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Mr Average

Mr. Average is an Expert Advisor based on the averaging principle. It allows you to work both on a moderately trending and flat market. The EA is flexibly adjusted according to the current market movements.

The EA has three operation modes - OnlyLong, OnlyShort and LongAndShort providing you with an ability to launch it either in the direction of a trend, or in both directions decreasing risks in case of a long market movement with no roll-backs.

By changing volume multiplier settings and distance between orders and take profit, you can customize the EA according to the amplitude of the market movements and your own preferences concerning the EA's profitability and reliability. Correct balancing of these parameters allows you to earn both during trend and flat markets, as well as withstand long trends with no roll-backs.

The MaxSeries parameter can be used to limit trades in an averaging series. It prevents opening additional trades in case of a long trend.

The EA displays relevant data on the current balance and account funds, as well as the number of open deals and their type.


  • Mode - operation mode (OnlyLong, OnlyShort, LongAndShort);
  • Magic - EA's order magic number;
  • Slippage - slippage;
  • StartLot - lot;
  • MultLot - lot multiplier;
  • TakeProfit - take profit in points;
  • MultTakeProfit - take profit multiplier;
  • OrderDistance - distance between orders;
  • MultDistance - multiplier of distance between orders;
  • MaxSeries - maximum amount of trades in a series;
  • Show_Info - display the info block (true - yes, false - no);
  • Right_Shift - info block shift from the right border of the chart field;
  • Up_Shift - info block shift from the upper border of the chart field;
  • Font - font type;
  • Font_Size - font size;
  • Line_Spacing - line spacing;
  • Font_Color - font color.
Andrey Litvichenko
2017.10.25 08:09 

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Gianfranco Fidalis
2017.10.19 09:26 

The most beautiful.

Goog mornig Oleg. Why Mr Average dont work on DAX ? Thanks

Ali irwan
2017.08.20 14:53 

Very fantastic, can be try on demo account

2017.07.22 20:50 

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Mujeeb Abdul
2017.05.13 15:06