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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 108

Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
Swing or Scalp
Jermaine Wedderburn
Coloured price charts, generating black arrows.  User can change the colours of the arrows in the colour section of the indicator.  It is consider a great scalping tool on lower time-frames, while higher time frames will have fewer opportunities but trades will possibly last longer.  There is an input for Alert on or off.  This can be used effectively on M15/M30 Chart until up to H4 chart time.  It is best if the user has some experience with money management, utilising trailing stop to protect
30 USD
Stop Controller MT4
Alexandr Gladkiy
Stop controller – утилита, которая следит за тем, чтобы у ордеров были установлены стоп-приказы и за уровнем просадки или прибыли. Стоп-приказы можно установить, как пользовательские, так и расчётные. Также она способна сопровождать рыночные ордера. Сопровождение выглядит следующим образом: утилита отслеживает промежуточные между ценой открытия и тейкпрофитом цели и частично закрывает сделки, при этом переводя стоплосс на уровень предыдущей цели. Частичное закрытие ордеров можно отключить. Чтобы
Glory Signals
BUY SIGNAL ON RSI BASED SELL SIGNAL ON RSI BASED BUY SIGNAL ON STOCHASTIC BASED SELL SIGNAL ON STOCHASTIC BASED OVERSOLD AND OVERTROUGHT SIGNAL Settings: rsi upline value. rsi downline value. stochastic downline value. stochastich upline value. momentum value. Audible allerts true/false. Push notifications true/false. Can change colr for the 6 indicator.
150 USD
Ninja Scroll
Sergey Naymushin
Это наш самый серьёзный проект экстра-класса ориентированный на максимальный успех и дальнейшее улучшение. Успейте купить торгового робота всего за 60 $. В дальнейшем будет однозначное увеличение стоимости. Мы вам предлагаем: Стоимость эксперта 60 $. Онлайн поддержку и последующее улучшение проекта. Стабильнейший алгоритм исключающий критические ошибки. Технические аспекты робота. Раскрывать всё мы не хотим и не будем. Однозначно можем сказать что принцип работы основывается на сеточной торг
360 USD
Double Ping Pong
Denis Bobnikhov
Double Ping Pong  can work simultaneously in two strategies, each of them simultaneously in two directions. Used by Martingale. Can be customized for any instrument.  TakeProfit  and     Stop Loss  are virtual. Recommended deposit is 5000 USD. For some instruments, settings from 3000 USD are possible. Recommend - XAUUSD,EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, NZDUSD, USDCHF, BRN, SUGAR.  Recommended Broker  - Just Forex. https://justforexgo.com/?ref=430551 General recommendations You can install the adviser
40 USD
Final Code
Vitalii Zakharuk
An expert of a new type Final Code - works using sharp tick movements. The uniqueness of the expert is that it can be launched on any hour period, any currency pair, and on the server of any broker. What makes the expert attractive enough to use for trading. It is recommended to work on liquid forex pairs with a low spread. The lower the commission and spread, the greater the profit. You can start using it with $ 100 and a lot of 0.01. A small initial deposit also contributes to the low-risk te
1 190 USD
Stable Pulse
Ivan Simonika
The work of the Stable Pulse bot is displayed in the form of several key mmoments, which can be seen in the screenshots. This development is a scalping system. You can download and test the bot for free this way by yourself making sure of its capabilities. The bot can be tested on different currency pairs and different periods. The main thing is to set the tester settings as shown in the screenshot, for correct testing. You need to trade on timeframes M1-M15. Expert Advisor is designed to trade
500 USD
Multiple Orders
Opengates Success International
MULTIPLE ORDERS UTILITY Multiple Orders Utility is created to give easy profits-making trades with a little movements and without going long distance to get it all. This Utility opens multiple orders as many trades as the number specified by the User or as many as permitted by your Broker in the same direction on the same currency pair simultaneously. The idea behind it, is that instead of running after 100 - 200 pips which may not likely be attainable in the record time or may NOT even b
50 USD
Mutiple Orders with ChangernTFnMgt
Opengates Success International
MULTIPLE ORDERS With Symbol and Time Frame Changer Multiple Orders Utility is created to give easy profits-making trades with a little movements and without going long distance to get it all. This Utility opens multiple orders as many trades as the number specified by the User or as many as permitted by your Broker in the same direction on the same currency pair simultaneously. The idea behind it, is that instead of running after 100 - 200 pips which may not likely be attainable in the re
