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Could anyone help how to plot the bollinger band through the other renko2 indicator? And SimpleMA by including only the value of i, the indicator works, however it runs through the candle chart and does not follow renko2. I'm trying this way, but an error is shown in the Diary. Thank you
Hi everybody, I'm taking my first steps in MQL5, in particular I'm testing the moving average indicator. I wrote the following lines of code to print the moving average value as soon as I receive a new H1 candle (with period "14", calculated on H1 timeframe, with mode EMA and on PRICE_CLOSE). static
Hello Im using weis wave indicator on my chart but i would like to use renk bars. So I downloaded a renko bar indicator which opens up as a second panel below the minute, however when i use the weis wave it only works on the minute there way to use the weis wave on the Renko bars? Thanks
what do the numbers overlay-ed on the chart represent
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Something I have been working some time ago. Multi pair MACD Multi pair CoeffOfLine
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newbie needs help hey.. to me this is the best forum have been made...there's to many ind and other system can be found here.. sometimes i can get headache reading almost half of all the system.. lol .. so i choose only this 2 ind when i`m trading.. keep it simple.. 1. Heiken_Ashi_Smoothed - by...
Hello, By launching a custom indicator, the default period is M1. Even if I close all charts, it will still generate the M1 as default period. Can this be changed in oncalculate function? Many thanks.
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Attached is a coloured Hull MA. It's a fast moving average and gives quick signals for trend changes, excelent to use with a long term trend indicator! What I'd ask a programer is to program it so that once the line changes an arrow appears, bullish or bearish and an alert is signaled. Actually the...
Hi, I need help to find a script or alert for successive candlestick. The alert need to pop up when there are 2 or more candlesticks that have the same color formed. So if there are 2 bullish candles the alert will appear with sound and if there are 3 or 5 bearish candles appear the alert will sound
Hey mql5 community, i'm papX...There's a two lines cross indicator with a moving average i recently lost.I cannot remember the name but it has a blue buy line and an orange sell line while the moving average is white in default settings. Please guys if you know of such and indicator please guide me
Hi, Can some share us the Supply and Demand zone indicators MQL5 file.....
Anyone here familiar with this indicator
Hi, I am looking for an indicator which gives an alert when the price is touching or crossing the upper or lower BB line (using 50 BB with 1 devi). I dont know if its possible but it would be good to only show alerts when the price was outside the BB and then touches/crosses the upper or lower BB
Hello everyone, I'm currently developing several multitimeframe (MTF) indicators for MT5, and I have been dealing with the well-known problem of working with MTF when the market is closed, as I have recently posted here . I think I have successfully developed a new solution I haven't found in the
Is it possible to pass an array of doubles into an indicator instead of using time frames? Thanks
Hi , today i migrated from MQL4 to MQL5. And nothing is working anymore, atleast thats what i am experiencing. I tried to plot a simple MA and print its numbers out but the number remains static. Normally it should give me the value of the MA for example for US500 it should give me something like "
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Please help convert this mq4 file to mq5 ex5
Indicator is working fine in OnCalculate,OnTick,OnTimer but why not in OnInit. Is there any other option to load indicator data on Initialization.? int OnInit() { double mabuff[]; ArraySetAsSeries(mabuff,true); int ma=iMA(_Symbol,_Period,14,0,MODE_SMA,PRICE_CLOSE);
Hey guys, I've had access to a custom indicator called PIP-F ATR Stop for quite a few years now and use it a fair bit for my trading on MT4. The problem is, I don't have the source code for the MT4 version, and now I would like to use it on either MT5 or TradingView. Obviously I would need the
Here is my giving back to the community for my success.Here is indicator SSRC the best trend indicator.enjoy
Hi guys, I'm relatively new to renko but I have attached a renko indicator which I downloaded. All you need to do is attach to a chart (no need offline chart). Please take a look. I use a 100 point (10 pip) box size to plot the charts. Could someone please explain why the renko chart changes with...
Hi again, So this is my second indicator. And this indicator is created to be able to follow Jperl's Market Statistics thread on Traders Laboratory. Please read this summary document of that thread first. After reading that document lets discuss how can we use this approach in Forex trading... I am...
Hi guys, in my indicator there are these program line: uint Start=GetTickCount(); . . . . uint Fine =GetTickCount()-Start; but Start and Fine are always equal zero. Can you help me please? Tank you for all help
Hi all, Im looking for an indicator that compare various symbols that are correlated and tell me wich is the leading symbol that give impulse to the prices of others. ex : SP500, DJ and NASDAQ are mostly correlated. On the other day, SP500 was the leading symbol that drive prices down to all of the
Guys, Is there any indicator can show value of std dev indicator but on candlestick? I draw picture like this
Please recommend a good indicator for trading
Hi, I need help for MACD I would like to modify it and add apply to: previous indicator's data and first indicator's data How should I do please
Hi I trying make indicator to repaint previous results. I succeeded to change only future result but not the past. Every number is separately indicator value by time. When input_2 show result, every sequentialy by type value of input_1 should change. Is it possible? Where I can find info or example
Hi, I'm trying to create an indicator what will display some text in a watermark style: centered and with size and opacity configurable. I don't have much experience with objects in MT5; the only text kind of thing I did was with OBJ_LABEL, but I'm not sure this is the proper way to go this time;