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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 115

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
You have to wait the background colors, if the background's RED, you have to wait the yellow arrows to take selling orders. If the background's BLUE, you have to wait the white arrows to take buying orders. When the arrows show out, please wait for the close candles, otherwise it repaints. Please you watch the background colors, if the background's Lighter Red, that means big downtrend signals, if it's Darker Red, you have to be carefull. Because the downtrend can change to uptrend suddenly. if
150 USD
Индикатор "ClearMovePriceSoft" отображает чистоту изменения цены за период расчёта ( "CMP_period" ), и линию само смягчения за количество баров ( "Softing" ). Чем выше значение индикатора, тем чище складываются бары, за приходом тикового объёма. Входные параметры: DRAWs =120 - количество баров для отрисовки главной линии индикатора ( "CMP_MAIN" гистограмма); CMP_period =8 - главный период индикатора; Softing =5 - период само смягчения для линии "Softing_average" . Диапазон варьирования зн
37.50 USD
Smarty Trade Panel
Andreas Hoogendoorn
Smarty Trade Panel  ( https://t.me/SmartyTradePanel ) is a visual set and go trade panel. Press the BUY or the SELL button to make the trade settings visible. The trade levels can be moved around with the mouse. A magnet function will be active as long as you hold the shift-key pressed. I have chosen to avoid entering numbers to make the panel an excellent tool for rapid low time-frame trading. In a few seconds you can set the SL, ENTRY and TP levels and arm the trade without to worry about mone
30 USD
Iurii Tokman
DveMashki   The indicator of the direction of the trend, the indicator also fixes the flat parts of the price movement. Description of indicator settings: MaPeriod1 - The first averaging period for calculating the indicator. MaPeriod2 - Second averaging period for calculating the indicator. MaMethod - Averaging method. Can be any of the following enumeration values: MODE_SMA - Simple averaging, MODE_EMA - Exponential averaging, MODE_SMMA - Smoothed averaging, MODE_LWMA - Linear weighted averag
65 USD
Boost It
Mikhail Kornilov
Boost It EA is designed to even boost of a deposit with the help of martingale strategy. The main logic of trades opening is based on a big set of moving averages and regression lines taking their bend and distance from the price into account. The algorithm is universal and allows the EA to trade all available pairs for better diversification. The default settings are mainly destined for cent accounts providing a smooth yield curve. 5 copies are left for $60. The next price is $90. Live signa
60 USD
Evgeniia Golovacheva
Algorithm ScalperBot uses classic indicators and inline filters. Also it includes candlestick and model analysis on M5 timeframe.  The algorithm usually opens trades at night using trend scalping. Night Triumph is  designed for 8 currency-pairs. It significantly spreads risks. Time frame M5. Recommended type of trading account ECN. Currency pairs: USD/CHF, EUR/CAD, USD/CAD, EUR/USD, AUD/USD, EUR/CHF, GBP/USD, EUR/AUD . Input parameters: - Lot type: Auto lot; - Lot fix: 0.02-0.1/Auto lot: 0.1;
18 000 USD
Magic Leo
Lui Shuk Ting
This is a   trading robot   to work on the   forex market . It uses a very special indicator trend and grid system that will bring you excellent results.   Backtest Now!    Special   OFFER   for this week     Discount price - $58. Next price $149.   BUY NOW!!! Backtest You can run the backtest from   2010.01.01   to   2021.03.01 , mainly in the   EURUSD   pair and preferably in H1 timeframe to do it faster. Use the default parameters, as shown in the below. Recommendations for effect
