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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 93

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
TFM MULTI CROSS expert MT4 TFM MULTI CROSS expert can receive different signals and send them to the user using 3 moving average indicators . This expert can help the trader to recognize different crosses in any time frame. This expert is a new version of forex signal finder experts, which has high speed, high efficiency and accuracy. By purchasing Expert Multi cross, you can easily find the crosses created in your watch list in the stock market and forex. General features of TFM MULTI CROS
Forex Indicator HTF MACD Oscillator for MT4 HTF means -   H igher Time Frame MACD   indicator itself is one of the most popular indicators for trend trading This indicator is excellent for   Multi-Time Frame trading systems   with Price Action entries   or in combination with other indicators HTF  MACD Indicator allows you to   attach    MACD  from Higher time frame to your current chart     --> this is   professional trading approach Indicator has built-in Mobile and PC alerts  // More great Ex
Bot Vasya
Oleg Popov
"Bot Vasya" is my assistant in the world of trading, which offers a variety of strategies and modes for trading in the market. It is suitable for both novice and experienced traders. Main advantages: Multifunctionality:       a wide range of tools for effective trading. The use of algorithms and strategies allows the bot to analyze the market and predict price movements, providing trading operations. Flexibility and Personalization:       with “Bot Vasya” you get the opportunity to customize
Professional Scalper EA - Safe and stable. Currency pair: AUDCAD Leverage: 1:30 Timeframe: M15 Balance: 1000$ Account type:Hedge Parameters: *Lot-Sizing Method Fixed Lot  - a fixed lot will always be used for the initial trade; Low Risk 20% annual - Intelligent lot size calculation based on account balance to generate approximately 20% annualized return; Mid Risk 40% annual -  Intelligent lot size calculation based on account funds to generate approximately 40% annualized return; Significant
Introducing the Ultimate Horizontal Line Alert Indicator for MT4! Transform your trading with the smartest tool in the market. Our Horizontal Line Alert Indicator isn't just any indicator — it's your new trading partner that combines precision, flexibility, and intuitive control. What Does It Do? This revolutionary MT4 indicator automatically adjusts trend lines to be horizontal with just the press of the 'L' key. It’s perfect for traders who want to focus on specific price levels, ensu
GodFather Bot Scalper: The Ultimate Trading Companion Greetings, fellow traders and enthusiasts! Welcome to the dynamic world of "GodFather Bot Scalper." In this detailed exposition, we will navigate through the intricate features of this extraordinary Expert Advisor (EA), carefully designed for the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform. RECOMMENDED PAIR :  EUR/USD RECOMMENDED TIMEFRAME:  5 MINUTES Special Limited-Time Opportunity: Seize the moment! Be among the first 5 (Buying 0/5) to take a
High Point Scalper EA
Ifeanyi Joshua Odinma
High Point Scalper EA  trade is based on Price high and low level to determine the next trend   with martingale  strategy . The EA will find the best entry and exit points  This Expert advisor is mainly for synthetic Trade    , check it out on Jump100 recommended assets  JUMPS100  Recommended Broker..  Deriv Timeframe  H1  Minimum deposit $100 IMPORTANT! After the purchase please send me a private message to receive the installation manual and the setup instructions. you will get  one expert
Introduction and Description Arcturus is a trading EA dedicated to FOREX investment. Based on the Intensive Martingale principle, the robot trades in an opposite way to the trend, in order to try to make profit on trend reversals. Unlike the vast majority of Martingales, which do not have emergency closing systems, Arcturus has a whole protection system. This system helps in particular for the validation of prop firm challenges. Arcturus is not sensitive to spread, nor to slippage. It can be use
Are you tired of missing out on profitable opportunities due to cumbersome and slow trade management in MT4? Do complexities in adjusting trades quickly and accurately analyzing market conditions make you hesitant and cost you financially? Understanding and reacting to market dynamics can be challenging, especially without the right tools. Our innovative Trading Panel is specifically engineered to tackle these issues. It provides a streamlined and efficient way to manage your trades and analyze
SmartTrade Pro
Kenji Yamamura
