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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 114

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
Oleg Pavlenko
3.33 (6)
NOW trading will become much EASIER ! JUST INSTALL the EA on separate charts with currency pairs: AUDCAD,   AUDCHF,   AUDJPY,   CADCHF,   CHFJPY,   EURAUD, EURCHF, GBPAUD, GBPCAD, GBPCHF,   GBPNZD,   NZDCHF,   USDCHF and SELECT the same pair in the EA settings I will not deceive you - This is NOT the Grail, NOT a SCAM and not the promise of huge profits. This is Cheap Stable Result EA Stability and Results  is a fully automatic EA that is distinguished by its stability and reliability I will
50 USD
Currency Weight FX ( CW8) If you think in Forex Trading you are dealing with one chart only, then you are on your way to be plunged into misery. The weight of one's currency will affect other currency or currencies. This Currency Weight FX is a breakthrough in trading tools With Currency Weight FX   ( CW8 ) indicator you will see each weight of major currency. This currency WEIGHT is very much different from currency STRENGTH most people usually mean. CW8 display the weight lines of AUD, CAD
300 USD
Indicator from the  Real Non RePaint MultiTimeFrame  (Real NRP MTF) series. Specially designed to display the standard Stohastic indicator from the senior timeframe (TF) to the junior. The indicator differs from the standard scale - symmetrical relative to 0. Add 50.0 to the readings to get the standard values. Does not look into the future for history at the senior TF. DOES NOT DIFFER from the real-time standard indicator (offset-based), but shows the actual indicator counts on the history
125 USD
Oleg Savela
Вспомогательный советник для парного трейдинга или контроля за большим количеством ордеров на разных графиках. Все в одном окне. Советник не открывает ордера, только контролирует и закрывает при достижении заданных параметров прибыли или убытка. В советнике можно настроить прибыль или убыток для определенных пар или выделять ордера с помощью треугольников, задав им свои значения.
30 USD
趋势EA“缔造者”4.1.8版本最新产品,联系方式qq398867673 ,微信15940404448,(qq不经常登录,电话微信均可)都是实名认证的。国内按授权开户数量限制、授权交易仓位限制、授权使用时间限制为参考依据定价,不管您是大资金还是小资金都有相应的权限价格。黄金缔造者经过多次更新现在的交易获利能力有目共睹如图。 购买须知: 1.提供所想要授权账号,用于写入EA授权; 2.报备账户资金额度以及所想使用的时间(半年起),用于写入EA授权; 3.添加微信,有一个简单的培训; 4.本产品只适合XAUUSD的交易; 5.产品为趋势类EA,所以震荡行情会小亏,属于正常,趋势行情大赚。 (注:交易一定是有亏有赚,主要看盈亏比例,我们不会说“放心用单单都赢利”这种骗人的话)。 虽然在官网售卖,但我们有修改权限的权力,有人不相信可以联系我们,先给你写一个简单的EA都是可以的,也可以你购买产品后,额外为你写一个你自己的策略EA,算是赠送。定价高低自有意义,我们只会给最好的产品,定最合适的价格。本产品为mt4使用 EA介绍: 1.EA没有任何参数,所有的算法我们全部封存在EA里了,使用简单
888 USD
简介 本产品是迈达量化全系列产品中的一款双均线趋势类EA。 使用这个EA可以节省您所花的时间,不用再编码一个定制的MA交易策略。 入场信号利用快速均线与慢速均线的交叉入场。 设计原理 利用K线与均线的交叉判断行情的涨跌,并设定止损和止盈,也可以不用设置。 如果价格朝向不利方向移动,可以选择加仓或者不加仓,加仓的间距和比例也可以自由设定。 软件优点 易于设置和使用,既适合初学者也适合专业人士。 可交易任何金融产品(Forex, Crypto, CFD, Futures, Metals)。 可再策略测试器中优化参数,任何时段进行交易。 既可以利用交叉进行顺势交易,也可以加仓做部分震荡行情规避一部分风险。 如何设置 Lots,启始交易手数。 Stop Loss (in pips),止损点数。 Take Profit (in pips),止盈点数。 Use Add Position,订单止盈点数。 Add Pos Ratio, 加仓手数比例。 Add Pos Step,订单加仓间距。 AVG TP Pips, 加仓均价止盈点数。 MA short: averaging period,快速均线平
30 USD
Indicator from the Real Non RePaint MultiTimeFrame   (Real NRP MTF)  series. The indicator is based on the standard one. Does not redraw in any mode: the last closed candle is a rock. Does not look into the future for history at the senior TF. The formula for sensitivity enhancement has been changed (disabled in settings). It works on the current TF or older ones with the display on the current one. The last closed Heiken Ashi candle of the current timeframe before the opening of the new senior
125 USD
Hello! Tired of constantly subscribing to other people's signals and earning pennies? Want to manage your own trading? Then you are on the right page! It's very simple ==> buy my indicator ==> put it on the chart ==> blue arrow - buy ==> red arrow - sell. Even an infant can do it! A handy histogram to trace the market direction. Are you still here? Then read the parameter descriptions and take a look at the screenshots: Stoch K period - period for calculating the% K oscillator line.