9 990 USD
Tomoyuki Nakazima
Feature No Martingale, grid trading or averaging in this EA. Logic is original,sound and robust. Augmented by machine learning. ProfitFactor is over 7. Perfect EA The Ultimate EA Finally,the EA with real edge has come to MQL5 Market. This EA is easy to use.No Optimization is needed. Your money will increase so fast,I promise you. Currency Pairs This EA works on USDJPY. On strategy tester and live trading,choose symbol "USDJPY". Parameters Parameter name Description LotsMethod T
240 USD
This  Expert adviser developed on the concept of Prop Trader VP( Patrick victor) From No Nonsense Fx.  It is an automated trading system that uses 100% technical indicators with very complex settings and some hidden Mathematical calculation to open and close trades. Trade different time for each day. It doesn't use grid, martingale or other dangerous money management methods. It has a lot of Entry and Exit Method and Every Trade is Stop loss protected. Join Telegram Channel for Update and pro
499 USD
GO Trendline Triple Strategy is a complete trading strategy that uses 3 basic price action principles : divergences, trendline breakouts and trendline retests. After purchase, leave a review, a comment or make a screenshot of your purchase and contact me to receive for free the Trade Entry Manager utility ! Feel free to check out my other products here  :  https://www.mql5.com/en/users/gyila.oliver/seller#products To understand the principle of the indicator, please refer to screenshots 1-3. A
39 USD
Golden Wonder
Kulanan Chavalparit
Golden Wonder is a moderate profit algorithm with 100% profitable trades  in 6 months historical backtesting. It usually opens multiple trades per week and closes them mostly within 1-3 days. Golden Wonder   is   combination of Fixed Lots, RSI and Grid algorithm. Recommended Broker :  www.icmarkets.com Trades The Group of Trade has a Fixed Lots with grid algorithm open by Fixed Pip that you can change, a fixed Take Profit about 100 pips or 5 dollars set from the beginning. Feel free to test an
30 USD
Jennifer Afi Azasoo
5 (3)
EA Calmed Gold We have tried to optimise Calmed Expert Advisor  for Gold but works with any other forex pairs and stocks. This expert uses  martingale (optionally) for recovery. Please, backtest for at least 1 year and run a demo for at least one whole month before going live; that way, you will know how the Calmed Expert Advisor behaves across the various markets. Please do not just purchase and start using the EA, as past performance cannot guarantee future results. Backtest results may be
199 USD
Gold Scalping Pro
Tyrae Trae Bailey
Are you into scalping trading? Do you enjoy investing in gold? Gold Scalping Pro is an EA product for MT4 that could potentially benefit you in the market with a scalping movement. It is highly recommended that you use take profits and stop losses for proper risk management since investing in gold can fluctuate. With an open buy order, Parabolic SAR indicator will cross above and take profit is set to order open price +100 pips. For an open sell order, Parabolic SAR indicator will cross below an
100 USD
A top-quality implementation of the famous  Zig Zag  indicator, which needs no introduction. It is completely coming from original algorithm.  After you have this indicator, you will no need any more indicator for opposite direction of trend. Trading direction of TREND Very easy to understand and set  It implements a multi-timeframe dashboard Buy and Sell signals on same chart  Working M5-M15-M30-H1-H4 and D1  After the purchase, please contact me for to learn how to use it. 