This software is a very attractive solution for traders. The software was developed for MetaTrader and provides very accurate trade signals on the hourly chart of EURUSD. It has the flexibility and reliability that traders need to succeed in the market. This EA is based on a complex logic that combines several technical indicators. First, technical indicators such as Template Exponential Moving Average (TEMA), Bollinger Band Width Ratio (BB Width Ratio), and Average True Range (MTATR) are use
The expert works digitally to open the first deals and Martingale deals And close all together at a profit from win_USD, or close the last profitable trades with the first losing trade until all close together at a profit. There are no complications in the expert’s work, he only works using the Martingale method with the same first lot The method of opening the first deal depends on closing a number of previous candles and dividing by 3 If the outcome number 3, 6, or 9 works to open the first d
Golden Monk Pro       is the combination of indicators such as Bollinger Bands, Moving Averages, Rsi, Momentum and Angles that together seek price direction through impulses in areas of important divergence. Matrix Golden Monk Pro   encapsulates many tools and resources in a 5*4 matrix to improve the level of success in each entry with a maximum of 4 simultaneous operations, optimizing capital management, this matrix can be displayed on the left side of your screen. Recommendations: Currency P
Harvest GOLD
Sayan Vandenhout
Auto Multi Channels VT Ещё один технический индикатор в помощь трейдеру. Данный индикатор, автоматически показывает, наклонные каналы в восходящем, нисходящем и боковом движении цены, т.е. тренды. (Внутри дня. Среднесрочные и долгосрочные, а также Восходящие, нисходящие и боковые). О понятии Тренд. На бирже, трендом называется  направленное движение ценового графика в одну из сторон (вверх или вниз) . То есть, тренд в трейдинге — это ситуация, когда цена определенное время возрастает или
HFT Prop Challenge Master
Christoph Juergen Koegler
Get your Money back   you paid for the EA for a rating until June 30th 2024: Rate the product on mql5.com under Review. It would be also nice if you write which challenge you passed, but this is optional. Send me a message over mql5.com with your purchase number and the prefered refund method and payment information. Available is: USDT (crypto), PayPal or SEPA bank transfer (in EU) This EA is designed for passing challenges of prop trading firms that allow HFT (High Frequency Trading). It will
FXArk Kcci
Nithaam Davis
The KCCi uses a Grid method with a breakeven feature, its based around the CCI and Kijun-Sen of the Ichimoku indicator. Its recommended to be used with a cent account as it requires a high volume of capital along with a broker that allows numerous open positions, along with this low spreads are desired. All major pairs can be traded with this EA, including commodities and on all TFs though before any usage please optimize . IMPORTANT: These parameters will need to be increased to the max o
Candle 5
This trading system is based on mathematical probability. In this case, 5 consecutive candles are compared with each other. For a logical comparison, consider these 5 candles as 1 candle on the M5 timeframe. Therefore, the comparison begins with the opening of a candle on the M5 timeframe. The probability of a match is 50% in the 1st candle, 25% in the 2nd candle, 12.5% in the 3rd candle, 6.25% in the 4th candle, 3.125% in the 5th candle. Thus, the 5th candle has a probability of matching in 1
Forex Indicator  " Hanging Man and Inverted Hammer pattern" for MT4 Indicator  " Hanging Man and Inverted Hammer pattern "  is very powerful indicator   for Price Action trading :    No repaint, No delays; Indicator   detects bullish Inverted Hammer and bearish Hanging Man patterns  on chart: Bullish   Inverted Hammer   - Blue arrow signal on chart (see pictures) Bearish   Hanging Man  - Red arrow signal on chart (see pictures) P C, Mobile & Email alerts   are included Indicator    " Hanging Man
Budicon Beast Mode
Olabode Egbeyemi Adu
Budicon:   Beast Mode The Emergence of the Financial Market Beast Only 10 copies left at current price, Final Price is $5,499 Enjoy Prop Firm Mode! With Conservative Mode on, it can handle unto 10 Pairs on $1000 Account  Set files for Forex Pairs   Available for download  In Comment Section. Enjoy Steady Equity curve Growth Take advantage of the News Monster Mode No martingale  No Risky Trading Approach Portfolio Diversification as it can trade many FOREX Pairs Proven Trading Strategies Used. D
Pullback Cobra
Kenji Yamamura
