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Aggressive scalper

  • The algorithm based on strict adherence to the price movement (trend) and fixing of any slightest movement.
  • To enter into the market, it uses the instant price movement of an instrument.
  • The EA places Take Profit and Stop Loss to lock in profits and to limit possible losses.
  • The Trailing Stop function allows to fix any sign of market movement.
  • Aggressive scalper can work both with a fixed lot and using percent of deposit.
  • It uses market orders.
  • Does not use such trading elements as Martingale or grid.


  • Requires a broker with a tight spread.
  • The "Trailing Stop" function is compulsory.
  • Chart period to attach the EA: М5,М15.
  • Account types: any, ECN accounts are preferable.
  • Better use VPS.
  • Always works only with its own orders, so it will not prevent simultaneous manual trading.


  • It can work on any deposit with any account currency. Account balance requirements are calculated as 50$ for 0, 01lot.
  • Connect the Rebate spread return program. The EA trades frequently allowing you to earn some extra profit.
  • To work with several symbols, simply launch the EA on the appropriate charts.
  • When selecting a currency pair for the EA, look for the amplitude of movements of 700-2000 points (5 digit quotes) per a trading day. Good results with EURUSD, USDCAD, GBPUSD.
  • Optimize the Expert Advisor parameters after a strong one-directional movement or a flat period, which can be determined visually on the D1 chart.


  • Use_ma_Filter = turn on the filter based on Moving Average: true/false;
  • MA_Period = Moving Average period: true/false;
  • Use_bar_Filter = turn on the filter based on the previous bar position: true/false;
  • Reverse = enable signal reverse: true/false;
  • Closes = enable closing positions at a reverse signal: true/false;
  • TimePrice = the time interval to analyze the price movement;
  • Jump = an instant price movement in points;
  • TakeProfit = take profit level in points;
  • StopLoss = stop loss level in points;
  • Take_Profit_Money = take profit level in the deposit currency;
  • Stop_Loss_Money = stop loss level in the deposit currency;
  • Enable_Trailing_Stop = enable the Trailing_Stop function;
  • Trailing_Stop_Start_Level = the level to activate Trailing_Stop;
  • Trailing_Stop_Distance = distance to the price of the protective stop loss of the Trailing_Stop function;
  • MoneyManagment = trading % of deposit: true/false;
  • Risk = used % of deposit;
  • Lot = initial lot;
  • MaxLot = maximum position volume;
  • MaxOrders = maximum number of opened orders;
  • Bar_limit = disable opening multiple positions on the same bar: true/false;
  • FrozenDepositPercent = % of deposit reaching which the EA stops trading;
  • Use_Spread_Filter = use of the spread filter: true/false;
  • Max_Spread = maximum allowable spread value;
  • DepoStopTrade = disable trading at the FrozenDepositPercent level: true/false;
  • Play_Sound = sound alert about opening/closing a position: true/false;
  • Magic = unique number for positions opened by the EA;
  • Show_Comments = display the trading information on the chart: true/false;
  • Slippage = allowed price slippage in points;
2015.11.17 18:52 

Very bad EA, stay away. Useless

Ирина Минина
2015.11.05 16:12 

Отличный советник,который полностью соответствует моему стилю торговли.Пришлось оптимизировать,но теперь работает так,как мне надо-стабильно "в плюс", совершает быстрые сделки по времени!Наверно,автор сам не понимает,что это уникальный алгоритм торговли,эталонный скальпер.Последняя версия порадовала,за 2 дня тоже "в плюс".

Manoj Micle
2015.10.25 11:34   

This is another demo superstar. small profitable trades and huge losses. Winning trades are not enough to recover the losses.

I have tried in two live accounts (pepperstone and tickmill) and the results were same.

Georges Gholam
2015.10.24 20:59   

Please don't buy it. I loose REAL money.

In demo it's the best but in REAL it's the worst.

Yonggil Na
2015.10.20 04:11 

The update is still ...

Still not resolved.

Testing is a very good result.

However, l do not not work in the real broker (FXTM-ECN).

Please resolved.

Following a ...

2015.10.15 16: 12: 54.370 Aggressive scalper EURUSD, M15: Error opening order SELL. (130) invalid stops

2015.10.15 16:12:55.933 '1004397 ': order sell 0.20 EURUSD opening at market sl: 1.14923 tp: 1.14465 failed [Invalid S / L or T / P]

Dr Waleed Mahdy
2015.10.08 08:26 

the starting result is good

now i will try in real account and within one or two week

i updated my exper.


and good luck

Version 1.55 - 2017.02.21
Added visualization of the parameters and trading conditions on the screen.
Version 1.31 - 2015.11.12
Added activity filters for pending orders.
Fixed minor system errors.
Version 1.3 - 2015.11.04
Added the ability to trade using pending orders. The level of reverse open positions is defined.
Version 1.2 - 2015.10.20
Night trading mode has been added.
High volatility filter has been added.
Version 1.1 - 2015.10.14
New function of alternative stop loss, where StopLoss is set below the High or Low of the previous bar.