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Some people say that it is the best signal system in the world.

It is very famous system and it was developed in the interesting way: Russians recognized this system for MetaTrader some years ago and this western trading system was not very profitable (I am talking about MetaTrader only) but had as great potential so Russians wanted to create the same system to be Russian system only. But they failed. They had to continue the development and improvements of this western system. They did it. Finally we have most famous trading system for Metatrader which was developed, tested, evaluated and reviewed by all forex community in the world irrespective of the barriers and countries.


1. PDF with basic instructions and setups with the links to download from this thread.

ASC Trend System Minute 1;

ASC Trend System Minute 5;

ASC Trend System Minute 15;

ASC Trend System Minute 30;

ASC Trend System Minute 30 New;

ASC Trend System H4;

ASC Trend System Daily;

Trading results:

- for M1 timeframe;

- for M5 timeframe;

- for M15 timeframe;

- for M30 timeframe;

- ...

2. AsctrendBuySellExpert EA (all the versions).:

2.1. AsctrendBuySellExpert_v1.1 EA.

This EA is closing the orders on the following:

- stop loss, trailing stop and take profit;


- asctrend arrows.

To use openning/closing on asctrend only so use stop loss/take profit/trailing stop as 1000 for example.

2.2. AsctrendBuySellExpert_v1.3 EA.

Stochastic and parabolic SAR indicators were added for confirmation of buy/sell order openning:

- Buy Asctrend signal is confirmed if Parabolic SAR is on uptrend and main line of Stochastic indicator is below 70.

- Sell Asctrend signa; is confirmed if Parabolic SAR is on downtrend and main line of Stochastic indicator is above 30.

This version is slightly filtered by two indicators.

2.3. AsctrendBuySellExpert_v1.4 EA.

Updated AsctrendBuySellExpert with updated PriceChannel_Stop_v1.3 for exit coded especially for this EA.

2.4. AsctrendBuySellExpert_v1.5 EA.

Updated version with Partially Closing.

2.5. AsctrendBuySellExpert_v1.6 EA.

Igorad added RSIfilter and RSIexit for AsctrendBuySellExpert.

If RSIperiod = 0 - filter is off and if xRSIperiod = 0 - exit is off

Download 1.6 version from this post.

The settings by traderlab (1.6 version), M15 timeframe is on this post.

2.6. AsctrendBuySellExpert_v1.7 EA.

It is fixed 1.6 version. EA is on this post.

Same 1.7 version (1.71) for 5 digit broker is on this post.

3. M5 asctrend system: elite section thread.

4. LabTrend system (elite section):

- elite section thread is here.

- LabTrend indicators is on this post.

- LabTrend template is on this post.

- RSI Histogram indicator is on this post and new version is here.

- LabTrendZigZag_v1.1 with calculation of cycle periods and distance between turning points is on this post.

- LabTrendZigZag_v1.2 is very improved version: this post.

5. LabTrend EA (elite section):

Labtrend EA v1 is on this post.

Labtrend EA v1.1 (improved version) is on this post.

6. ASCTrend2 indicator: improved and fixed is on this post.

7. PriceChannel_Signal_v1.2 indicator is on this post.

8. DeltaStopBuySellExpert_v1.5 EA based on delta-stop indicator and Slope Direction Line indicator is on this pages (this one and this one).

Sergey Golubev  

ASCTrend1 indicator.

This indicator colors the bars according the climate of the market: red color is bearish and blue is bullish.


Small dots (by aqua and fuchsia color) which may be used for stop or to increase the profit to the trend direction.

ASCTrend1Signal: main indicator in the system showing the signals for buy or sell. If the signal is repeated it means re-enter signal and we may open additional order on the same direction.

Sergey Golubev  


NRTR Line.

Trend direction indicator. Besides, we may see more strong signals from ASCTrend1Signal indicator when the price is crossing one or two lines of NRTR Line indicator, or those lines are crossing each other, or those two lines is going on the same direction.


Small red and green dots. It may be used to move stop loss and to estimate the market conditions as well: bearish or bullish.


An other indicator to estimate the market conditions and to move the stops.

NRTR Colorline_my.

Very good indicator to estimate the trading zones: yellow line is bearish and white line is bullish market condition.

WPRfast is showing us the short-term tendency on the market.

WPRslow is long-term tendency.

Sergey Golubev  

How to trade

If we see the signals from ASCTrend1Signal indicator we should confirm it by other indicators and filters of this system.

And there is other simple trading rules:

1. Do not trade if current bar is green color.

2. Do not trade if the indicators are in contradiction between each other.

3. Do not trade when we see buy and sell signals from ASCTrend1Signal which are almost opposite each other.

4. Do not trade when the current signal bar is changing the color.


Thanks New digital for this new revised version.

Wich timefarme do you suggest ?


Sergey Golubev  
Thanks New digital for this new revised version.

Wich timefarme do you suggest ?


I do not know exactly.

Original software (not metaTrader) seems working well on D1 and H4 timeframe. But in this system for MetaTrader we have many filters so may be it will work on H1 and M15 as well. But I am not sure. Will wait until the system will be converted for MT4.

Sergey Golubev  

ASCTrend MT4

It is very good news for the people (incl me) who like BrainTrading, silvetTrading and other signal system.

ASCTrend system was finally made for Metatrader 4.

Beluck converted some indicators, fixed NRTR indicator (it was redrawing past history), coded some additional indicators (ASCTrend2 etc) and now we have ASCTrend system for MetaTrader 4 from Beluck.

Please find all the indicators, template and some images.

Please note that template is my estimation of this system to trade. You may have your own template for example. To find your own settings just play with "Risk" parameter of some indicators. And I have some request: if you estimated some good settings playing with Risk and MONYRISK etc please post it here.

This ASCTrend system seems to be good for D1 and H4 timeframe.

How to use indicator and for some explanation please read the posts above and trading manual (see above as well).

d1.gif  31 kb
h1.gif  25 kb
m15.gif  26 kb  12 kb

I think this is the old question:)

What is winn/loss ratio?

You trade live?


Sergey Golubev  
I think this is the old question:)

What is winn/loss ratio?

You trade live?


It was created yesterday. Some indicators are old. But most of the indicators are the new ones.

As to winn/loss ratio so nobody tested yet. I did not backtest even. Because of new.

But how could I trade live if most indicators were created yesterday only?

It is fully complete system.

I think that we should try to find a way (or rules) for this system.


sorry but i dont look at date:)

i will try to use this week