought and Oversold levels of Oscillators. The EA will activate martingale grid trades if the first trade did not profit in the range of pip distance used. For example, if you buy EURUSD and the trade is in loss of 7 pips it will activate a second trade with martingale Lot and close on average profit. It is based on Oscillators, Candle Price, Lows and H
97 USD
Gold period M1 - scalper robot for gold. The best results are shown on the M1 timeframe. Download the demo version of the robot from this site, run the strategy tester and test the robot on the XAUUSD pair, M1 timeframe. After launching the robot, it automatically determines the current direction of the trend, determines the support and resistance lines, finds the best points for opening deals and starts trading. The robot is not a mesher. Up to 2 deals can be opened in the market at the same t
739 USD
LOW DEPOSIT (min 30 USD) LOW DRAWDOWN HIGH PROFIT ONE SHOOT (NO MARTI, NO SCALPING, NO AVERAGING) TP SL AND TRAILING STOP PAIR GOLD TF M1 USE ECN, ZERO OR LOW SPREAD ACCOUNT USE LOW LATENCY VPS LIVE MQL5  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1698661 Trading forex and commodities carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for everyone. There are many factors for an investor to consider before trading, such as objectivity, level of experience and willingness to invest with risk for e
999 USD
Wokao ea
Xiaodi Zhang
There are orders every day The operation of the program is very simple It uses a limited grid strategy and fully automated trading It has passed our long-term actual transaction and ten-year data test 1: Please use the recommended varieties (It has been described in the parameter interface) 2: If your variety has suffix, please add suffix symbol 3: The program only needs to open one 15m window(AUDNZD) 4: Please use it directly. The parameter has been defaulted 5: You can select risk or fixed
399 USD
Anatoliy Lukanin
Expert Signals:  Signal 1 , Signal 2 , Signal 3 . Other pairwise signals can be viewed . Limit orders and default settings are used on signals. Fully automated, which does not use grid strategies, martingale, averaging positions, waiting out a loss, etc. All positions have a fixed Take Profit and Stop Loss. Take Profit is relative, since the expert himself decides when to close or trawl Take Profit positions. Two Stop Losses are set, virtual and real., Virtual is set so that the stop is
490 USD
Neuro Scalper EA MT4
Thomas Bradley Butler
This EA has gone through an update and will not need optimization. Trade on EUR/USD 1 HR.  Due to many request by users unable to optimize, I made this version without the need.  It should be optimized to find the best values if you know how and possibly for other assets and time frames. This version has sl and tp levels from 2020-2022.  TEST FIRST TO MAKE SURE THE EA WORKS FOR YOU. This EA is a version with one indicator based on Neuro Scalper indicator and is based on finding buys and sells o
34 USD
Triangle patterns are chart formations that signal a possible breakout in either direction. In the case of symmetrical triangles, the probability of a breakout to the upside or downside is about 50%. For more detailed information, I recommend the numerous publications on the Internet on this subject. What is special about this indicator is that it can be integrated into your own MT4 applications, such as scripts, Expert Advisers, etc. using the implemented indicator buffer via the iCustom() func
30 USD
"EA Maximum Breakout Scalper" - the scalper uses 2 breakout strategies. 1 - strategy for the breakdown of the nearest support and resistance levels. The system uses the search for extremes using smart technology to recognize high-quality and low-quality breakdowns, with support for filtering extremes. For the training of the adviser, the history of quotations for 22 years was used. 2 - strategy for the breakdown of the nearest candles. A smart technology is used to recognize high-quality and low
499 USD
KingMaker Ultimate Scalper Expert Advisor TimeFrame - 5 Mins Minimum Balance - 200$ Pairs - Major Currency Pairs , Like - EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY .... etc Run Low Spread Forex Broker Or ECN Broker Money Management Adjust Risk Management SafeMode - True/False Setting : You Have Deposit 200$ , Run EA On 2 or 3 Currency Pairs Only  Automatic Increase And Decrease Lot Size 
2 500 USD
Bitcoin Bear Run wizard
Paschal Uchenna Ugwu