This trading strategy was built based on back testing in MetaTrader 4 and has shown high effectiveness on the M1 and M30 charts of XAUUSD. The features and benefits of this strategy are numerous. First of all, MagicNumber can be used to identify unique trades. This ensures that each trade is accurately identified, even when operating multiple strategies simultaneously. Additionally, by adjusting the BBBarOpensPeriod1 and BBBarOpensPeriod2 parameters, you can control the bandwidth and adapt to
The indicator show Higher timeframe candles for ICT technical analisys Higher time frames reduce the 'noise' inherent in lower time frames, providing a clearer, more accurate picture of the market's movements. By examining higher time frames, you can better identify trends, reversals, and key areas of support and resistance. The Higher Time Frame Candles indicator overlays higher time frame data directly onto your current chart. You can easily specify the higher time frame candles yo
Classic breakout system. Well-proven itself on a long period of time. Entry into the deal occurs after exiting the accumulation channel. The system works with stoplosses and without averaging. Everything works automatically, after launching you will not need to administer the trading process. Live monitoring Expert Advisor settings are simple and intuitive, there is a possibility to optimize parameters on historical data. An archive with back-test results is attached in the comments.
Mouhcine Haddad
Elevate your trading game with TigerSignals – the ultimate MetaTrader 4 indicator. Designed for simplicity and precision, TigerSignals provides crystal-clear buy and sell signals, making it a must-have for traders of all levels. Features: User-Friendly:   Easy-to-use interface ensures hassle-free integration into your trading strategy. Alerts:  Sound, phone, and email alerts. Receive notifications when a new signal appears, giving you the freedom to step away from the chart! Lot Size Calcula
Forex Indicator HTF MOVING AVERAGE for MT4 Upgrade your trading methods with the professional   HTF MA Indicator for MT4.   H TF means - H igher Time Frame This indicator is excellent for Trend Traders with Price Action entries. HTF MA Indicator allows you to   attach Moving Average from Higher time frame   to your current chart. Indicator shows the trend from higher time frame --> this is always profitable method. HTF MA  Indicator  gives opportunity to get big profit with low risk. How to use
Yarukami Mnukakashi
Aleksandr Kazmirchuk
GOOGLE TRANSLATE Break-even system Yarukami Mnukakashi you know who and only for gold (XAUUSD) . We are considering work with a spread of up to 30 . The scalper works 24/5, the loss is covered by a grid averaging over a light (small) coefficient. It should always work, with the exception of time stops that you set yourself, for example for news (although this is not required). You need to work with a balance of 500 USD. If you decide to purchase EA, all funds will be used to make a deposit with
Loonie Rise
Aneta Madrzejewska
Hey there, forex adventurers! If you've been curious about the GBP/CAD pair but weren't sure if you had enough trading capital to dive in, I have some fantastic news for you. I've developed a specialized Expert Advisor (EA) designed specifically for the GBP/CAD pair, and the most amazing part is how affordable it is. With a minimum deposit of just $100, this EA is your ticket to the exciting world of GBP/CAD trading without having to break the bank. This GBP/CAD EA is a robust tool that opera
Forex Indicator " DeMarker Speed" for MT4 The calculation of this indicator is based on equations from physics. DeMarker Speed is the 1st derivative of DeMarker itself  DeMarker oscillator  curve indicates the current price position relative to previous highs and lows during the indicator calculation period DeMarker Speed is   good for scalping entries   when standard DeMarker oscillator is in OverSold/OverBought zone  (as on pictures) DeMarker Speed indicator shows how fast DeMarker   itself
Forex Indicator   Bollinger Bands Width   for MT4, No Repaint. -BB Width indicator is applicable for using together with standard Bollinger Bands indicator. -This software is must have for every Bollinger Bands indicator fan, because their combination is very  efficient  to trade Breakouts -BB Width indicator shows the distance (span) between Bollinger Bands. HOW TO USE BB Width (See the example on the picture): 1) Find the lowest value of BB Width of the last 6 months and add 25% to this value
Fabrizio Pierantoni
Pound First Expert advisor. 3 moving averages combined with a MACD oscillator to try to intercept the short-term signal reversal. The expert advisor was designed for the GBP/USD pair on Timeframe H4. Exiting the position occurs automatically or by setting a stop loss (optional). No further optimizations are necessary . VPS service recommended. Happy Trading.
