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Impulse Catcher

The Impulse Catcher Expert Advisor is based on the Impulse Checker indicator. The Impulse Catcher EA is suitable for both experienced and novice traders. The main operation principle lies in utilization of strong directional price movements. More importantly, such parameters have been selected for Impulse Catcher, which make it work optimally on a calm market and trade efficiently when strong directional movements appear.

The EA is easily optimized for the current market situation, as well as use the presets acquired during optimization. Optimization and backtests are performed only using real ticks with 99% quality. You can be sure that the result of operation on a real account will meet your expectations and have a high degree of correlation with the results obtained during optimization and testing.

The EA opens positions the moment a strong directional price movement appears. The EA does not use hedging, martingale, grid or other risky strategies (for example, keeping unprofitable trades).

The EA does not require high speed of execution of transactions, but it is recommended to use a VPS in order to improve the efficiency and profitability. The EA works with any broker, but it is better to use an ECN or STP account to avoid a conflict of interests with the broker and cancellation of profitable trades. The Expert Advisor does not consume excessive computing resources.

Timeframes and pairs

The EA uses only tick data in its calculations, so changing the timeframe does not affect the entry and exit points. Use the timeframe, where you can easily monitor trading on the account. Efficient presents are available for the following financial instruments, which have been optimized for the current market conditions: XAUUSD, EURUSD, USDCAD, USDJPY, USDCHF, AUDUSD, GBPAUD, EURGBP, GBPCAD.

With the properly selected parameters and sufficient market volatility the EA is able to work on any instrument.

Description of Yurchenko's trailing

This unique type of trailing stop ignores the changes in price. This trailing stop modifies SL every N minutes by N points. All opened deals have the same algorithm for moving SL, corrected by the current volatility and the size of the initial impulse. This approach allows maintaining high continuity of results between the optimization stage and forward testing.

When a position is opened, SL is set at the distance of Delta*SLratio from the current price. Then the EA moves SL after T1sec*TimeShiftCoef seconds by Delta*PointShiftCoef points. It is possible to set acceleration and deceleration coefficients in the settings, which are used to calculate the subsequent modification time and level of SL - TimeShiftAccelCoef and PointShiftAccelCoef, respectively.

Input parameters

Basic Settings:

  • Magic
  • Deposit - if set to 0, the volume is calculated based on the account balance.
  • RiskOnPosition - risk per deal in percents.
  • VolumeOnPosition - volume of each position in lots.
  • MaxPositionsNumber - the maximum number of simultaneously opened trades.
  • CloseIfOpositeSignal - close all open positions when an opposite signal appears.
  • TrailingByYurchenko - enable/disable Yurchenko's trailing.

Indicator Settings:

More information about the indicator settings can be found on the Impulse Checker page or in the Comments.

  • T1sec
  • Mode1
  • MinDelta
  • Mode2
  • T2min
  • T2ratio
  • Mode3
  • T3day
  • T3ratio
  • SignalPeriodSec
  • LogInExpertsTab
  • Alert
  • SendEmail
  • PushNotification
  • PlaySound
  • WavFileName
  • ColorT1sig
  • ColorT1
  • ColorT2

Trailing Settings:

SLratio – multiplier to the value of Delta to calculate SL at the moment the position is opened.

  • TPratio – multiplier to the value of Delta to calculate TP at the moment the position is opened.
  • TimeShiftCoef - multiplier for T1sec to calculate the first time of the SL modification.
  • TimeShiftAccelCoef - acceleration/deceleration factor for the time of SL modification.
  • PointShiftCoef - multiplier for Delta to calculate the first level of SL modification.
  • PointShiftAccelCoef - acceleration/deceleration factor for the SL value.

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