99 USD
STL TradeBooster trades on the currency pairs EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CAD, AUD/USD,   on the 5-minute timeframe. STL TradeBooster works with any deposit STL TradeBooster enters the market on the Stochasic and MA indicators STL TradeBooster has a convenient control panel STL TradeBooster trades in two modes   Safe mode and   Hard mode   Safe mode   - intermediate lot 0.02 is used in a series of orders, trailing stop is activated, which prevents gaining profit, but also does not increase large seri
399 USD
hello friends bollinger Bands signal traders. I am happy to announce that I have completed the robot that follows the market according to the signal that the closing candle is above the upper Bollinger Bands and the closing candle is below the lower Bollinger Bands, the robot will send the image to Telegram then you will check see if it is a signal that matches your order opening rules. because I find the signal system really useful for traders, so I am trying to complete many products to serv
50 USD
Anastasiia Bulatova
Стратегия CCI: Концепция CCI — это неограниченный осциллятор с показателем 100+, который обычно считается перекупленным, а любое значение 100 — указывает на перепроданность. Для этой стратегии мы будем использовать эти уровни в качестве триггерных точек и изменить интерпретацию CCI. Мы будем покупать валютную пару, если она достигает нового максимума выше 100, и продавать, если она делает новый минимум ниже 100. В этой стратегии мы ищем новые пики или всплески, которые могут привести валютную па
1 500 USD
Aroon crossover Dashboard uses the value of Aroon indicator. The Aroon period can be adjusted via the Edit box of this dashboard. The monitoring pairs will be selected by adding to the Market Watch (no need to set  prefixes or suffixes) , you can monitor many pairs as you like. This dashboard will check almost popular time frame (M1,M5,M15,M30,H1,H4 and D1). The colors can be customized. The Aroon indicator has been included in to this Dashboard, you do not need purchasing it. Crossover signal c
50 USD
Purchasing the Flag Trend Pro indicator  Free!!!  Down load DashBorad: Flag Trend Pro DashBoard    ---> Scan  All pairs and All Timeframes This Indicator  For Cutomer who looking Trend Trading And Filtering With All Important Features Built Inside One Tool!!! Filters out market noise and gives entry signals with exit levels.  All this makes it an easy-to-use trend trading system for beginners, advanced and professional traders. Advantages:  Easy, visual and effective reverses de
35 USD
Dream Catcher Pro  This is a Scalping indicator for MetaTrader  4 platform based on Moving average crossover strategy. Magic Moving   is a professional indicator for the MetaTrader 4 terminal. Unlike   Moving Average,  Dream Catcher Pro  provides better signals and is able to identified prolonged trends. Advantages of the indicator Perfect for scalping. Generates minimum false signals. Suitable for beginners and experienced traders. Works on all timeframes. Works on any financial instru
39 USD
Market Master EA
Review live signal results:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1475883 Very Important: Please Adjust the "Distance between orders" .. Lower them to get good results. Higher will make the EA much safer. Trading Forex has a million way! One of the innovative ways is to go against the surf! Here we fight the market and work out to get our bread and butter from it :) (Trading is risky, and you may loose!) From here began the idea! Fighting the market. The Expert uses a combination of : He
100 USD
Eagle EA MT4
Sergey Gunko
Eagle EA MT4 was created in early 2020 and it has proved its efficiency in demo and real trading throughout 2020 year. That's why I've decided to share this EA with MQL5.com community. I suppose that slower timeframes are more reliable for trading. So Eagle EA MT4 uses  H4 timeframe  and EURUSD  currency pair. Methodology of this EA is based on trend following principle. Martingale or grid methods are not used in this EA. Eagle EA MT4 has emergency stop loss = 55 pips and no fixed take profit (t
197 USD
Victory EA MT4 was created in early 2020 and it has proved its efficiency in demo and real trading throughout 2020 year. That's why I've decided to share this EA with MQL5.com community. I suppose that slower timeframes are more reliable for trading. So Victory EA MT4 uses  H4 timeframe  and XAUUSD (Gold)  currency pair. Methodology of this EA is based on trend following principle. Martingale or grid methods are not used in this EA.  Victory EA MT4 has stop loss = 11.62 and take profit = 32.61 
197 USD
This script TEST and show the REAL commissions applied. It will open minimal (0.01) size orders, so your account WILL BE charged. Wait the orders to reach the TakeProfit, then in the Account History,  check the Commission, Profit and Comment of each position. MUST run on REAL account. Example: + Take Profit 70 - Spread 25 - Commission 18 = Profit 0 I made this script because tired of brokers   lying   on spread and commissions.
