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Batman EA is a very simple expert system that works with ZigZag Indicator and using breakout strategy. It only opens trade when market actually breakout. It opens maximum 2 trades (1 buy and 1 sell if one of those does not close). It is very easy to use, does not need any complicated settings, just add it to a chart and it will run like clockwork for you. You can trade or test it on XAUUSD because we created this EA for this pair, but you can also trade or test FX, or any other currency pairs with changing parameters in order to get best result as you like. It is desirable to make backtest and demo test before running it on a real account.

Batman EA uses no martingale, no hedging, no grid. It always uses stop loss to protect your money. We created and developed Batman EA to work on H1 charts, also it trade best on XAUUSD. It is recommended to use a low spread broker and a VPS. 1:100 leverage or more is good. If you have a micro account, you can start using it with $20 only (Spead 16-36). Recommended time frame: H1

For Customers

Please send the author a private message to get support or help, or anything else.

Important Parameters. Please don't change them until you know what you do.


  • Risk: 10(%) Max risk per trade: 10% balance.
  • Breakeven:True True: Break even is active; False: inactive.
  • Breakevenlevel: 50 (>= Stop Level+10) When profit is equal 50 it will move stoploss to open price, if we choose higher we will have higher risk and higher chance to get more profit because it will be more difficult to hit stoploss). If Stop Level of brokers is 50 you should choose Breakeven Level at least: 50+10=60, but as often Stop Level of Broker is zero you should choose 50.
  • Use trailing: True True: Trailing stop is active; False: inactive.
  • Trailing stop: 100 When profit is equal 100 it will begin to trail.
  • MaxSpread:60, if Spread widen more than 60, EA delete pending trades and no put pending trades
  • Distance of top/bottom and Order Open Price:0 (default), eg 50: Peak of ZigZag Stair Indicator is 1190.00, it will put buy stop at 1190.50 and vice versa with sell stop.
  • EndHour: 23 When Server time is >=23, EA will not put pending orders and no trade.
  • Lotvar: 1: Autolot and lot=free equity* risk/stoploss; Lotvar=0, lot = FixLot.
  • FixLot: 0.01 Fixed lot = 0.01) you can correct this parameter as you like.
  • ZigZag: 12 Means ZigZag Indicator (12,5,3) We can correct from 5-50, the lower zigzag the shorter term , EA will open trades more but less exactly.
2018.02.13 15:32 

Good broker, good trader.

I bought the batman ea robot and I am glad to buy it. it is very good working.

I advice this ea to everyone. But before using it on a real account test it on a demo account.

The ea settings need to be set before using. Hieu Tran Van sents to you the settings. But don't forget test it on demo first.

Because you can burn your account about less knowledge.

Thanks Hieu Tran Van for helping and be patient to my too much question. He answered all my question. If i hadn't learn how to use ea on demo account I would burn my real account but i didn't burnt it thanks to him and got profit.

As a result, This ea is good working...

Xiaoning Zou
2018.02.07 01:50 

初步使用来看 效果不错

Zhihua Liu
2018.01.06 04:51 

very good!

Emir Andi
2017.11.30 07:28   

I bought several months ago. But now I can't run this EA. There is message error like this 2017.11.30 13:26:41.840 cannot load 'C:\Users\anggraini\AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Terminal\EEA793110FD1527B754B40AF55CF5C75\MQL4\Experts\Batman.ex4'

Any help to solve this problem?

2017.09.01 15:02 

This EA is fantastic. Don't run it with standard settings, always backtest and set it up how you like it run. I find 15m works best, and i have adjusted a few things around risk / SL's / etc. Use your brain, set it up right and it will bring results. Currently up 45% in the first 3 weeks.

Lei Ding
2017.06.14 04:50   

Batman EA 激活还有两个,需要的请联系我 QQ:177705589

Rinor Memeti
2016.09.23 00:08 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Olivier Cerf
2016.09.21 11:25 

Not interesting EA. Loss only on real account: bad spread, bad brokers, bad slippage....

When ask question to the seller: no response !

Very bad strategy, 2 stop order on high-low day-1: 500$ but most of traders can create that EA in mql for free.

Halina Struzhko
2016.09.14 11:55   

советник работает только на демо счетах... проверено мною лично... деньги выброшены...

Igor Dervuk
2016.08.01 19:44 

Good Counselor! Stable income ! Many settings baud any tool! Not risky strategy!

Excellent support from Hieu Tran Van!

2016.07.28 10:21 

I tried Batman EA since 06.07.2016 with 0.5 Lot on live account and made -254 € till today. (+ 50 USD for rental = -304 €).

Not recommended.

But: very friendly support from Hieu Tran Van.

2016.07.19 15:50 

big loss in real accounts

Nico Bilio
2016.01.28 17:41 

Lost 30% of the account in ONE (!!!) trade today with the recommned setting from the author in Gold! Would be better named Bad(!)man - very angry! Using ECN-Broker and VPS service with ultrahigh Performance (under 2ms latency)

2015.10.09 21:11 

why more of no one are not interested has this EA

I make very good result on EURUSD with regulating origin

thank you for this work

Version 3.4 - 2016.09.14
Fixed some bugs
- EA can use with all brokers with every stoplevels
- Delete pending orders right after EndHour (Old version: delete sell order only)
- Fixed error of sending order (error 130)
Version 3.3 - 2016.06.17
- Fixed some bugs
- Fixed error of spread: Spread of FX and Gold are the same (before : Spread of FX: 60, Spread of Gold: 600)
- It is best for XAUUSD, USDJPY, EURUSD
- New settings are set default for XAUUSD.
- Best settings:
Pairs: XAU/USD; TF: H1; Risk: 2% ; BREAKEVEN: 1000; TRAILING: 1000; SL: 2000 ; TakeProfit: 10000 ; MinProfit: 500 ; MAXSPREAD: 50; ExtDepth = ZIGZAG: 18

EUR/USD, USD/JPY: TF: H1; Risk: 2% ; BREAKEVEN: 20; TRAILING: 20; SL: 200 ; TakeProfit: 1000 ; MinProfit: 10; MAXSPREAD: 30; ExtDepth = ZIGZAG: 12

Trading time: StartHour: 0, EndHour: 22
- Recommend Broker: with Stoplevel=0, Low spread
Version 3.0 - 2015.11.09
Added support for both 4 and 5-digit MT4 platform.
Now, it can trade with FX (EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY...).
Fixed stop loss error.
Fixed order send error.
Version 2.0 - 2015.10.29
Version 1.0: Lot=Risk*Balance/100/Stoploss. If you set Stoploss=0 => Lot= #DIV/0!
Version 2.0: Lot = Risk*Balance/100/100. If Risk =1%, Balance=100 => Lot= 0.01

Version 1.0: There is no MinProfit
Version 2.0: If Profit (in points)>= BULevel, move Stoploss to OpenPrice +/- MinProfit

Version 1.0: Error in trading following within trading hours
Version 2.0: Trading within trading hours, if Hour()>= EndHour, the EA deletes pending orders