Maryna Shulzhenko
The Tripl indicator is designed to visually display the current trend in the market. One of the key aspects of currency market analysis is identifying a trend, which is a stable direction in which prices are moving. For this purpose, the Tripl indicator uses calculations that smooth out sharp fluctuations that do not have a significant impact on the overall trend of price movements. A trend can be either upward (bullish) or downward (bearish). Most often, a trend develops for a long time befo
With the growth of information technology and the increasing number of participants in financial markets, traditional analysis tools are becoming less effective. Conventional technical indicators, such as the moving average or stochastic, in their pure form are unable to accurately determine the direction of the trend or its reversal. Is it possible to find an indicator that remains effective for 14 years without changing its parameters, and at the same time adapts to market changes? Yes, such
Destroyer scalp
Huu Tuan Nguyen
Expert Advisors DestroyerEA is a scalping trading EA developed for GBPUSD, EURCHF, EURAUD pairs. The current version adds a number of features that help increase system consistency. Trade with scalping strategy on M5 timeframe. EA does not use high risk strategies like Grid, Martingale....or any other high risk strategies. Orders always come with fixed stop loss and take profit levels. Buy now initial price only 65$. The price will continue to increase to $100, $150, $220....$1500. NOTE WHEN
Titan Golden
Marco Antonio Dorantes Manrriquez
ARE YOU TIRED OF LOSING MONEY WITH ALGORITHMS THAT DON'T DELIVER WHAT THEY PROMISE!  With our exclusive gold trading robot you will take care of your capital and get excellent profits in the medium term.  Our developments represent all the work in price data analysis and candlestick reading, TITAN Golden is a truly intelligent algorithm that makes highly accurate entries 88% of the time.  You can follow the live signal 1 :  https://www.mql5.com/es/signals/2224827?source=Site live signal 2 high r
Forex Indicator  " Breakout Bar pattern" for MT4 Indicator "Breakout Bar pattern" is very powerful indicator for Price Action trading:   No repaint, No delays; Indicator   detects   Breakout Bar  patterns on chart: Bullish  Breakout Bar  pattern - Blue arrow signal on chart (see pictures) Bearish   Breakout Bar   pattern - Red arrow signal on chart (see pictures) with P C, Mobile & Email alerts Indicator  "   Breakout Bar   pattern" is excellent to   combine with Support/Resistance Levels :  htt
Forex Indicator HTF Force Oscillator for MT4 HTF Force is powerful indicator   for   Multi-Time Frame trading .  HTF means -   H igher Time Frame Force  index is one of the top indicators that combines price and volume data into a single value Values from High time frame can show you the trend direction (downtrend - below 0; uptrend - above 0) Fast Force - Blue line, Slow Force - Red line Buy signal - Fast line crosses Slow line upward and both - above 0 (see picture) Sell  signal - Fast line cr
Splinter EURUSD h1
Raphael Schwietering
Introducing Splinter - The Ultimate Trading Maverick! This fully automated trading system is designed to revolutionize your trading experience with its advanced algorithm and state-of-the-art features. Splinter utilizes a unique combination of technical analysis, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to provide traders with reliable and profitable trading signals. Splinter's cutting-edge technology is highly effective in identifying trading opportunities, analyzing market trends, and
UR TradeManager
Krzysztof Jan Debski
UR_TradeManager for MetaTrader 4 Initial words Hey Trader! Fist of all - this tool is created by a trader that codes, not by a coder that trades. Therefore it is minimalistic in UI, but maximizes automation and processes so the user doesn't have to rely heavily on the documentation to get to know the workflow. Also the Labels are formatted in comprehensible way, and my main goal was to provide a tool that is understandable to the user, no matter what kind of trading background he has. The tool i
Aster MT4
