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  Stochastic w Sound Alert (14   1 2)
I need Stochastic or RSI with Sound Alert if cross 20 or 80 Please if any body put link, w thanks
  TrendStuffer Indicator (32   1 2 3 4)
Any body can share TrendStuffer Indicator here ? My friend sent me the indicator a few month ago but my desktop was crashed and lost the file. Thanks Nic
Hi everyone....I'm still a noob as far as programming goes..I've not been able to set up a simple alarm based on pip's what I'm looking for: An audio alarm that goes off based on "x" pip movement from the open of any bar like: alarm on = close >= open + 3 pips OR close <= open - pips...
Hi could some one please tell me if there a code "indicator" which will do this: plot the difference of two different moving averages, for two different instruments. i.e moving-average-1 for EURUSD moving-average-2 for USDCAD plot the different between moving-average-1 and moving-average-2 many...
Hello guys, A friend of mine wants to have his indicator print or display reminders for him, like guides on what time to bet, guide in using RSi and many other things you need in your trading. I think he wants it to be placed in a separate window so it wont make the chart window overcrowded. Is...
  Waddah Attar indicators (79   1 2 3 4 5 ... 7 8)
This Indicator Draw Weekly CAMERILLA Levels H1 H2 H3 H4 L1 L2 L3 L4 with back test.
This is a small program that i find useful to give me a quick reference as to the current condition of the market, the M1 & M5 give you the short term info as to reversals or retracements, the M15 & m30 give the medium condition, and the H1 & H4 give the daily trend condition. If the H1 & H4 are the...
  Buy/Sell Signal Indicators (609   1 2 3 4 5 ... 60 61)
Do you have indicator show buy signal and sell signal, uptrend and downtrend signal? Thanks
  Custom RSI indicators (18   1 2)
Hello fellow traders, I am using RSI as one of my primary indicators, however I want it to have an alert once it hits 70 or above which is a sell signal for me and also gives an alert once it hits 30 or below which is a buy signal. I am not a programmer so it's kinda hard for me. Please help me out...
Does anyone know of an indiactor that points out gaps on MT4 and displays the amount of gap from the close to the open of the bars?
Hi guys, i'm new here and I am new in forex trading. I am using rsi and bollinger bands as my primary indicators. I buy if the the price hits the lower band and the rsi hits 30 or below. I sell when the price hits the upper band and rsi hits 70 or above. is there any other way to tell when to buy or...
  What is Daily Range??? (11   1 2)
Hi, I always come across the term Daily Range. From what I understood, daily range is the range starting from the daily open to the daily low or daily high. Am I right??? Thanks for reading this thread. All comments are welcome.
  Good Indicator.......gbp\jpy (87   1 2 3 4 5 ... 8 9)
I think this a good indicator FOR GBP\JPY in 5 min
Hello All: I'm looking for some help in regards to a custom indicator. I use 3 indicators and would like for an alarm to go off with an arrow when all 3 are in aggreement at the end of a time period. The 3 indicator's are: 2 EMA's for when the cross, a trend indcator called Itrend and the...
hi folks did any one try befor to trade natural gas or have indicator or system for it
Greetings, Do the 1000 indicators include a MACD with 2 ma lines? Thanks . . .
  Trend Tracker (2)
I am looking for an indicator called "CentralpipsECN Hedge Fund Trend Tracker" . Anyone heard of it or do you know of any indicator like it? Maybe a clone of it? Thanks!
Do you have a ready indicator which would be easy to modify. Indicator should have following features: Different types of moving averagesPossibility to choose close, open, median or some averagePossibility to change the difference between moving average and the priceAlarm, when the price goes over...
  Indicators (12   1 2)
Hello I have recently downloaded the 1000 indicators for MT4 which are in a zip folder. On opening the zip folder the indicators are listed as small white sheets with one corner turned over. How do you install them to work on MT 4. I thought MT 4 indicators where yellow Dimond shapes.
As this is my first post on this forum I would first like to say hello to everyone and good trading to you. I am hoping someone can help me out by directing me to the Super Trend Indicator and the Super Trend indicator with alarm - both for MT 4. Thanks in advance. Dave
i'm sure you've all seen the monitor type indicators that monitor various indicators on multiple time frames in the same indicator window..... so in a quick glance we can see if the macd is positive , stoch is rising and so on, on all time frames...... i'm trying to improve the look of my version....
Can someone translate the notes in this indicator please.
  The Real Squeeze (17   1 2)
Here is the Squeeze you have been looking for......better and clearer than all the rest...looks exactly like the one John Carter created SQUEEZE PLAY...and I also have the TTM TREND enjoy
Please see attached... Can someone please explain why the Crossover Values are outside of the actuall Highs and Lows of the Bar? At what actual Price was the Crossover??? Is there a EA for this ADX Crossover Indicator??? Thanks, Alan
hello,does anybody have an explanation for fibonacci, thanks
  Fisher Fixed? (3)
Can someone please Fix this attached Fisher, so it does not repaint. I know there are other Fixed Fishers, but they seem to have large Lags... Alan
Hi everyone. I'm trying to code a simple MTF stochastic cross indicator, but I'm having a few problems. I used Scorpion's '3 MAs Cross Arrows' indicator as the base and modified it for stochastics (thank you Scorpion!). Basically I want to have 2 stochastics; one for the current time frame and...
Scorpion has provided a MultiTrendline indicator. TrendlineOrder.mq4 (search) Great idea, and just wondering if it can work with multi Trendlines? Guess not, as each Line would require differant Inputs... Are multiple Trendlines possible on a single chart? Alan
How to use the Repainter????? Is bloody perfect till it repaints... Then is bloody perfect, yet again.... Why is the Corrected Fisher so lagging... Attached is Same (7) Input.... Alan
Well, if it only was that Easy... Found a beauty, till finally realised the bloody thing was repainting the Bars... Fisher... Is there a list of Indicators that Repaint??? Might stop some depression.... Alan