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Stubborn Spider

It is an automatic system that is optimized and ready to use. The EA uses averaging of loss-making positions and the martingale system if the price goes against the direction.

The EA opens orders in a particular direction, so that in case of unfavorable development of the situation on the market, it can close a series of deals at the minimum price retracement. The strategy is pretty good. This is a scalper, hence makes a large number of transactions. This is a fully automatic system, but it can be used in semi-automatic mode, to reduce the risks, for example you can disable the EA during important news releases.

The EA works on EURUSD, timeframe m1.

Use the default settings.

Before using on a live account, it is recommended to test the EA in the strategy tester in the terminal.

The EA can work with almost any broker. However, the minimum Deposit is 1,000 and the recommended deposit is 10,000 dollars or cents on 0.01 lot. Leverage from 1:200, recommended 1:500.

  • Minimum Deposit - 1,000 USD or ¢ (high risk mode)
  • Recommended Deposit - 10,000 USD or ¢ (normal mode)


  • LotExponent - the multiplier of the subsequent lots.
  • Lots - the size of the initial lot.
  • TakeProfit - take profit in points.
  • PipStep - the minimum spacing between orders.
  • MaxTrades - the maximum allowable number of transactions.
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