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Hi all I'm calculating an EMA and the simple expression: int period;double sf;sf = 2/(period+1); ALWAYS EVALUATES TO 0. Even if I hard code the values in, like sf=2/(14+1) it still gives me 0. For the life of me I can't understand why. Please any advice? Thanks
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Post all MA indicators here.
Hello, Is there an indicator to tell me the% of the day? For example the DAX: it displays + 1.25% above ... Thank you
Hi everyone I have this array called Percentage[] that calculates the rapport between the volumes of 2 neighboring candles. How can I "print" it on the chart, below the bars? Percentage[i]=DoubleToString(100*double(Volume[i+1])/double(Volume[i]),2) I know how to DRAW_ARROW for an array and
I display data indicator_A. And some data calculate from other modual (money_C,ea-signal-indicator_B ). Want update display panel (define variable in indicator_A) << money_C ,ea-signal-indicator_B I try use extern double XX, or use iCustom(...,ea-signal-indicator_B). Don't know how to update input
Hi guys, Could you help in fixing this error. The error is in ( input(title="Naked Forex - Kangaroo Tail & Big Shadow Indicator", overlay = true) i keep getting declaration without type. //+------------------------------------------------------------------+//|
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Hi Fellow traders...... I am looking for any of Hectors indicators such as, Grid Indicator Average Daily range indicator Time zone indicator 3 SMA Trend filter indicator. I hope someone has these and can share or if there are indicators that are the same as these that would also be great. Thanks...
The feature of MT5 of 'Show real time history of deals on chart' is a great idea, however, it can cause a lot of screen clutter especially when trading on short timeframes eg 5min, then changing the time period to say daily to look at daily levels, trendlines etc. Is there some easy way to enable...
Hi As requested a Force Index Candles plus i have added in a Force Index MTF, The MTF is designed to work on Higher or equal timeframes to the timeframe currently selected, If the timeframe is set to 0 then it works the same as a NON MTF indicator. force_index_candles.ex4 force_index_mtf.ex4
My indicator works correctly (so far anyway), but I would like to check the contents of the arrays I have in a list format, so I can evaluate how I'm doing. So in that case, I would like to print out the array. Is there a way to do that? I see references to Object Text. I will be using this in an
Hi, I know MQL5 demands ChartRedraw to update GUI on a chart. However, I'm probably not using it optimally. Consider the following scenario... I have 5 indicators each which must update the properties of 100 objects each, or any one object at a time, either from a new tick, on a timer, or an
Hello, I wanted to know how the metatrader calculates these values, as circled in red. When I edit the momentum indicator, it suggests the maximum value and the minimum value. I noticed that if I edit the indicator with the graph in the current time it shows a value, if I move the graph to a few...
Hi, in these day im trying to study mql5 to pass to it i think in the next months. but several scripts are not working, including the ones that are supposed to work like this, double zigzag=iCustom("EURUSD",PERIOD_M5,"ZigZag",16,5,3,0,1); Print("zigzag: ",zigzag); it says this 2019.02.27 19:19:50...
Hi, I am coding an indicator which uses a de-tached chart. What is the chart_property to disable the toolbar on a detached chart? I don't want to have to right-click it and select "toolbar" item to disable. I need to do it programatically but I couldn't find the propertyto disable/enable the toolbar
I have encountered some strange behavior with initiating an indicator. Setting the PLOT_EMPTY_VALUE to 0 does not seem to work properly, with values other than 0 appearing in the data window. I have made the following indicator to test different empty value setting ways: #property description "not...
Hello, I try to get data from custom indicator (CustomIndicator), which shows a histogram of values between -2000 and 2000. I don't have source code of CustomIndicator The code of script is as follows. As an example I used also other indicators (Stochastik and Williams). The resulting file
in Indicator Data window,the numbers (after dot) show bunch of zeroes: i need to be shown there only 2 decimals after dot. used this function, but still doesnt help, there are still ZEROes shown... double RoundNumber(double number, int digits) {  number = MathRound(number * MathPow(10, digits));...
Hi, I have an EA installed that gives me the error that appears in the image. What does it mean? Thanks
KimIV's excellent indicator i-sessions does not allow adjustment for DST on sessions. I am trying to modify it for my needs/preferences. I am doing this in MQL5. the indicator draws colored rectangles on the chart highlighting the trading session from session opn to session close and at hieght of
how to add second indicator window on IPad.  Nowhere on documentation!!!!
Hi Is there a moving average indicator that changes color with direction similar to Hull? Thanks Gil
I have a customized indicator that I cannot enable alert function. Can anyone help me with enabling alert function? I tried for days and just can't figure out by myself, finally reaching out here for help hopefully. Thanks a bunch. Conditions to send alert to mobile or desktop: - when the alert
Hi, I'm trying to just add two moving averages to a chart from an EA, creating them at OnInit() with iMA(). Both MAs are added visually to the strategy tester graph as expected, however the the moving averages are very different lines compared to if I add them manually to a chart for the same M30
Hello, I'm using the information in this post to write an indicator that starts at Bars and goes down to 0 and detects and marks the previous turning point using logic similar to h0<h1&&h1>h2 or l0>l1&&l1<l2 but it's not marking the correct
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Hello people, I'm trying to create Time[] for my MT5 indicator but there's something wrong and I don't know what :/ So, this is a Class code in *mqh #define DEFINE_TIMESERIE(NAME, T) \ class CLASS##NAME \ { \
What is the best trend indicator / What is the best trend indicator code?
Hi there, Can anyone please tell me which indicator is this one that presents: -current price -spread -current candle high -current candle low -pips to HOD -pips to LOD -candle time Thanks a lot.
I cannot find any MT4 version of Andrew's Pitchfork in the market ? Can anyone please
Hi. I have been creating and testing a few EAs and sometimes they can be a bit confusing when it comes to inputs. Sometimes, I accidentally put information into the wrong input. I figured that changing the appearance of the input boxes would help with this. As you know, the entries of the input tab
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Hi guys, I want to create an indicator where for each time-bar in the main window, the indicator will show 2 bars. Is it possible? Thanks