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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 100

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
Выкладываю советник Ilan 1.5 исходник. Описание, и обсуждение этого советника можете найти через поиск в интернете. Советник основан на системе мартингейла, с задаваемыми параметрами шага, и количеством колен, выбором лота колена, и начального старта лота. Если есть у кого версия Ilana 6, и другие новые версии, в любом виде даже Ex4, можно закинуть сюда рас компилируем, и заменим значение на исходные, и будет чистый исходник. :idea:
4 000 USD
The first wave - it is a Secure Automated Software for trade Forex market and indices. This system detects the ranges between the end of the American session and the beginning of the Asian session, detecting the first moves before the market starts and positioning yourself in favor of strong hands to take advantage of your breakout. To adapt to the different schedules of the different brokers, you have to set the closing time of the American session of your broker in the configuration, from t
30 USD
HAND OF GOD 实盘三年 1.非传统双向马丁,结合反马丁提高盈利率和交易量,加入对冲减仓降低逆势风险,加入趋势攻击模块。 2.主要适合低于30点差的货币对,最低5000美金起,单货币最大回撤控制15%以内。 3.推荐货币,欧美,镑美,美日,黄金 4.货币对,一般参数设置5000美金月均收益3%-5%。根据行情波动会有不同。 此EA优势: 1.半自动按钮,可以根据人工判断方向,可以平掉某一方向头寸,也可全部平掉所有头寸。如果多空两个按钮同时开启为全自动模式。 2.对冲减仓机制:获利单对冲浮亏单,降低净手数。 3.趋势攻击模块:当价格亏损到某个数值后,反马丁追单以控制风险加剧。 4.风控模块:通过入场时间段,点差过滤,手数控制,净值余额等参数控制账户风险。
3 000 USD
Binary Options Assistant (BOA) COOL Signals Indicator provides signals based on the combination of: Fisher Oscillator & JRSX Indicator Stop missing trades, stop jumping from chart to chart looking for trade set-ups and get all the signals on 1 chart! U se any of the BOA Signals Indicator with the  Binary Options Assistant (BOA) Multi Currency Dashboard .   All BOA Signal Indicator settings are adjustable to give you more strategy combinations. The signals can be seen visually and heard a
42 USD
Binary Options Assistant (BOA) FLAME Signals Indicator provides signals based on the combination of: RSI, MACD & Stochastic Indicators Stop missing trades, stop jumping from chart to chart looking for trade set-ups and get all the signals on 1 chart! U se any of the BOA Signals Indicator with the  Binary Options Assistant (BOA) Multi Currency Dashboard .   All BOA Signal Indicator settings are adjustable to give you more strategy combinations. The signals can be seen visually and heard a
54 USD
Binary Options Assistant (BOA) BURST Signals Indicator provides signals based on Binary Trending Binary Options Strategy.  Indicators: MACD Indicator & Schaff Trend Cycle Indicator Stop missing trades, stop jumping from chart to chart looking for trade set-ups and get all the signals on 1 chart! U se any of the BOA Signals Indicator with the  Binary Options Assistant (BOA) Multi Currency Dashboard .  All BOA Signal Indicator settings are adjustable to give you more strategy combinations. The
39 USD
Binary Options Assistant (BOA) FROST Signals Indicator provides signals based on the combination of: ADX Indicator & JRSX Indicator Stop missing trades, stop jumping from chart to chart looking for trade set-ups and get all the signals on 1 chart! U se any of the BOA Signals Indicator with the  Binary Options Assistant (BOA) Multi Currency Dashboard .  All BOA Signal Indicator settings are adjustable to give you more strategy combinations. The signals can be seen visually and heard audible.
