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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 99

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
Master Scalping is a complete trading system for day traders, scalp traders and swing traders. The system consists of two indicators. A simple, clear set of rules, ideal for both novice and experienced traders. The Master Scalping strategy will help you always be on the right page. It helps filter out the strongest trends and prevents you from trading in a directionless market. It works well on all instruments and in all timeframes. Indicators do not disappear after the current candle has clo
95 USD
本交易面板方便交易者更好的盈利, 不用再担心亏损金额, 可根据账户净值和止损位自动分配开仓手数,同时也可以选择一次开仓单量,并且可以保证每个订单的止盈和止损有空间上的递增;也可以选择固定手数开仓。 同时该面板拥有开仓按钮,可以更快更好的点击按钮开多单,开空单,挂多单,挂空单,以及平多单,平空单,删除挂单等功能。 本面板后期将免费保持更新,会增加更丰富的开仓功能。 按钮功能: 现价做多 现价做空 一键挂多 一键挂空 全部平仓 平仓多单 平仓空单 删除挂单 EA智能部分: 固定手数开仓 自动分配手数 止盈输入 止损输入 止盈线之间的距离 止损线之间的距离 平台点差检测 平台杠杆检测 平台爆仓比检测 多单空单手数统计 多单空单盈亏统计 已平仓手数 已平仓盈亏 账户余额显示 账户净值显示 持仓单数显示 持仓手数显示 持仓盈亏显示
299 USD
Wave Cycle Counter
Eric Evert Ouweneel
Wave and Cycle counter to give an immediate indication how far the ongoing trend has progressed. Low numbers: trend has just started, ride the trend. Higher numbers: trend is 'older', watch for reversals This indicator is 100% compatible with the fantastic TopDog trading strategy. (I will NOT give any details about this Top Dog strategy) The trend direction is determined by a SMA value (or any other MA) you can set. Waves and cycles numbers and letters are derived from a SlowStoch setting
100 USD
MACD Color for GOLD
Chitipat Changsamrit
MACD Color for GOLD  Use for looking moving-way of graph and checking will be buy or sell  Easy for looking by see the color of trand. Red is down / Blue is up.  Can to use it with every time-frame by 1. Long Trade : Use it with time-frame H1 /  H4 /  Daily  2.Short Trade : Use it with  time-frame  M5 / M15  / M 30 /  H1 and you can see when you will open or close the orders by see this indicator by well by see signal line cut with color line again in opposite. and you can use this indicator for
48 USD
Perfect Entry EA MT4
Perfect Entry EA This expert advisor is designed to automate entry on signals generated by Perfect Entry Indicator  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/69461 Buying this expert we will send you free Perfect Entry Indicator! Strategy: This expert is a follow trend EA, the core is detect the market trend and enter following the current direction of the market. We have an stadistic advantage following the direction of the market, but a great aditional advantage is the EA find the best moment
299 USD
Are you looking for a cool expert where you can manage your orders easily and fast? I have good news because by using Rapid Trade Manager you can: calculate the risk per trade (percentage or fixed amount) manage your open orders individually choose from a variety of features such as: Take Profit, Partial Close, Stop Loss, Trailing Stop, Break Even, Close All and Close Order. Note! Doesn't work in the Strategy Tester If you are interested check out my videos for more. More info about the Rapid
60 USD
RumahForexID Momentum Scalping Indicator is the best momentum indicator ever created, and why is that? The indicator works on all timeframes and assets, the indicator is made after 6 years of experience in forex. You know many momentum indicators on the internet are unhelpful, and difficult to trade, but RumahForexID Momentum Scalping Indicator is different , The indicator shows wave momentum, when the market is about to trend or consolidate, all that in one simple and clear indicator! RumahF
30 USD
Live signal https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1606562 Only  7  copies  of the EA left   at $399 ! Next price --> $479 [MT5 version: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/93979 ] MSC Line  is the advanced smart  grid system  which already works on real accounts. Instead of fitting the system to reflect historical data (like most people do) it was designed to exploit existing market inefficiencies. Therefore it is not a simple "hit and miss" system which only survives by using grid. Instead it u
399 USD
RSI Bot, send alert to mobile, buy when RSI<=20, send alert sell when RSI>=80  you can set parameter RSI in setting Inp_RSI_ma_period    = 14;             // RSI: averaging period Inp_RSI_applied_price= PRICE_WEIGHTED; // RSI: type of price  Inp_RSI_LevelUP            = 60;          // RSI Fast and Slow: Level UP Inp_RSI_LevelDOWN          = 40;          // RSI Fast and Slow: Level DOWN Inp_RSI_stringUP           ="Signal Sell";// RSI Fast and Slow: Level UP label Inp_RSI_stringDOWN         ="Si
