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Hello everybody For about 4 months I'm reading everything there is on Forex and I made my own little system. This is my first real post so I hope you will enjoy it and will excuse me for my beginners mistakes. Hope we can improve the system. I usually use it on the gbp/usd and the eur/usd. Okay,...
  Easy GBP/USD System  (12   1 2)
What do you guys think of this system? --------------------------------------------- At 5PM EST: 1- Close out any open positions 2- Cancel any unexecuted orders 3- Set an Entry Buy order 1 pip above previous high 4- Set an Entry Sell order 1 pip below previous low 5- Set stops and limits using the...
  Harmonic Analyzer V4.11  (17   1 2)
hi Guys Is Any One Has Been Work With Ha Knows How Can Dowload The Price Data From Yahoo Source ??
Hi guys, I found this system, it is the best system ever if you are shorting any pair. Works on all pairs, try it out. I'm sure you'd agree that this is the best system you've ever seen. George Soros has explained his powerful system in the audio. Let me know how it worked for you!!! Regards, kevin
11-17-2006 Uploaded Initial Versions: How to Use the EA How to Optimize EA for Specific Pairs 11-18-2006 Loading Historical Data Issues I was having some issues getting historical data to load into my testing version of MT4(200). It would not load any *.hst files. I found that the file type dropdown...
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Hello All I have decided to make a new thread here that all can send their setups here and all can use them.this is kind of trading journal based on harmonic system.
  Live Testing reports  (821   1 2 3 4 5 ... 82 83)
Please include the following information in your post: #1 Timeframe #2 Broker #3 Settings file if any was used #4 Real or Demo account? #5 Version of Phoenix used #6 Phoenix mode used #7 The detailed trading report uploaded. (right click transaction history and save) We use these to analyze how well...
  Settings Files  (122   1 2 3 4 5 ... 12 13)
Anyone with settings they create, please post them here. I promised a settings file, but I have been too busy. This was from Fikko, I'm attempting to put it in the appropriate place. I just found a NEW BEST setting for USDJPY.Take Profit = 84 Stop Loss = 84 Trailing Stop = 35 Tested with risk=0.3,...
hi, can someone recommend me a system that's capable of trading ranging markets? most system i know only capable of trading break-outs & trending market thank you
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Now it has it's own part of forum I will take up one of the most popular question and hopefully someone could answer. How do I optimize phoenix? This is the one of the faq how to optimize the phoenix by VinceTheBeast. If...
Has this simple ts for metastock given good results, who helps me to transform him/it for metatrader? LR:= LinearReg(C ,21); minlr:= LLV(lr, 21);//The least one of the Linear regression maxlr:= HHV(lr, 21);//the maximum of the linear regression LR;minlr;MaxLr; If it serves for understanding what it...
  Navis prognosis  (3)
hi, anyone heard a system/signal call navis prognosis? it has the capability to forecast few hours maybe 4-6hours in advance where the price will be at... thanks p.s: i did a google but dissapointing result..
hallo i am new in harmonic trading & i do not know form where to start learing it i hope to collect all usefull links & indercators e- books...ect in this topic to be refrence for begining........ so i need form all member who has a background about about harmonic trading ...elliot wolf...
Hi is there any website that would give us both scenario of the effects of the news, if its better than expected or worse than expected
  MMA-Pivot-Fibo  (22   1 2 3)
In this thread i will share my charts in order to determine possible entry and exit points. All comments and advises are wellcome.
The Harmonic thread is getting full of sh!t. Lets keep this thread a strict trade journal. DO NOT POST possible patterns and then never talk about it again...lets only post actual trades with stop losses and entry points on stuff you have traded. i implore kamyar and other harmonic experts...
i don't know how many of you are aware of this but there is currently a competition running to test the profitability of EA. on average more EA's lose than win but there are some succesful EA's
this site looks at different auto-trading methods and their results such as random entry money management position sizing
Hi, I was recommended a strategy called ' Global Trading Strategy ' (GTS). It cost $149 dollars to know about this strategy. I would like to know if anyone is using the strategy and what they feel about it. So I can decide whether to buy it or not. Its just that theres so much rubbish out there. Its
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