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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 47

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
In order to isolate long-term and non-random components, it is necessary to know not only how much the price has changed, but also how these changes occurred. In other words - we are interested not only in the values ​​of price levels, but also in the order in which these levels replace each other. Through this approach, one can find long-term and stable factors that influence (or may influence) the price change at a given point in time. And knowledge of these factors allows you to make a more
Gump Turbo Scalper M1 is a professional scalper robot for the M1 timeframe (1 minute). This robot analyzes the market automatically using an intelligent analytical algorithm for tick price movement. With each arrival of a new tick, the robot automatically analyzes all market signals, and if the probability of a price change is high, the robot opens an order. After the robot has opened orders, it begins to accompany it. With the default settings, we recommend running the robot on the GBPUSD curre
47 USD
Th3Eng Panda trend
Ahmed Farag
4.2 (5)
Th3Eng Panda trend  is a powerful indicator that works perfectly for scalping trades as well as swing trades.   Th3Eng Panda trend  is not just an indicator, but a very good trend filter. You can setup it on H4/H1 to Find the main trend and start scalping on M5/m15/m30 Time Frames. Works with all pairs and all Time Frames. Inputs: Section #1 History : Maximum number or bars to draw the last signals. (Default 5000) Draw Candles : Draw red candle when sell signal and green when buy signal. (tr
Trade Receiver Free
Vu Trung Kien
3.5 (8)
Trade Receiver Free is a free tool to copy trades/signals from multiple MT4/MT5 accounts. The provider account must use copier to send the signal. This version can be used on MT4 accounts only. For MT5 accounts, you must use Trade Receiver Free for MT5. Reference: For MT4 local provider, please search for "Auto Trade Copier" in market place. For MT4 remote provider, please search for "Trade Copier Pro" or "Unlimited Trade Copier Pro" in market place. For MT5 local provider, please search for "Au
RZ Black Bird
Konstantin Remezov
The RZ Black Bird trading expert is a trend advisor The basis is based on several decision-making factors for entering a trade Monitoring of work https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/1167809?source=Site +Profile+Seller 1. Trend analysis of accumulation and distribution zones 2. VSA analysis Each transaction is protected by STOP LOSS and has a TAKE PROFIT The EA automatically analyzes in real time the relationship between spread and volume, which allows you to find good entry points to a trade Brief d
Close All Positions MT4
Nikolay Kositsin
4 (2)
Кнопочная панель для одновременного закрывания большого числа позиций. Всего четыре варианта закрывания: Закрыть все позиции на счёте ( Close all account positions ). Закрыть все позиции по символу графика, на котором находится панель ( Close all positions ). Закрыть все Buy  позиции по символу графика, на котором находится панель ( Close all Buy positions ). Закрыть все  Sell  позиции по символу графика, на котором находится панель ( Close all Sell positions ).
Andrej Nikitin
4 (1)
A simple tick indicator of Bid and Ask prices. The period separator (1 minute) is displayed as a histogram. Parameters Price_levels_count - number of price levels to be displayed. Bar_under_calculation - number of bars of the indicator to be displayed on the chart.
MACD Not So Simple
Leonid Basis
3.75 (4)
This is an example of how the MetaTrader terminals's Strategy Tester can help to find good input parameters for an old and widely known MACD Sample Expert Advisor, which is available in the Navigator window (tab: Expert Advisors). Input parameters Indicator MACD: fast - fast Period; slow - Slow Period; sign - Signal Period; appPrice - PRICE_CLOSE=0; PRICE_OPEN=1; PRICE_HIGH=2; PRICE_LOW=3; PRICE_MEDIAN=4; PRICE_TYPICAL=5; PRICE_WEIGHTED=6; MACDOpenLevel ; MACDCloseLevel ; Indicator Moving Aver
VR Close Orders
Vladimir Pastushak
3.71 (7)
The VR Close orders script is designed to close positions in the terminal at a profit or loss mark set by the trader. The program is written as a script and can work together on the same chart with any other indicators and expert advisors. The program has a simple visual panel and is easy to configure with the mouse. With this program's help, the trader can automatically close positions and delete orders depending on the conditions set.  There is often a situation when you need to close position
Obaforex Symbol Changer
Seamlessly switch between different pairs from one window, while maintaining your current chart template across all pairs. This tools simply obtain all pairs in your market watch window and grant you the ease of switching between them from one window while maintaining your current chart setup and all loaded indicators and chart objects across all the pairs available in your market watch window. 