Ervand Oganesyan
An expert advisor for trading EURCHF Signal : https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/2223466 -- Features - Instrument: EURCHF - Timeframe: M5 - Any broker, any account type - Trade frequency: about 2 trades per week - One trade at a time only - Equal stop loss and take profit for each trade - Dynamic lot calculation, min and max allowed lot size are user-defined - Initial deposit of 100-150 usd -- Set up - Launch the bot on M5 EURCHF, set unique magic number - Set initial lot size ("Risk settings" -> "
Chuan Ian Ooi
IMBA FIBO Launch Price Promo - $297 (Lifetime Deal) This price is temporary for the duration of the promotion and will be raised shortly. Introducing the IMBA Fibo Metatrader 4 Forex Robot, an automated trading solution designed to capitalize on price retracements from Fibonacci levels. This expert advisor employs a sophisticated grid strategy to navigate trades, adjusting positions intelligently in response to market movements. Built upon the reliable Fibonacci method, it leverages key levels
This indicator informs the user when the ATR is above a certain value defined by the user, as well as when the ATR prints a percentage increase or percentage decrease in its value, in order to offer the user information about the occurrence of spikes or drops in volatility which can be widely used within volatility-based trading systems or, especially, in Recovery Zone or Grid Hedge systems. Furthermore, as the volatility aspect is extremely determining for the success rate of any system based o
Forex Indicator "DeMarker for 8 Symbols" for MT4, No repaint DeMarker oscillator  curve indicates the current price position relative to previous highs and lows during the indicator calculation period DeMarker provides the most efficient regular divergence signals among other oscillators It is great to take   Sell   entries with    regular divergence in   OverBought zone (above 0.7)   and   Buy   entries   with  regular divergence in  OverSold zone (below 0.3) "DeMarker for 8 Symbols" gives oppo
Introducing TradingBoost AI : Revolutionize your trading experience with TradingBoost AI, an innovative software utility seamlessly integrated into the MetaTrader platform. Leveraging the cutting-edge capabilities of OpenAI and ChatGPT technologies, TradingBoost AI empowers traders with advanced analytics, real-time insights, and predictive tools to enhance decision-making and optimize trading strategies. Experience the future of trading with TradingBoost AI - where artificial intelligence meets
Easy Quick Review
Sivaramakrishnan Thavasi
This tool helps you to find easily and clearly  when you enter trade with day time  and price  examples Entered Buy at Monday 20:30 with price 2150 Exited buy at Tues 10: 30  with price  2187  You can convert as local time by inputting shift hours and minutes. Trading is a learning skill, so you have to evaluate your trading performance at the end of your day. Did you follow your rules? If you did then it was a win, regardless if you earned pips or not. If you didn't follow my rules then is a
Only 3 copies at a price of 399$ USD. Next price is 499$ USD. |  The final price of the product is 1999$ |   Trading Signal   |   Recovery Manual   |   RT PRO Simbiosis is a fully automated trading algorithm with high performance at any distance regardless of market behavior.   It is an indicator trading strategy, which is based on the axioms of overbought and oversold markets. The core of the strategy is based on the classic indicators RSI and ATR with the addition of the author's method of
With this trading tool, you can scan 15 markets simultaneously . Introducing, new trading indicator 2024 : ️ Dashboard Multi Currency Multi Time Frame Stochastic. There are at least two reasons why I created this trading tool : First , I'm bored of only observing one market. Second , I don't want to lose the entry moment in another market. That's why I want to know other market conditions at the same time. For this reason, I need a scanner that can scan the conditions of several market
