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  Dynamic fib zones  (18   1 2)
hey there I have this idea i have tryed it once on the fibonacci trader here is a link then look under High Probability Fibonacci Zone then journal 14 for further information on how to calculate the zones.. i have atached a picture where i have manualy calculated...
  MaksiGen Trading system, light Paramon  (66   1 2 3 4 5 6 7)
I will try to explain the MaksiGen Trading system as I understood it. I was in with this system during the 2 weeks on demo and real account as well. But it is not the system. Just trading technique. Why technique and not trading system? Well. What is the trading system? The system is the following:...
Hello.. I am fairly new to this forum but I am frequent on the yahoo metatrader and sbfx forums... I am making a request for a breakout strategy I have been manually testing for a couple months... It is rather simple... I got the idea from another successful trader.. The system only trades from 13...
Please be informed about the settings which may be used up to now: for both of Mandarines (MandarineXL v0.2 by Alex and mandarine by Beluck) use default settings on H1 for 4 main pairs. This is MandarineXL v0.2 Beluck's...
  Wolfe Waves  (23   1 2 3)
Anybody trading with the wolfe waves? If interested:
  Jrsx  (2)
Hi Scorpion, I Apreciatted your RSX Swinger EA. What do you think about this JRSX Indicator? It's get goods signals,if you interesting can you create a EA basead on this? Cheers MFX
  Multiple timeframes  (20   1 2)
Any know if it is posible to programe an indicator which allows multiple timeframes ( to add for example 3 indicators in same chart Macd for example) And for example looks at weekly daily and hour 4 timeframes ? Sailor
  OsMA II  (12   1 2)
Hi everybody, I have a simple idea for OsMA indicator . When OsMA then + open BUY and - SELL for example 0.00010 BUY -0.00010 SELL Dont Use SL or TP may be necessary only TP,but the ideia is reversal only. May be is necessary too CalcBackBars=1 Anyone can Help Me,please? I'm bad for programming
  RSI - help needed  (20   1 2)
Instead of having an RSI indicator which is based on the ups and downs of each bar close, I want it to be based on the ups and downs of an SMA. As I am not a scalper, the slight delay inherent in this version of the indicator is no great problem as I trade swings which may last several hours or
  Idea_2_TSFX  (8)
Hello Group, trying to find some ideas of trading, I come you propser a new simple method. I attach an image. The rules are simple. According to the direction of the Triggerline indicator, at the time of its crossing, it must be confirmed by the indicator Stoch and FX_Ficher. If Long : TriggerLines...
  EA template ?  (1)
Hi, I need some help. Could somebody create a simple EA template? Here are the details: I know that some of the popular EAs here use custom indicators to enter trades. For example these indicators - J_TPO, Ergodic, DPO, Disparity Index, DayImpuls - they all consist of a line moving around zero...
Do we have available a moving average indicator that would change colour when the average changes direction....... and , further to that, is it possible to create an indicator that would be able to use, say three or four moving averages and then create an alert when two or three of them are going
Hi SHI_Channel has very good signals , if it joint to an EA ,result must be good in many timeframe H1,M15 . does any programmer help me? SEE THE ATTACHED FILES
  Msroc  (12   1 2)
Hi!! Reading S&C I found (pag. 83) a good article by William Rafter about Moving Slope Rate of Change (MSROC). You can find the same article here: and here:
  «Gold cross»  (5)
Gold cross ... Is it something from Fibonacci? We have some good links concerning this subject (Fibonacci) here
  A simple idea  (10)
hello Group, EURUSD Time Frame: h4 Indicator : Stochastic Oscillator : 7.3.3 / simple / LH Rules of openings LONG or SHORTS: Crossing of Stoch Closing on following crossing of Stoch SL 30 , TS: 20. Like that, closing is done on the crossing or the TS I think that this method will also function...
  Needing a System  (7)
Greetings, I would like a system like the following; maybe someone knows if it already exists, or can develop it: Simple: This system must be easy to comprehend for a beginner. It cannot contain hard-to-understand language, complex indicators, etc. I put this requirement first, as I have read
TriggerlineTrend System posted by Bruno .
This system came from Fibonacci Trader. It is software. They are selling this software together with this trading system. Some people (Roman, Profi_R and some others) tried to create the same system but for MetaTrader 4. And they got some result. Of course it is not exact system which are selling...
  Ichimoku  (50   1 2 3 4 5)
It is classical indicator. You may find it in your MetaTrader. How to trade. Other Ichimoku indicators which may be used with the classical one. Read more about Ichimoku.
Everything in one zip'ed file is .
All the indicators please find here. How to trade (documentation). Setup suggestion.
Hi, My best indicator (see here) is having 2 bugs, can anybody please help me to fix it ? One is that each time is loaded one of the color's width is defaulted to 3 and I have to manualy changing it to 1 all the time. Second and more important is that when I zoom in the chart the indicator is losing...
Hi all, I'm not a coder, and I don't have much time to learn the ins and outs of the language. I would most appreciate the help if someone could help me modify this indicator. It shows the pivots, midpivots and cam levels for the current day, displays the previous day's range and the current one's,...
I found the attached expert which the Author claim to make 1400% from Nov.2004 to July 2005 on the EURUSD I had it on a demo for 10 days with no trade. I am not a programmer and can't follow the code for any bugs. All I know is that it operates in 3 different timeframes H1, 15M AND1M. The macd is
  Stoch EA  (23   1 2 3)
hi all... If anyone can help me I really appreciated.. I have trade manually, but I have to be always in front the computer and this occupies me much time.. Chart: EurUsd (M5) Indicator: Stoch Rules: I don't speak very well English and as not to induce nobody in error, please see image if anyone...
Dear Members, In the download section there's a set of STEP indicators made by Igorad. (He is a member of our group) Thanks to him! I would suggest to code an Expert Advisor based on one single Step Moving Average either v.1 or v.2 or v.3. The rules are very simple. When MA goes north (that means...
Hello everyone, Attached there's an indicator called DiNapoli Targets. (Mike Ichenko, spasibo!! In fact this is an effective targeting system for manual trading. The question is whether is it possible to get it fully automated. The system is based on a breakout a level called Start line and Fibo...
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