Color fibonacci levels
5 (5)
Индикатор пригодится тем, кто использует кластеры Фибоначчи в торговле и применяет построения с разными наборами уровней. Каждый набор уровней применителен как к уровням Retracement , так и к Expansion (выбирается в настройках). Уровни задаются перечислением в формате "0;50;61.8;100". Настройки индикатора: Fibonacci #1 – Набор уровней #1 Fibonacci – Тип уровней : Retracement или Expansion Levels – Набор уровней в формате "0;23.6;38.2;50;61.8;100" Color line – Цвет линии Style line – Стиль линии
Candle Pattern Alert mql4
Egidijus Bikulcius
5 (1)
Candle Pattern Alert indicator alerts when the last price closed candle matches the set input parameters. You can choose to scan through all the symbols in Market Watch or enter your favorite symbols and also you can enter time frames you need to scan. --------- Main settings- ------- Select all symbols from Market Watch? - if Yes the program scans through all the symbols displayed in Market Watch, if No - only selected in next input symbols are scanned Enter symbols separated by commas - enter
Highly configurable Relative Vigor Index (RVI) indicator. Features: Highly customizable alert functions (at levels, crosses, direction changes via email, push, sound, popup) Multi timeframe ability Color customization (at levels, crosses, direction changes) Linear interpolation and histogram mode options Works on strategy tester in multi timeframe mode (at weekend without ticks also) Adjustable Levels Parameters: RVI Timeframe: You can set the lower/higher timeframes for RVI. RVI Bar Shift:
READ THE DESCRIPTION ITS IMPORTANT - ONLY TAKES 2 MINUTES - THIS IS A TOOL NOT A TRADING STRATEGY Check Out My Live Trading EA Signal Here :   https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/916660 The "STOCHASTIC ARROW ALERT" is an indicator sends you alerts in the form of Push Notifications, Email & Audible alerts whenever the desired level reaches. Input Parameters K Period - You can use default stochastic K Period or custom period. D Period -  You can use default stochastic D Period or custom period. S
Dinapoli Targets Version 2
Ramoletane Lekhanya
5 (3)
This indicator sets stop, start and target 1, 2 and 3 levels based on detected market swings on multiple timeframes. It was originally written by Mishanya and has been updated by Ramoletane to move with the price and automatically update the levels. A trade can be placed when price has crossed the white start line and stop loss placed on the red stop line. The lot size can be reduced at the green target 1 level, the yellow target 2 level and the position finally closed at target 3. Most of the t
TPP : Turning Point Pattern   The indicator shows the market Turning Point Pattern as arrows. The reversal signals are based on observation of price action and market behavior. It is based on the principles of searching for extremums, volatility, and candlestick pattern. The indicator provides signals on the following principles: Search for the end of the ascending/descending trend Search for the reversal pattern based on candlestick pattern Confirmation of the reversal by the volatility. The in
Iberian Bollinger Band USD JPY  is a professional, fully automatic Forex expert advisor. This EA trades according to trends (NO scalping, NO martingale) As a central point of the strategy we use the Bollinger Bands. We apply it to "High" for purchases and "Low" for sales. Next, we start a series of additional validations to finish validating the trend. The strategy is effective and works well. The success of this EA is supported by the progressive adjustment of the 'Stop Loss' according to the
Custom Market Watch
Tsvetan Tsvetanov
3 (2)
The Custom Market Watch ( CMW ) is a professional grade trading application which allows you to operate effortlessly with large number of symbols and multiple open positions simultaneously from one chart. The Custom Market Watch shows the most essential daily technical information for each symbol in combination with very simple and easy to use trading interface where you can monitor the net exposure for each symbol and you can open and close positions with one click. The app is automatically syn
59 USD
MACD Predictor MT4
Jianyuan Huang
2 (1)