85 USD
Profits Enhanced EA ChangerTF
Opengates Success International
Profits Enhancer EA With Symbol & Time Frame Changer Profits Enhancer Expert is a Utility created to enhance trader’s profits. The Symbol and Time-frame Changer was added to it in order to make it easier to use. It is better used with a trending trading system to enhance its profits. If you watch the screenshots, you will discover that it is carefully coded to minimize or remove risk totally and at the same time give good padding to your trading curbing risks and maximizing it to make profits
125 USD
Ultimate Scorpion Dashboard
Mohamed Amine Talbi
Switching between multiple tabs, applying multiple indicators at the same screen. All this overloads the screen and consumes the system resources. The "Scorpion Ultimate Dashboard" comes with the solution, combining 12 indicators in a simple dashboard. It provides the trader with the ability to observe a currency pair from many indicators, and thus being able to glimpse many currency pairs in a short amount of time. The available indicators in the dashboard : - Moving Average Period 5 - Moving
40 USD
Let s s do it MT4
Marta Gonzalez
Let´s do it -it is a Secure Automated Software for trade Forex market and indices. Can used this EA whit 100$ in your account The architecture is a Fully Automatic Autonomous Robot Expert capable of  independently analyzing the market and making trading decisions  Let´s do it It is an advanced trading system. This is a fully automatic Expert Advisor.        It is a 100% automatic system, the system controls both the inputs and the batches, the operator just has to place the robot on the g
30 USD
Vladimir Tkach
Simple and fast trade duplicator that copies trades on the same account with the reverse function. The reverse can be used for locking. You can choose to duplicate transactions for the current or all instruments.  Parameters Duplicate in reverse - the direction of duplication; Duplicate symbol - duplicate the selected tool; Manual lot size - hand size of the volume; Do not duplicate if spread > - do not duplicate a trade if the current spread is larger; List of magic to be duplicated - fi
30 USD
DYJ Hedging MT4
Daying Cao
The  DYJ Hedging  is based on the following idea:crossing of two Moving Average lines (Fast and slow ) is used as a signal for opening positions. We will now apply game theory strategy on the future of per currency instead of a price chart of history. This is one level higher. Dynamic Market game theory is a special feature of Advanced Currency Health Bars indicator and you cannot find in any other Currency Meter! This is a very unique function. Dynamic Market game theory strategy Health Bars ar
3 750 USD
Position Overview And Record
Florian Riedrich
When I was testing several EAs on my demo account I realised, that I could not distinguish between the running orders. There were simply too many orders opened. For this I wrote this EA. Normally I test over 10 EAs on one demo account at a time. As you can see in the screenshot, there is one table with open positions. All orders are grouped by Magic Number. Now you see the opened orders, the profit and the drawdown of each Magic Number.  In addition there is an option to connect the Magic N
30 USD
Extended Candlestick Patterns
Alexander Nikolaev
Trading in candlestick patterns is more reliable for a long time. Japanese candlestick analysis was invented a long time ago, and is often used today. However, not all traders know a lot of candlestick patterns, and not everyone can constantly monitor the market. This Expert Advisor recognizes many candlestick patterns, opens a trade at the right time, and displays the name of the candlestick pattern (when the ShowInfo option is enabled). The extended version, in addition to showing the names of
50 USD
Take it and run
Take it and Run: multi-Currency scalping expert Advisor! The algorithm embedded in the EA reacts to the frequency of price fluctuations and instantly reacts to an unexpected decline or rise.Does not use martingale, averaging, or other dangerous strategies.Like all scalping expert advisors, I do not recommend setting the maximum spread greater than 15.Checked for GBPUSD and EURUSD. Works only with pending orders.Trailing for both pending and open orders. Advisor settings: StartHour: th
50 USD
The Next Generation Scalper
Olena Kondratenko
The Next Generation Scalper is a new generation fully automatic scalping Expert Adviser. In addition to the classic trailing stops visible to brokers, the adviser uses several more smart trailing stops that are hidden for the broker. In the expert information table, it is possible to track low-quality brokers with the help of slippage analysis, using these tools you can get the best trading results. Each market entry point is analyzed by an advanced selection algorithm. After determining the op
