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OK, first is actually a question where maybe you don't have to be a programmer to answer: Does anyone know of a MACD for metatrader. I have been trying to use the MACD Sample but it is in no way what I am looking for. So if there isn't now you have to be a programmer to be able to do this. I have...
Yesterday i thought, how do you think , is it possible to predict the next bar on , for example a eurusd h4 chart? wil it go up, or down,or something like that.
Well here is something I have been playing around with in Visual Trading through the CMS broker (which keeps going offline sadly). I am wondering if anyone knows how to transfer this to MetaTrader. I can only give you the VT specs. Seems to predict big moves very well. Small losses from time to time...
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eh..... nice to meet you all, did some one here know how to write a indicator program for metatrader ? I have found a indicator call Sideways Channels Exploration, but I don't know how to write :confused: you can see the detial at this website :