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PSAR Expert Extended

This Expert Advisor is based on my free PSAR Expert. Its main idea lies around the Parabolic SAR indicator.

The advanced EA version includes the following changes and improvements:

  • The free initial version has been analyzed and the EA algorithm has been improved
  • The EA behavior has been monitored on various account types and in different conditions (fixed/floating spread, ECN/cent accounts, etc.)
  • Cod optimization, bug fixes.
  • The EA functionality has been expanded. Features better flexibility and efficiency, better monitoring of open positions.
  • Works with 4 and 5 digits brokers.
  • The robot does not use martingale, grid, arbitration or hedging.

The best results were achieved on EURUSD with H1 timeframe, but can also work well on other pairs with proper settings.

EA Settings

  • Take-Profit - the target profit.
  • Stop-Loss - the stop loss level.
  • Lot of balance? - true: lot based on balance, false: fixed lot.
  • Calc. of the lot - Calculation of the lot:
    • 1-Balance
    • 2-Equity
    • 3-FreeMargin (if Lot of balance = true)
  • The risk in the lot of the balance, % - percent of deposit to risk if Lot of Balance=true.
  • Lot. If Lot of balance=false - fixed lot size (Lot of Balance=true).
  • Max. spread(pips) - prevent EA trading with a high spread (e.g. during news releases).
  • Slippage(pips)
  • Magic number - a unique identifier of the EA's trades
  • Step PSAR - standard parameter of Parabolic SAR. The increment of speed of the indicator.
  • Maximum PSAR - standard parameter of Parabolic SAR. Maximum rate of the speed of convergence of the indicator with the price.
  • Timeframe for the calculation - the working timeframe of the Expert Advisor.
  • Trailing Stop - trailing distance from the current price.
  • Trailing Start - profit level to start trailing.
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Version 1.1 2016.04.12
- Improved the algorithm for entering and managing orders.
- Added the ability to set the time limits.