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BG Rebate

BG Rebate is a new Expert Advisor for trading EURUSD. Timeframe - М1.

It uses signals of built-in indicators to enter the market.

The indicators determine the best parameters for entry basing on the price chart analysis.

Open orders form a basket of orders that close by the indicator signal.

A stop loss working only during very strong impulse price movements is assigned to each order.

Such movements do not occur during a morning flat, which is the time when the EA is active.

The minimum deposit of $300 is recommended for comfortable work. If you want to boost your deposit, $100 may also be enough (with the appropriate leverage).

The default settings are designed for brokers working according to GMT+0 terminal time.

Individual settings are selected for each client in order to adjust the EA to the client's broker operation time.

By default, the EA is designed for 5-digit quotes. To work with four-digit quotes, the Auto_4_digits parameter should be equal to false.

Main Parameters


  • Use_Timing: false - no time limitations (only for experienced traders), true - the EA follows the time settings;
  • Start_Hour and Start_Minuts - search for market entry signals start time;
  • Stop_Hour and Stop_Minuts - search for market entry signals stop time;
  • TimeFixStop - time, after which the total basket's orders are no more placed.


  • CH_Period - main indicator setting.

Level filter

  • PercentLevel, BarsCount, MAPeriod, MAMethod, MAPrice - channel filter indicator settings.


  • Percent_BU, TrailingStop, TrailingStep - trailing settings.

Trade Parameters

  • CloseProfitRevSignal - function disabled;
  • PersentProfit - profit percentage, at which all current orders are closed. The parameter is calculated for the entire deposit and all orders, open orders. When trading manually or using other EAs, the value 0 or 100 is recommended;
  • Avr_Tp - take profit level (in points) of the entire order basket after TimeFixStop time value is reached;
  • MaxOrdersAvr - maximum number of orders in the basket;
  • PipStep - minimum distance between the orders in points;
  • SL - common stop loss level in points. The parameter is calculated from the last order of the basket;
  • Lots - order trade volume in lots;
  • DepoStep - deposit in USD, at which a trade volume set in Lots is used. If 0, trading is performed by a fixed lot set in Lots.


  • Auto_4_digits - for five-digit quotes - true, for four-digit ones - false;
  • Open Play - new order open alert window;
  • Draw Signal - distance between the potential market entry signal arrow and the price;
  • DrawLevels - disable the arrows;
  • Magic - unique number of the EA orders.
Sergey Zhuravkov
Sergey Zhuravkov 2017.04.27 00:39 

результат не оправдал надежд

Andrey Yunak
Andrey Yunak 2016.08.17 14:24 

Использовал на реальном счете консервативные настройки, но даже это не спасает от серьезных просадок после серии небольших выигрышей... предпочел бы чтоб все было с точностью наоборот... К сожалению разработчику так и не удалось найти алгоритм избежания глубоких просадок.

ABCD 2016.07.28 20:13 

Even with conservative settings, one bad day can wipe out a few weeks worth of profits.

Joel Simmons
Joel Simmons 2016.05.05 19:49 

For the time i had the EA rented, it worked good on all 4 of my demo accounts

Tiaan Pelser
Tiaan Pelser 2016.02.19 09:25 

This is 1 of the best EA on the market! Thanks Boris well done!

Grigory Baranovsky
Grigory Baranovsky 2016.02.14 20:53 

Использую данный советник уже более 3 месяцев. Хочу сказать что полностью им доволен. Часто бывает что закрываю сам сделки, но в последнее время стал давать больше свободы и поставил почти на автомат. Очень нравится то что есть постоянная поддержка со стороны разработчика, есть постоянные обновление и совершенствование этого робота. В подтверждения своих слов напишу свой блог, кто захочет заходить, в скором времени там будет мониторинг этого робота. http://grigorymf.com

Yury Salikaev
Yury Salikaev 2016.01.29 20:07 

Купил Советник 2 месяца назад. Торгует в полном автомате, обеспечивая небольшой, но стабильный плюс. Автор обеспечивает отличную поддержку, оптимизирует параметры с качеством моделирования 99%, совершенствует логику работы Советника, вводя дополнительные параметры; обновления до новых версий осуществляются бесплатно.