299 USD
VIK Trand Impuls Pro
Ivan Kopchuk
New features, flexible settings, quick optimization and only important functions. And also the time filter makes it possible to use the robot for scalping on any time frames. Optimize for your trading style. If you put the robot on different pairs and on several time frames, you get an excellent trading portfolio, but most importantly, do not forget to change the magician (Magic). Important: before using the adviser, download and install the set files that I post in the "Discussions". Each pa
260 USD
HTF Moving Average
Forex Indicator HTF MOVING AVERAGE for MT4 , No Repaint, for MetaTrader 4 platform. Upgrade your trading methods with the professional   HTF MA  Indicator for MT4. HTF means - H igher Time Frame This indicator is excellent for Trend Traders with Price Action entries. HTF MA  Indicator allows you to attach Moving Average from Higher time frame to your current chart. Indicator shows the trend from higher time frame --> this is always profitable method. HTF MA  Indicator  gives opportunity to get
30 USD
Triple Candle EA
Mohamed Amine Talbi
The "Triple Candle" EA is based on the trend following indicator; the moving average. Even though indicators are lagging, but the algorithm behind the EA confirms the trend before riding it. The best timeframe for the EA is H1, and it works best with the EURUSD currency pair. EA Inputs : - MA period : The moving average to determine the trend direction. Default has been set to 34 periods. - MA method : The moving average calculation method. Default is Simple (SMA). - Lot : The lot used for t
40 USD
Trend Balance Bar
Mohamed yehia Osman
Trend Bar Balance Indicator Simple indicator based on trend detection and support resistance breakage  It detects the major trend and the minor support and resistance levels *** a signal for UP /BUY is detected and alerted in a BULL trend and a resistance level break *** a signal for DOWN /SELL is detected and alerted  in a Bear trend and a support level break THE POWER OF THIS INDICATOR I USE IT WHEN YOU COMBINE ITS DAILY SIGNALS FROM DIFFERENT CHART SYMBOLS AT SAME TIME AND CLOSE ALL ORDERS BY
12 USD
Hafis Mohamed Yacine
 Expert adviser candle_EA1_DZ1 The pending order strategy has gained high popularity among Forex traders. This situation was caused by the high efficiency of such a work tactic, which allows to reduce the psychological pressure on the market participant and to open profitable positions in the situation of the sharp price changing.   EA Settings: Use default settings  Symbol :  Recommended   EURUSD. Time Frame:   15-30 -    Recommended  1h Deposit Recommended : $1000 USD for lout 0.10 Use a brok
130 USD
Holy Grail Deep Neural Network Recurrent
The Expert Advisor: is a complex of neural networks, based on a new type of perceptron: bi-directional perceptron. These scan the market in all time frames, and send information to the network, so that it makes the decision to open operations. Time frame: 4 H. Par: EURUSD Minimum Laverage: 1:1 The expert works like the big operators, opens operations that can last more than a day, because he predicts where the price will go. So it doesn't matter the slippage, nor the spread. The vps should no
30 000 USD
Merrill Pattern MT4
Alexander Fedosov
The indicator looks for Technical figures of Arthur Merrill on the chart. In order to clarify how and for what data we are going to apply Merrill patterns, we need to understand what they actually are. The main two categories are the patterns resembling the letters M and W. They are called M and W patterns. Each of the categories contains 16 patterns. Read more about them in my article -   Merrill Patterns . Indicator Parameters Font Size  — The font size that displays the pattern on the chart.
30 USD
Hidden Candles
Christian Ricard
This utility allows to hide future Candles (on all MT4 timeframes) from a date define by the user. In trading, mastering our multi-timeframe "Price Action" knowledge is essential.  But this is practically impossible when we have to  practice these in a charts where all next candles deceive us and impairs our analysis.  As mentioned above, this indicator hides all future candles (on all MT4 timeframes) and easily allows to move forward and backward step by step through your broker actual data.  F
40 USD
Raptor HTF Stochastic
Michal Iwanski
The HTF Stochastic displays Stochastic oscillator from a higher time frame. For example: You can see D1 Stochastic on a M30 chart. It has all parameters available like a normal Stochastic. The HTF Stochastic is visible for all time frames below the one you setup. So if you choose H4 period you can see Stochastic oscillator from that time frame on H1, M30, M15, M5 and M1 chart. For M30 setup, you can have M30 Stochastic on M15, M5 and M1 chart.