40 USD
Binary Options Assistant (BOA) KAM Signals Indicator provides signals based on the combination of: 3 Moving Averages & Stochastic Stop missing trades, stop jumping from chart to chart looking for trade set-ups and get all the signals on 1 chart! U se any of the BOA Signals Indicator with the  Binary Options Assistant (BOA) Multi Currency Dashboard .  All BOA Signal Indicator settings are adjustable to give you more strategy combinations. The signals can be seen visually and heard audible. Th
32 USD
Since I am banned until 2032 because of Politics, it is impossible for me to answer you or give you support. AROON is one of the most Powerfull confirmation Indicator at all Times Our System we introduce is absolutly Beginner friendly and dont need a lot of expirience to make good Trades. For Beginner: use only Daily Timeframe ! You heard that 95% of all traders lose their money? because they mostly trade in smaller time frames and this is something for professional traders. With the AROON indi
30 USD
外汇EA名称:Forex Profitable趋势 外汇EA 。本EA根据一堆指标条件做过滤,核心是计算形态趋势回调顺势取样下单 类似美国机器狗原理 有灵活止损(硬止损是防止数据行情所设的后一道防线) 对市场预测非常准确,条件过滤良好,适合90%行情。不挑平台,不限定点差。 该策略在大部分平台均表现良好。属于完美趋势性策略。每个订单都有止盈止损,小止损大止盈 也有总的风控比固定仓位,不加重仓位 本款EA不会频繁开单达到条件后才会开单,需要耐心等待! 同时,通过看下单可以学到不少趋势形态理念方法,也可以手工跟着下单 有经验很厉害的老手可以把止盈放的更大,后面会有一大波更大的行情 也就是趋势真正开始的起点 一般能捕到500点的大行情。
2 800 USD
目前业界存在两种针锋相对的观点:一种认为是EA本身的问题。也就是说,是EA没设计好,它不能广泛地适应各种行情。这种观点认为,我们能在世面上看到的那些EA,都是垃圾EA,根本不可能真正赚钱。那些真正能赚钱的EA,往往是机构花大力气研发出来的,根本不可能流传到市面上来。另一种观点认为,世界上本来就不存在适应各种行情的“圣杯”。任何EA都会有适合它自己的行情,关键是交易者能不能够把EA运用到与其相匹配的行情上。EA本身并无好坏,关键取决于用EA的人。用的好,EA是提款机;用不好,EA是绞肉机。 目前,后面一种观点逐渐占了上风。越来越多的人认识到,与其花无限的精力去寻找或者研发一款类似“圣杯”的EA,还不如花时间研究把一款普通的EA用好。但是,这个观点也存在一个悖论:如果我们真的能够判断未来的行情特性,那么用手工交易也应该会取得不错的业绩,用EA交易有又多大的必要性呢?
1 200 USD
Victor Golovkov
The Changend signal indicator works on all timeframes and any markets. Analyzes data in the specified period and gives signals for a possible trend change (sell or buy). The indicator has only two settings: Period bars   - the number of last bars for data analysis Deviation level of bars  -the degree of deviation from the analyzed data Additionally, in the indicator settings, you can set your own style of signal display: Size Arrow Code Arrow Buy Color Arrow Buy Code Arrow Sell Color Arrow Se
40 USD
GIA Symbol Changer
Ruddy De Jesus Saavedra
It will help you to change the symbol and period in the same window, preventing you from filling up with windows on your platform, getting dizzy from so many windows, missing opportunities. Symbol Changer simplifies all this and facilitates the visualization of the graph that you want to analyze or observe in a single window. Characteristics - Change symbol. - Change period. - Hides objects from an asset other than the current one. - Shows objects of the current asset. - Resize th
30 USD
GIA Organizer
Ruddy De Jesus Saavedra
If you are one of the traders who has more than one indicator window in your Metatrader chart, this tool is ideal for you. Organizer helps you organize all indicator sub-windows automatically, keeping the chart as clean as possible. Now you can see your indicators at your leisure with just a few clicks. If you no longer want to see the indicators just hide all of them without deleting them to use them later! - Standardize the height of the subwindows - Maximize / Minimize subwindow - Dark a
30 USD
GIA Calculate Order
Ruddy De Jesus Saavedra
It will help you to have control of the risk of each operation in an easy and fast way. Its innovative interface allows you to calculate the number of lots and the risk / reward ratio instantly. Keep your operations within the risk range you want and avoid bad times in your trade. Line function - Shows the opening line, Stop Loss, Take Profit on the chart. With this function it is easy to know the main and most relevant characteristics of your next order. Risk management - The risk calculati
39.90 USD
Expert EA Trend
This is an expert for trend lines. It analyzes the market and makes a buy or sell decision. the advisor itself decides with the help of the built-in indicator, and it is also possible to configure it manually through the expert panel. Many settings can be configured in panels and viewed. He displays his decision on the chart in the form of arrows and the price touches the trend. The arrows come in two colors and blue if the trend is not ready. For the advisor, you can use the Magic number. It i
120 USD
Forex Oscar's PRO EA   is the advanced mathematics algorithms  system  with sophisticated filtering methods to identify only the safest entry points and required amount of the rate in any market situation. This system is focused on a  long-term  stable growth. It is a professional tool developed by me. I have done very big mathematical calculations and I have found the right formula to trade in the Forex market. It takes a lot of work and time to achieve the best results.Nothing fancy here only