Simihouse 2015.12.18 12:00 

Great EA and great assistance. Thanks Boris.

husar2003 2015.12.15 10:53 

Good EA, works with different brokers.

Follow the hints of Boris to avoid days with possible higher risk and everything should go its way

Nikita Romashko
Nikita Romashko 2015.10.28 09:34 

пока ставлю пять, две недели тестов


ещё через две недели отпишусь ;)

автор маладец)

Chu Van Viet
Chu Van Viet 2015.10.23 10:08 

This is the BEST EA on the market and the support is absolutely amazing.

Version 2.0 2017.01.09
1. Added the MaxSpread parameter. If spread exceeds the specified values, trades will not be opened.
2. Changed the trailing stop. Now, it does not depend on the profit percentage. It is activated after reaching the specified profit in points. Disabled, if the parameters are set to zero. Disabled by default.
3. Total take profit of the orders basket is specified in points.
4. Added a trend filter. This reduced the number of trades, but eliminated the possibility of large losses.
Version 1.5 2016.01.06
The new version 1.5 includes an additional filter for the first entry of the orders basket.
There are less trades in general, but at the same time the deposit growth happens more smoothly. Also the profit factor increased substantially.
By default the EA is configured to work with the brokers that operate using the GMT+0 terminal time.
The default setting are optimal for operation, and have been acquired during testing on history data over a prolonged period of time.
Version 1.4 2015.11.25
To improve Expert Advisor stability, new functions added: breakeven, trailing stop and order closure at a certain percent of profit.
New input variables:
Percent BU - profit size in percent to activate breakeven;
Trailing Stop - the breakeven level will be moved after this number of points;
Trailing Step - trailing step;
Close Profit Signal - if set to true, the EA closes trades based on the profit size or by trailing stop. If false, the EA closes trades by an opposite signal like in previous versions.
Percent_Profit - profit value in %, reaching which the EA will close all trades. If set to 0, closing either by a trailing stop or by the indicator signals.
PipStep - minimum distance between orders in pips. Orders are opened at a signal, that's why the distance can be larger, but not smaller.
Version 1.3 2015.11.10
The new version provides a much wider set of custom settings:
CHANNEL - indicator period
Avr-TP - the common take profit of the grid of orders after TimeFixStop
MaxOrdersAvr - the maximum number of orders in the grid
SL - stop loss in points
Lots - fixed trading lot, or auto lot
DepoStep - deposit size for Lots with progressive MM (auto lot). If set to "0", the EA trades a fixed lot.

To avoid errors, the default operation time in the EA is set for GMT+0 terminal time. Adjust for your broker's terminal time. If you have any problems, please pm me or add a message in Comments.
Version 1.2 2015.11.02
Added the optimal operation time parameters for brokers using Eastern European Time (EET) for winter period.
Improved the trading algorithm reliability.
Version 1.1 2015.10.21
In the new version custom settings have been expanded.
EA trading time has been added. It is linked to the terminal time.
The default settings are optimal for brokers working at GMT+3 DST. When switching to a winter time, the settings should be adjusted. Use other settings for brokers working in other timezones.
The following parameters are available:
Taiming use - if false - disable, i.e. work round the clock.
Start Hour - trading start hour.
Starts Minuts - trading start minute.
Stop Hour - trading end hour.
Stop Minuts - trading end minute.

An entry signal alert has been added. It works in the interval set by the timing.
Draw Signal - position entry alert. It is displayed as an arrow. If set to "0" - disabled. Values 1, 2, 3 etc. mean that the alert is on. The larger the value, the greater will be the distance between the arrow and the chart.

So the new version is highly customizable and can be used with brokers with different terminal times.
The EA can be used for a long time now. However, do not forget to monitor fundamental market events.
The EA can work well automatically with default values.