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How to run a paid indicator from the Market in your Strategy Tester

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2012.05.03 11:37 

For example, you find the Uniform Moving Price Range indicator that is sold in the Market. First, download it to the terminal by clicking "Download demo".

After the download, the indicator is available in the "Market" folder. But you cannot run it on the chart, since you've downloaded the demo version of a paid product. The "Ok" button is missing.

Demo versions cannot run on the chart, because otherwise no one would buy them. However, before buying a product, the Buyer can see it on the visual testing chart in the strategy tester. All you need is a simple Expert Advisor that calls this indicator. To call the indicator with the default parameters, you need to know its name. In this case its name is shown in the Navigator - Uniform_Moving_Price_Range_demo.

Use the #define macro to specify the name of the indicator that will be used in the Expert Advisor for testing. Create the market_indicator macro specifying the \Market folder, in which the indicator is located.

#define market_indicator "Market\\Uniform_Moving_Price_Range_demo"

Create an indicator using the iCustom(_Symbol, _Period, market_indicator) function, where market_indicator is used as an ordinary string constant. After creating the indicator, check its handle.

//|                                   Test_Indicator_from_Market.mq5 |
//|                        Copyright 2012, MetaQuotes Software Corp. |
//|                                     |
#property copyright "Copyright 2012, MetaQuotes Software Corp."
#property link      ""
#property version   "1.00"

#define market_indicator "Market\\Uniform_Moving_Price_Range_demo"
int indicator_handle;
//| Expert initialization function                                   |
int OnInit()
//--- An attempt to create an indicator
//--- An invalid handle means problems with an indicator
      Print("Failed to create indicator ",market_indicator,". Error ",GetLastError());
//--- Initialization has completed successfully, return 0
//| Expert tick function                                             |
void OnTick()


Run the Expert Advisor in the strategy tester on the desired symbol and timeframe in the visual testing mode.

The indicator appears on the chart, and its values are shown in the Data Window.

Thus, you can try the demo version of any paid indicator from the Market - just download the attached template and write the name of the indicator that you have downloaded to the terminal from the Market. After that, run the resulting Expert Advisor in the strategy tester in the visual mode.

Free indicators from the Market can be run in a usual way - just apply them on a chart in the terminal.
Комбинатор 2012.05.12 21:36  

Do it simpler :)

Alexander Piechotta
Alexander Piechotta 2012.07.01 23:30  

Do it simpler :)

I love it.

Paul Weissenböck
Paul Weissenböck 2014.03.20 00:16  
How can I use the moving average, 200 daily, adjust so that it shows me in the other timeframes also 200 DAYS?? and not the periods of the selected time frames for calculation takes! 

thanks in advance
Rashid Umarov
Rashid Umarov 2014.03.20 12:09  

Now you can test any indicator simplier -

Context menu


Custom Indicators Menu

Attach to Chart Attach to Chart — apply a selected indicator to the active chart. The same action can be performed by a double click on the indicator. Besides, using the Drag'n'Drop method one can apply an analytical tool to any chart or a subwindow of already attached indicator.

Test Test — go to testing the selected indicator in the strategy tester.

Modify Modify — open the source code file (*.MQ5) of a selected indicator in MetaEditor. The same action can be performed by selecting an indicator and pressing the Enter key.

Delete Delete — delete a selected custom indicator. This action deletes both its executable file (*.EX5) and its source code file (*.MQ5). The same action can be performed by clicking the Delete key.

Create Create — go to the creation of a custom indicator. The execution of this command opens MQL5 Wizard in MetaEditor where an indicator can be created. The same action can be performed by clicking the Insert key.

Add to Favourites Add to Favourites — add a selected indicator to favourites.

Set hotkey Set hotkey — assign a hotkey to the selected indicator.

Order your own indicator Order your own indicator — go to ordering a development of an MQL5 program at the freelance service "Jobs" at

Refresh Refresh — re-read the information about existing compiled indicators from the hard disk. The execution of this command is necessary when copying already compiled files to the corresponding folder of the client terminal.

Richard Caughell
Richard Caughell 2014.06.29 04:59  
See the problem with this post, is that your not even given, the ablility to "DOWNLOAD DEMO" for indicators on the market place.
david mackay
david mackay 2014.07.02 03:25  
See the problem with this post, is that your not even given, the ablility to "DOWNLOAD DEMO" for indicators on the market place.
I think you can ask the author of the indicator to do some testing for you and send results. I have had fairly good luck with most of the authors.
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