99 USD
Indicator from the Real Non RePaint MultiTimeFrame (Real NRP MTF)  series. Specially designed to display the RSI standard indicator reading from the Senior TimeFrame (TF) to the Junior. The indicator differs from the standard scale - symmetrical relative to 0. Add 50.0 to the readings to get the standard values. Does not look into the future for history at the senior TF. DOES NOT DIFFER from the standard real-time indicator readings (including bias), but shows the actual indicator readings on th
125 USD
Ka Fai Benjamin Ng
This is a simple but useful utility that plots the running p/l chart so you can understand the EA performance around the clock. Alongside the chart, it provides the account information for easy reference. In addition, if configured properly, it can send you push-notifications via your MetaQuotes ID ( https://www.mql5.com/en/articles/476 ) The graph shows the account running p/l in range during the corresponding timeframe - the same as the chart. The running p/l is calculated from open orders and
38 USD
Speed Skalper Pro I present a new product. This is not a flight into space, not a promise of extra profits, not an extortion of money, and not a fraud. It's just something that our team has been doing for many years. we write and improve robots for you and these robots are simple and easy to set up. This robot is really stable, since 2013, and there is no point in me deceiving you. Let's talk about how many people are doing in sales right now. Do you still believe in the beautiful pictures fr
33 USD
简介 本产品是一款单均线趋势类EA。 使用这个EA可以节省您所花的时间,不用再编码一个定制的MA交易策略。 入场信号利用K线与单根均线的交叉入场。 设计原理 利用K线与均线的交叉判断行情的涨跌,并设定止损和止盈,也可以不用设置。 如果价格朝向不利方向移动,可以选择加仓或者不加仓,加仓的间距和比例也可以自由设定。 软件优点 易于设置和使用,既适合初学者也适合专业人士。 可交易任何金融产品(Forex, Crypto, CFD, Futures, Metals)。 可再策略测试器中优化参数,任何时段进行交易。 既可以利用交叉进行顺势交易,也可以加仓做部分震荡行情规避一部分风险。 如何设置 Lots,启始交易手数。 Stop Loss (in pips),止损点数。 Take Profit (in pips),止盈点数。 Use Add Position,订单止盈点数。 Add Pos Ratio, 加仓手数比例。 Add Pos Step,订单加仓间距。 AVG TP Pips, 加仓均价止盈点数。 MA Period,均线周期。 使用建议 建议测试一个月左右的时间,在用于实盘交易。 建议
30 USD
简介 本产品是一款网格类EA。 根据设定的参数自动加仓和关闭网格,增加手数等。 入场信号过滤了部分单边行情,降低回测率。 设计原理 同时进行顺势和网格加仓交易,如果价格朝着有利的方向移动,则Smart Fisher 交易将使用盈亏平衡法和追踪止损。 如果价格朝向不利方向移动,会选择性的加仓,并按着网格设定当符合条件关闭网格。 Smart Fisher 的优点 易于设置和使用,既适合初学者也适合专业人士。 可交易任何金融 产品 (Forex, Crypto, CFD, Futures, Metals)。 可再策略测试器中优化参数,任何时段进行交易。 既进行顺势交易也有逆市交易,来捕捉交易机会。 如何设置 Start Lot,启始交易手数。 Maximum Lots,最大交易手数。 Point order step (in pips),订单之间的最少加仓间距。 Take Profit (in pips) ,订单止盈点数。 Minimal profit for close grid (in pips),关闭网格加仓的均价止盈点数。  
30 USD
Grid Infinite
B Ravi Shankar
Grid Infinite This Expert advisor uses Grid system for trading. Grid system Works effectively in volatile market. This Expert advise works only when the currency pair is volatile. This EA will open pending limit orders when the market condition is favorable according to this EA's Algorithm, then maintain all opened order with unique way. An important function "Max Loss" is added to the expert advisor so that a trade can able to choose the maximum loss if the trade goes against them. EA not usi
199 USD
Forex Ak47
Paschal Uchenna Ugwu
