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Hello all, I'm trying to port this indicator, It's my first attempt on MQL5, I have attached here the original and my attempt, anyone can help me? it compiles but I get and out of range error. or, I don't know, it just doesn't work... Thanks in advance, Gal
Hi there, I just downloaded the MT5 for android, but there are just two indicators, and am not sure how to go about getting more indicator for it. I will appreciate it any body can put me through what I should do.
Hi, I would like to setup an alert using MT4 for an RSI indicator. I know how to create an indicator, but not how to setup an alert for it (for example when RSI (period 4) crosses below 25.
Hi All, I am new to MQL5 and i somehow wrote a Fractal indicator which identifies 7 pattern discussed in the below link But due to some reason, the indicator is not working properly. sometimes it is working, sometime it is not working. Can someone test this code and correct it? [Code...
Hi, I'm looking for one click trading in my mt4. I want it in my market watch. I have own one click trading but it crash my mt4. I don't use it anymore. Does anyone have that file?
Hi I have adx cross pop up alert and stochastic cross pop up alert, but it gives pop up alert for only that perticular chart. I need to check all the charts which is frustrating. Pls help me getting 1)ADX cross and 2) Stochastic cross pop up alerts , which gives pop up alerts for multiple...
Good evening! Indicator handle creating it in OnInit. Sorry, but that makes indicator handle repaint with the arrival of new ticks or even bars if it is created in the init? True, I just want to understand. Somehow unreal obtained by writing to the init! True to this? Is not it better to be in on...
Hello all, My question may be a very simple one but i just want to clear my mind about it. What exactly is an indicator handle. My best guess is that it is a variable which stores the value of an indicator. Am i right? Thanks in advance.
OBJ_CHANNEL in mql5 looks totally different . i need to extend channel in mql5 . have any option to do this ....... i attach two image (mql4 and mql5) with same configuration .
//+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| Demo_iOsMA.mq5 | //| Copyright 2011, MetaQuotes Software Corp. | //|
DepositFiles Please, educate this excellent meter! It is worth it! Cheers hermes
hello everyone , this is a good indicator it's name dolly 10 Download It it's an indicator give us buy and sell area and give us also tp and sl prices it's very good indicator you can use moving averages beside it open buy order when the price touch the blue area open sell order when the price...
hi guys ... i need this indicator be a historical one to be able to make a backtest , the file is attached     //+------------------------------------------------------------------+//|                                                     AAA_Emad.mq4 |//|                        Copyright 2012,...
Hi! I have some problem with this indicator ( and I try to remake it in a simple way. All work ok, but the signal value is always 1. Some help? //+------------------------------------------------------------------+//|...
Hello guys, I want an indicator which is NOT a price alert but can be configured to anything like RSI or Stoch or MACD values. Like I would like to change its setting suc that it gives me alert when MACD value is above zero or user defined numbers.
  Expiry date (9)
Is it difficult to add an expiry date to mt5 indicator?
here anybody use this system? also another SEFC version
  Time (6)
hi, I want to initiate an action dependent on tiem and it is driving me crazy... how do I do it? For example: if(time()=="1200") { x=1;} Can somebody tell me the correct format please and save me from my headache? Thanks in advance.
I've written an indicator that displays a signal in a separate window, but it's only displaying for a few hundred bars and then it just stops. Here's my code:  int OnInit(){  SetIndexBuffer(0, Buffer, INDICATOR_DATA);  ArraySetAsSeries(Buffer, true);  return (0);}  int OnCalculate(const int...
Please, can someone knowledgeable add me an alert to this indicator? It is quite good.Thank you for this wonderful Forum
hi there, does anyone have where to find td sequential program that I can upload in to the mt5?
I am attaching two indicator both giving wrong values please can some one fix them or is there any other similar indicator for multi pairs have a look pic. thx
  coding this (5)
Can some one please help and code for me this MA. been using it for some time now and shows good results. However i feel with an alert i would know when to enter. Or better make it an EA. MA 10 shift 0 Exponential apply to close MA 10 shift -4Exponential apply to close. Thanks
bonjour, je m'excuse de ne pas ecrire en anglais je cherche a traduire un indicator de MT4 "
Testing Beta 002 of the Price Histogram Indicator todo list -binary search sucessfully acelerated the calculations -study for lines or bars in progress -diffusion methods for price ranges -option between bars or lines -probability levels -etc...
Hello, please tell me whether you can create a window without a schedule, which would be displayed on the tabs? In other words, my light does not use data from the chart, whether it is possible to saw the schedule and draw what they like out there?
Hello, how can I prevent alerts from showing up after changing timeframes. I tried search but couldn't find anything. Thank you
Is there an analogue to the iMirror mql5?
I have two indicators that I believe might be sending different values to the platform than what they are showing on the indicator window. Can someone add code to my indicators that will output the values that they're sending to the platform? Thanks.
hello everyone, I have tried five different ways to add email and sound alerts to this indicator, but no luck. I would like alerts when the slope passes +0.5 and -0.5 Can anyone help with this? Thanks!