30 USD
A ready-made trading strategy for scalping on the M5 period (M5 timeframe), on any currency pair. The trading strategy has been tested and has shown good performance. Every trader, even a beginner, can scalp using this strategy. To start trading, you need to open your Metatrader4 on your PC, download the "Scalping signal indicator" from this page and add it to the chart of the currency pair you want to trade. You need to select M5 timeframe (the indicator will not work on other timeframes witho
79 USD
EA InfinityByAlligator grid - averaging - hedge  backtest 17 years (2005-2023) in MT4 using FBS - Timeframe M5 basic indicator with Alligator filter infinty true setting filter infinty = medium  ---> this properties for filter from SIGNAL Alligator , when EA Open Order averaging by signal = on  ---> grid open order with distance and signal averaging by signal = off ---> grid open order, only with distance Risk Warning: Before you Rent InfinityByAlligator, please baktest again Forex is H
80 USD
EA InfinityByEnvelope grid - averaging - hedge  backtest 17 years (2005-2023) in MT4 using FBS - Timeframe M5 basic indicator with Envelope filter infinty true setting filter infinty = medium ---> this properties for filter from SIGNAL Envelope , when EA Open Order averaging by signal = on  ---> grid open order with distance and signal averaging by signal = off ---> grid open order, only with distance Risk Warning: Before you Rent InfinityByEnvelope, please baktest again  Forex is High
80 USD
Market Break Lines is an utility tool to create a partition line at market openings/closings of Tokyo/London/NewYork sessions. This will help you to compare the market movements, volatility variations between the different markets. Inputs: Inputs are simple to feed the time of Tokyo/London/NewYork sessions as per your broker server time Change Color and width of partition lines You can enable or disable any line (Hide/Show). Please don't forget to support by giving handsome reviews/rating MT
30 USD
Lorentz Breakout Scalper It is a fully automated robot based on a wave breakout strategy.  It is not a simple robot that just add pending orders at the extrem price, but a robot that dynamically adjusts its trading strategy according to market price trends.  This robot integrates a variety of wave trading strategies, enabling the robot to quickly make trading operations at the right price.  Reliable risk filtering systems can filter out high-risk orders in a timely manner, and efficient algorit
199 USD
Trading strategy: Scalping. The   "EA Ultra Speed"   Expert Advisor is based on non-indicator work strictly according to the specified rules for opening and closing deals. The EA was created and tested on the main pairs, but this does not mean that you cannot try it on other currency pairs. The idea is that pending orders up or down are placed at a given distance from the current price. Let's say the price increased by 10 points within an hour and reached 1.3025. The EA follows the price and now
170 USD
If you need an advisor on any arrow indicator signals - this utility will definitely help you.  You will be able, with the help of this utility to form an unlimited number of EAs on YOUR signals , with your set of settings, with your copyright and complete source code . You will be able to use the resulting EAs unlimitedly , including adding them to the Market and other resources. Generated Martingale EA with the help of this script - here Free simple version of the generation script to help yo
30 USD
SUPREME POLE is a trading system that combines time, trend, support pressure, and algorithms. I think you must have tested a lot of EA before you saw this one. Trading is an ongoing and meaningful thing, so don't rush it. When testing only one variety, it seems that the benefits are not obvious, and multiple currency trades on vps have unexpected surprises. The charm is that the benefits of trading 21 currencies at once are huge, with pictures and interested friends who can answer questions an
999 USD
MultiTimeframe MA
Nnamdi Kennedy Ifeorah
Purpose/Objective This is a custom built multi-timeframe Moving Average indicator specifically for the Intraday/Trend Trader. Informs trader of the trend on the H4 Timeframe irrespective of Timeframe on chart while trader identifies key entry and execution levels on the lower timeframes.  Suitable for the Multi-Time Frame & Trend Trader. Demonstration (possible best way to use indicator) BUY when candle crosses and closes above the current TF 20MA. H4 TF 20MA acting as STOP LOSS. TARGET - Nex