Macd Predictor   Macd's main chart indicator If you like this indicator , Dinapoli Levels Expansion and Retracement Demo is a helpful tool: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/35884 1. You can determine the price at which the MACD will change from buy to sell, and vice versa. It is the cousin of the oscillator predictor. If you know a position at the time, then the exact price, current and next (future) columns will need to reach the MACD crossover. You can also see how far the market has t
Abiroid MA Stack
Abir Pathak
5 (1)
Moving Average Rainbow Stack: Free: Single Currency & Single Timeframe MA Stack Very useful for finding current and higher timeframe trends. Best suited for long term trend based trading. Use fewer MAs for quick scalping. And not suitable during low volatility. Only use during high volatility and steady trending markets. Use this to enhance your existing Trend based strategies to find best trends. Read detailed description https://abiroid.com/product/abiroid-ma-stack Available MTF and Scanner
Aleksandr Teleguz
5 (3)
This indicator identifies short-term, medium-term and long-term highs and lows of the market according to the method described by Larry Williams in the book "Long-term secrets to short-term trading". Brief description of the principle of identifying the market highs and lows A short-term high is a high of a bar with lower highs on either side of it, and, conversely, a short-term low of a bar is a low with higher lows on either side of it. Medium-term highs and lows are determined similarly: a
Dmitriy Epshteyn
3.75 (4)
The Monday EA trades on Mondays depending on price movement on Fridays. Its aim is to take 10-20 points of profit and leave the market. This strategy works from March 2014. Currency pairs are EUR/USD and GBP/USD. For GBP / USD trading on the CCI indicator is recommended not to use Time frame is daily D1 Settings: Sig_Open1 = true; - if true, the EA trades on Mondays StartTime = "00:00"; time to start trading (applies only to "Sig_Open1") Sig_Open2 = true; - enable only on EUR/USD (works only on
SMA Alert
Santi Dankamjad
Indicator overview   Trend indicator usage Moving averages. Highest quality alerts that need no introduction. It is completely loyal to the original algorithm and uses other useful features. Easy to trade Carry out all kinds of notifications It's not a new paint and it's not a back paint. Setting Indicator SMA50 in Time frame H1 for any pair currency and Gold Spot. EMA200 in Time frame H1 for any pair currency and more than EMA250 for Gold spot. Using it for maximum benefit Set up notificatio
This indicator shows the direction of the trend and trend change. Ganesha Trend Viewer is a trend indicator designed specifically for gold and can also be used on any financial instrument. The indicator does not redraw. Recommended time frame H1. Ganesha Trend Viewer  is perfect for all Meta Trader symbols. (currencies, metals, cryptocurrencies, stocks and indices..) This is a Robot that Uses this indicator. Parameter setting MA Short Period  ----- Moving Average short period MA Long Perio
Max Spread Monitor
5 (1)
Description: This Free Indicator will allow you to monitor the Max/Min spread in a bar/candle. By running it 24h/24h will allow you to recognize which period of time having maximum spread, based on that you will understand the market more, and could develop/improve to have better trading strategy. Parameters: limit: <specify the limit of spread, above which the indicator will mark the price, at which high spread occurs> Note: Beside the price marked due to high spread above, the indicator
If you trade or wish to trade the popular HLHB Trend-Catcher System, then this indicator is for you! It detects when the HLHB system entry rules are met and sends out an alert in the form of notifications to your mobile phone and to your pc. By automatically sending you notifications, this indicator lessens your trading work load as you don't have to sit in from of your pc all day checking all the chats for when the entry rules are met. This indicator does all the dirty work for you. When the si
Optimus Trades
Dmitry Shutov
2.75 (4)