1 000 USD
Euro Momentum
Mr Tanakorn Suwannawat
Live Signal for This EA : https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1285235 Features - Open order with Momentum. - Easy to Setup ( Using Default Input Variable ). - You can start to run with Small Deposit, Because this EA use risk management by Percent of Balance. - Suitable for Long Term Run. - Backtest on Best Quality of Data ( 99.9% with Variable Spread ) -  EURO MOMENTUM   does not use: Grids,    Martingale. Note - The EA isn't trade often ONLY momentum found, So You should run 6 -12 Months Before
299 USD
Forex manipulator
Eric Kikuvi Muia
the manipulator expert advisor is an ea that works based on two major emas cross overs ie 20 ema and 50 ema. it is basically a trend ea whose functionality is aimed at achieving atleast 10% return on capital on weekly basis. it has an hidden sl that makes it impossible for brokers to manipulate its functionality. This ea was designed to assist forex beginers achieve their main goal of trading.
200 USD
This Expert advisor works based on Quasimodo principle. it enters trades once the conditions of Quasimodo are met. its a trend ea that does hedging in an event that a trade goes against its analysis. its advisable to switch it off during the weekends to avoid weekend swaps . it can be used by either beginners or professional traders in their daily trading activities. goodluck.
1 500 USD
Portfolio XAU is a fully automated EA designed to trade  GOLD   only. It is based on machine learning cluster analysis and genetic algorithms. EA contains self-adaptive market algorithm, which uses price action patterns and standard trading indicators (CCI,ATR). Expert showed stable results on XAUUSD in 2011-2021 period. No dangerous methods of money management used, no martingale, no grid, scalp or hedge. Suitable for any broker conditions. In the near future, the price of the Expert Advisor
97 USD
The Trend Professor is a moving average based indicator designed for the purpose of helping the community of traders to analyse the price trend. The indicator will be displayed in the main chart as it is indicated on the screenshot section. How it works The indicator has lines of moving averages and colored histograms to depict the direction of the trend. There will be a fast signal line colored blue/yellow/red at some points. The red/yellow colored lines stands for bearish trend/signal while th
250 USD
This program works only on forex currencies, at New York Stock Exchange opening time (16:30) but opening time CAN BE SET as you want and automatically manage for each opening Trailing Stop Loss and BreakEven (if set). It is based on NY opening physiological movements of currencies quotes by putting pendants orders at defined (Gap) distance. It has an automatic recovery system in case the first trade gone in loss. It is possible to decide which multiply factor to use for the recover, thus it is
200 USD
Quantum AI
Samandar Huseynov
70% discount is valid for 30 days Quantum AI is a robot for the Forex market. The author of the strategy and algorithm belongs to the professional trader and programmer AQSHİN POLADLİ with more than 14 years of experience in the Forex market. The robot analyzes the market using a unique proprietary indicator, the robot has many algorithms for all situations in the Forex market. The robot's algorithm is secret, so I can't write a lot of information. You don't need to change anything in the robot
200 USD
This EA trades using the Heiken Ashi indicator. It perfectly measures the intensity of impulses, one of its main characteristics is to apply price action, it offers many configuration scenarios to measure the strength of a trend and flexible position management, precise inputs to follow the price, in addition to many functions Useful as customizable trading sessions, works for all pairs, especially for:  AUDCHF,AUDUSD,CADCHF,EURGBP,GBPAUD,GBPCHF,GBPJPY,NZDJPY,USDCHF,USDJPY,AUDJPY,CHFJPY,CADJPY •
45 USD
Koala Pro Divergence
Ashkan Hazegh Nikrou
Description : Koala Pro divergence is not just simple divergence, it's qualified strategy can detect nice divergence signals based on distance from moving line, we know moving average work like gravity, price respect moving line and refer to moving average always, this indicator determine price distance by moving line continuesly and try to choose one of divergance arrows that has enough potential. In this strategy always our target is moving average.