38 USD
Florian Riedrich
This is my own developed EA "Pearl" It trades the whole market and tries to catch reversals. But it tries to trade within the overall D1-trend. It trades currency pairs only It uses martingale-strategies. It does use flexible grids though. It is free to you when to increase the lotsize of grid levels A grid level can be skipped. If the price overruns a grid level and volatility is still high, a trade will not open. The EA waits till volatility has decreased. Grid distances can be extended b
50 USD
UR PulseScalp
Krzysztof Jan Debski
UR PulseScalp A calibrated trading indicator for scalpers seeking the ultimate edge in fast-paced markets UR PulseScalp is a cutting-edge trading solution for scalpers seeking the ultimate edge in fast-paced markets. This innovative indicator is built on a scientifically-calibrated formula that blends the power of Volatility, MoneyFlow and Relative Strength to create a highly accurate and reliable signal. Advantages of using UR  PulseScalp : Comfortable Interactive Panel Highly Accurate on
89 USD
Fibonacci EA MT4 is an Expert Advisor based on a powerful MT4 indicator known as Fibonacci. This EA may trade using the retracement and extension signals provided by this instrument. This Fibonacci EA's trading strategy is to detect strong and invisible support and resistance levels. It can also trade less riskily with the help of the MXRobots exclusive indicators and earn profit without losing money easily. To obtain all of these signals, you do not need to use or purchase several Fibonacci Ex
245 USD
Reverse High Low
Antonis Michos
5 (1)
--------------  contact me for discount if you want 2 or more of my Products. Telegram Group: Find the link in my profile or contact me Welcome Reverse High Low EA uses and advanced algorithm based on all Oscillators to find the best possible reverse in the Timeframe you use the EA. Multiple TP systems and 3 different systems of overlap, power up the potential of the EA. IMPORTANT: USE Low spread brokers. Recommendations: 1500$ balance or more.It is known that in f
200 USD
Range Bot v2
Marcelo Jose Patino Vargas
Range Bot V2 es un sistema de trading automático diseñado especialmente para Indices Bursátiles americanos ( Us30, Us100 y Us500). Sistema capacitado para susperar challenges en cualquier compañia de fondeo que permita el uso de EAs ya que no es MG ni Grid. Tampoco es Tickscalp. Viene optimizado para US30 en horario NY. Modifique unicamente su riesgo porcentual por operacion
200 USD
Grail Grid
Ahmad Aan Isnain Shofwan
The price of $999 is a special price for the Grand Opening only (rent is just $368).   The normal price becomes $3,966 (R ent is  $568) . Grail Grid EA   is an advanced trading system that uses a smart algorithms. This EA is light version of   Little Bird EA  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/92537 This EA is very good for those who are GRID Lover. Grail Grid EA is based on an advanced algorithm of market analysis, Take profit systems, managing security risk, and managing drawdown. - Fi
999 USD
AC Pivot Panel:  AC Pivot Panel is a pivot point indicator including favorite selection panel accessible in the chart. For pivot traders, it is well convenient to easily and quickly can adjust their pivots setting in the chart. To reaching this goal, a panel has been considered to user can easily switch to each pivot levels by different method and time period.  In the current version:     All pivots including supports and resistance can be selected to display or disappear in the chart just by
30 USD
SuperTrend EA is an expert advisor or trading robot based on the Supertrend Buy-Sell Magic Indicator. It is capable of detecting and following both minor and major trends. SuperTrend EA MT4 is obtained from artificial intelligence algorithms developed by MXRobots company. This EA, in addition to the SuperTrend indicator, includes other instruments that contribute to the activities of this intelligent trading robot, which you can experience Algo Trend EA (supertrend algo trading). SuperTrend E
195 USD
MACD EA is a professional and advanced trading robot made from the Best Momentum MT4 Indicator  called MACD . This powerful MACD expert advisor trades based on four separate MACD signals. You do not need to purchase multiple MACD EAs to use all of these signals. All of these trading methods are included in an expert MACD that you can obtain by purchasing. MACD EA signals MACD EA identifies well the divergences that occur in the price and indicates the trend's weakness and trades based on them.
