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SQ Swing Fibo Marker

Swing Fibo Marker is adaptive advanced indicator that automatically detects price swings. After swing detection, it draws five profit targets, entry level and stop loss level.

Levels are calculated base on price swing size, according to Fibonacci levels specified as entry points. When price touch the level indicator create alerts.

List of supported alert types:

  • Popup alerts
  • Email alerts
  • Push notification
  • On screen output

Suggested timeframe to trade: H1 or higher. The higher timeframe is used to detect wave, the more stable it is.

Description of the parameters:

  • SwingSize - this parameter defines sensitivity of the indicator. Parameter accepts Integer values (1,2,3,10,100). The lower number of SwingSize the often flips it will generate.
  • EntryLevel, FirstTarget, SecondTarget, ThirdTarget, ForthTarget, FifitTarget - those parameters are Fibonacci ratios. They define entry/exit levels depends of range of the swing.
  • PopupAlerts, EmailAlerts, PushNotifications - Yes/No, those paramters turns on/off particular alert types
  • PrintOnScreen - Yes/No, this option turns on/off printing messages on screen (in the left corner)
  • NumberOfLinesOnScreen - defines how many lines of log we want to see on chart
  • FontColor & FontSize - this is the setup of onscreen output
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