The issued expert advisor(FXAK47) is a result of several years of forex trading research  practice on thousands of strategies, multiple indicators of forecasting, aimed at creating the beauty of online trading perfection, By combining several strategies and algorithms in our expert advisors at changing each tick price, with the utmost precision and lightening speed. what ever you need as a trader the robot gives it in a fraction of seconds. we employ the best technical analysis to produce the be
30 000 USD
Grid calculator
Oleksandr Nozemtsev
Графический калькулятор для быстрого расчёта сеток ордеров или стратегий усреднения. Показывает объёмы ордеров по уровням, коэффициент мартингейла, шаг сетки, просадку каждого ордера и всей сетки,  уровень безубытка ( Loss = 0) . Чтобы программа выполнила расчёты достаточно натянуть сетку на график, перетащив мышкой начальный  ( Level 1) или контрольный  (Level control) уровни.  Параметры по умолчанию можно изменить  через окно настроек. Оно появляется при первой загрузке  Grid calculator либо п
30 USD
EA Goldfish V2
Pradana Novan Rianto
Breakout Experts Advisor This Expert Advisor uses Breakout Strategy based on their High and Low Go Check >> MQL5 Expert Advisor Features : Lots Takeprofit by Point Lot Multiplier Daily Target   (optional) Magic Number , so you can use this EA in another Pair Recommended Setting : Minimum Balance is   $1000     Standard/Cent Account .  Account with   1:500   Leverage Recommended to use at Pair GBPUSD Timeframe Five Minutes (M5)
399 USD
NOT A MARTINGALE, NOT A NETWORKER This Expert Advisor uses a volatility indicator, when a certain level is reached, a trade is opened with the set TP and SL. There are three levels in total, the higher the level, the less common it is and the more reliable the deal. It is recommended to use currency pairs with the lowest volatility, such as EURCHF, EURGBP, NZDUSD, etc. with a timeframe of 5 min. The level of volatility varies from year to year, so it is recommended to adjust them periodically
99 USD
Joel Protusada
BuckWise   is a fully automated scalping Expert Advisor that can be run successfully using EURUSD currency pair at H1 timeframe. Very Important This Expert Advisor can not run with any EAs in the same account. As part of the money management plan, it calculates and monitors the Margin Level % and assumes that all open trades are created by it. If you want an Expert Advisor that trades in a daily basis, this EA is not for you because using this requires a patience to wait for a few days or weeks
30 USD
A   rocket   (from   Italian :   rocchetto ,   lit. 'bobbin/spool') [nb 1] [1]   is a   projectile   that   spacecraft ,   aircraft   or other   vehicles   use to obtain   thrust   from a   rocket engine . Rocket engine exhaust is formed entirely from   propellant   carried within the rocket. [2]   Rocket engines work by   action and reaction   and push rockets forward simply by expelling their exhaust in the opposite direction at high speed, and can therefore work in the   vacuum   of space. In
450 USD
The Trading Session Indicator displays the sessions for London, New York, Tokyo and Sydney. It's also possible to display a userdefined session. Main features Sessions: London session New York sesion Tokyo session Sydney session User defined session Dashboard: All settings are easy adjustable trough the dashboard. Descriptions for every saisson. Set your own colors for the sessions. The Indicator is calculated at every new bar or if a change to the chart happens.