30 USD
This indicator is designed based on Mr.   WD   Gann's square of nine methods. Using this indicator, we can enter the desired   pivot   price and, based on the coefficient we assign to it, extract 8   support and resistance   numbers with 8 angles of 45, 90, 135, 180, 225, 270, 315, and 360. Calculates 8   support and resistance   points and draws   support and resistance   lines. The coefficient is to triple the number of executions. To select   pivot points   in which a price is a lar
40 USD
Rocket Africa
Micheal Mugisha
This is one of the top expert advisors on the market with a profit factor of 21.6 which implements buy and sell  signals at the right moment, a drawdown ratio of 2.04%,  with a 6 out of 7 days daily profit and  the following are the trade options of the expert advisor Trading options logic //-------------------------------------------------------------------- Don't Trade On Weekends = false (Friday 1900 - Sunday 2300); Exit at End Of Day = false (2304); Exit On Friday = false; Limit
2 000 USD
Kenneth Kagunda
Usiku is a fully automated Expert Advisor that opens trades at specific times during the night. Patterns have been recognized on the EURUSD chart and applied in the script to ensure opening trades at night when the market is less volatile. Preferred Period: M1. For the parameters, StartTrading,  EndTrading and  CloseHour, the parameter set for the settings is GMT+3.  Recommendations EA Settings: Use default settings or set files. Symbols:EURUSD. Time Frame: M1. Minimum Deposit: $1000 USD. Please
1 000 USD
BTC Break Free
Maged Ait Abbi
It works around the clock, completely in automatic mode and does not require special settings. ********It is a PORTFOLIO of different strategies all trading together at the same time.******* BTC Break Free  trades on all trading accounts and symbols, as well as all time frames. I recommend using it for   BTCUSD   and   EURUSD . For large accounts, I recommend using the 1-Very Low risk mode. Minimum deposit of $1000, recommended $ 2000 and above. Leverage 1:25 - 1:500. For small deposits 1:50
1 997 USD
Scraper M5
aleksandr butkov
Signal indicator "Scraper M5" works on the basis of several indicators and filters, does not redraw. Designed for: NZDCAD AUDNZD EURCHF GBPAUD AUDCAD CADCHF AUDCHF USDCHF EURCAD. Works only on M5 and M15. During testing on different currency pairs, the accuracy of the signals ranged from 69 to 87%. You just need to install the indicator on one of the above listed pairs with the M5 or M15 time frame and follow the signals. It does not need additional settings. Everything is intuiti
30 USD
Wicked Unicorn
Mr Ryan Darren Pocock
**** Intro Price - $95 **** **** Next Price - $195 **** Wicked Unicorn is a fully automated Expert Advisor for intraday trading designed, developed and tested for the GBPUSD currency pair. Wicked Unicorn makes use of multiple indicators, such as Bollinger Bands,  MACD and Stochastic . Wicked Unicorn is not a scalping bot and can keep positions open for several days to optimise returns. This expert advisor does not use dangerous strategies. No Martingale, No Grid. ALL trades have a Stop Loss,Tak
95 USD
HELLO ·          NO martingal     NO grid     use stop loss  ·        This expert advisor only works on the GBP/USD    EUR/GBP    EUR/AUD   EUR/USD   GBP/CAD pair ·        Please do not change the settings  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1294176?source=Site +Signals+My Each currency pair has its own settings as in the comments ·          Try the EA first on a demo account and then use it on a real account ·        The broker you work with should offer a minimum spread of 20 ·        Minimum dep
50 USD
RewardsTaker Expert
Opengates Success International
Rewards Taker Utility EA Rewards Taker Utility EA is a portable semi-automated utility expert advisor which can close profitable trades when the amount set as a profit target by the user is reached on a single currency pair. The idea comes from the fact that, forex profit does not stay forever in the account, your trade(s) many be in profits now and be in losses in the next minutes or hour but by this method, you will detain already made profits by closing the profitable trades to inc
45 USD
RewardsTaker ExpertPlus
Opengates Success International
Rewards Taker Utility EA PLUS Rewards Taker Utility EA PLUS is a portable semi-automated utility expert advisor which can close profitable trades when the amount set as a profit target by the user is reached while trading. The idea comes from the fact that, forex profit does not stay forever in the account, your trade(s) many be in profits now and be in losses in the next minutes or hour but by this method, you will detain already made profits by closing the profitable trades to incre
50 USD
PowerTrends Utility EA
Opengates Success International
Power Trends System Utility EA Power Trends System Utility EA is a semi-automated Expert advisor. The user can only open trades manually but it has signal board where it informs the trader of any trade signals forming according to the current market's states. Many features were combined together to make up this versatile ONE-in-ALL Utility EA: 1. Trade system that has signals provision: It has in-built trade system that gives timely trade signals for the trader for profitable trades.