Общие сведения Для начала торговли достаточно небольшого депозита. Подходит для разгона депозита. Подходит для мульти-валютной торговли. Не зависим от качества соединения и торговых условий.  Принцип работы Эксперт открывает ордера по встроенному индикатору. Если прибыль ордера плюсовая. Данный ордер закрывается и открывается новый в противоположном направлении объёмом  Lot . Если прибыль ордера минусовая. Данный ордер закрывается и открывается новый в этом же направлении и объёмом в  Marting
Ivan Krutskikh
ProNewsTrader Expert Advisor features various strategies and the built-in economic calendar. In addition to trading news, the strategies can be used independently. The economic calendar is capable of dividing news into four groups according to their importance. The trading time is set automatically but you can also set it manually or disable trading by news. In that case, the EA works autonomously according to the selected strategy. The EA features virtual take profit, trailing stop and stop los
Double Fibonacci
Fabio Mazzotta
5 (1)
Fibonacci will be designed by default based on the monthly candle but you can simultaneously view Fibonacci on a weekly candle or you can choose your two favorite timeframes. When you run this script, an input prompt will appear and the following input parameters can be configured: Input Parameters: Name Example Default Timeframe1 Monthly 43200 Timeframe2 Weekly 10080 TF1status 1 on 1 TF2status 0 off 0 candleID you can choose which candle to apply 1 Prefix1 It's is the prefix of the first object
Vik Standart
Ivan Kopchuk
3.8 (5)
Features: 1. Your constructor strategies. 2. Large selection of standard indicators. 3. Exact market entry according to your strategy. 4. Slip filter. 5. Support for four and five characters. 6. Trend trading. 7. Trading in flat. 8. Minimum deposit. 9. Aggressive or quiet trade. 10. Limit the lot. 11. Position tracking. 12. Restoring balance after loss. Input parameters    Lot - fixed lot size.    StopLot - lot restriction.    UseVxod - enable / disable login pattern.
Yin Yang
The Yin Yang trading indicator is a modified oscillator that signals a price reversal with high accuracy. The Yin Yang indicator reacts to a steady momentum, allowing you to determine the places of price reversals. It is easy enough to determine the start and end points of the correction. Such a tool does not respond to every sustained price impulse. This allows it to determine the exact location of the u-turn with maximum accuracy and signal the user to take further action. Main fe
33.99 USD
Nikolaos Pantzos
5 (4)
This Expert Advisor is a tool to be used for closing all open positions by ticket in profit. Does not open positions, can only close positions. You can select the type of profits (pips or currency) and type of tickets (buy or sell) to manage it, and specific ID (magic number). You can to get source code from here . Parameters ManageBuySellOrders - Way to manage opened orders, as different basket buy from sell, or same basket buy and sell. CloseBuyOrders - Close all buy positions if target ac
VR Pivot
Vladimir Pastushak
VR Pivot is an indicator of key pivot points. Pivot points are a special type of support and resistance levels that are used to determine the strongest price zones. Professional traders use pivot levels to determine prices at which there is a high probability of a price reversal. The levels are calculated using special mathematical formulas, which include the closing, opening, high, and low prices of the previous time period. The most effective is the daily period. It is important to note that a
30 USD
AM Trade Manager
Ehab Basheer Abdulsalam Yahia
This is a trade manager specially for traders using martingale strategy and multiple trades at the same chart. features: - easy and fast to set the lot size with mouse clicks. - Close all trades and close profit trades with a single click. - Show details on the running symbol: - number of trades (long - short) and total lots of each direction. - total profit/loss on this symbol separately and  for both directions. - Break even point for both long and short. - Estimated profit if all the trades
Sivakumar Subbaiya
5 (9)
Trend Plus   Trendplus  Indicator   Time Frame: Suitable for any time frame.  Purpose: Trend Prediction. Blue and red candle indicate the buy and sell call respectively. Buy: When the blue candle is formed buy call is initiated. close the buy trades when the next red candle will formed.   Sell: When the Red candle is formed Sell call is initiated. close the Sell trades when the next blue candle will formed.   Happy trade!! Subscribe our MT4 trading signal copier https://www.mql5.com/en/sig