30 USD
Real Super Trend ORM
Hassan Amundsen
1 (1)
The ORM indicator is very effective in identifying changing trends, breakouts, and trading opportunities in Forex, Stocks, and commodities. It gives at a glance a clear picture of the marked. ORM makes it easy to see the beginning of a trend, the end of a trend, and when there is a consolidation period. ORM identifies three groups of traders: The blue belt is the day traders, the green belt is the swing traders, the red belt is traders that hold their position for a longer period of time. When t
45 USD
Linetrader 2 MT4
Sergei Evstiunichev
LineTrader 2.0 MT4 Monitoring of the Expert Advisor's work on a real account in real time: 1. Live account, starting balance of $10,000, launched in May 2019, average return of 5.17% per month: https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/688327 2. Live   account, starting balance of $10,000, launched in May 2020, average yield of 5.53% per month: https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/773978 3. Live  account, starting balance of $5,000, launched in May 2020, average return of 5.31% per month: https://www.mql5
1 200 USD
Hello Seasonal Traders! The seasonality trading strategy works because the smart money is doing the same thing every single year more often than not. The month of the year or the day of the week and the time of the day can call the shots in any market.   The seasonal cycle is another useful tool in your trading arsenal. I'm not saying to trade solely off of seasonality and forget anything else. I'm only giving you another trading tool that you can incorporate into your own trading strategy to ga
50 USD
Infinity EA MT4 was created in early 2020 and it has proved its efficiency in demo and real trading throughout 2020 year. That's why I've decided to share this EA with MQL5.com community. I suppose that slower timeframes are more reliable for trading. So Infinity EA MT4 uses H4 timeframe  and GBPCAD  currency pair. Methodology of this EA is based on mean reversion principle. Martingale or grid methods are not used in this EA.  Infinity EA MT4 has emergency stop loss = 167 pips and take profit =
197 USD
I have finished robot sending images to telegram according to Macd signal. When there is a Main signal of candle 1 > 0 and candle 2 < 0 . there will be 1 image sent to telegram. The red line in the picture means that the robot will send the picture to telegram to let you know I personally used the hammer candle system to follow the market with over 30 products, you can refer to the links below https://t.me/New_Hammer_Group There are 3 simple steps to use right away: 1: create telegram channel,
50 USD
ATR Line MT4
Evgeny Levchenko
The indicator - "ATR Line" determines the current trend and gives signals to buy (green arrow to the top) or sell (red arrow to the bottom). The indicator calculation is based on the deviation of the average price of the instrument from its average true range - ATR. The moving average of prices is used to reduce "market noise". If the main line of the indicator - "ATR Line" is lower the instrument price chart, then the market is in a "bullish" trend. If the main line of the indicator is higher t
35 USD
Gold001 EA
Xue Fei Zhang
1. This EA yields an annualized return of 15% or about 50% . MT 4 Watch Watch Signal Search Saihuigongzuoshi Watch Watch Watch Watch Watch Watch watch the account number. 2. Retest 8 years of historical data, annualized return of about 30% , the net value of about 20% . 3. The EA would have to hang gold, U. S. crude oil, sterling against the yen to achieve this effect. Single Hand Count Setting: 0.01 hands for $500. PARAMETER ADJUSTMENT: XDSS adjustment hands, ZSDS stop adjustment, stop adjustme
129 USD
Know Your Risk
Koena Technology Limited
Know Your Risk is a powerful tool that is developed to help traders have better risk management in a very simple way. How? The Know Your Risk indicator has two horizontal lines on the chart, a red horizontal line that represents stop-loss and a green horizontal line that represents take profit. The trader is required to place the lines on the chart at areas of stop-loss and take profit. A panel is presented on the left of the chart that displays the risk in pips/points, risk in percentages, the
30 USD