120 USD
Break Free Gold
Maged Ait Abbi
SPECIAL LAUNCH PROMO next price : $450 (only 3 copies left at current price) BreakFreeGold Expert Advisor  is a fully automated forex trading robot designed to work on the XAUUSD ,XAUEUR,XAGUSD currency pairs and it is also optimizable for other currency pairs. The strategy based on breaking through price levels and Market Time, this powerful and robust Expert Advisor uses a combination of pending order and market orders in order to take advantage of every market condition- each entry poin
297 USD
Aleksandr Kostusev
As we can see, the price movement for different periods is very similar. For example, if at the opening of American markets there was a smooth movement until 21 o'clock, then it will continue until the Asian session. This EA takes this as a basis. You specify the start time for counting and the end of the countdown, and the time to enter the trade. Also indicate what is the minimum number of points the price must pass. To protect yourself from short-term surges that often lead to rollbacks, you
39 USD
TMACD Gold Miner
Nutthaphong Theerathuvanont
TMACD Gold Miner  is the automated EA designed to trade   GOLD   only. It analysis on simply algorithms with standard trading indicators (MACD). Expert good results on XAUUSD in 2010-2021 period. No dangerous methods of money management used, no martingale, no grid, scalp or hedge. Suitable for any broker conditions. Info: Working symbol XAUUSD Working Timeframe: M15 Min deposit:  $1000 Min leverage 1:200 Features: No martingale, grid, hedge or other  dangerous methods of money management
399 USD
Trendsmatic System Indie
Opengates Success International
Trendsmatic System Indie Plus Trendsmatic System Indie is an indicator that gives in-depth analysis of market trending on any currency pair as displayed in the MT4's Market watch. It actually shows the states of the current candles and the trending positions on all higher time-frames for a long term price trending movements. This can give a trader a stupendous profits on a long term single trade with long stride trend movements in a specific direction. It saves the trader some hassl
120 USD
Tradeable Changer Indie
Opengates Success International
Tradeable Changer Indie Trade-able Changer Indie is an indicator that serves several purposes. The idea behind this operating indicator is to have a minimal set of indicator or experts on the chart in order to avoid clumsy chart window and at the same time have a great time trading profitably. This is a combination of Symbol/Time-frame Changer and a Trading system based on Trends following. It has a small board to display trade signals for the trader. Due to the nature of these com
120 USD
In skillful hands, this is a very powerful tool for trading. The indicator is built on standard Moving average and Fractals indicators. Specifically, moving average is calculated using the fractals indicator data. The indicator has such input: Mode of work - Line of construction mode Separate upper and lower - Lines are drawn separately along the upper fractals and on the lower fractals  All in one line - one line is drawn in order for all fractals Period MA - a moving average period Method
30 USD
Never aginst the trend   This is a really top indicator indicating the main trend in a clear and easy way. I reccomend you to use it on multiple timeframe in  order to create a powerful view and strategy. It works on every market in the same way.  If you trade against the trend you will work more for less, so stick with the trend.  I hope you will find it useful. All the best with your trading! Keep it simple stupid, is the way! Added: - Sound Notification - PopUp Notification - Mobile Push Noti
30 USD
This indicator is the same as the original Zig Zag but it comes with a difference:  it also shows the percentage of the last leg, compared with the previous leg. In this way you have a better understanding of the forces in play in that moment.  In fact, for example, if you see that the up extensions are, in percentage, greater of the down legs, that means that there is more bullish pressure or maybe the market is starting to reverse form downtrend to uptrend.
