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Grid Builder

The Grid Builder script is a great support tool for traders using grid strategies.

It allows you to build a grid of pending orders above and/or below the current price considering many parameters.

All types of pending orders are available: BuyLimit, BuyStop, SellLimit, and SellStop.

The settings allow you to set the amount of orders in a grid on the both sides of the current price, as well as their TakeProfit and StopLoss levels, distance between the orders, the order volume, and finally, to apply the grid volume multiplier if necessary.

Flexible parameters make this product suitable for any grid trader.

Besides, the script allows you to quickly remove a grid including pending orders and activated market deals.


  • MagicNumber - script order magic number. The parameter allows you to remove a grid leaving non-related orders intact;
  • DeletePendingOrders - remove pending orders (true - yes, false - no);
  • DeleteMarketOrders - close market orders (true - yes, false - no);
  • Slippage - slippage in points;
  • UpperGridSettings - upper grid settings;
  • BuildGridUpperPrice - if an order grid should be built above the price: true - yes, false - no;
  • TypeOrdersUpperCurrentPrice - upper grid order type: BuyStop, SellLimit;
  • NumberUpperOrders - amount of the upper grid orders;
  • UpperLot - upper grid order lot;
  • UpperMultiplicator - upper grid order volume multiplier;
  • UpperOrdersTakeProfit - TakeProfit of the upper grid orders;
  • UpperOrdersStopLoss - StopLoss of the upper grid orders;
  • LowerGridSettings - lower grid settings;
  • BuildGridLowerPrice - if an order grid should be built below the price: true - yes, false - no;
  • TypeOrdersLowerCurrentPrice - lower grid order type: SellStop, BuyLimit;
  • NumberLowerOrders - amount of the lower grid orders;
  • LowerLot - lower grid order lot;
  • LowerMultiplicator - lower grid order volume multiplier;
  • LowerOrdersTakeProfit - TakeProfit of the lower grid orders;
  • LowerOrdersStopLoss - StopLoss of the lower grid orders;
  • GridSettings - general grid settings;
  • DistanceBetweenOrders - distance between grid orders in points;
  • DistanceToFirstOrder - distance between the current price to the first grid order.
Attention: if DeletePendingOrders and/or DeleteMarketOrders parameter is true, the script works only in the grid deletion mode!
luiz carlos
luiz carlos 2019.10.16 17:16 

Utilitário muito simples de utilizar e executa exatamente o que foi proposto!!!

faz a grade de ordens com quantas ordens vc quer, o tamanho do lote, espaçamento entre as ordens...

Parabéns!! BR-RJ 2019

Very simple utility to use and executes exactly what was proposed !!!

make the order grid with how many orders you want, the lot size, order spacing ...

Congratulations!! BR-RJ 2019

Hank Gerritse
Hank Gerritse 2017.05.23 21:51 

It works very fine, thanks Oleg

abdulla almehairbi
abdulla almehairbi 2016.11.21 08:10 

Amazing tool Thaanx

Version 1.1 2017.07.27
Minor code correction