DYJ Trade panel allows you to perform trading operations ,opening market positions, placing pending orders, removing pending orders, and closing all positions When you use the "DYJ Trade Panel" to make a mistake in the direction of manual trading, you can cooperate with our remote order rescue service to turn the order back into profit. Parameters Volume = 0.01  - - default volume; InpTP    = 1200 -- default takeprofit POINTS; InpSL       = 600 -- default stop loss POINTS; InpStep  = 200 --  de
75 USD
GO Trend
Aydin Poladli
GO TREND EA -  it is a robot for the Forex market.  The author of the strategy and algorithm belongs to the professional Trader and Programmer AQSHİN POLADLİ with more than 14 years of experience in the Forex market. The robot makes market analysis with the author's unique indicator, the robot has a lot of algorithm for all situations in the Forex market. The robot's algorithm is secret and therefore I cannot write a lot of information. You don't need to change anything in the robot's settings,
50 USD
Roman Lipatov
Now manual trading will be fun! This indicator is a high-quality and affordable trading solution. The indicator does not redraw,but works in real time. It provides a complete off-the-shelf system. The system visually indicates on the chart the beginning of opening positions, their further support and optimal closing. The indicator also has a notification about trading actions: "VOICE NOTIFICATION", "VISUAL NOTIFICATION", "ALERT" and "PUSH NOTIFICATION". You can either follow the si
50 USD
Hey! I present to you my trend indicator. The indicator is easy to use There is a special template in the style of all my indicators. In addition to the entry point, the indicator shows the entry level as well as the Stop Loss and Take Profit levels. Also, information about the entry point is duplicated in the push notification. The indicator has an information table in which the current situation on the instrument will be visible. It will also convince you to display information on the trading
65 USD
Serepok MT4
The Huy Phan
Serepok MT4 is a trending following EA. This EA uses a custom indicators to detect entry signal. The fixed stop loss and take profit are always set for each trade. This EA has smart money management. Users only need to determine the accepted loss for each trade, EA will calculate the lot size for each trade according to stop loss price. Therefore, this EA is very safe. This EA is very easy to use and can apply for many currency pairs. Recommended time frame is H1. Note: 1. Please do back test
1 000 USD
EA Schedule Launcher
5 (1)
It may be true that “Time waits for no one [human],” but at least now you can control the marching time of all your robots. EA Schedule Launcher (ESL) can launch and close any number of your EAs and/or indicators at custom beginning and ending times. You save your EA and/or indicator to a template and input when to open and close them. The power to control your EAs trading time window can improve both strategy performance and terminal/computer performance. Note: EA cannot be run with the visu
49 USD
Christopher Cyril Abu Aita
It's a  DYNAMIC PERIOD  indicator which identifies best ENTRY PRICE in the direction of main trend. It's completely non-repaint indicator and very simple to use. Each arrow has a specific impact value from 1 to 10. Basically there is no important difference between impact numbers. The main point is: A higher impact value means that signal is generated from a bigger swing. When it draws a Buy arrow on a bottom, It means that we had a Trend, A correction, And now this bottom is a reliable trig
88 USD
Volume Levels Pro
Alexander Nikolaev
This indicator is able to determine the price levels at which there was the most volume over the specified period of history. In the future, the price often bounces off such levels, and this can be successfully applied in trading. They are displayed as lines, some parameters for determining the levels can be adjusted. This indicator is an improved version of Volume Levels, it notifies you when the price rebounds from the level, and can also notify you when the level is touched. In addition, this
30 USD
Индикатор предназначен для скальпинга, преимущественно на младших таймфреймах (например M15, M5) и включает в себя 2 стратегии для торговли во флете и тренде. Тестировался при помощи ручного тестера и советников, выбраны оптимальные настройки. Сигналы входа-выхода образуются на нулевом баре, без задержек. Белые стрелки показывают смену тренда, для входа не используются.  Сигналы по 1 стратегии: это красные и синие стрелки в зонах перекупленности и перепроданности. Выход из сделки произвольный
99 USD
