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  Simple Ichimoku System (154   1 2 3 4 5 ... 15 16)
Simple Ichimoku System. Some members remember Ichimoku informational template for Asctrend M5 elite section system thread: and new set of this system from this post. It is so called Ichimoku informational template to check market condition on H4/D1 timeframe...
  Arbitrage (3)
Is it possible to create a custom symbol with the closing prices of EURUSD and GBPUSD
Hello, Could you please help me with starting to use trading robot? I have some questions about how to start to use it
  Trade Assistant (41   1 2 3 4 5)
Here is a new indicator I threw together this weekend. This is the beginning, I'm going to add more indicators to this one as I go along. Basically, this indicator gives buy and sell signals on multiple timeframes based upon stochastics and RSI. I was going to wait until I posted this one but even...
Hello, I have been curious as to why we have signals and EAs for currency/forex, but not for stocks. What is the reason for this - it would be great to know the historical reasons as well. MT4 itself is a decade in, so what are the reasons developers or strategists don't offer stock indicators/EAs
  mql4 or mql5? (14   1 2)
i will learn the mql programming it's better that i learn mql4 or mql5 programming? what is your suggestion
Why not see all signals in Metatrader4 under "Signals"
Hello house, please i would appreciate it if someone could show me a reliable fx free signal provider. Thank
I am a newbie trader who wants to use an EA. I installed a VPS on my terminal yesterday and intend to install an EA on Monday. My friend told me that I did it all wrong. That if I install the EA after the VPS the VPS might not recognize the EA and that I might have to reinstall the VPS after the EA
Dear Forum Members, please post any Fibonacci Based Indicators for MT4 or MT5. share here
I programmed a pointer, but when I upload it, this error appears to me, as in the picture Note that the file format is correct ex4
Hello. Happy holidays. Please forgive me if I am asking a newbie question because I am a newbie. Now, I have this EA that I discovered on the internet that I want to use. When I launched the EA on a chart I discovered that it has no magic numer. All other EAs that I have been using have magic
257 Pips, One Afternoon, One Rusty Old Indicator (--- spreads = 225 pips ---) DISCOVER SCALP TO FREEDOM K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Sweetie) FOREX TRADING SYSTEM Let's give 6 pips average from not getting out at best --- below still seems to give: 177 pips in an afternoon?? I put the good old indicator...
Hi Everybody, This is my first post. I'm looking for a Support and Resistance indicator doe MT4. Any ideas
I'm trying to add indicator as resources. Many indicators had added without any problem but some indicator shows following error. cannot load '......\MQL4\Experts\SampleExpert.ex4::Indicators\SampleIndicator.ex4::Indicators\SampleIndicator.ex4' I'm assuming this is happends because...
On demo account i can place a trade but not on real
  E&A Standard Trading System (551   1 2 3 4 5 ... 55 56)
Hello All, I have developed a simple trading system that I call the E&A Standard. It works on any currency (I prefer low pip spread currencies for obvious reasons) and any time frame (Though any time frame less than 5M is not recommended). It uses SSL Channels and ADX Crosses. When the Indicators...
Hello everyone I'm looking for the indicator corresponding to the pics below thanks for help
On a forum for an indicator, an mq4 file and a .tpl file were posted. I am wondering what is a .tpl file related to an indicator and where do I put it on mt4? thanks
I have a similar Balance, same leverage, 95% of capital, but my account opened smaller lot size (around 50% of the signal), for instance: When the signal opened 0.04 lot size (USDCAD), my account opened 0.04 too, but later when the signal opened 0.07 lot size (USDCAD), my account opened 0.03 lot
Hi. My broker offers an mt4 multiterminal with which one can manage several mt4 accounts. The question I want to ask is whether I can use one VPS account on the multiterminal to serve several accounts? Or is it just one VPS to one account? Thanks
I am using mt4. I was thinking to set a trailing stop and take profit point at the same position on my pending orders in order to reduce loss and maximize gains. Is this possible
  Forecasting indicators (338   1 2 3 4 5 ... 33 34)
Please find some indicators which are forecasting something. First is i-DRProjections_v.0.1. This indicator shows the support and resistance of current day forecasting on the base of previous day. All the calculation is based on Thomas R. DeMark book "New Science of Technical Analysis".
In the EA of MT4, from the "win rate" and "profit factor" of the trade result specified by the variable,I want to calculate the bankruptcy probability result based on Barsala's bankruptcy probability table. I would be grateful if you could provide a code to calculate the EA based on Balsala's
Renko Ashi Trading System 2 Please read the pdf manual for this system. Good luck everyone. PS: Reuploaded the fixed ma in applied price indicator. Special thanks to FXchaser PS: Reuploaded the fixed macd alert indicator. Special thanks to Puzzlebird PS: Reuploaded a Special Settings Template for...
Hello I am searching an expert advisor or indicator based on fundamental data of countries. Main forces those drive the currency value are Interest Rates (P1) Political/Economic Stability (P2) Goods/Services (P3) Gross Domestic Product (P4) Balance of Trade (P5) Debt (N1) Inflation (N2) P1/2/3/4/5
Guys, is it polite to say "if you have a truly profitable algorithm please share it with me so I can fight poverty and climate change which are urgent problems in the world that are not getting fixed and are worst every year"?  Please help. I need to improve.
I used an account to subscribe to a signal then unsubscribed from the signal. The account is a demo account. I am now using an EA and want to test the capability of the EA. So I want to create a free signal account that will give me statistics about the live function of the EA for a six months
I saw a really cool signal that I want to copy but I was afraid to do so right away because the equity on the account is 20x mine. Can someone provide me with a guide on how I can protect myself in case there are a string of losses? By the way, I want to use a VPS because I will not be on the laptop
Please, I want to unsubscribe from a signal but cannot find a button to do so on my signals webpage. It is showing active. I want to deactivate it. What page do I go to