30 USD
This is a really different indicator for drawing Max and Min on the charts.  This indicator draws Min and Max levels in a innovative way, based on a volatility proprietary calculation. In this way you will be able to draw trendlines in an objective way and also to see the break of Max and Min levels.  You have three paramaters you can play with, in order to suite the volatility to your trading style. The indicator works on every time frame. Added: - Sound Notification - PopUp Notification - Mobi
30 USD
Giant Extra
Artem Konkov
This trend Advisor is best used as a confirmation signal. His task is to trade in the direction of the trend. The trend is indicated by the Giant Junior Rough Signals Advisor. Both advisors can open trades themselves, but it is better to use them as indicators for working in pairs. Their main task is to trade on large timeframes. You can install it on any schedule. Expert Advisors give good results even individually, but together they increase the reliability of the signal.
300 USD
General information: The Market Swing index indicator is designed to help you determine the direction of the trend and the key reversal and price retracement levels (as a Fibonacci retracement tool is used) . It can be used when someone wants to have a clear picture of where and when the price will reverse. You may wait for the price to reach those key levels indicated by this tool and then look for the entry opportunities to enter a trade. This tool will also provide signals for buy and sell or
250 USD
TKGo Eagle is an fully automated trading system . The operation is based on specific algorithm of TKGo System in combination with  advance   TMA , ATR   , Rsi   Filter , Candle Filter  ... ONLY 5 COPIES OUT OF 10 LEFT AT $100! After that, the price will be raised to $250. The EA runs already on 20 pairs. You can backtest to choose the best parameters for each currency   . We will send some setting files for your reference.  By purchasing this Expert Advisor you are entitled to receive a free co
100 USD
The Mane Flow Index is designed to help youu know where the market orders are flowing to. The indicator is based on moving averages. In other words it will show you where the investors capital is flowing to. In our trading activities we want to know where the capital is going so that we capitalize on the direction of the capital invested in the market. We want to trade with the trend! Not to go against it! How it works It is non repaint. It is suitable for all kind of markets It is suitable for
60 USD
Details of each condition Type 1. Set no use Hedging Martingale, to open the order by yourself only through the push button. TP and SL follow setting. Set Setting_Hedging =false;     Use_HLine =false;      Set Setting_TrailingStop =false; if not use. Type 2. Semi Auto Recovery Zone You have to open the order by yourself only through the push button. If in the wrong direction and Set true on Hedging Martingale, EA will fix the order with the zone system by use Hedging Martingale Set Setting_
99 USD
Dionisio Jesus Suero Rodrigo
KrakenGold EA is an advanced tool for trading 1M or 5M XAUUSD timeframes and can be configured to trade Forex. Fully automatic but allows you to close trades or move buy / sell limits manually, change entry strategy and many other tools. Configured by default to operate in gold (see charts and reports). Highly configurable. The entry conditions take the price action as an entry strategy and the EA is supported by a customizable recovery strategy with lines of Take Profit, Trailing Stop, Stop
249 USD
Alex Night
Aliaksandr Krauchenia
5 (1)
Alex Night is a fully automated Forex trading robot.  Monitoring of the advisor's work. Peculiarities: It makes deals only between the American and Asian sessions.  Each trade is protected by a stop loss and take profit. The EA does not use unsafe trading methods, such as martingale, grid, averaging. Easy to set up.  Requirements: Recommended currency pairs: GBP/USD ,   EUR/GBP ,   EUR/JPY ,   GBP/JPY ,   GBP/CHF, EUR/AUD, EUR/CHF,   CHF/JPY. An account with a minimum spread, commission and the
99 USD
The pair strenght panel make easy to see the overall performance of the base and the quote currencies.  It can analyze Daily performance, Weekly performance and Monthly performance.  Seamlessly and without any further input option, it splits the cross in the two currency and analyze the performance of each one:  for example, if it's attched to an AUD/CHF chart, it will report the AUDCHF percentage variation and the composite percentage variation of the whole AUD basket against the other 6 curr