Plot results
Vladimir Tkach
4 (6)
The indicator displays on a chart trading results. You can configure the color and font of displayed results, as well as filter trades based on the magic number. If multiple trades were closed within one bar of the current timeframe, the result is summed and output in one value. Utility parameters Plot profit in - the format of output results: wither in deposit currency taking onto account commission and swap, or in points. Start from - start processing data at the specified time. Plot last de
This tool will remove buttons and text labels from the chart, after you remove Trading box Order management or Trading box Technical analysis. You just need to drag this tool to your chart and after cleanup of objects is finished, the tool will remove itself from the chart. Please check images below that present Before and After using the Removal tool. There is also a short YouTube video at the bottom to show how easy it is to clean your chart after using Trading box tools. - input variable "
Nikolaos Pantzos
4.5 (2)
It's an expert to use prices action and trade level to open each order. Expert can to trade up 12 pairs, uses the corresponding default setting for each pair. Default settings are good for EURUSD pair and IC Markets broker. Time Frame: H1 Parameters PresetsParameters = Uses prosets parameters (12 pairs). Broker GMT Offset = Set broker different time from GMT time. Time Frame Use = Time frame of chart to run expert. Type Of Signals = Mode of signals. Time Set Levels = Time set levels to tr
Slippage Monitor
Ziheng Zhuang
5 (2)
This EA is designed to monitor the slippage of opening and closing orders, and save the records in files. It is useful to record the slippage and evaluate brokers. The record files are saved in the folder  MT4_Data_Folder\MQL4\Files.  Go to "File " --> "Open Data Folder" . Warning : Do NOT open the files directly, otherwise it will affect the exectution of EA, just copy them to another folder and open them. Usage: Open a chart and load the EA on it, just need only one EA to run, it monitors a
aleksandr butkov
A small trading panel makes it easier for a trader to visually place pending orders, market,  as well as trailing and unloading the grid of orders.  It is installed as a regular adviser.   Parameters and description:   Lot Volume: 100 - in this field you can set, change the order volume at any time   Line UP - visual horizontal level for pending BuyStop and SellLimit orders   Line DN - visual horizontal level for BuyLimit and SellStop pending orders   Delete Lines - delete all lines f
Please contact me at telegram  https://t.me/smartforex7 After purchasing SmartForex Indicator then Use This Indicator...................... SMART EXIT PROFIT LINE Indicator is very Helpful with SmartForex Indicator ........................................ SMART EXIT PROFIT LINE Indicator Attach with SmartForex Indicator after then Red Line Show Exit buy Profit , Green Line show Exit Sell Profit................
Nikolaos Pantzos
3 (1)
iRSI in iMA is indicator to change color in iMA if iRSI crosses level up (up trend) or crosses level down (down trend). It is a useful tool to track when the upside and the downside iRSI on iMA. You can to get source code from  here. Parameters MA_Periods — Period for iMA. MA_Method — Method for iMA. RSI_Periods — Period for iRSI. RSI_ApliedPrice — Price used for iRSI. RSI_LevelsUp — Level iRSI for up trend. RSI_LevelsDN — Level iRSI for down trend. BarsCount — How many bars will show the li
Nikolay Likhovid
3.67 (3)
This is a very fast and not redrawing ZiGZag; it supports switching the segments at breakouts of price levels located at a specified distance (H parameter) from the current extremum. MinBars parameter sets the depth of history for drawing the indicator; 0 means drawing on the entire history. SaveData parameter allows writing the coordinates of extremums to a file (time in the datatime format and price). Some statistics calculated on the basis of the ZigZag is displayed in the form of comments.
