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RedLine Scalper

The Expert Advisor oriented to work on 5-digit ECN account with low spread. The EA is uses the price level breakthrough strategy.

The default settings are optimized for trading on EURUSD.


  • ECN broker with a low spread and accurate order execution;
  • Deposit from 50 USD on a standard account or 10 USD on a cent account;
  • Virtual private server.
  • After installation please set the risk parameter or fixed lot depending on your trading style. I prefer a fixed volume.


  • The EA does not use martingale and grids;
  • Trading is performed by pending orders only;
  • All trades are protected by a stop loss;
  • Expert Advisor does not require a large deposit;
  • The EA can use a fixed or dynamically calculated order volume;
  • Expert Advisor is designed to work with 5-digit quotes;
  • You can put the EA to any period on the chart. The timeframe is set in the parameters of the EA.


  • Risk - risk value used for calculation of a dynamic lot;
  • Fixed Lot Size - fixed size of volume for the orders. If set to 0, a dynamic volume is used;
  • Take Profit - expected profit for a trade, in pips;
  • Breakeven - the profit, after which SL of the order is set to breakeven, in pips;
  • Stop Loss - allowable loss, in pips;
  • Candle's Count - number of candles used to search the needed level;
  • Order's Life Time - lifetime of the pending order;
  • Min Interval - minimum interval between price and support/resistence level, in pips;
  • Work Timeframe - period of chart, on which the EA is running;
  • Slippage - maximum price slippage, in points;
  • Text Color - color of the displayed data on a chart;
  • Background Color - background color of the displayed data;
  • Order's Comment - comment of the Expert Advisor's orders;
  • Magic Number - unique number of the Expert Advisor's orders (any numbers).

If you have any questions, please send me a private message. I will be glad to help you.

Tomas Rodriguez Doherty
2016.01.05 21:12 

I have tested this EA thouroughly and although it trades very little, with the default adjustments it generates profit eventually and in a consistent manner. I must say I bought and I was reluctant at first but after seeing well how it works I must say it is a 5 stars EA. It is definately profitable. It is safe, Willnever blow account on reasonable settings. It uses levels support and resistences to create pending orders that will generate profit in a hihg percentage. Considering the WIn/Loss Ratio it eventually becomes profitable. Please use it for more than one month before giving bad comment or review cause it works. Thankyou sergey for your great EA's, very glad to have bought

Version 1.1 - 2015.11.18
Added option to prohibit trade if the spread exceeded the allowable value.

Additional parameters:

Spread Limit - maximum allowable level of spread;
Spread Delay - duration of the pause, if the spread exceeded the allowable value, in minutes.