30 USD
CCI and ATR Trader
Evgeniia Terekhova
Советник работает на двух индикаторах CCI и ADX. Условия для входа в BUY: 1. ADX пересекает уровень 20 2. CCI пересекает уровень 100 снизу вверх 3. Выставляем фиксированный StopLoss и TakeProfit 4. Закрываем позицию по рыночной цене, когда CCI пересекает уровень 100 сверху вниз. Условия для входа в SELL: 1. ADX пересекает уровень 20 2. CCI пересекает уровень -100 сверху вниз 3. Выставляем фиксированный StopLoss и TakeProfit 4. Закрываем позицию по рыночной цене, когда CCI пересекает уровень -1
500 USD
MAs Crossover Dashboard Pro uses the value of Moving Average indicator. The periods of 2 MAs can be adjusted via the Edit boxes of this dashboard. The monitoring pairs will be selected by adding to the Market Watch (no need to set  prefixes or suffixes) , you can monitor many pairs as you like. This dashboard will check almost popular time frame (M1,M5,M15,M30,H1,H4 and D1). The colors can be customized. The parameter of MAs can be set at the input. Crossover signal can be sent to you screen, yo
30 USD
Easy Breakout Expert
Stefan Gasselstorfer
Easy Breakout Expert (EBE)   is a fully automatic Expert Advisor build for the DAX Index and other Indices. The User can adjust a few simple variables for his own preferences. It´s an EA that does trade mostly in Trend Phase.  If you have any problems or questions, let us know:    https://bit.ly/3xYryuR    Timeframes   H1  Minimum  Deposit  1000 USD  Brokers  Any broker ********************************************************************************************************************
40 USD
Genie EA
Gianluca Bonfanti
3.67 (3)
Genie EA   is a breakout/scalper Ea that works on EURUSD,GBPUSD,USDJPY,XAUUSD,AUDUSD on H1 Timeframe. Genie is currently in PROMO with 50% discount! Normal price is 495.00 $! Live Signal low risk mode (max DD 5%):                      https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/993608 Live signal only EURUSD low risk mode   (max DD 5%)   :  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/993610 It is a very stable system that show incredible performance since 2003, were other scalper can not compete, and it is very Robust
245 USD
Retracement Feeder
Innovicient Limited
5 (1)
The Retracement Feeder checks for retracement opportunities after the first move has occurred.  Basically it scans for the second wave of trend. Works with any financial instrument,  It does not repaint/change color or cancel arrows, Easy to set and use. Updated with trendlines to confirm validity of the signal. MT5 version:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/71340 How it works The indicator is based on RSI and Stochastics.  The algorithm used in the Retracement Feeder allows the
65 USD
JERRY MOON is a fully automatic trading system that was developed for trading on the EURUSD currency pair, M5 timeframe on RAW or Standard accounts. Nevertheless, as practice shows, this trading system works well in other currency pairs. In the algorithm of the robot, JM uses SMA and MACD as basic strategies. Based on market movements, JM will analyze and give appropriate entry points according to the trend. Recommended minimum balance requirement is USD 200$ for ECN accounts (LOW SPREAD).  R
99 USD
Fast and quick
Abdallah Moustafa Hamdy Ahm Abdelrazek
** READ THIS VERY CAREFULLY **   This EA is a fully automatic expert built for the      EURUSD, GBPUSD  currency pair ONLY. This EA  does   not use  Martingale and Grid.  This EA  has been tested for more than      10 years  in Strategy Tester . This EA  trades in H1 frame ONLY   Before you buy Matrix EA, take note of the risks involved: Past performance does not guarantee future returns (EA can also lose money). The tests shown (e.g. in the screenshots) are highly optimized to fi
30.99 USD
Ivan Strekalov
It is a trend indicator designed to display long waves that are generated by price. It shows an incipient trend and has very few false signals. Perfectly applicable on m15 m30 H1 H4. Simple settings from 2 periods, display in the form of a histogram. The indicator is very simple and informative! It can be combined with the local wave indicator - CarrotRed. https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/68006 Together use makes it possible to trade in a trend with a very short stop.