30 USD
NSP Tiger Of Sweden
Boris Sklyaruk
New version of the adviser "New Stable Profit" adapted for trading on the GBPSEK currency pair The adviser has been working on real accounts since 2017. Trading is based on corrective movements of the trend, positions are opened based on the strength of the trend and trading volumes according to the author’s formula. Series of positions have a common take profit, which is laid down on the basis of statistics on correctional movements of a given trading instrument. Upon the release of
625 USD
Классический советник скальпирующего типа, работает при спокойном рынке. Имеются настраиваемые  фильтры спреда , трейлинг Стоп и вообще достаточно гибок и настраиваем под ваши условия торговли. Работает на парах USDCHF  , EURGBP   M15 ( Настройки будут в обсуждениях) Не использует агрессивные \ опасные методы торговли (мартингейл, сетка...). ВАЖНО :  Прибыль, полученная Вами при тестировании - не  гарантирует получения прибыли в будущем.    Lot - Объем фиксированного лота. UseMM - Включить
380 USD
Easter Egg 1 EA
Quang Nguyen Dien
The Easter Egg (EE) is developed and fully completed in 3 years. Transaction pairs performed by this EA are experienced backtest process ( with 99% accurate data )successfully at least 5 years, GOLD pair is 10 years. The robot is also tested on real accounts for more than 1 year, the rest results have a winning rate of over 90% and correct with the backtest results. EA designing is not based on indicators to limit errors caused by the tools themselves. It also do not use tactics which can cause
8 043 USD
VIK Standard 2
Ivan Kopchuk
The continuation of the Vik Standard adviser, all the same but without Martin and with additional functions: time filter, safe, no loss and trawl, + additional individual strategies. This version has a huge amount of trading options. Features: 1. Your constructor strategies. 2. Large selection of standard indicators. 5. Support for four and five characters. 11. Restoring balance after loss. 12. Safe. 13. No loss. 15. Time filter 16. Additional individual strategies.      
150 USD
Trailing Complex v02
Clim Fandeev
Trailing Complex is a Stop Loss trailing system that includes 9 components: Setting SL on the level based on the specified loss percentage of the deposit. Moving SL to breakeven. Standard trailing. PriceChennel based trailing. Fractals based trailing. The ATR indicator based trailing. MA based trailing Parabolic SAR based trailing Trailing based on a user drawn trend line. Any of the components can work alone or in combination with others. System settings allow to work with one symbol and scan a
30 USD
MA Cross Plus
Mohamed Amine Talbi
The "MA Cross Plus" EA is based on Moving Average crossovers as its name says. But what is special about this Expert Advisor is that it uses not one, but two algorithms to filter bad trades to the maximum. As all traders know, moving averages are a trend follow. And there is a saying "The trend is your friend". So, why go against the trend when you can ride the trend and profit from it, while avoiding the fake trend at the same time. The default settings of the EA are basic, and have been tested
60 USD
Gap Trading Robot
Steve Zoeger
GAP TRADING ROBOT   Welcome to the Gap Trading Robot wich is based on certain Gaps in the Market. ================================= The Ea has the following settings Recommended Time Frame EURO/USD  4Hours but works on all Pairs. On the lower Frames there are too many small trades but its up to yourself.  I would recommend to test it on a Cent Account if you are not sure. The Ea has been created by myself and i use it as well for my private trading.  The EA has more settings It can be used a
13 USD
Vladimir Gribachev
BULLS vs BEARS - Is a automated adviser for daily operation of the FOREX currency market in a volatile and calm market. Suitable for both experienced traders and beginners. It works with any brokers, including American brokers, requiring FIFO to close primarily previously opened transactions. 💼 Telegram chat for questions and discussion: https://t.me/forex4up_chat 👍🏻 Signal:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/author/moneystrategy 👉 MT5 version:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/45962 *In
40 USD
Indicator Tool EA
Guanghao Cai
This is a universal EA that can call indicators. You can call when an indicator signal is used to place an order. You can call up to 3 indicators at the same time to place an order. You can download it for backtesting to determine whether the indicator is valid. A detailed description of the parameters follows: TimeLimit: Time limit master switch TradeOnMonday: Start trading on Monday MondayStar: Monday start trading time 1 MondayEnd: Ending trading time on Monday 1 MondayStar1: M
30 USD
New Candle
Mohamed Amine Talbi