Trend indicator with a confirmation signal. A histogram is plotted at the bottom of the chart with a signal strength of 1 to 2 for a buy signal and -1 to -2 for a sell signal. The indicator applies to all periods of the chart and to all currency pairs. On the main chart, arrows are drawn signaling entry into the transaction. The info panel with at the price of entry into the transaction current price profit in points information on the current signal - purchase or sale. The indicator is set t
50 USD
Good Signal
Yaroslav Varankin
The indicator is designed for binary options and short-term forex transactions To go into a deal when a signal appears blue arrow up buy a red arrow down a sell signal Fuck forex to enter the signal to exit the opposite signal or take profit For binary options Enter 1 or 2 candles Works on all timeframes Signal accuracy of about 70% If you apply a filter For example, Rsi will get a good reliable strategy... The algorithm is being improved further will be finalized and getting better.
50 USD
Yaroslav Varankin
indicator for binary options! open a deal only for 1 - candle The indicator is already set to trade in binary options. The indicator is ideal for trading on martingale since he very accurately combines what the next candle will be if you are trading in a martingale money management, this is the indicator that you were looking for; it is just created for you and your trading style p.s it is much better than relying on the color of the candle as some not very experienced traders do (therefore, the
50 USD
When you put this Multi TimeFrame Parabolic SAR indicator on the chart it will automatically use Parabolic SAR from next available 3 timeframes. Green arrow will show the beginning of Up trend and Red arrow will show the beginning of Down trend. If AlertsEnabled = true, the indicator will show the Alert (message window) with a text like this: "Price going Down on ", Symbol(), " - ", Period(), " min", " price = ", Bid; If eMailEnabled = true the Indicator will send you an eMail with the same text
50 USD
Average Price Plus
Roberto Maia
5 (3)
Average Price Plus is an essential indicator for day-to-day operations. With it, you can graphically check the average price between several open orders on your chart. The average price is the breakeven point between your orders. In addition to the average price, the indicator also shows you the number of pips and the financial value resulting from your open orders, the percentage gains, the number of lots in operation and the number of open orders. Negative values in "pips" or in financial val
Trade against the crowd using Naragot Sentiment Market Outlook! Get notifications to your Mobile MT4 Terminal while the sentiment changes! What is Sentiment Market Outlook? This is the ratio of buyers and sellers in the market right now. Naragot Sentiment Market Outlook collects the data from different brokers and monitoring services and provides you this information directly in the trading terminal. In order to provide the indicator up-to-date ratios data you should install and keep turned on
50 USD
The indicator signals the appearance of a possible divergent bar based on the shape of the bar and its standard deviation from the Alligator indicator. A bullish divergent bar is a bar that closes in its upper half (the higher the better), has a lower minimum than the previous bar, and drops sharply away from the Alligator. A bearish divergent bar is a bar that closes in its lower half (the lower the better), has a higher high than the previous bar, and moves up sharply from the Alligator. Stand
50 USD
Trend indicator which adapts to ever changing market conditions including time frame and trading instrument. Depending on the time frame in use, the indicator automatically adapts specifically to this time frame. The indicator can be used as a standalone trading system or as an extra tool in your own system. The Trend Master FX is a very simple to use tool as you do not need to adjust any strategy settings. The indicator does all the job for you providing you with easy to use BUY and SELL signal
50 USD
GoldBuster  is an effective leading indicator designed to predict price reversals on XAUUSD. The indicator makes predictions based on volume analysis and momentum. The indicator is very easy to use. The indicator can work as a standalone system or be a part of any system you are already using. The signals DO NOT REPAINT! The indicator has two open parameters in the Inputs which influence the signal generation algorithm. You can adjust the Sensitivity and Multiplier parameter to change the quanti
50 USD
MICT SnR Indicator
Gcina Lunga Dlamini
The system uses a simple support and resistance break of structure strategy and a provides a 80% wining trades. The probability of losing a trade is 1 out of 5 trades. The system works best on the 5min, 15min and 1hr timeframe. The best timeframe to use is the 5min and 15min chart. Works perfectly with indexes (NAS100, GER30, USA30,UK100) and gold. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rW-kdg6ftmE Entry rules: 1. Enter a trade immediately after signal shows or wait for a retracement back to the gr
300 USD
Ahmet Metin Yilmaz
5 (2)
MyArrow indicators Nr:1 This indicator is created by the moving averages created by examining the High Low series and the signal received by exceeding the band values derived from these moving averages on the graph. As you can easily understand, the downward arrow indicates a promising sell signal, and the upward arrow indicates a possible buy signal. Lots of gains...