The trend indicator notifies about the direction of the microtrend, the beginning of a new trend or correction. Suitable for any trading instruments: currency pairs, stocks, cryptocurrencies, futures, etc. The indicator does not change readings (does not redraw). A signal about a trend change comes as quickly as possible. Support: https://www.mql5.com/en/channels/TrendHunter Exiting a trade with the opposite signal is indicated for an example. You can close your trades in other places to maximi
119 USD
No Open Trades
Koena Technology Limited
DESCRIPTION The ‘No Open Trades’ Expert Advisor is a dream come true to any mindful trader that knows that controlling risk is extremely vital to any successful trading plan. The ‘No Open Trades’ Expert Advisor closes all open trades in the account once the percentage loss you set is met. For example, if your account balance is $5,000 and you set the percentage loss to 5. This information has been passed to the Expert Advisor and it will close all open orders once the loss made is -$250 (which
50 USD
TP SL Manager
Oussama Mansour
Expert Advisor for Automatic Stop Loss and Take profit , calculated by points and cover all major pairs . you can activated the EA in your chart then place orders manually and the EA will be place TP and SL automatically for all opened orders , covered Buy market , Sell Market , Buy stop , Sell Stop , Buy limit , Sell limit . it is an easier tool that help you manage your order without effort . 100 Points = 10 Pips
35 USD
from this moment, RSI traders will have 95% less time and health using this Robot Robot Instructions for using Robot RSI sent to Telegram 0 put the robot in MT4  >> ok 1 Create Telegram Robot " Rsi_Testbot " >> ok 2 Save Tokens   "1706277467:AAEntyiMli3ZN6uWrMch-uz704OGWO5snOM"   >> ok 3 Create Telegram Channel ,Get telegram id = -1001243242869  " RSI Test Bot "  + grant admin rights for bots https://api.telegram.org/&amp ;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;token>/getUpdates 4 Create Telegram group nhóm     
50 USD
Channel BEAM
Vitalii Zakharuk
Channel BEAM - indicator of the channel and levels. If you use the Channel BEAM indicator to build the price band, then the trader will not have to conduct a detailed analysis of the market situation. All calculations in automatic mode will be performed by the indicator itself. This tool is simple and functional. When using it Channel BEAM, a price corridor is built on the chart: The upper line of the channel is the maximum value of the bar for a certain number of them. The lower line of the ch
79 USD
Channel Token
Maryna Shulzhenko
The Channel Token indicator automatically builds a trend movement tracking channel. The price is in its trend movement in a certain range, and not a chaotic spread of the price, it is not clear in which direction. And if the price deviates within a certain range, it means that the boundaries of these ranges are support and resistance lines and form the Channel Token channel. Channel Token - an indicator in which the indicator period is automatically calculated based on the number of bars of
56 USD
Chaos Trend
Tatiana Savkevych
Chaos Trend is an arrow indicator for identifying potential entry points. I like it, first of all, because it has a simple mechanism of work, adaptation to all time periods and trading tactics. More reliably, the Forex Chaos Trend indicator is a real trading strategy with which you can achieve the desired results. As soon as the Chaos Trend indicator is installed, the main indicators for the price of the traded pair will immediately begin to be recalculated, based on the postulates of technic
109 USD
Один из главных секретов успешного трейдинга - это адекватное управление рисками. Но не всегда получается следовать этому правилу, т.к. иногда эмоции берут верх над трейдером и вход в рынок случается необдуманным. Программа Optimal lot исключает такие ошибки и позволяет быстро принять решение, входить в рынок или нет. Ее уникальность в том, что Вы строите горизонтальную линию с именем "risk". При перемещении этой линии в информационном блоке отображаются следующие данные: Balance -
30 USD
The Qubit Trend indicator works using the cyclical-wave dependence function. Thus, all entry points will be optimal points at which movement changes. Entry points should be used as potential market reversal points. The default indicator settings are quite effective most of the time. You can customize them based on your needs. But do not forget that the approach must be complex, the indicator signals require additional information to enter the market.