The "New Candle" is an Expert Advisor that has an algorithm running beneath it that looks at price action. The EA is a market scalper, which means that trades run for a short period of time and the Take Profit is small, which is the definition of scalping. To the contrary of indicators which are lagging, price action is always running with the price. Best settings for the Expert Advisor : - Lot : It depends on the Account Balance. Default for the EA is 0.01 lot (micro lot). - TP : Take profit
80 USD
Forex King 2 Hedging EA
Michael Yu
Forex King 2 hedging EA is the perfect trading robot for newbies.  It’s user friendly and easy to configure. No indicator installation is needed as everything is already built into the robot.  The number of parameter settings require to configure the robot is minimal, so you can have the robot running in just a few minutes after purchasing it. This EA work great on EURUSD with fantastic result. You almost can't lose if you uses 0.01 starting lot size. Just because Forex King is easy to use and
150 USD
MACD Swing
Mohamed Amine Talbi
The "MACD Swing" custom indicator is based on the MACD oscillator with custom settings and an algorithm that both serves to generate signals of buy or sell depending on the market status. It also sends alerts (window alert, email alert, push notification alert) whenever a buy/sell signal occurs, and the alerts are customizable (they can be turned ON or OFF). Indicator inputs : - Signal arrow size : buy/sell signal arrow size (between 1 and 5). - Signal arrow distance from the candle : buy/sell
40 USD
FLAME Support and Resistance
Tananchai Waket
The concepts of support and resistance are undoubtedly two of the most highly discussed attributes of technical analysis and they are often regarded as a subject that is complex by those who are just learning to trade. This article will attempt to clarify the complexity surrounding these concepts by focusing on the basics of what traders need to know. You'll learn that these terms are used by traders to refer to price levels on charts that tend to act as barriers from preventing the price of an
30 USD
Dcc Robot
Steve Zoeger
DCC Trader   Welcome to the DCC Trader ================================= Please see attached the screenshot from the Backtest. It is only a 2 year history but it shows that this EA can generate good growth. The Ea has the following settings Recommended Time Frame EURO/GBP  Day On the lower Frames there are too many small trades but its up to yourself.  I would recommend to test it on a Cent Account if you are not sure. The Ea has been created by myself and i use it as well for my private trading
13 USD
From the data of some candles we calculate the price direction. In more than 90% of cases, the indicator indicates correctly. Arrows indicate, that you can open a long or short order. If you use it for trading, pay attention to money management! There are no parameters to set. Only drug and drop this indicator on chart and enjoy! It is a very simply indicator. Only used on EUR/USD H1 timeframe!
30 USD
Iurii Tokman
Без индикаторный торговый робот, для принятия торговых решений использует анализ уже открытых ордеров. Используется сетка ордеров с гибкими настройками и ограничениями. Советник всегда в рынке. Описание настроек Lot - объем ордеров, при значении = 0 происходит автоматическое определение объема ордеров, Choice_method - подсчет объема ордеров от баланса счета или от свободных средств, Risk - процентный уровень для автоматического определения объема ордеров, Drawdown_Percentage - ограничение просад
4 189 USD
Sergej Sergienko
Работа данного советника основана на закономерностях сезонной цикличности рынка. Советник открывает сделки в точках статистического преимущества,  на протяжении 8 лет с 2012-2020 года.  Советник не использует мартингейл и усреднения. Используется ТейкПрофит и СтопЛосс. Оптимизирован для пар EURUSD,USDCHF,XAUUSD по умолчанию. Вы также можете оптимизировать данный Советник. Рабочий ТаймФрейм: 15 минут. Рабочие Пары: EURUSD, USDCHF, XAUUSD; Начальный Депозит - 100$  Важная Информация: Перед использ
600 USD
Opengates Success International
GridBreakTimeSuper is a Utility created based on grid trading strategies. It opens any number of Buystops and Sellstops orders respectively as defined by the User with a predetermined gap up and down from the current price as also set by the User. This EA works based on time set by the User for opening and closing of all orders and trades once in a day according to the time set by user. The general idea here is that each currency pair has specific time that breakout is always most likely as ther
50 USD
Period Separator Pro
Thushara Dissanayake
The Period Separator Pro Utility is designed for draw multi time-frame trading time sessions on your chart background. It gives you unique user experiences using a quick button panel. As an example, you can view 15M, 30M, 1H, 4H, 1D, 1W and 1MN period separators with 5M chart. And it notifies when new candle is opened. As well as it shows remaining time for an open candle to be closed for the most important time-frames. Actually, it is not only for the current time-frame. You can view M1, M5, M1