50 USD
Roman Kratochvil
Automatic set up of SL, PT and BE Every trader has to set their „trade/bussiness/transaction“ for maximum loss, set the profit and in time move SL on „lossless“ trade – BE By using EXPERT – the trader does not need to do this set up for every trade by himself. EXPERT does   this automatically. You have to set the amount of „pips“ for SL, Pt and after how many „pips“ in profit to move SL on BE. Enjoy your trading
100 USD
This is a a simple Entry Signal for those who needs the assistants in finding Quick Entry base on Math Calculation formula for that particular Time Frame. This Entry Alert comes with visual Arrow Indicator.  Arrows pointing Downwards from the top is Sell Entry while Arrows pointing Upwards from the Bottom is a Buy Entry visually on the chart. You can customized the color of the arrows and the size while the alert popup will be up on screen as well the moment the entry triggers.  I do
50 USD
M1 Scalper System is a unique scalping manual trading system. This trading system automatically analyzes the market, determines price reversal points, shows the trader when to open and close orders. This system shows all the information a trader needs visually on the chart. M1 Scalper System - sends a trader to the phone and email signals! Therefore, you do not need to sit at the PC all the time, waiting for a signal. When a good signal appears on the market to open a trade, the indicator will
30 USD
Trend Identifier   is a MetaTrader indicator that does exactly what its name says. It shows where the trend begins, where it ends, and where there is no trend at all. It is based on standard MetaTrader ADX ( Average Direction Movement Index ) indicators and works quite fast. Trend Identifier displays itself in the main chart window. Offers a range of alerts: horizontal line cross, arrow up, arrow down, previous horizontal line cross (PHLC). Available for MT4 and MT5 platforms. Input parameters
250 USD
Raphael Schwietering
Goldman is a fully automated EA designed to trade XAUUSD only. It is working with its own complex algorithm combines with some indicators and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to get opportunities to entry and exit. Entry and exit logic operates on Bar Close only. This filters market noise, dramatically speeds up optimizations, avoids stop loss hunting, and ensures proper operation at any broker with a reasonable spread. The EA uses an advanced algorithm to find the entry points, as well as several
499 USD
Neon Bot EA
Aleksandr Ivanov
They say that currency market is flat most of the time.  NEON Bot EA based on this principle namely on the logic price's return to average value with filtering entry due to custom indicator. EA uses the strategy of martingale therefore it sets stop-loss for each position separately. Also the quantity of orders in the grid is limited. Don't try to change recommended MM to avoid a large drawdown.  Signals:   https://www.mql5.com/ru/users/samivanov/seller !Attention! EA is sensitive to chart peri
789 USD
US Dollar Index
Signature trader
ALL THOSE WHO TRADE USING THE NO NONSENSE FOREX STRATEGY(NNFX), AND TREND FOLLOWERS NEED THIS INDICATOR( ITS A MUST!!!) USDX (MetaTrader indicator)  — calculates the dollar index using the EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, USD/CAD, USD/CHF and USD/SEK currency pairs. The   U.S. dollar index     (USDX,DX,DXY, "Dixie" or DXY ) is a measure of the value of the U.S. dollar relative to the value of a basket of currencies of the majority of the U.S.'s most significant trading partners. The formula used fo
150 USD
Reversals typically refer to large price changes, where the trend changes direction. Small counter-moves against the trend are called pullbacks or consolidations.When it starts to occur, a reversal isn't distinguishable from a pullback. A reversal keeps going and forms a new trend, while a pullback ends and then the price starts moving back in the trending direction. Difference Between a Reversal and a Pullback A reversal is a trend change in the price of an asset. A pullback is a counter-move w
399 USD
EA Bionic V2
Vitali Vasilenka
