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holyguy7 2006.04.04 16:53  

Which indicators are you using exactly?

These indicators are not modified seriously?

What is your rules?

Please tell more about this Super 7 system.

OK, I have basically tried about every trend indicator out there. I discarded the ones that either did the same thing these do or are difficult to understand. So I have settled with just the seven indicators inclosed. Here is how I filter the trades to reduce whiplash.

I have color coded all indicators to either Lime Green (Bullish) or Red (Bearish). In this way, it one can quickly look at the chart and see what the trend is looking like.

The only rule I follow is this after setting up all indicators: The 3 must AGREE.

What three indicators am I talking about:

ASCTrend1sig- This is the first indicator if the arrow points either Red (Bearish) or Green (Bullish)

OsMA- This is the second indicator. The Bars must AGREE with the above Signal. In other words, if the bars are up from 0 then it is Bullish or down from 0 then it is bearish.

TrendTriggerMod- The line must be moving in the correct direction that agree with the above two indicators. Moving up means that it is bullish, moving down means that it is bearish. If the line is moving the wrong direction or flat, wait a bar or two to see if the direction changes.

Remember, do this only on the 1 hour chart. The 1 hour chart does a good job filtering out the noise the others seem to have.

By following the above rules, you will catch EVERY major trend and reduce whiplash down during the none trending (flat) times.

My goal in posting this is to see if some brilliant coder could make an EA of these rules, combine the rules to make an easier to read signal or improve upon the existing system that I use.

I believe you can use this on most currency pairs. I have been demoing this this with the EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, NZDUSD, GBPJPY and a couple others. Unfortunately, since I can't be at my computer 24 hours a day 7 days a week, I can't alway keep an eye on what is happening and may miss trades and/or opportunities.

Enclosed is a few screen shots of the system currently. Notice in the screen shots how to use the filters I described to reduce whiplash.

Remember, the 3 MUST AGREE

Any other questions or any indicators that you all might think of adding would be great.

gbpjpy.gif 27 kb
gbpusd_5.gif 26 kb
nzdusd.gif 27 kb
usdjpy.gif 26 kb 8 kb
holyguy7 2006.02.06 23:04  

Another point to make

Also, you need to bear in mind news events that can effect trends as well. Watch for when big news comes out which can and does effect trends. This also needs to be factored into the picture as well.

For a list of current news that effects the forex markets, go to:

Just a thought.

JohnnyB 2006.02.28 13:55  

super 7


The only rule I follow is this after setting up all indicators: The 3 must AGREE.



why do you use the 7 indicators on your chart, if you only use 3 like stated in your last post?

positivepips 2006.03.07 16:48  

ACS trend with 10 pip filter

HI, I am new to the tread. In looking at the ASC trend system if you change the risk to 10 and attach the indicator to the 15 min. chart on the USD pairs then when a signal is indicated wait until 10 pips pass before entry as a filter after the close on the signal bar about 80% of the trades will be positive of 15pips and several trends start with many pips.

Will someone look into this to see if an EA can be developed, very simple system. Might want to add a tine filter only to trade 1AM eastern to 11AM easterm.

I know this will make money but manual trading this takes a team or someone who is up during these hours all the time.

If an EA is not possible then an ASC trend signal with a sound alert indicator of at least 10 alerts would be next best. It takes several alerts or I miss an alert if they only sound one time as the one I use now does.


plind 2006.03.11 17:47  

How to get into MT4

I downloaded the and unzipped it but how can I get it into a file that mt4 will accept. It is in the indicators file but as as .mq4 instead of .ex4 It is 6 or 7 files all ending .mq4. Help TallP

Foreverold 2006.03.12 03:24  

positive pips,

you are wrong about the 10 pip filter, somewhere in this forum an ea was uploaded (within the past month) called ASC++.

This ea, as it was made, entered on stop orders that were placed 10 pips after the signal was formed.most of the time you are stopped out.

I do not know who put the ea on this forum, I got my copy over a year ago and have made several changes, the first were the start hour. I put in code to make it start trading at the Eur open, this did not help much as it would still wipe out an account.

Then I changed the 10 pips to 20 pips, still more losses and the account is wiped out. One of my last of many changes was to delete orders that were not filled within x-period of time, this helped to at least keep the ea at break even for a 30 day period.

perhaps one day it will be profitable, until then I would not want to use it live.

Roland Felder
Roland Felder 2006.03.18 06:15  

Asctrend2 Alert

Can there be an Alert made for this indicator. Thanks

asctrend2.mq4 11 kb
Roland Felder
Roland Felder 2006.03.18 07:38  

Never Mind i'm going to try the ASC sound on a H4.

holyguy7 2006.03.18 07:47  

I have not tested this but it appears there is an Expert Advisor for this system now developed. It was brought over from the Russian Forum so much of the description of the EA is in Russian.

I was hoping to test this out in the coming week. Can anybody translate and post a translated version?

Here is the EA and the Indicator that goes with it.

Let's have fun with this.

holyguy7 2006.03.18 07:48  

And here is the EA and the indicator

asctrend.mq4 4 kb
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