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YF Meter

YF-Meter indicator helps you to find the fastest speed up currency pairs.

While the US news are released, non-US currencies rising up or dropping down at the moment.

It is important to consider "the opportunity cost" with opening the positions.

If we can find the fastest rising up or dropping down currency pairs, that would improve our trading.

This idea comes up with "Newton's laws of motion", different from the traditional volatility measurement.

After adjustment by the unique filter(the digital signal processing concept from communications engineering), the velocity indicator is more stable and directional, and can work at any period and time frame.

It shows the basic point values(or USD profit value) ​​per period of time.

Positive velocity means bullish trend, negative velocity means bearish trend.

Colors represent the temperature relative to speed showing how fast the currency pairs run each point per period.

There are eight levels to identify speed strength, also you can create your own criteria by changing parameters.


  • Mode: There are 3 row for selecting to display.
  • Fixed_Timeframe: The function for fixing time frame.
  • Show_Spread_Row: The function for showing spread row.
  • OpenChart_OnclickSymbol: The new chart window will be opened while clicking the symbol name.
  • Currencies: To choose 30 currency pairs to display on meter, to close unwanted by setting "0".
  • VelocityLevels & Colors: Initial settings
    • 10 points per period and below - black, means no movement.
    • 10 to 20 - medium blue, some movement, the direction is clear but weak.
    • 20 to 30 - dodger blue, trend can be determined. Consider opening the positions toward the direction.
    • 30 to 50 - aqua, medium strong trend, also the strong trend on short-term time frame M1/M5.
    • 50 to 100 - lime, strong trend on short-term time frame, such as M1 /M5 /M15.
    • 100 to 200 - gold, strong trend on medium time frame, such as M30 /H1 /H4.
    • 200 to 300 - yellow, the trend on long-term time frame, H4 /D1.
    • 300 to 500 - orange, strong trend shall continue for a long time and on long-term time frame, D1/ W1 /MN.
    • More than 500 - red, extreme event has occurred.
  • Colors of Words: The color setting of capitals on display.
  • Alert Function: If alert velocity is reached, there are sound alert and pop up window for warning every alert period(in seconds).


1. Due to multi-currency's data display in the single chart, demo could not work well.

One-month rent for testing is recommend. It works well on any time frame in live account.

2. Be sure that all necessary symbols in MT4 are turned on, and the symbol name must be correct.

Some brokers have their unique symbol name, ex. "EURUSDxxx",not the same as initial setting "EURUSD".

Display would be successful after adjusting the name.

Muhammad Naim
2016.11.06 13:01 

This indicator makes trading easier. Focusing on fastest pair is one of the best trait to have as a scalper. With right lot size, we can conquer market completely. The author also very responsive with every question being asked.

Zhang Alexander
2016.10.12 23:41 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Micah Thompson
2016.09.11 03:45 

I've owned 6 currency meters over the years. This one is by far my favorite! Excellent job Alex!

2015.11.14 21:30 

Does its job and helps in choosing best pair to trade.

2015.11.05 20:29 

I have been looking for this kind of indi and have tested several meters. This one is the best I have ever saw, I bought it after testing for 1 month and that´s why I will describe it with detail for other traders looking for something similar:

1. Most meters give a lot of information which is changuing continuously because of the continuos change of prices, it results anoying and confusing even for following a single pair. Other meters use a fixed TF (ie M30), which gives a very limited information and has delay in other TF.

This meter has a very simply design; in just 4 lines it has: 20 Pairs customizable including CFDs and metals, and Velocity, Temperature and Signal for every pair.

Even this simplicity, it gives a lot of information, but can we decide if/when see it. For example, in every TF we see how quickly the price is moving for every pair, comparing easily which pair and currency is the strogest/weakest; and if we change the TF in the MT4 boxes, the values also change, so that we can see quickly how is moving the wave of price (velocity) for the selected pair from M1 to MN, or comparing the waves of pairs and currencies. It reacts quickly to the change of price but the numbers are not moving continuosly, and so it is not confusing.

2. From M15-M30 there is also a color signal resuming the status of the pair. In lower TFs the price moves slower and so the indi usually shows only the velocity of the pair and which is the strog/weak. Very usefull even without colors.

3. Lastly, there's a 5th line: the spread. We can see it for every pair, beside the above information. I tested it with the MT4 values and the indi works fine. It has a bit of delay when the spread changes very quicky but the adjustment is quick enough.

I use the indi maximized (screen-shoot 1 in Comments page 1) everytime I look for information, and minimized (SSh 2) when not.

To sum up, I give 5 stars because this indi shows me in a very simple way 2 basic things for my trading: prices movement and spread of 20 customizable pairs. Also, I had some question and the author has been very helpful resolving them.

Version 3.60 - 2017.06.20
Additional function for mobile notification.
Version 3.36 - 2016.10.24
Fixed a bug of ver. 3.32
Version 3.32 - 2016.10.13
Amend a bug of alert function.
Version 3.30 - 2016.08.31
Separated colors setting for buy/sell side.
Unwanted pairs can be hided by setting "0".
Version 3.26 - 2016.07.19
Colors of signal can be changed.
Version 3.20 - 2016.06.13
Alert function has been improved.
Version 3.0 - 2016.04.08
New feature for adjusting point value to profit value based on USD.
Version 2.80 - 2016.03.17
Time-frame can be fixed.
Version 2.60 - 2015.12.09
Added the function of sound alert for reminding.
A chart is opened while clicking on symbol name.
Version 2.20 - 2015.11.19
Spread rows can be hidden.
Color of symbols and velocity can be changed.
Version 2.0 - 2015.11.12
Broadened to 30 pairs.
Make color cleared while changing the mode.
Version 1.80 - 2015.11.04
Expanded to 20 symbols.
Added row_4 for spreads.
Normalized invalid color switch.
Version 1.60 - 2015.10.28
Expanded to 12 currency pairs.
Flexible to adapt the colors and speeds.
In this version, personal criteria could be created.
Version 1.20 - 2015.09.21
The trading signals were added to help traders to send orders in the right direction.