300 USD
Introducing the Revolutionary   Trade Closing Assistant ! Are you tired of manually closing hundreds trades? Are you a   scalper ,   day trader ,   swing trader   and  you want to maximize your profits and minimize your losses by closing multiple positions at thesame time under different conditions? Are you a   Prop Firm Trader  who wishes to avoid hitting maximum daily drawdown? Search no further. This kit is the ultimate solution for all you. GUIDE TO USE THE KIT 1. Shows the total profit/lo
49 USD
Power Breaker EA
Saravanan Venkatesan
The Power Breaker Expert Advisor follows this trend-based breakout strategy for the day. This works based on the intelligent identification of the resistance and support on a specific time period combined with real time order management. This EA has smart risk management capability as the lot size is dynamic based on the margin available. This EA can work with a minimum investment as low as $100. It has a proven back testing record for last 2 years (result attached below) with great compounding
3 524 USD
Martengl Panel
Hossein Ahmadi Beni
is highly helpful in both performing and assisting a successful trade. This program allows you to work in a real account and take advantage of its most important feature, the Back-Test feature.  is made up of two panels that work together to provide you with the best and fastest performance possible. The command panel is on the left, and the confirmation panel is on the right. The command panel is divided into four main categories: Buy/Sell, Lot, Distance, and Set Close. You make all the decisi
1 000 USD
I will support only my client. สำหรับลูกค้า Fullerton Fund Ai Robot is a safe system for Forex and Crypto currencies trading. Developed exclusively for the XAUUSD pair(GOLD), any currency pairs and any broker. Try now! The Ai Robot is designed to operate in the XAUUSD (GOLD) and any currencies market, entering only when there are high probabilities of success and certain unique conditions. The Ai Robot is based on a robust, profitable strategy and   NO MARTINGALE. No more indicator. You can s
299 USD
Previous Period High Low . This indicator shows the previous Day, Week, Month and Years High and Low. It's great for price action strategies. : Provides clear and visible breaks in structure. : Easy to see breakout levels. : Easy to see gaps between previous high, low levels after breakouts have occurred.  The indicator works on every time frame. Multiple periods can be selected and be seen on the same chart. Every line can be customized to Your liking. Color, style and thickness.  Enjoy!