MAXLUM SYSTEM is a Trading System that uses anti-Margin Call without using SL with a positive correlation Hedging Strategy Simple example of BUY on EURUSD and SELL on GBPUSD at the same time This kind of trading will not occur as a Margin Call By calculating the GAP difference between the 2 pairs we can take advantage of the GAP This indicator will be more effective if you use Data Analysis download excel file on telegram Group Please join the Maxlum System Telegram group for details t.me/m
Sangkakala Merbabu   is a very accurate expert advisor for AUDCAD.  This EA is designed with many momentum indicator for entry points. Please send me inbox after purchase, I will give you Breakout EA for free (promote until 12.12.2024). Signal Features : MFI Force Index De Marker WPR CCI RSI Stochastic Bollinger Bands Additional Signal : Moving average PSAR MACD ADX Recommendations: Currency pair: AUDCAD Timeframe: M5 Minimum deposit currencies : $500 Account type: Standart, Raw or
Forex Indicator HTF Stochastic for MT4 Stochastic oscillator   is one of the best indicators on the market - perfect tool for many traders. H TF means -   H igher Time Frame OverBought   zone - above 80;   OverSold   one - below 20 HTF Stochastic indicator is excellent for   Multi-Time Frame trading systems   especially   with Price Action entries. This Indicator allows you to   attach    Stochastic  from Higher time frame to your current chart     --> this is   professional trading approach I n
Tester binary indicators by Veles is a tool that checks the signals of any Meta Trader 4 indicator. Main functions: Ability to select buffers of the required indicator to receive BUY and SELL signals. Ability to select the required expiration time based on indicator signals. Possibility to select the operating time range of the required indicator. Possibility to choose the trading verification scheme that is optimal for you (without martingale, martingale by candles, martingale by signal). Ab
MA Trend Following Indicator for MT4 is a simple technical analysis tool designed to follow the trend in any currency pair chosen by the trader by combining 3 moving averages on two different time frames, one long term and one short term.  It basically provides a bullish or bearish signal when the moving averages on one time frame align with the moving averages on a different time frame to have a confluence signal. The indicator is presented as a screener with multiple currency pairs (that
1. Rigorous Logical Judgment: Through multiple nested conditions, ensure that opening a position is executed only under specific and strictly constrained circumstances, such as when the program switch is enabled, Fibonacci retracement lines are present, it is not MACD opening time, and the Martingale strategy is not yet activated. This approach avoids unnecessary trades and mitigates unwarranted risks. 2. Integration of Multiple Technical Analysis Tools: Combining Fibonacci retracement lines,
Red Cross Scalper
Calvin Andile Mahlangu
The RED CROSS SCALPER EA  trades breakouts using a powerful filter that identifies trends and tests the strenght of the currency before opening positions. The robot trades using limit orders with stop loss and take profit with the aim to minimize risks while maximizing profitability through a sophisticated blend of technical analysis and risk management techniques. This system focuses on long-term stable growth and it is extremely selective when initiating trades, typically initiating less th
Forex Indicator  " Inside Bar & PinBar   Patterns" for MT4 Indicator  " Inside Bar & PinBar   Patterns "  is very powerful for Price Action trading Indicator detects Inside Bar and PinBar Patterns on chart: Bullish  pattern - Blue arrow signal on chart (see pictures) Bearish  pattern  - Red arrow signal on chart (see pictures) No repaint; No delays;  Inside Bar   itself has High R/R ratio (reward/risk) with   PC, Mobile & Email alerts Indicator  " Inside Bar & PinBar   Patterns "  is excellent t
Aren't you sick of algorithms that promise impossible returns that then never really work in real trading? If that's the case, then this algorithm may be what you have been looking for. Everyone else who prefers the illusions of senseless gains in short periods of time is better off ignoring this page. Once this has been cleared, let's talk about the algorithm. This algorithm is completely different from what I've seen in the market so far. This is a long-term algorithm, thought to resist short-