30 USD
Limitless Lite
Cumhur Yugnuk
Limitless Lite follow trend. Color change trend changed. Works in EURUSD/GBPUSD/XAUUSD/US500/USDCAD/JP225/USDTRY/USDMXN and all pairs Best timeframes 1H/4H/DAILY Signal on close of a bar. DOES NOT repaint. DOES NOT repaint. DOES NOT repaint. DOES NOT repaint. DOES NOT recalculate. DOES NOT recalculate. DOES NOT recalculate. DOES NOT recalculate NOTE : TREND CHANGED FOLLOW ARROW Settings : No Settings, change color
249 USD
Copier MT4
Vladimir Gribachev
Copier MT4  is the fastest and most reliable copier of transactions between several MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) accounts installed on one computer or VPS server. Transactions are copied from the MASTER account to the SLAVE account, copying occurs due to the exchange of information through a text file with a speed of less than 0.5 sec., The parameter is configured. The transaction copier monitors all changes in the MASTER account with high accuracy, adjusts SL and TP levels, support
40 USD
Greasy scalper
Andrey Kozak
Greasy scalper is an indicator for scalping. Shows in which direction now with a high probability there will be a price movement. This may be a movement of several points, or several tens of points. But most likely this movement will happen with a high degree of probability. And the larger the timeframe, the greater the likelihood that the price will go in the direction of the arrow. Knowing this information, we can use it for profit. We can open short trades in the direction of the arrow. As s
57 USD
Sergey Nazarov
Moss use mean reversion trade. Orders are opening and closing by indicators, and not important it's profit or loss. it's using martingalse in it strategy. You can set limit of equity drawdown, and Moss be close opened orders, if equity drawdown more then this parameter. Moss trade better, if it's works at non trended pair (for example AUDCAD). But it's can be optimised for different pairs. You can cofig it for use same strategy with two different parameter sets. Moss trade only at candle open, s
100 USD
Level High Low Pro
Yaroslav Varankin
Level high low Pro. the indicator is based on the trading system developed by forex trading experts; this indicator is based entirely on it. it perfectly determines the highs and lows of the price great for picking strategies also knows how to work and trend works great on binary options for binocular ... Options worth making a deal for 1-3 candles. its advantages: You can choose absolutely any tool. no need to heap a lively chart with various indicators that contradict each other, or
30 USD
Smart Pending
Ahmed El Sherif
Automatic Expert.  Metatrader 4. For EURUSD. Timeframe M5. Deposit 3000 $. Leverage: 1 : 500 . New Set Files in Comment # 1   [ click here ] use for current version: 4.10 Algorithm, puts Buy & Sell limit pending orders. If price goes up it will hit the sell limit, then comes back down to take profit. If price goes down it will hit the buy limit, then comes back up to take profit. In case price doesn't go as we wish, algorithm opens multiple orders according to the grid step, until price return
50 USD
Oil Formula
Mohamed Amine Talbi
What makes the "Oil Formula" custom indicator special, is that it is not based on indicators, but on an algorithm that predicts to the best possibility of the price direction. The signals given by the indicator can be filtered using one of the built-in MetaTrader 4 indicators, or other strategies for optimal results. It also sends Alerts (window alert, email alert, push notification alert) whenever a buy/sell signal occurs, and the alerts are customizable (they can be turned ON or OFF). Indica
50 USD
Haskayafx Abstinent TFM30
Mehmet Bastem
       This indicator prepared by  using Haskayafx Target Line Indicators .    This system can be used for 30M time frame and All Symbols.     This system is for Long term and profitable.    Signals are shown as arrows. as an optional,    you can set a voice alarm or email notification    You can fins our other products from link : https://www.mql5.com/en/users/drbastem/seller    Also, you can ask all your questins from email : haskayafx@gmail.com or mobile : +90 530 867 5076 or @MehmetBastem 
27 900 USD
Scorpion Scalper Pro
Mohamed Amine Talbi
In the age of speed, everyone wants to gets what he/she wants quickly. Trading is all about gaining money, and scalping is a way of doing it in a short time. The "Scorpion Scalper Pro" has been named on the scorpion because of its speed. The indicator serves to provide signals for the M15 timeframe. It also sends Alerts (window alert, email alert, push notification alert) whenever a buy/sell signal occurs, and the alerts are customizable (they can be turned ON or OFF). Indicator inputs : - Buy
