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Stubborn Spider

It is an automatic system that is optimized and ready to use. The EA uses averaging of loss-making positions and the martingale system if the price goes against the direction.

The EA opens orders in a particular direction, so that in case of unfavorable development of the situation on the market, it can close a series of deals at the minimum price retracement. The strategy is pretty good. This is a scalper, hence makes a large number of transactions. This is a fully automatic system, but it can be used in semi-automatic mode, to reduce the risks, for example you can disable the EA during important news releases.

The EA is recommended for use on EURUSD, M1 timeframe. It can also be used on other currency pairs.

Use the original settings.

Before using on a live account, it is recommended to test the EA in the strategy tester.

The EA can work with almost any broker. However, the minimum Deposit is 1,000 and the recommended deposit is 10,000 dollars or cents on 0.01 lot. Leverage from 1:200, recommended 1:500.

  • Minimum Deposit - 1,000 USD or cents (high risk mode)
  • Recommended Deposit - 10,000 USD or ¢ (normal mode)


  • LotExponent - the multiplier of the subsequent lots.
  • Lots - the size of the initial lot.
  • TakeProfit - take profit in points.
  • PipStep - the minimum spacing between orders.
  • MaxTrades - the maximum allowable number of transactions.
  • Long - enable buy orders. (Only buys: Long - true; Short - false)
  • Short - enable sell orders. (Only sells: Long - false; Short - true)
  • MagicNumber - set the magic number.
  • EA NAME IN COMMENT - your comment.
budd 2020.03.15 21:16 

You dont turn off a simple martin into a black swan 18points over 30points VIX Index move in response to global growing pandemic the last week of Feb 2020?

Author has blown his large account along with several customers because none know what they are doing.

2 stars as tools works, when in right market, but needs external indicators to confirm entry on basket close, on grid increase automatic grid step increase (as I asked twice).

Tool is worth maybe $40,$60 not 333

Gerald van Wattum
Gerald van Wattum 2019.01.04 15:38 

Does what it should do. Much profit in a short time.

Note that you withdraw profit from time to time so you can set up a new signal after hard times with the profit. If you do that you can have a great revenue

Peter Kern Zhen Yu
Peter Kern Zhen Yu 2018.09.19 08:38 

This is a simple and efficient martingale bot which has done very well! you can check out his own signal which has done well. Of course it is not risk free, nothing in forex is, but if you have a proper risk diversification strategy, then it will complement your portfolio very well!

Alejandro Morais
Alejandro Morais 2018.08.28 19:22 

It blow my account in just a few days...

Yang Zhang
Yang Zhang 2018.08.17 09:51 

This EA is very good, I spent a long time, very stable, very good control of risk, stable profits, I will continue to use for a long time, thank the author for his hard work

Version 1.12 2018.08.31
Added the ability to change the magic number, added the ability to change the comment.
Version 1.11 2017.05.19
Added the ability to choose the trading direction