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I GIVE YOU THE ULTIMATE TOOL FOR IDENTIFYING TRENDS AND RANGES! Interpretation: While price is Black - price is in range. When price turns Greentrend is present. Change 'Length' to control the sensitivity of the indicator. Download here.
Anyone out there can program Keltner channels to change colour for up / sideways / down ?
Invented in the 1980s by John Bollinger, the Bollinger Bands is one of the mainly used technical indicators in the world of trading. However, its interpretation and power exceeds the standard use in breakout signals. In this article I will show you how you can create profits with simple set-ups and...
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I am looking for a Stochastic Momentum Index indicator for mt4? Thanks!
Can someone tell me which indicator used for hot pink lines. Those lines are extending to the right. Ones its ready for swing that line comes down and closes. Thanks
Hello everyone. Is there a pivot point eaxpert or indicator that can be attached to a chart...showing the pivot lines instead of computing them? Thanks in advance for your help! Mike
Hi guys, I'm new here... Thanks for all the helpful posts! Can anyone help with Elliot Wave Counting code for MT4?- not the oscillator. Thanks.
Hello all. I'm looking for an indicator that will alert me (audible and email) when the price action makes a new high or low for configurable periods. maybe I'm looking for alerts when price hits a 14 period high or a 3 period low, etc. Can anyone help me out? Tim
Hi Everyone, I am trying to get my hands on the Volatility Stop indicator for MT4, can anybody help please? Many thanks in advance for your time and help. Nick
Could you please help me to identify indicators used in attached chart and give me link where i can download it. Thanks in advance..
I was wondering if anybody new where i could find a program for the mt4 platform that would sell half my position and let the other run? i seen one somewhere but i can't seem to find it now. Thanks Ron
Hi, I noticed that FXSolutions Accucharts has both a true range indicator and the ATR indicator but MT4 only has ATR. Anyone have a true range indicator for MT4? Thanks, /TFXG
Hi There, I am new here so plz guide. I saw a indicator at one place in meta trader. When vertical and horizontal line joins, he was placing trade. I think he was using more that one indicators and those lines were related to fibo. I am not sure. Can you please explain what was that. and if u can...
Does anyone have an oscillator for MT4 that is similar to the description below that I could use as a model or maybe have the exact oscillator that they would be willing to share. I want to be able to use a time in the market as the "zeroline". Lets say 1300 GMT. Ideally this would be adjustable....
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Hello all.... I found this RSI indicator which sends an alert pop-up on the RSI cross 45-55. However, it sends alert after alert and doesn’t stop...Id like it to just send 1 alert pop- up per cross...Can anyone edit the code so it doesn’t flood the pop-up box 500 emails per second ? Many...
Hello, Would someone be kind enough to code for me the following indicator. I would like a simple indicator that will show me by how much the volume of the current bar has increased or decreased in % from the last bar This could be a histogram displaying the change from the last bar. Thanks. Abz
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HI everyone in the forum. I'm new in forex and I'm looking for this indicator. is there anyone here can share this indicator? Thanks in advanced
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I am searching for a good programer. This two Indicators are MA cross Price alert Indicators. The problem ist they doesn´t update by live ticks. I can´t finde the error in the code!!! Greetings Smatrix
Hello Can someone please try to help me with this indicator. I want to add an alert (if possible an audible + visual popup)to the DEMA_RLH Best rgds
Hi ! I am developing a promising ea based on Heiken Ashi indicator and I urgently need an indicator that may give me the actual trend direction. Just this! even if your system is based on standard indicators like moving averages it may be useful to me as far as it's effective to confirm trend...
Hi there, Can anyone of you help me coding a sound alert for the attached indicator? I need a sound signal when line color changes. Thank you in advance Regards Paulo
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My 1st post in this forum. Hoping to learn more about MT4 programming/coding tips from here. Seen many referrals as a good resource for MT4 indicators, etc. Mike
Ok now let's start trading. We are going to show you the way we trade Forex using Pivot points. We calculate Pivot points on daily basis using daily charts and then use those Pivot levels on 15 minute charts — our main charts — where we will look for entries, stops and exits We use 15 minute...
Who does have this indicator?
Hi. Can someone please try to help me with this indicator. High's (2 lower high's to the left and right) and lows (2 higher lows to the left and right) are marked with dots on chart. This I am happy with. Now I want there to be 2 (at least) candles/bars between marked high's & lows. The result I...
Hi all, Here's an indicator I developed a while ago, it's been pretty useful. Sticks with a trend but not at the cost of introducing significant lag. I've done quite a bit of testing and it works well using the multiple timeframe approach. Based on Schaff Trend Cycle, it substitutes Trix for the...
Hi Guys and Gals, Trying to write a weekly pivot that starts at 2 am Monday and ends 1:59.59 Monday. This is because my broker's servers are in Cypress, 2 hours ahead of GMT. How do I retrieve the final bid price value of 1:59 and 59 seconds on Monday only and plug it into the pivot point formula as...
Hey all, new to the forum but ive been trading for a couple of years now with moderate success (more recently). Ok i wanted to run the outputs from various indicators and price data through a neural net to look for common signals as to price movement. I'm sure many people must be trying to do the...
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HI friends, I am new to this world of forex trading. I have done some of my homework adn read a few ebooks on trading and everything and ow to use major indicators But today I came across with something know as "Gold Miner indicator". Do any of you guys have any idea how does it work and how isits...