50 USD
Ildar Kabirov
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐      DO AGAIN - this is a fully automated, low-risk, reversible software.     ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ The system acts as a hedge for the DO IT system. The architecture receives approximately 99% of profitable positions.       The System  Uses the Morning hours to trade when the market is Stagnant.  The trading system is multi-currency and can trade on EURUSD, USDJPY charts To use the news filter you will need to add a URL to your MT4 terminal   http://ec.forexprostools.com/   ⚜️     How to check the DO AGA
490 USD
Dmitrii Shkaruba
Martingale trend strategy. Robot opens default order according to the Parabolic trend indicator. If the robot is mistaken in the trend direction, it closes the wrong order and opens a new one in the opposite direction with a larger lot. If the direction chosen by the robot is right, it opens another order in this direction using a standard lot. Input parameters LotStart  - default lot (manual). TakeProfit  - Takeprofit, pips. StopLoss  - Stoploss, pips. Multiplier - multiplier for lot cal
38 USD
Swiss Trader
Steve Zoeger
Welcome to the Swiss Trader ================================= Please see attached the screenshot from the Backtest. It is only a 5 year history but it shows that this EA can generate good longterm growth. The Ea has the following settings Recommended Time Frame EUro / CHF  Day On the lower Frames there are too many small trades but its up to yourself.  I would recommend to test it on a Cent Account if you are not sure. The Ea has been created by myself and i use it as well for my private trading
12 USD
Vitalii Zakharuk
Extremums is an indicator of trend and trading signals, based on the principle of a combined analysis of calculated reference points within the channel as well as overbought and oversold levels. The indicator forms arrows (by default, red and blue). The indicator is set in the usual way to any trading symbol with any time interval. Indicator Benefits High accuracy; Work with any trade symbols; It works at any time intervals; Not redrawn. Input parameters Period - indicator period; LevelUp -
68 USD
Vitalii Zakharuk
Stepping - works in fully automatic mode! No settings are needed, you can use the default settings. The expert works like a scalpel with sharp price movements. The bot was tested on real tick data with a real spread over a 15-year period from 2004 to 2019 (just so much tick history is available on the servers of Swiss brokers). He also passed the Monte Carlo stability test using 5000 simulation cycles of random generation of transactions, as well as a test simulating delay and slippage. The b
100 USD
Falcon Heavy
Vitalii Zakharuk
The expert system works with a deposit of $ 100! The elementary unit of analysis is tick. The classic scalping trading method. It is also worth noting that at an acceptable level of spread, the bot goes through any historical period on any currency pair. The key is the spread, it works with the default settings, it is possible to work with a spread of up to 10. If the spread is greater than 10, then you need to select other settings. Testing with a spread of up to 10 on all ticks. Testing on
1 039 USD
SR Doji EurUsd
Catalin Zachiu
This expert uses suport and resistance in combination with ATR to place pending orders at those levels . For closing it uses Doji candle pattern or the closing at the end of the day . It is mainly built for the EUR/USD pair , M 15 Timeframe . Every position has Stop Loss and Take Profit , does not use grid , martingale or other dangerous trading methods . The expert also has Trail Stop and Breakeven functions for users who want to use them .  Free version of the product  can be found >>>>>HERE<<
30 USD
Sniper Trade Panel
Denis Dzhalilov
Common information Sniper Trade Panel  - panel for manual trading, which automatically calculates the volume of an order depending on the stop loss value and the specified risk. How it works On the panel we set the risk value (%); Press the "SL" (Stoploss) button, a line appears on the chart (which shows where the stop loss of the new order will be); We move this line to the level where our future stop loss will be located (below the price level for the buy order, above the price level for t
30 USD
Khairudi Kherikhanov
Автоматический эксперт TwoWayScalper работает одновременно в Long и Short. Эксперт может работать по одной из трех стратегий,включение и отключение которых осуществляется в настройках советника. Не использует индикаторы и работает на всех временных периодах. Используемая стратегия - скальпинг. В зависимости от выбранной стратегии и настроек советника, торговля ведется с использованием мартингейла и без. Используемый лот двух видов: фиксированный и риск от баланса.
