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  Cycle (8)
As requested by amarnath, the Cycle is now coded. Formula: Close - Open / High - Low. [Update 2006-08-10] Fixed "divided by zero" bug. Thanks to marketmaker who reported it.
I have 2 indicators I'd like to put into 1 can you help me?
  Fx Fish (8)
Just registered here and am very excited to see all the MT4 indicators. WHEY I am gonna be up quite a while for this one I am looking for a specific indicator also. I have been told it is being used be many Russians and it is a wonderful indicator. Also someone had mentioned something...
1-2-3 and Ross Hooks; this is something many look after but so far haven't seen a mt4 version.. full description in the pdf file attached
So you want to create a cool custom indicator, but you're not a programmer, eh? Post your idea in Indicators Forum; i'll try to brew one for you at no cost! Provided that it ain't 10-line fancy indicator that looks like a colorful rainbow, and you can wait a day or two, of course. Just post your...
  Linear Regression Indicator (97   1 2 3 4 5 ... 9 10)
Hi all, I just found a Linear Regression Indicator for metatrader, unfortunately it's in mql, can somebody convert it to mq4? Any help is very appreciated. Here is the code : /*[[ Name := linear regression indicator Author := Copyright e 2004, Nick Bilak, beluck[at] Link := http://bilak.port5...
  ForexFreeway (3)
heres forex that order all greens long all reds long..there is more info if you do a search in tsd forums indicator and pic are too big to attach here is the link
  Stochastic with sound (12   1 2)
Hey everyone, Just wondering if its possible to have a stochastic indicator with sound? I'm going to try to get an old laptop, put some massive speakers on it, and try to trade with it running 24/7.. If anyone has a stochastic with sound it would be great. I'd like it to make the sound right when it...
Found this going through all my indicators
Hi, I've downloaded adxcrosstalk expert by perky_z. It work fine until I update to new MT4 Build 193. When I compile the source, the error log says :variable not defined or function not defined. I've been trying to figure out but not succesful. :sweatdrop Could someone help me out to fix it? The...
Hey everyone, So I was wondering if anyone had a Stochastic that could have the strength of the cross? By that I mean in the CCI expert I had a while ago, when there was a cross it would say on the top left the percentage strength, when it was over a certain percentage or so it would trade. So does...
  Great indicator, name? (30   1 2 3)
I read this on another forum and I was wondering does anyone know the name of the indicator, or could someone write an indicator for MT4 please "A similar tool I use is a Support indicator. I am not sure how it works but it looks back 100 periods and puts a dot at major price levels. I plot a...
whats wrong with this moveing average alert? //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| maAlert.mq4 | //| Copyright © 2006, Keris2112 | //|...
Can someone create a moving average cross alert based on the custom moving average, 1.An Alert with sound that will let you know that a cross has occurred between the moving averages, for example 21 and 90. Thanks
Can someone add an alert to the ICWR indicator so when a new zigzag is created has an alert
  LBR + 1000 pips in one week! (322   1 2 3 4 5 ... 32 33)
Hi! I made oscilator according to LBR rules from VT, and signal indicator to it. It looks proftable for first look, but mabye U will help to improve this idea. Regards Kale
  MA Cross alert and sound (17   1 2)
Hi Does anyone have access to a MA cross alert with sound, I currently have one with an alert but not with sound. regards adrazz
  W D Gann Indicators and others (310   1 2 3 4 5 ... 30 31) just like this , it predict the date of likely turning point.
Hi Scorpion and everybody! Can Anyone converte these indicators for MQ4? Thanks Regards MFX
  ADX indicator? (248   1 2 3 4 5 ... 24 25)
Hi, Was wondering where I could get my hands on the ADX indicator with color changing when above a certain level..
  Historical Pivot Indicator (47   1 2 3 4 5)
This is my first post, I love this forum! Thanks for all of the shared information and indicators. Does anyone have an mt4 indicator that will plot pivot information for previous days, not just the current day? I am specifically looking for: Open Pivot R1, S1 But if you have an existing one that...
Does anyone know if there are indicator(s) that do a good or better job then float at indicating when a trend ends and when it starts? To me the float indicator work really well with other trend indicators. If you haven't try the float indicator, you should give it a test run.
Have found this nice looking pdf file over at TSD forum, looks nice, and has a formula for an indicator, but there is no indicator coded for this in MT4 , probably Scorpion, or someone else could code if interested. Here is the formula : Here is the pdf:
  Vegas (8)
Has anyone come accross these indicators before. Looking at the chart it looks very profitable. Found it on the VT forum but no information on the metatrader indicators.
  Dynamic indicators (64   1 2 3 4 5 6 7)
Dymanic indicators. Please post any dynamic indicators here.
  Juice Indicator (28   1 2 3)
Avoid flat tradings (M15 timeframe only).
  Starc Bands (12   1 2)
Hello Everyone Im trying to find an indicator for mt4 but with no luck. Its called "Starc bands". Can anyone help? I think I have found the relevant code for it but Im not sure how to upload the word file on here. Thanks
I have the braintrader indicators and manual for mt 4, I wanted to share it with you all, so download and enjoy and good luck trading. Disclaimer: If you would like to use BrainTrend indicators collection, please buy them at On no account...
The code below provides a nice indicator for MT4. Can someone advise on what code to insert to get it to calculate on JMA based boll bands if possible. If it works it should be a great indicator #property indicator_separate_window #property indicator_buffers 4 #property indicator_color1 Blue...
Hi guys First, thanks to both of you and Scorpion for making various versions of JMA available. I attempted to port this indicator to WealthLab (WLScript). I converted each line very carefully to WLScript. I made sure that with the exception of syntax, nothing else was changed. Unfortunately the...