The issued expert advisor(BBRRW) is a result of several years of forex trading research  practice on thousands of strategies, multiple indicators of forecasting, aimed at creating the beauty of online trading perfection, By combining several strategies and algorithms in our expert advisors at changing each tick price, with the utmost precision and lightening speed. what ever you desire as a trader the robot gives it in a fraction of seconds, we employ the best technical analysis to trade the sto
30 000 USD
GIA Panic Button
Ruddy De Jesus Saavedra
Unexpected changes in the market mean that we have to close positions at a certain time, but many times we are defeated by their volatility, so when we manage to close all our positions manually, they are not executed at the time we want, you have to wait to finish each one of the requests, wasting time and getting an unfavorable result. Panic Button is designed to ease those bad times. The Expert Advisor will help you close those positions automatically and without the delays caused by doing
40 USD
At the heart of any form of trading is the need to anticipate the direction the markets will go. To make this decision traders cannot afford to ignore trend analysis. Apply this before taking any trades otherwise you will loose. Market Trend Analysis is fundamental part of trading that's based on many indicators, patterns to predict future prices. The process of analysing each symbol can take weeks. This indicator saves the time of sitting and determining the direction of the markets. This indic
400 USD
EA Livermore
Artem Marukhov
Like the financier EA Livermore is named after, Jesse Lauriston Livermore (mostly known from Edwin Lefebvre's Memoirs of a Stock Operator), this EA has no problems with quick calculations of risk, volume and price at which a trade is opened, just like Livermore, EA Livermore makes lightning-fast decisions about whether to open or close their trades. The story of a stock speculator says that Jesse single-handedly managed to bring the US economy to its knees, the EA Livermore adviser does not have
149 USD
Mona Lisa
Ivan Pochta
5 (1)
10 / 10 copies are available by price $129 ===>>> Next price $179 Mona Lisa Live Results:   Signal >> Mona Lisa Presets: Download >> Mona Lisa  for  MetaTrader 5 >> Mona Lisa is a unique and fully automated Trading Advisor. The system is based on its own trading strategy, which is based on both indicator-based Technical Analysis and Price Action principles. This makes the system flexible and adaptive for trading a large number of currency pairs and minimizes the chance of over-optimization.
129 USD
70 USD
Rua Alert Line
Indicator Rua Alert Line. This indicator will notify when the High-price of candle  breaks any TrendLine or HorizontalLine on the chart. Notifications will be sent to the phone and on MT4. And it have ArrowBuy/ArrowSell on chart. It is very useful for those of you who use the   TrendLine or HorizontalLine but do not have time to observe the chart. RuaCoder Zalo_Tel: 033.818.8914   Telegram : https://t.me/Ruacoder
30 USD
Mini Chart
John Louis Fernando Diamante
This indicator tool provides mini charts, with adjustable symbol/tf that can be dragged and resized into place. Lightweight operation with multiple mini charts are supported. Chart features: adjustable symbol and tf draggable resizeable multiple mini charts color styling and font sizing, foreground/background colors candle coloring candle styles; candles, bars, line, high-low channel optional background color gradient predfined period separators on all tf's (eg 1hr/1day sep on 1Min, 4hr/1day
49.99 USD
Maximize your trading success with T Manager, the ultimate trade management solution designed by traders for traders. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, you can quickly and easily plan, execute, and manage your trades. Experience unparalleled control with the ability to set your price trades, stop losses and take profits with ease. Manage your risk with precision and calculate the monetary value of your risk. Benefit from automated rules that help you set your SL and TP and
30 USD
This trend following system was designed by   Dennis Gartman   and   Bill Eckhart , and relies on breakouts of historical highs and lows to take and close trades: it is the complete opposite to the "buy low and sell high" approach. This trend following system was taught to a group of average and normal individuals, and almost everyone turned into a profitable trader. The main rule is   "Trade an N-day breakout and take profits when an M-day high or low is breached (N must me above M)" . Example
30 USD
RoyalPrince Trender
Richard Louis Pastor