60 USD
FSS Report
Bao Ying Huang
This is a professional report statistical indicator, which can be counted by day, week, month, quarter, year, magic and comment, and display the growth curve. install: select "File" in your MT4 client,and open the folder "MQL4\indicators",then copy file "FSS_Report.ex4",reload MT4 and enjoy. Para List: UI_XY_Setting=0 UI_X_default=100 UI_Y_default=0 custom_title=FSS Report UI_reload_time_interval=5 report_time_from=0 report_time_to=0 filter_demo=____________symool, magic and comment, all su
50 USD
Chart Linking
Radu Draghiceanu
5 (1)
Are you a multipair / multitimeframe chartist ? If so, this tool is specially designed for you! Squeeze the most out of your charts! This tool allows you to quickly link your charts into groups, so that you can quickly change the symbol / timeframe of all the selected charts at once. No need for visual panels or anything to clutter your chart space anymore!  Sit back and take advantage of your keyboard when trading ! Use the Up / Down arrows to change the Symbol, and the Left / Right arrow
50 USD
Che Jeib Che Said
DBD AND RBR CANDLESTICK PATTERN: This indicator based on the concept of two candlestick patterns. DROP BASE DROP (DBD) is a buy candlestick pattern  and RALLY BASE RALLY (RBR) is a sell candlestick signal pattern. The arrows indicate potential signal setup for long trade and short trade. This indicator includes pop-up alert, push to phone and send to email alert which can be enabled and disabled. The color and size for DBD  and RBR can be changed. 
50 USD
Moving Average Crossover Scanner   This Scanner scans two moving averages(MA) crossover  across multi-currency pairs and multi-time frames and shows all the result in  the dashboard. 1. The fast MA is about to cross up the slow MA - designated as "XUP". 2. The fast MA is about to cross down the slow MA - designated as "XDN". 3. The fast MA has just crossed up the slow MA - designated as "UP". 4. The fast MA has just crossed down the slow MA - - designated as "DN". Input parameters can be changed
50 USD
SnR tool
Syahirul Nizzam Bin Haron
5 (1)
This is a SnR tool. It is built based on the body candle. It is a multi timeframe indicator. There is a powerful scalabar for vertical line slides to limit the candle bars. Color for each line can also be changed. It can detect: 1. Support && Resistance 2. Support become Resistance && vice versa 3.Support become Resistance become Support && vice versa It also can be used for trading tools and studies on SnR *New Version avaiable
50 USD
grid under control is an EA that opens an orders buy or sell or both, if the market moves an adverse move the EA will open new trade if the first trade is to buy the EA will open buy or if the first trade is to sell the EA will open sell after trade step as you insert in parameters take a look for the pictures and controller the EA is very simple and easy to use try it for free.
100 USD
Trend Suffer
Philip Effiong Philip
Alerts you on new trends, with ENTRY and EXIT points. Select asset of choice, activate the indicator on the chart and just follow the signals from the arrows. Platform : Metatrader4 Asset : All Currencies, Gold, BTCUSD, NASDAQ PS : F or newbie and pro traders. Used by more 3,000 traders around the world. Send  a mail for further help and information...........