Forex Indicator "Major Trend Histogram" for MT4 Major Trend Histogram indicator designed to   catch really huge trends Indicator  can be in 2 colors: DeepPink for bearish trend and SpringGreen for bullish one (colors can be changed) It detects trends on the beginning stages - way more efficient than any standard MA cross M ajor Trend  Histogram   can be combined with any other trading methods: Price Action, VSA, other indicators Indicator has   built-in Mobile and PC alerts // More great Exper
MOST is applied on this RSI moving average with an extra default option added VAR/VIDYA (Variable Index Dynamic Moving Average) MOST added on RSI has a Moving Average of RSI and a trailing percent stop level of the Moving Average that can be adjusted by changing the length of the MA and %percent of the stop level. BUY SIGNAL when the Moving Average Line crosses above the MOST Line LONG CONDITION when the Moving Average is above the MOST SELL SIGNAL when Moving Average Line crosses belo
For MT5: TP SL Calculator This tool helps you to automatically calculate profit at Take - Profit price and loss at Stop - Loss price. Feature: - Calculate profit at TP price. Apply to all operators (BUY / BUY LIMIT / BUY STOP / SELL / SELL LIMIT / SELL STOP), with TP price is greater than 0. Profit is expressed in money and points. - Calculate loss at SL price. Apply to all operators (BUY / BUY LIMIT / BUY STOP / SELL / SELL LIMIT / SELL STOP), with SL price is greater than 0. Loss is expre
This indicator is based on the golden ratio theory, which obtains the high and low prices of the past 22 (default) K-lines, and calculates the support and pressure curves through the golden ratio coefficient. When the price approaches the pressure line for the first time or multiple times, a downward arrow will appear, indicating that there is pressure and it is suitable to short sell; When the price approaches the support line for the first time or multiple times, an upward arrow will appear,
TickAll MT4
Mehdi Ghanadan
TickAll - Automated Trading Robot Please utilize the Optimization feature in MetaTrader's Strategy Tester to select the optimal value for the Trading_Method parameter." Introduction:   TickAll     is an automated trading robot designed to assist both novice traders and professional traders in the Forex market. Utilizing advanced algorithms and up-to-date market analysis,   TickAll         helps you make the best trading decisions. Our trading robot stands out from the rest due to its unique
This is a review script that directly displays transaction history on a chart. Firstly, set the time period for the account's historical transaction records. After the script runs, the historical transaction records within the set time period will be displayed on a chart. The displayed prices include opening price, closing price, stop loss price, stop profit price, as well as the trading volume of each order. Multiple orders have a red line, while empty orders have a green line. The hanging o
DO NOT FALL FOR THE FAKE VERSIONS OF THIS EA CURRENTLY CIRCULATING ON THE INTERNET. THEY ARE TRICKSTERS TRYING TO SCAM YOU. About this Expert Advisor: Jim Simons achieved success through the Medallion Fund at Renaissance Technologies, sparking widespread interest in his unique trading approach, often dubbed "Simons' trading strategy." That method uses algorithms to exploit discrepancies in the market. This Expert Advisor (EA) uses one such proprietary strategy using statistical analysis. This
MA Speed mt
Forex Indicator "MA Speed" for MT4, No Repaint. SPEED of Moving Average - is   unique trend   indicator The   calculation   of this indicator is   based on equations from physics .   Speed   is the   1st derivative   of Moving average MA Speed   indicator shows how fast MA itself changes its direction There are plenty of opportunities to upgrade even standard strategies with   MA Speed .   Suitable for SMA, EMA, SMMA and LWMA It is recommended to   use   MA Speed   in trend strategies , if indic