Trender is a special TrendLine Indicator because it is combined with a  NON-REPAINT Signal Settings: showBars =  if showBars= 0 so the indicator will be shown for all the chart PointLevel = Point Levels; 2 = central bar will be higher (lower) then 2 bars on the left side and 2 bars on the right one. qSteps  = number of steps/ no more than 3 BackStep = number of steps back startBar= if startBar=0 so we have recommendation for the current bar, if 1 - for possible next bar TrendLine= True = Trendli
40 USD
DYJ Scalping is a fully automated Expert Advisor. The Stochastic indicator filter are used for entries. The advisor needs a hedging and ECN account type. The order loss is bailed out by the game and becomes a profit. If the order direction is wrong. You can disable the game strategy at any time. General Recommendations Recommend ECN accounts, xauusd spreads between 8 and 11 or lower, EURUSD spreads 1 The minimum deposit is $200.  Please download the xauusd and EURUSD settings file in the product
125 USD
Trend Support Resistance is a fairly simple indicator that provides traders with confirmed immediate support and resistance in whatever timeframe you monitor. It's good for short-term and long-term order blocks. With the default settings, the indicator identifies critical support and resistance areas. Bearish Order Blocks are around the OrangeRed areas while Bullish Order Blocks almost always form near the LawnGreen areas. We have also added a Multi-timeframe feature that can be helpful to allow
60 USD
TradePad MT4
Tariq B Wijnants
Whosa TradePad for MetaTrader 4 Do you trade in MetaTrader 4? Calculating Pips yourself and calculating your risk yourself is a thing of the past with our Tradepad. With this Tradepad you can place your trade in MetaTrader in no time. This Tradepad is fully equipped. Automatically calculates your risk which you can enter in percentages and amount of dollars. Check the video to see all the features! (The video is in Dutch, but you can see the features) This TradePad only works with a new password
107 USD
TIO Wall Street   - Это советник профессионального уровня. Его используют трейдеры крупнейших фондов и трейдеры    крупнейших банков для автоматизации своих торговых систем. В советнике есть готовые настройки под некоторые ТС для пар: AUDCAD, NZDCAD, USDCAD, EURUSD и др. Новые настройки под новые пары будут периодично выкладываться в Обсуждении.  Но вам лучше изучить большую и подробную инструкцию, если вы хотите работать как профи и успешно зарабатывать, а не терять деньги на любительский сове
250 USD
HFT Scalper Scanner scans market trends from Multi-Symbols and Multi-Time frames in accurate technical indicator and displays it on a movable panel on the chart.  The trader can select multiple pairs of his choice to display. One of the most very important indicator of digital market to check what is happening in every market symbol.   Its a great tool to see the direction of the trend and can be used for manual trading or EA trading by allowing only buy or sell orders according to the trend.
100 USD
EA Gold EZIndy
Mr Kraisit Chompungam
Advantages of EA Gold EZIndy: Backtest Mode Please check the lot size as the default value is 0.2. Recommended starting at 0.01 Or you can use our presets. Download Presets https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1U0bnYQqwBlXq1UaBxNe5oeGC6vN_iQ9L?usp=sharing You get profit from trading every day It can work with other EAs and trading systems The EA has a trading panel that allows the trader to open trades manually. All trades, opened through the trading panel, are managed by the EA and are close
159 USD
BB PullBreak Signal This is an EA that can provide notifications when a candle breaks or a pullback or retrace occurs. This makes it very easy for us, especially those who are used to trading using Bollinger Bands. Usually we often experience missing signals from Bollinger Bands if we trade manually without the help of tools. This tool can provide notifications via email, telegram or MT4 mobile. You just need to put this file into the expert advisor folder on your MT4. You can also specify the
30 USD
Cicada MT4
Anton Zverev
Real account signal   -   https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/1679049 MT5 Expert Version   -   https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/85781 Timeframe:   M1 Recommended currency pairs:   EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, EURGBP, USDCAD, AUDCAD, CHFJPY, EURCHF, USDJPY. Cicada   is the latest development from the Varko Group Inc team. A multi-currency trading Expert Advisor whose strategy is based on low volatility at night. The EA does not use high risk grid, martingale or averaging strategies. Each position
99 USD
Scalp King V3
Jermaine Wedderburn