30 USD
DG Currency Strength Meter is an innovative tool designed for Forex traders to help them make informed trading decisions. This tool uses advanced algorithms to scan the top currency pairs and calculates the weighted points of each currency. It then arranges them in order of strength, from the strongest to the weakest, depending on the selected timeframe. The tool provides a graphical representation of the currency strength, making it easy to understand and use. The Currency Strength Meter off
45 USD
The R Ease Of Movement Metatrader 4 forex indicator is a blue colored EMZ trading oscillator. It’s an oscillator type forex indicator that generates a bullish and bearish trading area. Values above the zero level are said to be bullish while values below the zero level are said to be bearish. The R Ease Of Movement oscillator does not produce good results on its own, it needs to be traded in conjunction with a trend following technical indicator. Good forex trend indicators include: SMA, EMA,
30 USD
This EA uses the Martingale hedging strategy with pyramids and accumulated buy sell profit. You can fiddle with the settings to get the best results. Good luck Consolidation Master : MT4 : https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/90012 MT5 : https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/93395 Consolidation Gold XAUUSD : MT4 : https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/90726 MT5 : https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/93397 WARNING : I only sell EA's through MQL5.com. If
300 USD
This EA uses the Martingale hedging strategy with pyramids and accumulated buy sell profit. You can fiddle with the settings to get the best results. Good luck Consolidation Master : MT4 : https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/90012 MT5 : https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/93395 Consolidation Gold XAUUSD : MT4 : https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/90726 MT5 : https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/93397 WARNING : I only sell EA's through MQL5.com. If
300 USD
UR Vortex
Krzysztof Jan Debski
UR Vortex The Probabilistic UR Vortex Formula: An Accurate System for Predictive Market Analysis using Volatility and Standard Deviation Calculations. The   UR Vortex   indicator is a technical analysis tool that uses volatility and standard deviation calculations to predict potential tops and bottoms in a market. It measures the strength of a trend by calculating the distance between the current price and a moving average, and then standardizing this distance by dividing it by the average true
69 USD
More than > 70% of the market is in a sideways condition. Some traders avoid sideways markets. But after researching for several years, the author has a method that is suitable for consolidation market conditions. Now,   NO TREND IS MY FRIEND Use Use TP / SL / Trailing and  NO MARTINGALE Recommended Low Spread / ECN Account Sideways Master : MT4 :  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/92928 MT5 :  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/93174 Sideways Gold XAUUSD : MT4 :  https://www.mql
300 USD
The Puzzle
Jared Matthew Bryant
1 (1)
The Puzzle is a fully automated, multicurrency Expert Advisor working simultaneously on 3 symbols: EURGBP, EURJPY & EURCHF. Artificial Intelligence implemented alongside custom made indicators identifies trading opportunities and places the orders. Human traders are often not capable of catching the right trading opportunities in time as much as a software so my intention was to develop expert advisor that will do it for you. It follows several different strategies but before placing an order Th
99 USD
The   True Hero Oscillator   indicator is designed for signal trading. This indicator generates trend signals. It uses many algorithms and indicators to generate this signal. It tries to generate signals from the points with the highest trend potential. This indicator is a complete trading product. This indicator does not need any additional indicators. This product uses 3 main indicators and many algorithms. The indicator is never repainted. The point at which the signal is given does no
40 USD
SPT is a trend indicator It is written on the basis of ATR, with clear trend lines indicating the direction in progress, Different traders' understanding of this indicator may form two different purposes Trend-based traders will conduct trend trading when the trend line changes, Respectful shock traders will carry out range trading according to the final support or resistance level marked by this indicator The index parameters are as follows: Multiplier: multiple of ATR Period: ATR cycle. The
99 USD
Crypto Scalp EA
Josemar Pinheiro