115 USD
Trend Thyrogen
Maryna Shulzhenko
Trend Thyrogen is a trend trading strategy, filtering and all the necessary features built into one tool! Intelligent indicator algorithm with generates input signals and output levels. The principle of operation of the indicator is to automatically determine the current state of the market when placed on a chart, analyze historical data based on historical data and display instructions for further actions on the trader's screen. The system itself shows in the form of arrows when to buy and w
99 USD
Tolulade Oluwaseun Akinyemi
GBPUSD 15MINS The Expert Advisor is based on Simple Moving Average. We are going back to the basics, leaving complexity behind The EA independently determines the direction of the trend Safety and profit rolled into one.   Minimum deposit 500 $ (USE ONLY GBPUSD) • Broker with minimal slippage. • Minimum spread from 0 pips • Leverage 1: 500 or higher Recommended pairs for trading Working pairs GBPUSD      Timeframe M15
250 USD
Pip Professional
Yaroslav Varankin
Pip Professional is a reliable advisor works on a new algorithm has 3 filters uses MA to determine the trend recommendation Spread Max upon reaching the specified number of transactions will not be opened Slipage slippage deviation from the price at the moment of opening an order TakeProfit 40 Stoploss 35 Lots of transaction amount 0.1 Timeframe From M1-D1 currency pair GBPUSD / EURUSD and others. You can test the tool, check it in the tester with different conditions the tool
450 USD
The Dead Center Trend Point ver. 1.0 This indicator signals a change in the current trend in any time frame of the chart and on any currency pair, stock index or commodity. Just enter it in the indicator properties. The indicator signals this with a sound or otherwise. Details are also displayed on the chart. The position of displaying the details is set freely by entering how many pixels from the top and from the right. Additionally, you can enter the number of the chart window. Interesting res
38 USD
GO Trendline Breakout is currently the best tool on the market for finding and trading pullbacks in the direction of the trend. After purchase, leave a review, a comment or make a screenshot of your purchase and contact me to receive for free the Trade Entry Manager utility ! Feel free to check out my other products here  :  https://www.mql5.com/en/users/gyila.oliver/seller#products As most traders know, thinking that the market is always in an uptrend or downtrend is totally wrong. The best
39 USD
Boost Trading System
Sebastian Alejandro Merino Sepulveda
Binary & Forex (+ 90% Ratio-Win Next Candle) Wait for the price to reach a good (strong) zone be it support, resistance, supply or demand zone, fibonacci level key, round figure. By doing the above there will definitely be a reversal in price and you will get your ITM on the first candle giving 100% effectiveness following the trend. It is very important to be attentive to the fundamental news in the market and these do not affect your trading. Commercial sessions: any (24 hours). Currency
300 USD
https://youtu.be/hHAqablsCW4 Трендовый / контр-трендовый индикатор МТ4, дающий точные сигналы для входа в сделки. Работает без перерисовки и запаздываний! Идеальные точки входа в сделки для     валют, крипты, металлов, акций, индексов . Работает на любом таймфрейме! Что бы открыть сделку нужно дождаться когда наш индикатор покажет нам наш паттерн. После чего мы ждем пробитие этого паттерна в одну или другую сторону. После пробития нашего паттерна мы ждем БЗ - Бар защиты. Бар защиты
99 USD
Alexandr Bryzgalov
A trading robot using the averaging strategy. Immediately after launching the advisor, it opens two bidirectional trades, after which it averages one of the trades and closes the other at take profit. Optimization of parameters is required before use. The Expert Advisor works great on a sideways market and does not tolerate long recoilless trends. Trading robot parameters. Take profit for a single position. - Take profit for a single position. Take profit of the averaged position. - Take pr
150 USD
Do you ever wish to know when there is volatility in the market at a glance and specifically displayed on your chart? This is what  Volatility PRO Advantage offers. How Volatility PRO Advantage works Firstly, Volatility PRO Advantage does not use lagging averaging techniques; therefore, the signals are produced at the right time, giving you enough time to plan your entry, exit, or stop loss trailing.   Another important part is that it checks for the strength of a pair and uses it to detect e
30 USD
