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I have seen many indicators but does anyone know or have an EA based on Chandelier? Thanks
Mu dude is a manual trader. Is there a feature in MT4 which restricts him from trading outside of certain hours? Or can EA be developed to stop trading outside of these hours? Ideally I would like the EA to stop him from opening a position, failing that it would close the position immediately if
Hi all, This is my 1st post so be gentile. I have seen that there are so many advertisement on these forums and what not trying to get you to use the newest EA and other crap with promises of impossible gains. Well I can assure you I dont want your money. I would rather use my time trading my system
Recently started looking at various signal providers here on MQL5 site. Noticed that one cannot search within the platform, by name, for a signal. This seems ridiculous. So am wondering, is there a way, on this site when logged in and looking at a signal, to "favorite" it so when in the platform, it...
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Hello everyone i saw this indicator in the internet and it's for ninjatrader i don't know what it's name i think <deleted> or math formula!! So it's been while i didn't find anything familiar to it !! If anyone can help
hello master trader. Recently I learned trading strategy using trend line but I have difficult to identify trend. and that I want to ask. how to identify trend changes using trend line. as shown below the picture above is an example of a scenario for a trend change. of the two images above which are...
Can somebody add me on their community or groups ?Also. Give a link for that too. Too make all newbie know about how to trade and get high income from trade
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This is Brainwashing v0.1 importantly those are calcBackBars = 0 (the signal any time can change by price move) and with calcBackBars = 1 (the signal 100% is 1 Bar back calculate)
Hi All I am pretty new to the world of trading with robots, but have been around for a few years now trading manually. I have a simple strategy which I have been manually testing, and it is working well. It is based on 2 indicators...a keltner channel, and a 360 simple moving average. It is a...
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By Take Profit By Stop Loss By Reversal Buy/Sell Signal By Trailing Stop Others, Pls Specify
Hello, do you have any idea with regards on EA does fill stop loss and TP. Run back testing and this is the result
Hi, Has anyone tried the black arrow v2 indicstor strstegy? it says it doesnt repaint but on my mt4 sometimes the arrow disappears if the candle goes in wrong direction to the arrow. Is it a useless indicator or is there any other confirmation indicator/MA that sdd to my charts to make it perform
Hello Guys, I am currently struggling with a function, that has to introduce pause into my trading system. The idea is pretty simple, if the rsx value is above 90, ea has to stop trading for a defined number of bars. Here is a part of my script. What am I doing wrong? Is there is simple solution for
Hello, The strategy tester of the latest terminal uses a lot of memory. The amount of memory used also increases significantly with the length of the Data Period. For example, when optimizing my simple strategy using iMA with Fast Genetic Based Algorithm: - 1 month uses 459 MB per process
I'm following the tutorials for subscribing to a signal, and the process is not completing. Do the signals work on a demo account?  
I trade with LMAX. MY mt4 is not copying trade from my signal provider. EURUSD symbol not mapping to EURUSD.lmx. Please help? 2019.01.30 09:34:31.176 '2096572123': Signal - percentage for volume conversion selected according to the ratio of balances and leverages, new value 70% 2019.01.30 09:34:31...
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This thread is devoted to the begining phases of learning volume spread analysis...Here where going to try to cover all of the basic steps of learning the vsa approach to trading...The very first step is to read "Master the Markets" by Tom Williams..This will lay the foundation for this methodology....
Hi guys, I am finishing an EA and I am testing it. So far everything is ok, but there are some situations that I couldn't test and it really worries me. For example: What is the ORDER_STATE of a partially filled order which has the pending part cancelled (IE. By order of 200 AAPL, 100 were executed,...
I'm a programmer, working on an algorithm based on a structure of SR lines. Would like to discuss it with somebody who analysed this topic, too. I have a structure of 40 SR lines, generated on multiple timeframes, but it is not very obvious for me when to expire these lines. Some rules which I
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What trading Systems utilise Volumes as mentioned in the topic, please provide sources for their study. Thank you
Hello every body; In this thread I shall introduce you to the best system in FOREX world. I shall do this free of charge. Before I do that, please let me allow into these secrets (if I may call them): 1- FOREX trading is one big lie. It is a gambling game. No more no less. It has nothing to do with...
Hi! Non coder newbie here so it may be simple to do this.....sorry. I want to create an ea based on a candlestick pattern and an ea cross but I need the timing for the cross to be flexible in timing (as in within say 5 candles of the pattern). Is this possible? I must confess I use EAbuilder
Hi, I have a question if you can answer. I Would like to develop EA that should receives Email alerts/messages and execute the order at market price for a particular FX/ commodity pair. The EA Should include; 1) Risk management rules 2) Martingale strategy -------IS IT POSSIBLE
Hello guys, I think im a bit confused of the result that my ea is giving me in the strategy tester. I have wrote specific entry rules in my EA so that: Buy when : rsi[0]>=50, +di[1]>-di[1], 0bv[0[>obv[1]>obv[2]. Although I know those conditions are met at least 5 times a week, the ea sometimes open
Hello everyone, first time here, I need some help. I'm subscribing to a Signal, and this is what is showing on his history right now: And this is from my account right now: I know that might be some delay between copied transactions, but this is very very different. Besides the volume being
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Hi guys, I wanted to test Stop Loss Function, so i use this simple code. But nothing is happening. During the backtest no buy or sell orderCan you help me please Thank you for your time #include <Trade\Trade.mqh>CTrade trade; int a =0;void OnTick() { double RsiArray[]; int rsi =
Hi, Is it needed to run mql5 scripts within some specific terminal, I mean, is it tight coupled with the terminal? Is it possible to run funcs such as OrderSend for some specified login or must be the one that is logged? Seems that it does not receive login as input parameter. Thank you. Best
Some signals are not available in the face Some bookmarks are not available on the site
Hello, I am a new member of this forum (but an experienced full-time trader of 15 years). How do I post a comment on here ( [link to the Market product was deleted by moderator] )