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This is a grid Expert Advisor using EMA to filter a trend and CCi to enter the market. It allows you to manually filter flat and trend parts of the market or traded symbols. The lot is calculated based on the smart algorithm depending on the order location. The EA features the filter of the minimum distance between unidirectional orders calculated based on the specified percentage of the average daily candle for 21 days allowing the EA to avoid excessive load on the deposit. The profit is fixed by a specified deposit percentage. Efficient lot calculation, the opening distance filter as well as effective indicators allow the EA to fix the profit at a minimum price roll-back, thus reducing drawdowns and increasing the frequency of profit fixings.

Risk management: this is a high-risk grid EA. You may have profit or lose EVERYTHING!

Make sure to test and optimize the EA before the purchase! The recommended lot is 0.02 per 1 000 balance units!


  • Contr Trande - follow a trend or a countertrend
  • Period EMA - ЕМА period
  • Period CCI - CCI period
  • Applied price - price the indicators are applied to
  • Timeframe - indicator timeframe
  • Percent (ATR 21 Daily) - percentage of the average value of a daily candle per 21 days, the distance between unidirectional orders
  • Profit for close - profit percentage of a balance to close orders
  • Closing metod - order closing method (by profit of unidirectional orders, by total profit, both)
  • Order lot - initial lot
  • Use balance multiplier - use the balance lot multiplier (current balance/initial balance)
  • Use lot multiplier - lot multiplier
  • Magic number - order magic number
  • Slippage - slippage
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