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programmers get in touch. Please
  The VanessaFX system  (56   1 2 3 4 5 6)
If you know candle patterns, S+R lines and you combine it with this system you will be rich. This is the best system in the world I have NEVER found anything better than this. You had to pay for it one month ago now it's been released for free. It is like 200-500 pips per week easily. You need to...
Hi all Iive lurked in the background. Im concentrating on a few things can someone help me (or point me to an indicator which i) How can i get the colour of a candle change automatically if the difference between open and close = 1 pip and to put the value above it This is part of MMTS strategy ii)...
  Day Trading  (10)
Hello Can anyone recommend any good articles or resources exploring the psychology of day trading? Thank you in advance Barney
Hi, Is there any MT4 broker who allows custom indicators in PDA trading?
Who automates this simple simple system? This system uses a single pointer the COG (Center of Gravity), moreover does not use Take P, of S.L., of Trail.S. It is entered buy on the cross of it marks them and and it inverts to cross successive (after some pips or the new bar) (Stop and Reverse)
*reason for edit* because im a plank!!!!!!! sorry guys,i have a few methods that i use with my monday box and when posting this thread i was thinking of one method whilst explaining another i have been really busy the past 2 weeeks and am just now catching up and have discovered my error...........
  Outside The Box????  (56   1 2 3 4 5 6)
*note - sorry forgot to add that i only trade this set up on the gbp/usd,i have never tested it on any other currency* hiya guys and girls, firstly can i say nice to be here on forex fisherman and to share my system/method with you,please dont hesitate to be constructive and ask questions,i have...
  Fib MA  (5)
I need help with an Ma to draw the fib on the chart and also be able to change the # for the fib from ddoc
  Farewell setup  (46   1 2 3 4 5)
Hi all, I've been in this forum for more then a year. I learn a lot from the people here. I always look for a simple,yet profitable, setup. I developed a lot of indicators, but none of them worked as the simple, old fation indicators. I feel its time for me to say goodbye (or maybe GoodBuy), and as
  Scalping EA  (11   1 2)
Hi folks! Being all new to this I have searched for different EAs the last week, but I cannot seem to find a scalping with built in hedge functionality. I tried the EuroX2 and it performed well until it got stuck with four open trades while the market went the wrong way. The obvious solution would...
  Breakout system  (3)
Was wondering if anyone could program a simple hi-low breakout ea. Basically i wanna be able to set time( ex. 10:00 to 19:00) to grab high and low then buy/sell 20 pips above the high/low with lets say 20 pip target 40 pip stop. thnx
  Need help in Expert  (13   1 2)
Anyone have sample code which uses GMMA [Guppy Multiple Moving Average ] for Metatrader 4 in an EA? It seems that have been a common request in many forums with no response
  Plz modify  (6)
Hi Plz tell me wht modification is needed in this indicator's code so that if the previous candle's high or low is broken, it changes colour. If the previous high/low is not broken, then the colour shouldn't change thnx CODE DELETED- PLZ REFER TO POST 2
If you know what the names of these indicators are please post it here and where i might find them thanks !!!!!
Hi folks, Has anyone tried fading the trend as the price reaches a phychologically significant double zero level? (like for example 1.3200 for EUR/USD) I applied the Counter-Trend trading Strategy on AUD/USD early in the Asian session when there were no major releases that could provide strength...
Bought this system but have not been able to use this as it is in Russian. Used my translator to try to translate to english but still do not understand this system. Tried to get back to the people I purchased it from to ask for english version but they are not in business anymore.Could someone...
  Daily range and locking trade?  (28   1 2 3)
Hello guys... i have some idea to make EA, but a don't know how to do it. Cause i'm not programer. Can you (programer) do this for me,please? My idea is basic from average daily range This is my idea. TIME FRAME : D1 TIME to ORDER : GMT 0...when day just start and broker open INDICATOR : MACD...
  Div-3 Rev System Video  (27   1 2 3)
Got an Email from Adim Sadak, attached is the link for the 26 Minute Divergence Method, thought it would be of Interest uses Stochastic RSI Oscillator. Worthwhile Video with entry, Exits & Stops.
MT4 does not allow trailing stop less than 15 pips. And I need an EA in which we enter the order id, and it follows it with a trailing SL of our choice even if it is 1 pip, with deviation set to 0 The idea is to scalp.
  Yesterday +140, December +1000  (25   1 2 3)
I've been using basic trend lines and support and resistance for the month of December, I have a few simple rules and my trades have done very well, check out this chart for a basic idea. Since December 1, I have made 1000+ demo pips with this strategy. Please post or email me any comments or ideas....
  Help on this EA  (6)
The attached EA opens the new order in the same direction immediately after the stop loss or target point is reached. It should wait for the new correct entry signal. I don't know the code that can prevent this. This EA has been created by Expert Advisor Builder.
I need the help of a coder since I have no clue of MQL. I would just need a simple EA which could be used for carry trades: - It should buy or sell a predefined volume of a predefined currencypair after the opening of a new bar (will be used on daily charts). - After opening the new position, it
  Exit indicator  (3)
Does any1 know of a good indicator that can be used for exits? thnx kevin
I have been writing EA's for about a year now, after nearly trading my first account into the ground, I thought automated trading must be the way to go. So I set about learning MQL & the many pitfalls of backtesting... Anyway, to the point, after backtesting every possible indicator & combination I...
  PhoenixFund  (43   1 2 3 4 5)
Many people have wanted to contribute to Phoenix, Hendrick, development of Phoenix or the types of causes that Hendrick suggested. The PhoenixFund is an attempt to focus these efforts, provide a nonprofit collaboration and keep Phoenix alive through focused efforts. At least, that is how I have...
  Signal Alert  (5)
Hi, Can any kind expert help me a little on testing a ma system. i need an indicator that does the follows: I'll be using 10ema and 26ema. Whenever it crosses and achieve a spread of at least 8 pips, it will sound and alert with screen prompt. Is it possible to do? or can I already find the...