4.5 (2)
Anger conquers fear from Thomas Shelby IMPORTANT! Contact me immediately after purchase to get instructions and a bonus! Forget about beautiful backtesting tests - EA Bionic V2 is a new direction of advisors with a unique algorithm of trading systems that is ahead of the market. The EA Bionic V2 trading strategy is based on one of the directions of the Syntax indicator of the bank of high and low price levels. The indicator includes 4 directions: • Price discrepancy • Overbought and overso
149 USD
Super Scalper EA
Tran Thanh Tuyen
Super Scalper EA   is a fully automated trading system that trades on the most popular major currency pairs   EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, AUDUSD   on  M5   Time Frame. It’s pure Price Action trading, mean reversal system that utilizes peakedness of market distribution to identify trend reversals safely. This Scalping EA uses a unique trading system that combines sophisticated automated trading with user discretion.   Super Scalper EA   is one most advanced scalping systems.  With an Expert Advisor
58 USD
首单采用挂单方式   以黄金为参考,小数点后面两位。离现价相差 50 ,就是 0.5 美金,参数(参数在面板显示,支持随时修改),   首单止赢空间 200 点,相当于 2 美金,(参数在面板显示,支持随时修改) ,首单止赢后继续执行挂单策略   ,   如行情不成交,则反向同时跟进价格挂单,止赢价同步跟进,止盈价格线可隐藏不显示, 目前挂单间距有问题,比如改成 500 点,行情一动,就直接跟进到现价差 50 点了了,如果行情反向方向一直走,正常的是保持 500 点跟进, 首单盈利 2 美金时,保本跟进止损 1.5 美金,后市每盈利 1 美金,同时跟进保护止损,保持 1 美金距离。 当一组单子整体盈利达到 1.5 美金空间时 当组单子跟进保护止损 1 美金利润, 后市每盈利 1 美金,整体跟进利润保护止损。  
600 USD
This indicator is suited for who is looking to grasp the present and past market volatility. You can apply this indicator to any instrument, you will be able to understand when the market is moving sideways and when it's pickinp up momentum. The embedded moving average allows you to filter bad trade signals. You can tweak the moving average to reach its maximum potential. As I have highlighted in the screenshot when the moving average is above the histogram the price tends to move sideways cre
100 USD
Мы должны терять в сделке как можно меньше и никогда не превышать лимит, который мы установим. Тогда вы забудете, что такое ликвидация, и увидите, что торговля станет намного приятнее. Ведь вы уже заранее знаете, что получив стоп-лосс, вы потеряете не больше N-ой суммы денег. И сумма эта должна быть такой, чтобы вы не тряслись над каждой сделкой, стирая пот со лба, а спокойно позволили рынку идти к вашим целям
30 USD
EA Math
Oleg Pavlenko
5 (1)
EA Math: The indicator-free strategy is based only on mathematical calculations Only three parameters in the settings will participate in calculations and search for inputs, as well as a way out of the situation if the price went the wrong way: Range #1 , Range #2 , Range #3 The Loss Point parameter is responsible for the security of the account balance. This is to set a virtual stop loss from the third order, if such an order is opened When the aggressive mode is selected (enabled by default),
50 USD
News Feed EForex
Veridiana Adorno Kendrick
Newsfeed EA– Live Forex News Events In Your MT4 It is the best for trading the forex news releases. It is a handy tool that gives you information about major economic events from all over the world in your charts. Trading The Forex News with Newsfeed Central Bank Rate Decision, GDP, CPI, Unemployment Rate, FOMC Meetings and more Forex trading is not just about technical indicators, candlestick patterns and support and resistance lines! There are many economic, social and political forces that
30 USD
Follow the MACD
Кирилл Шахов
Follow the MACD Follow the MACD EA works based on MACD indicator and two MAs + Parabolic SAR indicator Our Expert Advisor follows the trend and closes positions when there is a hint of its reversal. He does not wait for a complete change in the situation and positions are closed at the maximum plus. Attenti
119 USD
Multi FIBO
Alexander Chertnik
Expert Advisor for  GBPUSD 1H . EA uses multiple Fibonacci Levels as support and resistance for entering the market. All trades covered by fixed Stop Loss and Take Profit . Minimum trading account: 300 $. Stop Loss & Take Profit are fixed and calculated by FIBO levels risk / reward ratio internal function. user has partial control of the function. No Grid. No Martingale. Works with high spread This EA operates only once per bar opening.       Fast methods of strategy testing and optimization
30 USD

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