Starting Price for first 10 purchases is $100, Next Price will be $200. This Expert Advisor   Trades 28 Currency symbols    simultaneously , we recommend using this bot alone. Attach the bot to 1 chart and its best to use a virtual private server (VPS) so that you will not lose any potential opportunities to enter positions. Operation:   This bot looks for quick ins and out in the markets and wait until next day to enter on closed assets. It aims to close each trade set on each pair once and n
100 USD
Ready scalping system! F1 Scalping for MT4 is a complete trading system that analyzes the market instead of you, shows you when you need to open orders and at what level to place TakeProfit and StopLoss in order to get a good result. This is a whole trading complex of tools, packed into one technical indicator. Also, this system can send signals to the trader on the phone. This greatly facilitates the trading process. You receive a signal on your phone, go to your PC and see where you need to
147 USD
What does this do? It shows you on the chart which stop belongs to which entry.  Have you ever had multiple positions or trades open on a single pair and were confused which stop loss goes with what entry? Even worse, the stop loss orders for buy and sells are the same color on the chart. Well, your problem has been solved! https://youtu.be/G5eVempVlvs Watch Video This indicator will show you which stop belongs to which entry.  It will place a vertical line and an arrow on the chart for each ope
30 USD
https://youtu.be/0iv9akJlJ4w     /     https://youtu.be/IK6ChfJBAD4 The strategy is developed from the results of many months of analysis, back testing and market forward trading. The most successful trades are those in line with the trend. What majority of traders don’t know about the trend is that whatever is against the trend is 90% of the time taken for liquidity. The robot uses technical analysis to detect where a lot of people put their stop losses against the trend (at weak swing points)
1 500 USD
Beta Fort Trader is a moving average trend trading method and gives above over 75 to 90% wining ratio when used according to the given instructions. The Best Timeframe to use is H1 or H4 It work for all Timeframe and for every currency pairs trading on the MQL4 Platform.  To have a clear trend bias of the market Apply EMA 50 and EMA 21 to your chat to get the best out of this strategy for your overall Trend View. TRADING INSTRUCTION : For Sell trades :  1. Look out for EMA 21 to Cross
1 015 USD
Antabod Scanner Indicator
Rev Anthony Olusegun Aboderin
Antabod Scanner, Is a multi-timeframe scanner. It's a metatrader 4 indicator, which allows the detection of the trend of several pairs at a glance. I t will display on the platform any pair or pairs that all the timeframes, from the higher time frame to the lower timeframe, in the inputs, are all bullish or all bearish. When a pair is completely bullish, all the timeframes will be green, or when bearish all the timeframes will be red, and a sound will alert and a written alert will be displayed
60 USD
Taofeek Bello
Upswing expert advisor uses Multiple combination of advance trading indicators for the analysis of financial market. Its advance analysis makes it to achieve high percentage of winning trades for the past 22 years when tested on eurusd, 1 hour timeframe using default set as show on equity curve. Requirements Minimum deposit of $200 Low spread brokers. It is advisable to use VPS; Input Parameters         Display_EA_Name   - if  set true, dashboard of the EA is displayed;        Magic Number  - tr
30 USD
Average Trader
George Ciprian Mandache
An MT4 expert advisor which acts as a manual, automatic or hybrid trading tool. The base idea behind this EA is making short-lived, small-profit trades and when entering in the wrong direction use averaging down or up. Recommended environment Market: FOREX Symbols: EURUSD, AUDUSD, USDCAD or EURCAD Chart timeframe: 30M Leverage: 1:100 Minimum deposit units: 1000 My broker:   Teletrade Must run 24/7 so a VPS or a dedicated PC should be used to run your MetaTrader4 terminal. One chart per termina
100 USD
Custom Indicator Scanner for scan your own signal Indicator multi time frame  only need to input buffer value like 0,1 ( signal color values on last ) and save desire template adjust colors and sizes ...Its fully customized Scanner all time frame true and false options... most of traders using  3-4 different time frame to trade or analyze their signals on different time frame than enter trade. Also can scan all time frame & 25-50 symbols on single chart Its good tool for every trader who need to
120 USD

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