DESCRIPTION Crypto Scap EA é um robot para operar Cryptos, Metals,  Forex and Markets. Possue poucos paâmentros facilitando o ajuste. Crypto Scap EA has the following customizable parameters: MONEY AND RISK MANAGEMENT Initial Lot   Increases the initial Lot ? TRADE SETTING Expert ID Methode (0 or 1) Maximum Spread In Points Maximum Slippage In Points Stop Loss in Points Grid Distance in Points Start Trailing in Points Below are some base parameters for some assets. From these paramet
499 USD
RSI DIVERENCE INDICATOR RSI divergence is very powerful pattern which is often used to detect a strong trend reversal. it also indicates the weakening of strong signal. So some traders  want to use it as the exit criteria. This indicator works in all timeframe and send notification, alert or email to the user. It also show the Higher Highs and Lower Low Pattern with its corresponding RSI divergency. This indicator can be used in Expert Advisors as it has accessible buffers List of Inputs _____
30 USD
Scalper Warrior
Sevgi Bahtiyar Lyutfi
We are happy to show you our scalping EA - "Scalper Warrior". Based on the specific behavior of pair in combination with price action, RSI and generic algorithms we were able to extract one of the best scalping strategies possible for forex market. We don't use Martingale or Grid strategies when trading. We count on our decision algorithm for opening, tracking and closing the trades. We help him to this with tight stop-losses which leads to a very low drawdown of the EA and stable account growth
2 000 USD
Nasdaq pips catcher
Tomasz Marcin Moleda
"Nasdaq Pips Catcher" is a fully automated trading strategy that utilizes a proprietary short-term trend indicator. Upon receiving a signal, a trade is opened along with a "stop loss" and "take profit" (default 50/100 pips). The EA also uses "Break Even" orders. It is designed for trading on the Nasdaq 100 index and is a "Day Trading" strategy. It works best on an M30 chart. No optimization is required and one can find their own settings and use on other instruments. All trades are protected by
199 USD
EA InfinityByBB grid - averaging - hedge  backtest 17 years (2005-2023) in MT4 using FBS - Timeframe M5 basic indicator with Bollinger Band filter infinty true setting filter infinty = medium  ---> this properties for filter from SIGNAL Bollinger Band , when EA Open Order averaging by signal = on  ---> grid open order with distance and signal averaging by signal = off ---> grid open order, only with distance Risk Warning: Before you Rent InfinityByBB, please baktest again  Forex is High
80 USD
Signal : https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1866237 This EA was not known to anybody, If you are curious about this EA just download the free demo version to test before you purchased this product. To see is to believe that whats everyone says. The signal provides you best and accurate understanding that its making good results even on a small account. Timeframe : M5 Currency Pairs : All Pairs Major/Minor Note : Use this setfile the same as the signal above------- https://drive.google.com/file
199 USD
Aeternus V3 Pro
Manuel Rodriguez Fernandez
EA based on price deviation. Aeternus V3 Pro mt5 Market entry trigger based on the price deviation of a series of moving averages of different sizes, with confirmation of 3 different stochastics. In this way we get very few tickets, but very accurate. Signal   -->   Recommended settings in Comments It has several modes of market exit : • Through TakeProfit achieved as the first option. • Martingale re-entries with the same entry logic • Exit for total profit • Exit for positive equity -> Sto
497 USD
UR Bands
Krzysztof Jan Debski
UR Bands (with a Formula used in Machine Learning systems) UR Bands   is a n indicator derived through a formula that incorporates market volatility is similar in principle to those used in machine learning systems. This mathematical representation of market conditions offers a precise analysis of price trends and dynamics, taking into account the inherent volatility of financial markets. By incorporating volatility as a variable, the indicator provides a more accurate and dependable representa
79 USD
The R Delta RSI indicator draws a buy and sell colored histogram based on the crossover of a fast RSI (period 14) and slow RSI (period 50) together with a signal level. A red colored histogram indicates the trend is bullish (buy signal). A green colored histogram indicates the trend is bearish (sell signal). A gray colored histogram indicates the trend is flat or range-bound (no signal). This forex indicator can be traded as a standalone or together with other trend following indicators. Scalpe
30 USD
Hello all With the levels expert, he opens deals in the opposite direction, while making deals when the trend reverses with the same type of the first deal At other times, he enters a deal opposite the first deal with opening deals with the trend, and closes all together at a profit The way he works is to place the expert on more than one currency pair on the 15-minute timeframe When he works, he will work on only one currency pair until he closes on a profit, or he works after the profit. Here
