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#property copyright "Copyright 2019, MetaQuotes Software Corp."#property link ""#property version "1.00"#property strict#property indicator_buffers 1#property indicator_chart_window#property indicator_width1 1#property indicator_color1 clrChartreusedouble tops[];extern int
Hi, I was wondering if there is an script to change the timeframe of all charts open in MT5. I have the MT4 code but am not able to make it work in MT5. Any help will be appreciated. //+------------------------------------------------------------------+//|...
Hello everyone. I just wanna ask of some scripts or indicator that will divide the chart into 10 horizontal equal parts and it shows the horizontal level as level 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, and 90. Thank very much in advance for the all the people who wants to help. God bless you all and pips
Hi Guys, Migrating my standard libs from MQ4 to MQ5 is about to drive me crazy! At the moment I'm trying to find replacements for functions iStdDevOnArray and iMAOnArray - see code snippet. It's the purpose of this function to normalize value inArray[sh] by standard deviation related to the...
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Two friends of mine directed me in this direction : it turned out that we do not have a Constance Browns composite index indicator coded .... yet _____________________________ A quote from Constance Brown regarding composite index : The Composite Index was developed to solve the divergence failure...
I believe this to be a bug in Include\Indicators\Series.mqh method CheckLoadHistory currently: if(MQL5InfoInteger(MQL5_PROGRAM_TYPE)==PROGRAM_INDICATOR && Period()==m_period && Symbol()==m_symbol) return(true); should be: if(MQL5InfoInteger(MQL5_PROGRAM_TYPE)==PROGRAM_INDICATOR &&
I have an indicator that uses iCustom and CopyBuffer to load the data from another indicator (same symbol, different timeframe). CopyBuffer will usually return -1 on the first call of OnCalculate(), meaning data is not yet available. This is not usually a problem as I return 0 and on the next call
Some of you might remember this one : originally it was a part of an expensive system. Than it was coded as dots because of the repainting problems in metatrader. Here is a version for metatrader 5 : slightly changed the look of it (Bollinger bands is drawn as the "shadow" in the background) Also...
Hello guys, I'm trying to code some ideas in mql5 rather than mql4 in order to better test my multicurrency indicators and experts but I've big issues accessing indicator values (ex. MA) of symbols. I read all documentation deeply and looked also on the forum I'm getting very confused. This is my
When the metatrader app for WINDOWS MOBILE was still available, all the TECHNICAL INDICATOR VALUES for each PAST AND PRESENT line chart/ bar / candlestick on each timeframe were available. The current ANDROID app has technical indicator values of the present (current) line chart / bar / candlestick
For example, the following code works as expected. The first plot, with plot index 0 uses data from buffer 0 and the second plot with index 1 uses data from buffer 1. Does this mean that the plot is associated with it's buffer by it's index number? eg. Plot 0 = Buffer 0, Plot 1 = Buffer 1. Or, is
Hi Dear Could you please change the alert message of attached indicator to show the time frame in the Alert. right now it is showing alert but It is unclear which time-frame condition was alerted. If the indicator was active in the different time-frames of same symbol. the presented alert is
When placing MACD and RSI on the same window in MT5, they are automatically rescaled to fit on the same coordinate axis. I am trying to create an EA with these two indicators and need to points where they will intersect each other. However, I am unable to rescale the MACD to be on the same scale as
Any indicator that can convert any time frame to the 03 minutes without using Period converter on the scripts
hello is it possible to add the same indicator in the same chart multiple time , each time with different settings inside someone advise thank you
Hello guys, so the thing is i have indicator that need to convert from mq4 to mq5, can anyone help me ? attached is the file thank u
Hi. My EA trades multiple pairs simultaneously and I encountered a situation today I am trying to understand. Using a custom keltner channel indicator, I received a "BUY"(Long) trade signal from each of these pairs: EURUSD, EURJPY, EURCHF, CADJPY, CHFJPY, AUDJPY within seconds of each other, after
I want to move an old indicator to MQL 5 and therefor need iRSIOnArray equivalent. Searched, but couldn't find anything so far. Would someone be so kind to point me to an implementation
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Hi all, I am looking for an Indicator with show Divergence on the macd version i attach below , with a sound alert signal. Can any one programer help out please. Thank you.
Good day all, I inserted MACD in my chart and after entering the parameter of 7,9,7 and clicked ok, it launched in the indicator window but plain without signal line and histogram, so I write to be directed on how to solve the problem. Regards
Hello traders, I would like to create a sound alert on an indicator I use when the price closes under or below the indicator lines. It is a volatility indicator : //+------------------------------------------------------------------+//|                                                    Guppy CBL...
I added this indicator to the chart but the window is still empty, blank. Help
hello Can You Help Me For Convert This Indicator From Mq4 To Mq5 ! Thank You
i just cant find the support and resistance indicator by Shved for Mt5. please if you can share i did be happy
Hello :) I am searching for a possibility to set free alerts in metatrader 5 for the stoch indicator. I have used the forum and google but only managed to find several examples for metatrader 4. Can anyone help me please
  Camarilla (30   1 2 3)
Camarilla indicator. And an other camarilla (camarilladt2) created by DanielTyrkiel. All the description here:
I have an indicator that creates several chart objects as part of the indicator, OBJ_TREND, OBJ_HLINE, etc. I then create a template of a chart using this indicator. I then open a new chart on the same or different timeframe and load this template. The chart objects saved as part of the template are
This line of code relates to a wingding that is responsive to RSI. Here are the relevant lines of code: item02 = Custom_Name + "DIR002"; CCI5W[i] = iRSI(NULL, PERIOD_M5, CCI5_Period, PRICE_TYPICAL, i); double CCI5WP = iRSI(NULL, PERIOD_M5, CCI5_Period, PRICE_TYPICAL, i+1); {
I have been studying the buffers section of the documentation. It appears that they are only used to draw lines (or maybe text also) to the screen. Is this a correct assumption
There is a setting in the client terminal to limit the number of bars on the chart. Mine is currently set to 100,000. How does this affect rates_total, prev_calculated and the time series arrays passed to OnCalculate? For most on the calls, rates_total and the time series arrays will grow in size as