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EZT Pinbar Alert

This is a Multi Time frame Pin bar alert indicator. You can use on the current time frame only or all of the time frames from the 1 minute to the monthly.

When you choose all the time frames, you get alert on the current time frame your chart is open and the time frames above.

There is a Pop up, email, and push notification alerts for each chosen time frame separately.

The indicator place an arrow on the price chart. For bullish/Long Pin bar it is below the price line, for bearish/Short Pin bar it is above the price line.

In case you only want to get the alerts and do not want your chart to be crowded with arrows, simply choose the arrow colors: none


  • Number of left side candles to check: Bearish Pin bar should be the highest and bullish should be the lowest to be valid. Choose the number of candles to the left, how many has to be lower if we look for a bearish Pin bar or higher if we look for a bullish Pin bar.
  • Minimum body/full size percentage: the minimum body size of the Pin bar.
  • Maximum body/full size percentage: the maximum body size of the Pin bar.
  • Minimum longer wick/full size percentage: Bearish Pin bar have a long wick on the top and bullish Pin bar have a long wick on the bottom. You can choose the percentage of the long wick.
  • Candle limit to show arrows: how many candles back to display the arrows.
  • Time frame selection mode: current or the selected larger time frames.
  • Check …. Time frame: True or false on the displayed time frame.
  • Arrow type: 3 different arrow styles to choose from.
  • Arrow size: Just a size.
  • Arrow color: Just a color.
  • Pop up alert: true or false.
  • E-mail alert: true or false.
  • Notification alert: true or false.
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