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Please find the final set of BrainTrading System indicators. evaluated on this forum.
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Brain System. 8 indicators. Any improvements or versions are welcome.
Hi, Can anyone point me to where I can find an EA that does the following: When the price is under a 30 MA (30min chart) and the price crosses the 30MA from under going up and a new bar opens above the 30MA a BUY order must be opened. Order must be opened on FIRST bar that opens above or below. Vice...
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Hi fellow traders, I have been experimenting with an addaption of ninas system on 15 min TF. The idea is to place your 50 ema and a 120 ema on the chart and use fisher_yur4ik and super signals. Enter a trade in the direction of the trend only, that is to say if the 50 ema is below the 120 ema you...
I don't know how a few of you are coming up with the statements I've seen for these systems showing good accurate trading because compared to what I'm seeing in bias shifts in the market these systems are not only hitting once highs/lows are breached and by then they can easily subside, and they do....
Dear MQL4 coders, I need ur help on developing two simple systems: 1. cross of two EMAs without any stop loss or take profits orders, the systme just will take care of emas crossover, lets say 50 and 10 ema cross on the 15 minute TF, 2. the second system I need ur help with is for stochastics cross...
Hi guys, I'm reading this forum and I think it's great. There are very experienced traders here. That's why I'd like to ask you for some help. I'm searching the web for the best daily strategies and I'd like to hear your opinion which they are and where I could find some information about them....
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New to coding and need some help Idea is pretty basic 7/30 EMA cross on Hourlies Entry- 10 pips after cross Profit -30 pips S/L - 25 pips then a money management principle that is basic as well start with 1 lot and if you win you stay at 1 lot...lose and go to 2 lots....then 3....then 4.....5 and so
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Overhyped or..??? I have just been looking at this webiste and the demo videos have been very interesting (to mildly put it). The indicator works on Fibonacci levels and S/R across Multi Time Frames as you will see in the demo video. The system is technically very sound.There is a indicator made...
i have done a backtest of 112 days manually on gbp/usd with a 74 win versus 38 loss record with 30 pips for profit and stoploss i would like this to be an expert so i can do further backtests the indicator gives signal for todays trend at 00gmt time the only change i would like is remove stop and...
I am sorry if it is wrong section. I am looking for indicator what will open one long position and one short position at 00:00 GMT with target 10 pips and stopp-loss 70 pips. Would somebody be so kind and make that EA because I am so stupid and cant make my self
Hello, I have an idea for one simple EA, maybe someone can write it. When todays price breaks through yesterdays High or Low then it opens position. I checked in the past and it works, but problem is that many times it happens at night when I'm sleeping. That would be great if somebody can write
  Filters' Trading System  (26   1 2 3)
Trading system of two indicators. May be used as a filter system as well to filter the signals from other indicators.
When I have attached an EA instead of seeing a smiley face I have got a J in the top right corner and a U with a triangle . would really appreciate if anybody could advise me how to get that old smile and frown face back.
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Hello! can anyone help me by making an Expert that stacks many(adjustable) Buy and sell orders one above/below the other at an adjustable distance, and takes profit when net floating profit/loss reaches a set(adjustable) dollar value. After taking profit/loss it cancels all orders and places new buy...
  Super Combo Day-Trading System  (50   1 2 3 4 5)
Hello people! I found this trading system for tradestation and I was wondering if someone can make an indicator for mt4 for this. At the end of the file you will see the test results from tradestation and it looks promising. Thanks in advance for any attempts. McDuck
Hi folks, I am looking for a MT 4 programmer who would be willing to code me a EA in Metatrader 4 in a mini partnership. The deal being I supply you with some cheeky settings in return for the final version. Coding isnt my strong suite, any assistance would be welcomed. got the mother in law coming...
could someone write DX (NOT ADX) for mt4??? in metastock there is: -di, +di, ADX, ADXR and DX. i want DX. PLEASE
Hello Is there anyone of the more knowledgable know how to code a Swing Turning Point Indicator? On MT3 they used to have something along the same lines, it was called Super Signals, it is ok but it creates too many Arrows prematurely on swings before they have matured, resulting in arrows where
  Perkyasctrend1  (28   1 2 3)
I use the PerkyAsctrend1 custom indicator from 3 AM EST until 12 noon EST and it is profitable every week. I would like to make this indicator into an EA. Is this possible?
  Stochastic With Alerts  (18   1 2)
HI all I wonder if someone could built an EA/indicator with customizable stochastic parameters, visual and sound alerts, once stochastic reach 20 (OS) or 80 (OB) levels, alerting only one time Stoch reaches those levels Thanks G
an simple crossing expert whith that works??? could somenone coding it for me (optmizable, or 20 and 95)????? jma = jurik
hi to all i am new to this forum , can any one here, code my strategy to automate my trades in eur/usd . the rules are simple. Buy (1)when price is above 50 ema by 20 pips, stoploss 50 pips ,profit target 100 pips (2) previous price cross should be a whipsaw (3) i should get alert when my position
  Pivot System  (102   1 2 3 4 5 ... 10 11)
Hello Please tell me what do you think about the following system. Any improving ideeas will be greatly appreciated. I have been using this system manually and it gives very good results. Please take a look at the chart attached. Basically, I open a position when the EMA3(Close) crosses the Pivot...
is there any kinda of indicator such as correlation analysis for matastock that works with metatrader? I downloaded one called Milindex but it didn't work, and it only has one field to put one currency, instead of a pair.
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Hello, After lengthily look athaving looked at and studyhaving studied some of the tools or somme strategies of this (marvellous) forum, it appeared to to me that indicator CCI is often used like a reliable filter. Reference marks: +100/-100 and 0 are significant. But before going too much far let
  Indicator.  (3)
Guys i'm looking for one indicator that could give me a warning sound, or one arrow, when ema 6 crosses above ema 5, or vice-versa. I don't know if any of you guys have it. Please, if you have,let me know.. Thanks! Regards to all!
the REI indicator posted here doesn't work. the window of the indicator gets all filled with the color for which it's set. Does anyone here have another version?