300 USD
ForexMaverick EA4
Sarah Jong Chieh Chou
it is a Secure Automated Software for trading Forex market and indices. The architecture is a Fully Automatic Autonomous Robot Expert capable of independently analyzing the market and making trading decisions You can download the demo and test it yourself.  Very stable growth curve as result of smart averaging techniques. "Safety first" approach in development. The algorithm of the adviser allows you to trade with the trend and against the trend. Past performance is not a guarantee of future pr
149 USD
Alchemic MT4
Mrs Marta S Garrod
Alchemic's algorithm does not use martingale, grid or any other risky money management systems, it is based on candlestick analysis. Alchemic analyzes several time frames and determines the dominant price direction for entering/exiting the market. Each trade of the EA is accompanied by stop Loss and Take Profit orders. The size of Stop Loss and Take Profit is determined by market volatility. The EA can trade the specified volume or dynamically select it for each trade based on the amount of ava
89 USD
TIO EuroHedge - советник торгующий по уровням спроса и предложений. Чтобы зафиксировать наибольшее количество ценовых движений, использует несколько трендов, несколько уровней прибыли и несколько таймфреймов. Сигнал Преимущества: Постоянная работа советника. Не нужно ждать новостей для торговли, или каких-то событий. В отличии от скальперов,   TIO EuroHedge   работает среднесрочно, и старается забрать всё ценовое движение, а не его часть. Советник не требует быстрого исполнения торговых приказ
100 USD
Arbitrage line
Mikhail Nazarenko
Индикатор  Arbitrage line  является арбитражным корреляционным мультивалютным индикатором. Он показывает на текущем графике места нарушения корреляции - где направление движения цены текущего графика, противоположно направлению цены любой выбранной в индикаторе валютной пары. Arbitrage line идеально подходит для торговли при помощи арбитража корреляции на любых символах ( поддерживаемых Meta Trader) валют, металлов, криптовалют, акций и индексов. Места дисбаланса - нарушения корреляции, индикато
55 USD
Corrofy Gold MT4
Ruslan Ovchinnikov
Gold Expert is a trading advisor that utilizes a strategy of portfolio rebalancing to effectively manage risk for traders. The advisor employs a proprietary approach to portfolio rebalancing, which entails continuous monitoring of market conditions and the adjustment of asset allocation within the portfolio. This approach aims to ensure that the portfolio is well diversified, and that risk is effectively controlled. By utilizing this strategy, Corrofy Gold Expert aims to enhance the safety of yo
350 USD
Ahmet Metin Yilmaz
An "Intraday" indicator makes no sense anymore above H1 !! VOHLC is calculated using the following formula: VOHLC= ( Price * Volume ) / Volume Where Price= ( Open + High + Low + Close ) / 4 Volume= Tick Volume   This indicator helps us to understand the current direction of the trend in the selected period. Typically, the indicator is calculated for one day, so there is no reason to use it on timeframes larger than the H1 timeframe.
30 USD
Live Signal EA Mine Farm MT4   is one of the most classic and time-tested scalping strategies based on the breakdown of strong price levels. EA Mine Farm MT4   is the author's modification of the system for determining entry and exit points into the market... EA Mine Farm MT4 -   is the combination of great potential with reliability and safety. Why EA Mine Farm MT4 ?! - each order has a short dynamic Stop Loss - the advisor does not use any risky methods (averaging, martingale,
99 USD
Easy Open and manage your orders and positions – Calculate risk and lot size – Build your expert adviser from the integrated indicators – Trail your profits in various ways Key Features: Virtual Trading Lines: free changeable in any direction to build resistance, support, channels, triangles,… Order Types: Buy, Sell, Buy Limit, Sell Limit, Buy Stop, Sell Stop, OCO, Bracket Order Virtual Profit Trailing Strategies: Static, Percent, Exponential, Scaling up, Scaling down, Fifo, Bulk, Bollinger Ch
49 USD
Trading strategy: Scalping. The EA   "Project Golden Luna"   is based on trading on zigzag signals using standard indicators, and market entries are made on the breakdown of local extremum levels. As soon as the bot receives a signal, it immediately starts placing several pending orders. And most importantly, this trading expert uses SL protective orders in open trades, which save the trader's deposit from significant losses. However, this robot in most cases does not wait for the price to reach
130 USD
Shun Qing Qian
The EA does not use Dangerous Methods: No mesh Without averaging No martingale No doubling Minimum deposit for trading 100$ Use accounts with a minimum spread The best timeframe to trade is H1,H4 Best trading pairs: XAUUSD,GBPUSD, EURUSD,USDCAD,NZDUSD,AUDUSD  Suggest Move_ Set Sl to: true , Other settings: default Activity price: 299, final price: 1500 Time options.  EA trades 24/7 by default. User may futher define which days of week and hours of day are tradable (" Nontradable hours, space-sep