Current trend sensitive ver. 1.0 his indicator shows actual trend buy or sell, time of beginning trend and price of start trend. User can set symbol, chart period for calculating trend on any chart of different symbol and timeframe, watch different symbol chart and have an eye on trend of other symbol at any other period chart. Or place it on the same chart what the trend is set. It is totaly undependant configuration, just left for the user choice. Defaultly it is set for symbol EURUSD period 1
38 USD
EA Mrk Full
Dmitriy Susloparov
EA Mrk Full The Expert Advisor uses all the good practices from previous versions, but here it is applied a completely different approach to the formation of trading signals. Based on a paradigm "following the market", when instead of trying to forecast a trend change is determined post factum. In addition, the newly developed adaptive trailing technology is used to manage pending orders when the order position changes depending on the situation. This allows you to protect the pending order
100 USD
Siboniso Maxwell Mvelase
Eden Expert Advisor is based on two strategies working one with each other . One strategy uses limit orders with small stops and high profit target  and the second strategy uses market orders with small profits , placed at the peaks or bottoms of the price movements . First strategy places the limit orders at most probable return points of the price and then it rides the trend until the profit target is achieved .It also has a built-in Breakeven function in case the price returns and goes towar
49 USD
Make Use
Maryna Shulzhenko
The Make Use trend indicator copes with the main task of trading: to find an entry point to the market at the moment of trend initiation and an exit point at the moment of its completion. A stable movement of quotations in a certain direction is called a trend in trading. In this case, the movement itself can be downward, upward or sideways, when the market movement does not have a pronounced direction. The Make Use trend indicator is important for identifying trends in financial markets. Howev
67 USD
BazeZone MT4
Stefan Van Dockum
Baze Zone is a configurable combination of tools/levels (MT5 version also available at MT5 section) : - Fib levels, 14, 23,50 - Fib Extension 27,61 - Pivot Points - Adds boxes to indicate range 'breakout' - ATR Range  - Prev Daily Candle Range - Shortcut keys to hide/show the lines (configurable) In short, use this tool to add some extra zones to you fib tool. And use the extra's in combination with the shortcut keys to keep your chart clean. You can drag the lines for the Fib Levels. The name
34 USD
ForexBob Swing Catcher  :- Is an ultimale and simple to use indicator for Scalpers and Swing Traders. It consist of hidden filters in it and Moving Average to make it familier to traders and easy to use. It changes color from Blue to Red & Red to Blue on default settings for entering buy n sell trades with tested efficiency of 90-95% on higher time frames >= H1. Inputs  : Moving Average period 50,100 or 150 depend on trader's need. MA method 0 for Simple Moving Average, Default setting is 1 (
60 USD
Linear Magic Bot
30 USD
Deviation trend indicator
5 (1)
Indicator of trend deviation with a static level. The deviation coefficient is set for the trend histogram. Signals are the intersection of the level trend histogram in the direction of the trend or during a trend reversal - the option is selected in the indicator settings by the "Revers" parameter. There are all the necessary settings for the design of the indication and sending messages to mail or a mobile terminal. All input parameters have an intuitive name. Analog for MT5: https://www.mql5
30 USD
30 USD
目前全额购买折扣中! 任何交易者的最佳伙伴! 该指标具有独有的支撑阻力计算方案,是独一无二的交易系统  。 指标特性 想象一下,如果您能提前精确的判断出重要的交易支撑阻力区域以及点位, 您的交易将如何改善?基于独特的计算方式,我们可以看到波段走势中清晰的支撑和阻力。将过去重要的支撑阻力区域经过独特的计算,将关键位置在图表中显示. 本指标支持周期设置,可以设置其他周期.  大周期重要支撑阻力,以及小周期辅助判断可以在同一图表中完成. 基本显示 显示支撑阻力的价格标签。 显示实时的支撑和阻力。 显示历史的支撑和阻力. 基本设置 设置支撑阻力计算的周期。 警报设置 接近报警 碰触报警 报警弹窗 报警邮件发送 发送推送警报 颜色设定 可以设置不用的实时支撑阻力颜色 可以设置不用的历史支撑阻力颜色 可以设置价格标签颜色 可以点击价格标签或者点击显示区域改变区域填充方式 任何问题,相互交流
88 USD
Ivan Simonika
The Traject EA can be used on most of the available trading instruments and is distinguished by a small number of settings and easy installation. Does not use dangerous trading methods in trading that lead to a sharp loss of the entire deposit (martingale, grid, arbitrage, etc.). It is a fully automated expert system. Uses the minimum of settings. Basic properties SpreadLimit - helps the bot not to enter the market if the spread is too large. Also stops are used for each order and each order
770 USD

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