100 USD
Nor El Isslem Rettab
The AutoTarget Indicator For MT4 is an indicator that is built for the traders that work with the Meta Trader 4 charting platform during their trading day and it is built for a singular reason which is to help the Trader using it to predict the next price target on the current timeframe or currency pair that the trader attaches it to. It works across all currency pairs and trading platforms and can help a seasoned trader by reducing the amount of technical analysis he or she has to do every day
49.99 USD
Сканер Heiken Ashi на четырех таймфреймах. Алгоритм индикатора не использует рекурсивные вызовы, что исключает возможность подсматривания истории. То есть индикатор не перерисовывает практически никогда (проблема может быть только в "рваной" истории на различных таймфреймах). Наиболее простое отсутствие данных по старшим ТФ проверяется при загрузке, в остальных случаях индикатор написан не для сверки истории. Основные параметры в индикаторе задают таймфреймы в порядке возрастания, при нарушении
200 USD
The "VSA on the FLY" indicator is designed to quickly display various Volume Profile / Market Profile parameters.. The indicator takes the initial data for operation from the M1 timeframe. The indicator is installed on any timeframe and starts displaying data starting from the selected left border. This can be the beginning of a day, a week, a trading session, any hour, etc. The version of this indicator for MetaTrader 5 can be found here . The following input parameters are available: Show
30 USD
An automatic trading expert configured for long-term stable growth, uses support and resistance levels and Fibonacci time zones in its trading. Always sets Stop Loss and Take Profit to protect the deposit. The adviser does NOT use: arbitrage, martingale, netting and the like. Recommendations Currency pair   "GBPUSD". Timeframe : H1; Minimum deposit : $100; Account Type : ECN. Parameters Magic Number  - identification number of the EA order ; Comment EA  - comment of the order ; Fractal Distance
990 USD
Ivan Strekalov
Good day! This indicator was created as part of the market analysis system. For all newbies, I advise that the market is predictable only when analyzing trends. High and low points are used for taking profit. The actual point of entry into the trend is looking for this indicator. It can be bet on any TF or pair. The difficulty of working on lower time frames is that instead of stops, you have to use opposite orders and close them with minimal losses, increasing the volume of work
100 USD
Nor El Isslem Rettab
About TelegramSignalAlert Telegram   isn't just for sending and receiving chat messages. It's also for automating your dialog flow, including work flow. Using a Telegram Bot gives you the ability to check prices, query status, manage trades, and even have a fun conversation. And if you're a serious crypto or forex trader, you can create your own Telegram Bot to manage your order flow. TelegramSignalAlert is an Expert Advisor that communicates with a Telegram Bot. You can use the Bot to query you
49.99 USD
Hi guys, In order to trade safely at Forex; all you need is the "pro intraday trading" indicator. December indicator detects "Safe Buy/Sell" points by analyzing the "lowest and highest value of the day" of this instrument at the time intervals you have set and instantly gives you the "target Channel december" on the live chart. It offers Buy 1 - Buy 2 channels (2 blue line Purchase Zones) as secure Purchase points.) It offers a Sell 1 -Sell 2 channels (2 pink line Sales Zones) as secure outle
75 USD
Ahmet Metin Yilmaz
A resistance level is the opposite of a support level. It is where the price tends to find resistance as it rises. Again, this means that the price is more likely to "bounce" off this level rather than break through it. However, once the price has breached this level, by an amount exceeding some noise, it is likely to continue rising until meeting another resistance level. A support level is a level where the price tends to find support as it falls. This means that the price is more likely to "b
40 USD
880 USD
Magnet Scalper Pro
Review the Live trading results:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1471960?source=Site +Signals+My MT5 Version:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/79834 In this EA you will have two sources of income: 1- Direct trades 2- Rebates from your broker. Thus insure to register under an IB that shares with you their revenues Scalping! What a thrill! Forex trading had been a source of income and thrill at the same time! (Forex is risky, you may loose all your capital) With our new E
100 USD
Price Action Indicator gives you reverse or even continous trend signals depending on your timeframe and Strategy used. !!!This is not a holy grail indicator and it will not give 100% winning rate!!! As you can see, it is not giving a lot of signals because of the price movements in side way (flat) trend. You can use it on every major currency pairs and even on indices. Please be aware of using this indicator with other  strategies and indicators. Use MM and Risk Management properly. Sometimes
30 USD
Candlesticks MA
Tyrae Trae Bailey
Do you like candles? We see candles all the time in the forex market don't we? Candlesticks MA is a moving average indicator that can work on any timeframe. This indicator has been backtested and has the ability to let you see additional candlesticks. There are purple and red candlesticks. The value for the moving average period is 5. It is used for observing the moving average flow pattern of the forex market. It's usable for any currency pair you invest in. It is also good for any MA you use.
