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I tryed to collect everything about one indicator: Stochastic Oscillator. "Technical Analysis from A to Z": OverviewSto.chas.tic (sto kas'tik) adj. 2. Math. designating a process having an infinite progression of jointly distributed random variables. --- Webster's New World Dictionary The Stochastic...
Sorry, I cant seem to find the answer to this, when selecting the free demo of a paid indicator, do you get access to it for a short period of time? Or is in a limited capacity such as for simulation only? thanks
Hello everybody. Maybe someone already uses tick volumes in their vehicles, tell me a few points on them, namely: How much does it correlate with the real (on derivatives)?How much does it correlate with the real (on derivatives)? How much does it correlate with the real (on derivatives)? Is it
  MT4 indicator not install (11   1 2)
Hi ... I will purchase MT4 indicator, but it's not install my Mt4 platform
Good afternoon, I've been using Tradestation and MT4 for many years. On Tradestation it's straightforward but on MT4 I'm not sure. When you add an indicator to a chart almost all indicators are placed underneath the price action. How do I place an indicator over the price action instead? For example
For example,I want to keep right part of ellispe which in the rectangle,hide the left part. If i use canvas to draw this,when i move the chart, the ellipse dont move. i want to the object i darw move with the chart. so I hope draw this use price and time ,not the x and y coordinate. thank you
Can anybody recommend good ZigZag indicator? Original ZigZag behavior is little bit strange as you can see in attached pictures. Thanks
Hi all I'm relatively new to trading so sorry if it might sound silly. I wish to find an indicator that scans moving averages NOT for crossovers, but for aligned set of moving averages; preferably one which can scan also the 1min and 5min timeframe. Also the moving averages shouldn't be fixed
Good Day Can anyone please provide me with a good reversal Indicator. A non repainting one please
Good evening someone can show me an indicator pivot point supports and resistances for mt5 Thank you
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First of all I am using this small script (attached) created by Beluck and fixed by Igorad. To use it be sure that you have "all history" in "account history" in your Metatrader (for the right calculation).
I would like some help trying to find out how many weeks are profitable after a backtestis made, i usually do 20 weeks backtest, I tried to build an array of profits and dates like OnTester documentation article, after that I tried split these results on another week array with no luck, any
what indicators do like the most for stock trading
Is there anyway I can add an indicator over the price chart NOT below the price chart
Hello y'all, i have a custom indicator wich i indexed some data to detect and draw an arrow, now i want a EA to detect said arrow and place orders... { IndicatorBuffers(8); SetIndexBuffer(0,line1); //SetIndexLabel(0,"putalinea"); SetIndexBuffer(1,line2); //SetIndexLabel(1,"putalineb");
Hi there, Anyone can help to combine RSI and MFI indicator together? I am trying to create an indicator in separate windows which shows (RSI+MFI)/2. I tried to combine these 2 indicator with no luck. I appreciate your help
  Volatility Quality Index (716   1 2 3 4 5 ... 71 72)
Hi guys, I wrote a test indicator and every start I got an error message (CopyBuffer 4806 error), I don't know why and hope, You can help me to solve it. The code: int macd_handle_m5, macd_handle_m10;double macd_values_m5[], macd_values_m10[];int OnInit()  {   ArraySetAsSeries(macd_values_m5,...
Someone has this indicator and it does not repaint
hello what is the name of this indicator on the chart up top? and if some one has it can i have it or where can i get it
Hi im developing some money management indicator, im new to this programming language but as Webdeveloper i should be fine to get this indicator rdy. But i need to fetch some global values if possibile. I wasnt able to find a list of predefined values, if someone could share me a link to everything...
  Market Hours Indicators (168   1 2 3 4 5 ... 16 17)
Does anyone have an indicator that will highlight the major market hours for London, New York, Tokyo... etc. The only similar indicator I have will only let you highlight 2 zones. Any help is appretiated.
re installed MT4 unable to install the Market Profile Multi Sessions Technical Indicator (already purchased by myself and activated once only on the same pc) Market Place on my MT4 is empty (nothing available or displayed as previously) When prompted to "Install on the terminal" I enter my details
hi guys i m looking for this indicator can be after moving avarage cross creat horizontal line right at cross if we can have mtf cross together very cool opportunity for trade thanks
Hello, not sure why this is happening when I use the iATR function, the printed value for each ATR is different from the ATR Chart, see attached screenshot, I can't see why this would be happening, any help would be greatly appreciated void OnTick(){ double atr = iATR(NULL, 0, 14, 0);
Hi guys, I need to get ATR value of Daily period at any timeframe but I get 4806 error code. I don't know how to tackle it. At 1Day Period I can get ATR values, but I need to get 1Day ATR values at any timeframe. when I change Timeframe, I get BarsCalculated() returned -1, error code 4806
I am looking for a color changing multi time frame moving average. If you have one or can make one please let me know or post the link/file thanks
Good Day Can anyone be kind enough to provide me with a Zig Zag that does not repaint Or a Swing High Swing Low Non repainting that can be used for high and low entry point for long trades
  Pip counter (2)
Has anyone seen a pip counter like this or can anyone code one like this for me
Hello everyone I have a problem to solve How to display the technical indicator values of two time zones on a chart? The following picture is an example Current chart is H1 There are two KD technical indicators opened below Hope the second KD technical indicator is to show the value of the H4 time