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The indicator calculates WPR formula on volume-aware indicators Accumulation/Distribution, OnBalance Volume, or Price Volume Trend. WPR range is moved into positive domain [0..1] for convenience.


  • WPR - period of WPR, by default 24;
  • Base - type of the underlying indicator: AccumulationDistribution (by default), OnBalanceVolume, or PriceVolumeTrend;
  • Price - applied price type for OBV and PVT, by default - Close; it's ignored in case of AD;


On the screenshots below the indicator is shown side by side with the standard WPR. VolumeWPR on EURUSD M15 charts demonstrates both modes: Accumulation/Distribution and OnBalanceVolume.

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Version 1.1 2015.09.11
Fixed an issue with incorrect invocation of PVT indicator for price types other than Close. Two other modes have been working and still work as expected.