75 USD
Nice and Easy EA
Tyrae Trae Bailey
Want to make your trading nice and easy? Well, it all depends on your definition of nice and easy. Introducing the Nice and Easy EA. This automated expert advisor lets you make an order with stop losses and take profits set automatically. It is designed for level trading.This EA is about versatility. A trade will execute when you drag it into your chart. After backtesting the product, it will automatically activate. It has the ability to make buy stops, buy limits, sell stops and sell limits. Th
50 USD
Buy Dip
Emanuel Paul Tivadar
Buy the Dip is an easy way to make money in the crypto and stock market. Welcome to my product page. My name is Emanuel, I am from Romania and  I am a programmer with more than 10 years coding experience. I worked on many different projects independent and also with different companies. I am a driven, passionate and fair person and I like to focus on results. ROBOT INTRODUCTION By the Dip was especially created for crypto, stock and indexes markets. The principle is pretty simple: when the r
110 USD
The Expert Advisor was developed for GBPJPY H4 based on combinations of different classic indicators (MACD, Bollinger Bands, HeikenAshi, SMMA) and pending orders. It is for the professional investor who demands long-term growth and stability with an investment horizon of at least 1 year. It has been backtested on over 13 years tick data with 99% quality of modelling. The attached screenshots present the results of the Monte Carlo analysis robustness test with 200 simulations of different data
249 USD
Ahmet Metin Yilmaz
Volume-weighted average price In finance, volume-weighted average price (VWAP) is the ratio of the value traded to total volume traded over a particular time horizon (usually one day). It is a measure of the average price at which a stock is traded over the trading horizon. VWAP is calculated using the following formula: *It is shown second screenshot in the screenshots. trade that takes place over the defined period of time, excluding cross trades and basket cross trades. for more informatio
30 USD
FX Secret
Aydin Poladli
FX Secret -  it is a robot for the Forex market.   The robot has a lot of algorithm for all situations in the Forex market. You don't need to change anything in the robot's settings, choose the risk of 1-2% of the deposit and you don't need to configure anything else. The robot is suitable for real investors who know that in the Forex market you can earn money only in a passive way.  CHARACTERISTICS: SYMBOL: (at the same time, you can connect a robot to ( EURUSD, USDJPY, EURGBP, AUDJPY, N
100 USD
Cosmic Dream
Tyrae Trae Bailey
This indicator may or may not be within your interest but I call it Cosmic Dream. When I backtested the indicator, colored level zones appear on your chart. It can work on any currency pair you want. There are 5 level zones. 5 are red and 5 are green. The purpose of this indicator is to let traders see the number of level zones. The interval of the zones is 50 at best. In terms of zone width, the number is 10. It can utilized for any direction. The colors will be visible as long as the indicator
50 USD
Expert for do trading a forex on mt4, he have  two built-in a indicators and many different settings. The expert not have  a  martingale, but it is recommended to use it on  the instruments with a timeframe M30. it can be used simultaneously on a variety of currency instruments. All settings have already been made, but you can also configure them yourself . Good trading to everyone. Its have a trading panel of informations.
210 USD
BDF Simple Bot
Carlos Federico Beyersdorf
Live Account:  My HotForex Real Account on FXBlue.com   Dear Investor, my name is Carlos Beyersdorf from Argentina… the land of Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi. I am a Computer Engineer, trader and system developer since 2002 and in the last years, I have programmed hundreds of indicators and expert advisors. Now I want to share my expert advisor, called BDF Simple Bot . I always kept as a goal the premise of keeping the robot as simple as possible. BDF Simple Bot is the expert advisor resul
580 USD
Советник "Lions share ATR line" работает на любых валютных парах. Сигналы на покупку и продажу вычисляются индикатором "ATR Line" . Все вычисления производятся только по предыдущим барам графика инструмента. Торговые операции происходят в момент открытия нового бара графика. Оптимизацию советника можно проводить в режиме - "По ценам открытия", это не влияет на результат и ускоряет оптимизацию. Вы быстро сможете оптимизировать параметры советника под любые валютные пары. Советник открывает только
40 USD
Hunting Cat EA
Alexandra Sivill Muedra
Hunting Cat “Forex Grid Trading Strategy”   Maximize your profits while the in-built Grid system minimizes the risks regardless of how big a move the market makes.  It includes a safety feature for Draw Down reduction for safer profits. Divide the market into many levels and place  <<buy and sell<<  orders at each level at the same time taking profit of every movement of the Market.  How to use it?  Set up your Timeframe and Currency  The grid can be based on your trader preference.  Manage you