Forex Volatility Indicator HTF ATR for MT4 Average True Range   itself is one of the most   impotrant indicators  for traders - it shows   market volatility H TF ATR  is a market volatility indicator used in technical analysis .   HTF means -  H igher Time Frame    ATR   is great to plan your  dynamic Take Profits / SL  locations:  For example most optimal SL values are located in 1.2-2.5 ATR values This indicator   is a useful tool to add to any trading system HTF  ATR    Indicator allows you t
The "Trend Api" indicator is an innovative tool for trend analysis in the Forex market. It has unique features and a wide range of settings that will help traders make informed decisions when trading. This indicator is based on the analysis of the market trend and helps to identify the direction of price movement. It uses various mathematical algorithms and statistical methods to determine the strength and sustainability of a trend in the market. One of the key features of the "Trend Api" i
The "Trend Tandem" indicator is a trend analysis tool in financial markets that helps traders determine the direction of price movement. Options: RISK: Determines the level of risk taken into account in the trend analysis. The higher the value, the more aggressively volatility is taken into account. SSP (SSP Period): Defines the period of the moving average used to identify a trend. The higher the value, the smoother the trend signal will be. CountBars: Determines the number of bars on whic
Umbra Light mt4
Andriy Sydoruk
Umbra  Light     bot is a modern and effective tool for automated trading in the Forex market. This state-of-the-art multi-currency robot is built using an advanced system of strategic analysis of temporary information flow, making it a reliable assistant for traders of all experience levels. It provides the opportunity to make money on foreign exchange rates, working on any timeframe and with various currency pairs. Key Features and Benefits: Multi-currency: Umbra Light can simultaneously tr
Bitcoin PowerBands H1
Juan Carlos Alarcon Ruiz
BITCOIN POWERBANDS H1 is a fully automated Expert Advisor focused on Bitcoin (BTCUSD) and exploiting its explosive volatility .   Strategy : This robust robot is based on different strategic concepts studied by John Bollinger, which, when combined, can predict and detect high volatility signals. Although the Expert Advisor can work on different assets and timeframes, it is specially designed to take advantage of Bitcoin in H1. What are the advantages of BITCOIN POWERBANDS H1? ️ Efficiency :
The KijunR uses a Grid method with a breakeven feature, its based around the RSI and Kijun-Sen of the Ichimoku indicator Its recommended to be used with a cent account as it requires a high volume of capital along with a broker that allows numerous open positions, along with this low spreads are desired. All major pairs can be traded with this EA, including commodities and on all TFs though before any usage please optimize . IMPORTANT: These parameters will need to be increased to the max
Description of work The 'MA7 Clover C1' expert advisor is based on the 'MA7 Clover' indicator. When a signal appears, the expert advisor opens a position, sets a stoploss and takeprofit, and after opening the position, accompanies it until it is closed. Detailed information about the 'MA7 Clover' indicator. Features of work Designed to work on hedge accounts; Recovers your data in case of a sudden power outage; Stoploss and takeprofit are not installed on the server; the expert advisor itsel
Yury Emeliyanov
The EA is designed primarily for the EURJPY   pair with the M15 timeframe, but it can also be used on other major pairs with preliminary testing using minimal risks. The Expert Advisor is based on several indicators Top Bottom Price and Donchian Channel. Below are screenshots of testing from 2020 Initial balance = 500 $ Net profit =  615 531 $ Drawdown = 4% Percentage of winning trades = 73% Recommendations before using on a real account: Test the Expert Advisor on a demo account with minimal r

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