60 USD
Charts Synchronizer
Ihor Herasko
5 (3)
The "Chart synchronization" utility (the SynchronizeCharts indicator) can help traders in simultaneous trading on multiple financial instruments, as it automatically scrolls all or selected charts of the terminal according to the position of the master chart.  Four charts are shown in the screenshot 1. The EURUSD chart is the master chart, as the SynchronizeCharts indicator is attached to it. As a result, the other three charts are displayed on the timeline starting from 2017.02.17 23:15. Any fu
50 USD
Buy Wait Sell Trigger is very easy to read and use. The one and only indicator's line (color Aqua) can be equal to a zero-line or plus/minus one-line. The zero line is characterizing the flat trend. It means that you should wait. The V-shaped impulse indicates the entrance to the opposite direction. The U-shaped impulse indicates entry orders in the same direction. If the indicator line resizes on the plus one-line, you may go Long. If the indicator line resizes on the minus one-line, you may go
50 USD
Vitalii Ananev
This indicator is based on moving averages and ATR (Average True Range). The indicator allows determining the direction of the current trend in the market. The indicator calculation formula is designed in such a way the that the volatility of the currency pair is taken into account. When the market volatility decreases, the indicator lines come closer; when the volatility increases, the indicator lines move away. If an uncertain situation is established in the market (flat), the indicator lines
50 USD
Simple Trade Panel was created  to make it easier to train forex trading skills in backtester and at the same time make it easier to live trade using trendlines with the push of a button. This ea is perfect for beginners who want to learn to trade manually because all of its features are equipped with basic tools for trading forex. Superiority: + Can be used to perform recovering loss positions made by other ea or positions that open manually. Fill in magic number=0, then the ea will automatical
99 USD
New market liquidity indicator, more accurate with two levels, will really unhide the "hidden agenda" of the price action in any timeframe. For more information about market liquidity, a manual on how to use this indicator please send me a message. A lot of information can be found on the net. (search liquidity trading/ inner circle trader) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUpDZCbNBRI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LIad2etmY8&amp ;t=2054s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGsUoTCSitY&amp ;t
125 USD
The Forex Scalpers Index (FSI) is a trend following Indicator based on moving averages.  The purpose of this indicator is to be used for scalping all kinds of markets without limitations. The indicator can be used for any kind of currency pair. For those Scalpers who are looking for the indicator that can make their trading activities easy we recommend using this indicator because it provides many entry and exit opportunities. This indicator can be used on all timeframes. How it works. Colored
50 USD
Bands Plus
Alexander Chertnik
4.3 (10)
Designed mainly for  USDCAD 1H market. Minimum trading account 100 $. Expert advisor operates by unique   Bands strategy and transaction algorithm. settings: minBalance - minimum account balance for trading maxSpread - maximum allowed spread for trading  maxLoss - maximum loss for stop trading lotControl - lot control and auto lot activation bandsPeriod - indicator period tradeProfit - profit for exit USEtradeRange - if true, will operate with range between trades tradeRange - range distance
Aggregate Position
Oleg Pechenezhskiy
This indicator calculates the aggregate position of all long positions and the aggregate position of all short positions on the current symbol. The aggregate position is displayed on the chart as a horizontal line. When the line is hovered, a tooltip with the volume of the aggregate position appears. If the total number of positions in the terminal changes, the aggregate position is recalculated. Input parameters BuyLine color - line color of the aggregate long position; BuyLine width - line w
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This is an indicator with real-time reminder function, which can realize real-time monitoring of four harmonic patterns of multiple cycles (30 minute chart, 1 hour chart, 4 hour chart, 1 day chart), and help traders to have insight into market reversal opportunities. Gartly Bat Butterfly Cypher Before loading into the chart, you need to manually input the switch parameters, which are the harmonic patterns   and time period you want to monitor: M30 / H1 / H4 / D1. It is on  when the corresponding
499 USD

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