99 USD
Invest Smart EA Promotional price! Next price is  $349 Are you tired of account blowing martingale EAs Are you tired of (night) scalpers which are only profitable in backtesting with low spreads which don't work in the real market Are you looking for a reliable money multiplier Are you looking for a flexible EA with long term safe settings and the option to go aggressive as well Are you looking for a well diversified portfolio of different currencies and assets covered by one EA
299 USD
Kuiper Portfolio, is a portfolio with 15 selected strategies that works on EURUSD M30. The big statistical work is to combine all the strategies with   inverse correlation , this allows to limit the draw down on the Balance. If you are a Fund Manager, the is one of the instrument you need. The non-correlation of the various EAs, make this tool particularly effective. DASHBOARD The Kuiper Portfolio includes an advanced dashboard that allows the user to check the progress of each single strategy
769 USD
EXTREME PRICE ACTION DASHBOARD Make your trades professionally using advanced statistics and price action. Manages 29 pairs simultaneously. It has Buy and Sell buttons, close buy and close sell separately for each pair. Stop Gain and Stop Gain programmable in Pips automatically. Dynamically calculates 5 regions where statistically the most assertive sales and 5 more assertive shopping regions are found. Indicates the total lots, buy balance and sell balance for each pair. Change the graph's
120 USD
Smooth Flow
Tyrae Trae Bailey
Smooth Flow is an indicator where it uses a stochastic oscillator. According to the indicator buffer for buying, It crosses above and it has a current timeframe with a 5% K period and a 3% D period. In addition to the timeframe, it is below 20 in value. For the arrow, it's "Arrow Up" with 1 in width and blue with the label "buy" along with a current timeframe and low candlestick value. It has an average true range.  As you insert the indicator, there will be blue and red arrows displayed in the
100 USD
BeST_Hull MAvgs Strategies_EA is an MT4 Expert Advisor based on the Market indicator named  BeST_Hull MAs Directional Strategy  and can make trades according to it or using only 1 HMA while it also applies all common Trade and Risk Management features. Generally the Hull Moving Average (HMA - developed by Alan Hull) is a directional trend indicator. It captures the current state of the market and uses recent price action to determine if conditions are bullish or bearish relative to historical d
40 USD
Trail Pending Order
Edmund Patrick Simons
TRAIL PENDING ORDER WHAT IS IT? - It is a utility that creates pending orders at the click of a button based on predefined settings by the user. - It is not a bot, this utility requires someone to trigger it. WHY WAS IT CREATED? - It was created to take advantage of highly volatile conditions in the market caused by high impact news events. SETTINGS: - PriceLevel *- Amount of points away from current price to create orders. - TrailOrders *- Pending orders will trail the price (on or off).
250 USD
Open Or Close All Currency pairs in single click A very Using tool that every trader wish to have in his tool box. For the Traders who are Trading multiple currencies this is a most needed tool. Much of time is saved by using this tool. Open all currency pairs in a single click with the time frame we wish. Closes all charts in a single click. Input Parameters: Open All Symbol          : Open All Chart symbols from the broker Symbols To Open         : Open All Major Pairs and Cross Pairs
39 USD
This expert is best when running on GBPUSD M30 and is designed to give consistent mid/long term revenues. It doesn't use any dangerous strategies as martingale or grid trading. All orders are protected by a stoploss and the money management feature allows to protect the account balance. This expert also includes a  time management system to target best times to trade. This EA is not a scalper and will be less affected by slippages and spreads from brokers. It will trade less than a scalper but w
49 USD
News Trigger Pro
Tyrae Trae Bailey
News Trigger Pro is an automated expert trading robot that can be used during news breaking headlines about stocks. You can use it on the MT4 platform. This product is recommended to anyone who wishes to invest in stocks and other exchanges. It is highly recommended that you use this automated product for currency pairs. While this product can be used in the forex market, it can also be used for crypto pairs as well including stocks such as US30, SPX500, and NAS100. Follow the algorithms when yo
500 USD
Grid Cage
Javier Morales Fernandez