670 USD
yi wen
支撑阻力对冲趋势型EA策略: 适用于任何平台,任何位数平台,对点差要求不高,24小时交易,可抗数据。 支撑阻力对冲趋势型:适用于15分钟,适用所有品种。 一:扫描支撑阻力位置【标准】,在主图显示。计算第一支撑阻力、第二支撑阻力。 【第一支撑阻力为H1】【第二支撑阻力为H4】 二:基于趋势线382周期判断开单方向与条件     1:价格在382周期趋势线下方且上方第一阻力位置在382周期趋势下方进场开仓,在第二阻力位置加仓进场     2:价格在382周期趋势线上方且下方第一支撑位置在382周期趋势上方进场开仓,在第二支撑位置加仓进场     3:加仓条件价格在日线周期382趋势线上方或下方,若有背离在第二支撑阻力位置锁仓。     4:当价格到达第二支撑阻力时加仓,加仓手数与前单一致。【平衡加码】      三:总和平仓机制    1:当手持单量达到【自定义】设定,全平仓。【自定义设置平仓任意金额】    2:当平仓后价格重新计算支撑阻力。    3:当重新计算后的支撑阻力无变化时重新开仓。【趋势继续】    4:当重新计算后的支撑阻力有变化时等待常规开仓条件
180 USD
Trend Whale
Mohamed yehia Osman
Smart EA based on Trend and Support Resistance Levels with SL results given on EURUSD  H1 for last 10 months IF AUTOLOT enabled: **if LotRisk =1- 3 ---- Profit up to 50%  DD up to 17% **if LotRisk > 5 /10 /20 --- HIGH RISK --- HIGH Profit up to 1600 % or More but High DD up to 40% tested also on other symbols GBPUSD with positive results *** used parameters on H1 timeframe  bars 25  shift 4 ma index 0.85 for lower time frames Inputs will me doubled or tripled ...  for higher time frames inputs
10 USD
Haskayafx XauUsd TFM5
Mehmet Bastem
https://youtu.be/t3SLLgcEEPM This indicator prepared by  using Moving Averages, Bollingers Bands .    This system can be used for 5M time frame and Gold Symbols (XAUUSD).     This system is for Long term and profitable.    Signals are shown as arrows. as an optional,    you can set a voice alarm or email notification    You can fins our other products from link : https://www.mql5.com/en/users/drbastem/seller    Also, you can ask all your questins from email : haskayafx@gmail.com or mobile : +90
2 799 USD
Powerful Strength Meter
Andrey Kozak
Powerful Strength Meter - a trend direction indicator. The indicator measures the strength of the trend and shows the trader signals in the form of two lines: red and green. Indicator signals are very easy to read. If the green line crosses the red line up - this is a buy signal. This means that now the price will go up. If the green line crosses the red line from top to bottom - this is a sell signal. The larger the time frame, the more accurate the indicator signals. You can also, for example
57 USD
Double hedge EA
Algorithm EA,or double hedge EA is your tool to turn losing trades into winning trades by using a double hedging mechanism. The EA open a trade in a trending market - no matter which direction.You can set also Tp and SL, but it is not needed,because of basket profit and amounth of opened position,which you can preselect and fit to your deposit.Min deposit is about 1000 $,0.01 Lot recomended. This EA uses a smart hedging technology turning even losses into wins. In case the market moves in the u
50 USD
Ivan Strekalov
OUR TRADING SYSTEM IS READY TO YOU An excellent system for those who want to earn in trend. The essence is simple and that the price breaking the level forms a signal to buy or sell. The plus of this indicator is that if the price falls or rises rocketly, then you are in trend. Can be used in any currency. On any TF. I prefer H1 in any currency with default values. Good for placing limit orders and stop losses. I use it in conjunction with https://www.mql5.com/en/market/pro
110 USD

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