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Hi, I've used this code in my armoury of indicators for a while now which basically alerts when MA cross and you can add a shift, set close, median etc to the weighting. It's great - BUT, the alerts keep going off. Tried to get in touch with the guy that programmed it but no joy. I've had a play...
hi all all you know the Pivot_Monday_fixed indicator i need some changes in this indicator i want only the pivot line and another four lines 2 blue color Pivot +20 and Pivot + 40 2 red color Pivot - 20 and Pivot - 40 only 5 lines thanks
Hi... For those have time zone indicator please share with me.. thanks..
  Fib. Retracement levels (13   1 2)
Hi, I'm finding it extremely difficult in knowing which level will hold in Fib. Retracements ! I've seen on the charts that prices reverse midway between 50% & 61.8% sometimes. Price can under shoot or over shoot a Fib. level. Can somebody pls. give me a few tips/helpful advice on this subject...
Both of these indicators are great but but they signal every time the Fast MA touches the Slow MA. Can anyone help by editing the code so it only signals/emails when the Fast MA crosses and closes above/below the Slow MA? The are set up now when the MA's are close you get a signal every 30...
  PVM indicator (1)
Hi all A few days ago I saw some clips on YouTube about Tsunami trading system. It uses an indicator called Price-Volume-Momentum (PVM) as its heart, plus some other trend-showing indicators. I was wondering if it is effective as they say, and also if someone can code the PVM (and other indicators...
  ToR 1.02 - Trending or Ranging (190   1 2 3 4 5 ... 18 19)
ToR 1.20 OK, the latest version of ToR now adds CCI on three timeframes, 1 min, 5 min and 15min with both Entry and Trend user adjustable. The calculation is done price typical so it will match up with woodie's CCI numbers. OK, 1.11 was broken, if anyone has it delete it and use 1.12 instead or the...
I would like a indicator to make a different sound as I have different sound the same old sound gets tedious ! here is the line if(SoundOn) Alert ("Cross for "+Symbol()+" on the "+Period()+" minute chart."); I tried replacing the word Alert with Alert2....yet that did not work your...
greetings earthlings has anybody out there got a macd indicator that changes colour when the histogram passes the watermark? thanx in advance
I found this great free indicator that automatically shows Fib symmetry, fib retracement, and fib timing Free Forex, Forex Education, Forex Training, Currency Trading, Beginner's Guide to Forex Trading, Learn Forex, Foreign Exchange, signals, forecasts, news
  Volume EMA (7)
Does anyone know if a Volume EMA exist for forex trading on MT4 ? If so, could you post a link or the indicator. Thanks, Titan
Hi all! SelfMAde MT4 Indicator for Auto Trend Lines. Indictor calculate the waves (impulses) and then pivot points. This indicator don't use any ZigZag algoritm. It ease for use and, I think, is very usefull.
Im surprised that no one has developed a MTF JMA with Rising/Falling Colors along with "Applied Price", and a MTF T3 Moving Average with Rising/Falling Colors along with "Applied Price". Im enclosing a few useful things if someone wants to do it. (BTW, xpMA seems to be an absolute failure as a...
There is a histogram metatrader indicator titled as simply INDICATOR.Can any body shed some information as to how it is best utilised and in general terms on how it is derived.Any input on this would be appreciated.
I Want it Or Share with My Great Indicator
Im looking for a MTF T3 MA that changes colors. xpMA looks like it won't work on MTF. It still appears to be quite buggy. Goinglite
I have 2 excellent MT3 indicators that need to be converted to MT4. Any help in this matter will be much appreciated. The indicators at called: GannOvl.mql and GannSwingOwn.mql. Goinglite
Ho Ho Ho Boys, i am not the Nicolaus, and this isn´t a joke. I search the DMI Spread for mt4. I need this for testing of "Topsy-turvy-strategy". You can help? thanks Seehund
I wrote a lower indicator based on the xMeter. I thought seeing the history trail would be nice.
hello Scorpion i have a very little knowledge about mql but I know indicator contain 3 function init(), start() and deinit(), and for a new tick bar to be detected it has to be (1) so and Mt4 will see the close(0) {function as ..mean not....} is that not a pitfall of most of the indicator been...
Hi, How are you today? Merry Christmas, I just found 3 great indicator from another site but I dont know where to download those indicators so I need you help me and find the same one like this here is the attachment so you can see it. Thank you for your help. NT.
  Horner Wave (10)
hi everybody, is anybody familiar with this indicator called horner wave. it is combination of 3 34EMA indicators set at hi,low and close. Can someone explain how to put it in MT4 platfrom. Thank you for any help
Could someone add a popup alert when the blue and red lines cross Thank you
Hi, please post your best 1M TF indicators here, and how you use them. Also 5M and 10/15M indicators are ok. Thanks
Hello everyone, I need an indicator for pivot point but not for daily, I want it for every candlestick (5M,15M,1H,daily,...etc) and it is show the pivot automatically over the candle (I mean it show the calculating of H+L+C/3 as number not line ) If there anyone have this indicator please tell me...
Where can I down load camarilla pivots for MT4?
  Signal Bars v7 (55   1 2 3 4 5 6)
Hi I am new to this forum so i thought i would share one of my indicators with you, it is a very useful tool for showing the strength of a move and possible reversals, the MACD settings are 8/17/9 which gives a reasonably fast response and the EMA setting is the cross of MA5 & MA9 while the STR...