299 USD
Expert Advisor Sys1v5 is an excellent solution for trading on the FOREX market, with a full visual control of the trading process, using the built-in control panel and information tables. The system analyzes the course of trading and continuously compiles statistics on trading days, weeks, months and years.  We are tested on standard and cent accounts with a minimum capital of $100 with starting positions of 0.01. Brief description: §   - Platform: MetaTrader 4. §   - The EA can work both
30 USD
Blow Stopper Shaya
Blow Stopper EA.  What is Blow Stopper EA!!!  #BlowStopper EA is an EA that is fully automated to place and close orders for you. The EA has been designed under Ichimoku and has 6 different settings which should all agree on the direction of the market before it can enter. In other words those 6 Ichimoku setup won't enter/open any orders unless they all agree on the same thing which is either buy or sell.  The EA is strictly prohibited to be owned but you can rent it at Mql5 market as it is full
50 USD
DUCHOAN99 would like to send you the  indicator   ATR (Keltner) Channels Multi TF Real Value for MT4 . Please download the demo to see if the indicator helps you or not before deciding to buy this indicator. 1.   KEY TAKEAWAYS Keltner Channels are volatility-based bands that are placed on either side of an asset's price and can aid in determining the direction of a trend. The exponential moving average (EMA) of a Keltner Channel is typically 20 periods, although this can be adjusted if desired.
30 USD
Deviation Arrow
Thomas Bradley Butler
Deviation has a buy and sell input.  Figure out the number to trade by.  It is according to MACD.  Study the values of the past for inputs to trade by. Use in uptrend or downtrend and follow the bigger trend for entry points or reversals.  Use other filters or strategies to employ with the indicator for success.  - is buy  and + is sell. Trade on time frames according to your wish
30 USD
Unbreakable EURUSD h1
Raphael Schwietering
Unbreakable is a fully automated hedging robot that uses a very efficient breakout strategy, advanced money management and probabilistic analysis. Most effective in the price consolidation stages that occupy the bulk of the market time. Proven itself on real accounts with an excellent risk-to-reward ratio. Does not need forced optimization, which is the main factor of its reliability and guarantee of stable profit in the future. S uitable for both beginners and experienced traders.   Entry and e
199 USD
Ana Maria Pesaferrer Costa
This EA can work on MT4 but not on MT5 and its main asset is GDAXI. It only trades on the long side, so it takes advantage of bull markets. In our MT4 backtest it has a very low relative drawdown with less than 12% of drawdown. It also has a very high return percentage over 11 years of backtesting with a 1460% return (this does not mean that it will be exactly the same in the future). It is recommended to use a start-up capital of around 12k euros.    To perform the backtest of this EA, the M5 p
949 USD
Think Fund Ai Robot
Nirundorn Promphao
I will support only my client. สำหรับลูกค้า Think Fund Ai Robot is a safe system for Forex and Crypto currencies trading. Developed exclusively for the XAUUSD pair(GOLD), any currency pairs and any broker. Try now! The Ai Robot is designed to operate in the XAUUSD (GOLD) and any currencies market, entering only when there are high probabilities of success and certain unique conditions. The Ai Robot is based on a robust, profitable strategy and   NO MARTINGALE. No more indicator. You can selec
299 USD
Bashir Abdi Jama
Introducing Mudug EA, a powerful expert advisor for MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform, developed using the MQL5 programming language. It is designed to automate your trading strategies and improve your trading performance. Mudug EA comes with a user-friendly interface that allows you to easily customize various aspects of the trading strategy, such as entry amount, stop loss, and take profit levels, as well as the parameters for various technical indicators. The EA employs four indicators, Commodity C
1 540 USD
Price $349 9 out of 10 copies, next price $399. Monitoring  -  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/author/bebikovi The MT5 version of the expert Advisor is here -   https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/92564 Keep in mind that the results on different brokers will be different, before using it, I recommend testing on your broker, on the issue of suitable brokers, write in PM, the main conditions are a low spread of 0-0.2 points for both currency pairs. Also keep in mind that the results on MT4 /
349 USD

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