GID CAGE CONCEPT The grid cages strategy use diffents types of grid during the normal trading session. Then, after the session It creates a cage to “catch up” the floating/loss position generated by grid strategies. This cage is run during the range time between London, NYC, Asian ( set by user). This strategy gives the opportunity to set target per session in term of percentage or Dollars . If the user set a target, the algorithms will run grid stategy and if the target was not achive, it will
150 USD
GO Multi Oscillator Divergence Entry is a unique divergence indicator that is different from all other divergence indicators on the market. After purchase, leave a review, a comment or make a screenshot of your purchase and contact me to receive for free the Trade Entry Manager utility ! Feel free to check out my other products here  :  https://www.mql5.com/en/users/gyila.oliver/seller#products The uniqueness of the indicator consists of two key elements : unlike other divergence indicators, t
39 USD
GOLDEN RETRACEMENT POWER indicator draws fibonacci levels automatically. Defines the golden entry buy/sell area, support and resistant lines , signals arrows and strength 'Power Bars Level' based on price action . Some indicators also work behind the chart: Stochastic,RSI,MFI,DeMarker and WPR . Fibonacci retracements are a popular form of technical analysis used by traders in order to predict future potential prices in the financial markets. If used correctly, Fibonacci retracements and ratios c
50 USD
Breakthrough trading robot for scalping with all important features built inside one tool! This is the lite version | Pro version here: Click here ​ The highlight of this EA is its capacity to manage the capital dynamically by an exclusive technology called Equity Management Engine - EME ​ A smart algorithm detects the trend, filters out market noise and gives entry signals. Stops (S/L) are set dynamically and not on the opening of a new positions. ​T he only EA that can truly read and interpr
99 USD
The “ SG Opposit Grid ” EA works with Virtual TakeProfit(or real) - at the trader's choice. The EA looks for signals to enter the market along the trend on D1 and H1 . If the signals coincide, the EA on the working period ( М1 - М30 depends on the trader's choice) looks for a confirming pattern and opens a position in the direction of the trend. If, after opening a position, the price moves in a profitable direction, the position is closed upon reaching the virtual TProfit with a profit. If the
145 USD
Turtle fast movement
Abdallah Moustafa Hamdy Ahm Abdelrazek
This trend following system was designed by   Dennis Gartman   and   Bill Eckhart , and relies on breakouts of historical highs and lows to take and close trades: it is the complete opposite to the "buy low and sell high" approach. This trend following system was taught to a group of average and normal individuals, and almost everyone turned into a profitable trader. The main rule is   "Trade an N-day breakout and take profits when an M-day high or low is breached (N must me above M)" . Exampl
60 USD
Mr Fibonacci Safe Trade
Mohammadhossein Yoosefiizad
️️️️️   Mr Fibonacci Robot Mix Ichimoku And ADX   ️️️️️  Best time frame M5 .  Change Lot Size to 0.01 for Martingale Mode.  Manual PDF of robot This Is a a full feature pro version - You can enjoy free version   HERE   ️️️️️   Dear friends who bought our robot, please update to the new version.  ️️️️️  ️️ GOLD SET FILE HERE ️️ New Set file for Currency pairs and GOLD   HERE .Comment #15 Free trial for one month If you need help : My WhatsUp Number: +
325 USD
Marian Sorin Neagu
This app is based on the price movement. It looks after a proprietary pattern on the 30min charts. When the conditions are met it opens 10 orders (or whatever you set) on the current pair. You may set the following parameters: 1.Profit (default is 650 points) 2. Stop Loss as fraction of the Profit (i.e. PL =3 means that loss is 1/3 of profit)  3. Risk Factor. How much money EA could spend (by default is 10% of initial balance) 4. No of maximum orders. By default is 10. It means that the applicat
50 USD
Индикатор   Super Trend TV , выдаёт точные сигналы для входа в сделки. Работает без перерисовки! Super Trend TV - трендовый мультивалютный индикатор, может использоваться на любых финансовых инструментах валюта, криптовалюта, металлы, акции, индексы. Индикатор не перерисовывается и не запаздывает. Рекомендуемый тайм-фрейм M15, M30, H1, H4, D1. Какие точки входа в сделку являются идеальными? Лучшая точка для входа в сделку – это начало или продолжение движения цена в определенную сторону. В т
69 USD
FX Investor
Aydin Poladli
FX INVESTOR -  it is a robot for the Forex market.  The robot makes market analysis with the author's unique indicator, the robot has a lot of algorithm for all situations in the Forex market. The robot's algorithm is secret and therefore I cannot write a lot of information. You don't need to change anything in the robot's settings, choose the risk of 1-2% of the deposit and you don't need to configure anything else. The robot is suitable for real investors who know that in the Forex market you
160 USD

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